Sumaru “Sam” Mizura

Prelude to the adventure

His parents had gotten a divorce and as a goodbye present his father gave him a red necklace. His father was soon discovered being possessed by one of the Harmonious Ones. He is quite honest, never really telling lies leading him to have the trait of honesty.

The same age as Hinata and Akio, Sumaru, or Sam, is the brains of the group. He attends Odaiba elementary in the 5th grade. He is a lot like Izzy going so far as to have the same brand of computer (but with red borders) he seems spectacle of digimon at first, not knowing if he believes they exist. However Tentomon tells him to enjoy life and forget about explaining but living, Sam takes his advice and starts to talk as Akio would say “non-nerdy” by the end of the series. However during most of the series he often talks so scientifically that the others can’t understand him, that makes him embarrassed and he retreats to his computer. He is the bearer of the trait of honesty. Though Akio teases Sam for being to smart for his own good they were essential in the battles that they would soon have to face. He usually plans all the attacks; this makes Akio mad because he feels he is the leader and not Sam. But in “Opposites attract” everyone agreed following Akio would be like following a headless chicken. When he uses his brains to help with a plan, he feels good and appreciated. His partner digimon is Tentomon.

In “Honesty is the policy” the chosen children met an angry MetalSeadramon under the command of Lilianamon going across the sea. Everyone was too tired and they were soon drowning. Sam stayed at the edge of the ship to afraid to admit he can’t swim and is afraid of water. He finally told his secret and shouted for his friends. This allowed his trait to be activated and made Kuwagamon digivolve

He retreats to his computer thanks to the divorce of his parents but he occasionally looked up from his computer and looks at Rachel from time to time since he has somewhat of a crush on her.

Digimon partner digivolution path

Fresh: Pabumon

In-training: Motimon

Rookie: Tentomon

Champion: Kuwagamon

Ultimate: MetallifeKuwagamon

Tentomon b

Sam's partner digimon

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