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Appearances: Digimon DYW

The DigiMemories (デジメモリ Dejimemori?) are items which resemble USB flash drives & appear in Digimon DYW. They contain all of the Digital World's knowledge of what it represents. This enables the Digimon inside it have control over the person using the DigiMemory. Every DigiMemory is adorned with the first letter of its name, stylized to reflect the powers it imbues on its user. For example, the Injury Memory resembles a broken bone in the shape of the letter I. In order to release the DigiMemory's Digimon, it is first inserted into a device called the L.C.O.G (Living Connector Setting Operation Gun), also called a Connect Shooter, which then produces a USB port-like tattoo on the user's skin called a Living Connector. Whenever the DigiMemory is pressed onto the Living Connector, it allows the DigiMemory to release its Digimon.

This direct insertion will eventually drive its user more insane from the Digimon's addictive influence, which is why special digivices called Memory Loaders have been developed.

Members of the Detective Youth utilize DigiMemories that have been refined such that they can only be used in specialized Memory Loaders.

To defeat a Digimon, a Detective has his/her Digimon do one of its finishing attacks to eject & destroy the DigiMemory, resulting in what is called a Memory Break. Evolved DigiMemories require a direct strike on its location within the Digimon's body to execute the Memory Break. If the Digimon's host does not have a Living Connector, a Memory Break will not occur, however the DigiMemory will still be ejected from the user. Digimon & their users who use Memory Loaders are not susceptible to Memory Breaks.

Known DigiMemories

DigiMemory Information
Cyclone Also known as the Windy DigiMemory, this DigiMemory allows Agumon to digivolve to Cyclonemon.
Joker Also known as the Trump Card DigiMemory, this DigiMemory allows Impmon to digivolve to Jokermon.
Heat Also known as the Hot DigiMemory, this DigiMemory allows Coronamon to digivolve to Firamon.
Metal Also known as the Steel DigiMemory or the Fighter DigiMemory, this DigiMemory allows Kokuwamon to digivolve to Mekanorimon.
Luna Also known as the Illusion DigiMemory, this DigiMemory allows Lunamon to digivolve to Lekismon.
Trigger Also known as the Sniper DigiMemory, this DigiMemory allows Starmon to digivolve to Deputymon.
Prism This DigiMemory allows anyone using it to perform Arresterdramon's Prism Gallet.

DigiMemory Digimon
Terror Belphemon
Taboo Lotosmon
ClayDoll Shakkoumon
Nazca Merukimon
Smilodon SaberLeomon
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