DigiPast Chronicles

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DigiPast Chronicles is a fanon 13-episode television miniseries idea created by CAJH. The series is part of the Digimon Cinematic Sagas and it was announced on October 27, 2015.

The series idea had two ways: both animation and live-action combined or just pure animation. The episodes are set in several timelines to explain certain parts of the history before the events of the DigiDestined Saga. It will also connect the DigiDestined Saga and the Legendary Tamers Saga to each other. Despite episodes set in separate years, there are few characters who appear in every episode. And the story in set into both the real world and the Digital World. The miniseries has three story arcs.

The development of the miniseries started at the same time with the Legendary Tamers Saga films. The Arc 1 was released in November 2015. The Arc 2 was released in January 2016. The Arc 3 was canceled, but the planned plot points were revealed in March 2016.

The series is based original ideas, combined with adapted plot points from certain real-life films and common Digimon mythology.


The Arc 1 (episodes 1–4): Knights vs. Demons

The Arc 1 takes place between 1986–1990. It follows the key events of the Project: Digital Life and tells how Streamix Corporation CEO Robert Harmon and his new employee Grigory Shatalov find out the Digimon becoming sentient beings. The story also follows a young Digimon named Huckmon and his growth into the powerful and wise Digimon who fights beside other Guardian Knights to defeat the Seven Great Demon Lords once and for all.

The Arc 2 (episodes 5–8): Digital Outbreak

The Arc 2 takes place between 1995–2000. It follows Julius Conteh and Harold Thompson joining with the Harmon family and Shatalov to research the Digimon and the key events of Martin Harmon's life before becoming the founder of the Webmasters. The story also follows Huckmon hunting down what the Great Demon Lords left behind, and being forced to prevent a disaster that could threaten both the Internet and the Digital World.

The Arc 3 (episodes 9–13): Call of Destiny

The Arc 3 takes place between 2003 and the events of the films, with time traveling being an important element. It focuses on how the Digital Agents establish the alliance with Robert Harmon to find the suitable people to fight alongside the Digimon in protecting the two worlds from future threats. Meanwhile, Huckmon was only one mission to complete: the ensure that his remaining Guardian Knight comrades will eventually join these people against a threat that wishes to finish what the Great Demon Lords started.


Main characters

  • Robert Harmon, the eccentric founder and CEO of the Streamix Corporation who funded and started Project: Digital Life in 1984.
  • Grigory Shatalov, a former Soviet agent with a philosopchical personality who becomes a loyal employee in the Streamix Corporation.
  • Huckmon/Jesmon, a Digimon who is the last one to join the group destined to be trained as the Guardian Knights. His voice also narrates the opening and ending of each episode.
  • Kevin Harmon, Robert's son who later became a member of the original DigiDestined as well as a mentor to the five other original members. Only a recurring character before the Arc 2.

Introduced in the Arc 2

  • Harold "Harry" Thompson, a student of Robert Harmon who later becomes an ally to the Digimon Tamers.
  • Julius Conteh, a student of Robert Harmon who originates from Sierra Leone and later became Andy Conteh's father.
  • Audrey Clinton, Kevin's childhood friend who eventually gets involved in a relationship with him, and will later marry him. Only a recurring character before the Arc 3.

Recurring characters

  • Seven Great Demon Lords: Lucemon of Pride, Leviamon of Envy, Daemon of Wrath, Belphemon of Sloth, Barbamon of Greed, Beelzemon of Gluttony and Lilithmon of Lust.
    • Lucemon, the originally the highest rank of religious authority in the Digital World, until he became one with the embodied darkness from the Sin of Pride and therefore one of the Seven Great Demon Lords. The main antagonist of the Arc 1.
  • The Sistermon (Blanc and Noir), Gankoomon's assistants who took Huckmon to the Temple of the Guardian Knights, and help him in training and fighting against those who threaten the Digital World.
  • Gankoomon, a Guardian Knight who trains the other members, especially Huckmon. Only appeared in the Arc 1.
  • Veedramon/UlforceVeedramon, the eldest of the Vee Brothers who joined the Guardian Knights. His younger brothers became Imperialdramon and Magnamon.
  • Dorumon/Alphamon, a Guardian Knight who is committed to protect other Digimon, but wants to do it on his own terms, without sacrificing his own freedom. He also became a co-leader of Digimon with X-Antibodies.
  • Diablomon, a Virus/Digimon hybrid that becomes a threat to the Internet and all human technology. One of the main antagonists of the Arc 2.
  • Apocalymon, formerly an unrevealed rare Digimon who deemed the rules of Digivolution unfair and was led by the remaining powers of the Great Demon Lords to become the one to finish what they started. His origin story is told in the Arc 2 and he appears as one of the antagonists of the Arc 3.
  • Laura Harmon, wife of Robert Harmon and mother to Kevin and Martin. She passes away early in the Arc 2.
  • Martin Harmon, Robert's younger son who eventually becomes founder of the Webmasters. One of the main antagonists of the Arc 2.

Guest characters

  • The Digimon Sovereigns: Zhuqiaomon, Qinglongmon, Xuanwumon, Baihumon and Huanglongmon are unique Digimon with same appearance in every level of Digivolution who were born after Lucemon's betrayal and eventually became the new authority of the Digital World. They appear several times.
  • Gerald Johnson, the CLO of the Streamix Corporation who eventually becomes the President of the United States. Appears several times. Appeared for the first time in "The Confrontation, Part 2".

The Arc 1

  • The Celestial Digimon: Seraphimon, Ophanimon and Cherubimon are the high raking religious authority who served under Lucemon before the truth about him was revealed. Appeared only in "Rising Chaos".
  • Imperialdramon, a non-embodied Digimon who is one of the founders of the Guardian Knights and fused his data with Veemon and Wormmon to give them an ability to Digivolve into Imperialdramon. Appeared in episodes "Obstacles" and "The Confrontation, Part 1".
  • Omegamon, a non-embodied Digimon who is one of the founders of the Guardian Knights and fused his data with Agumon and Gabumon to give them an ability to Digivolve into Omegamon. Appeared in episodes "Obstacles" and "The Confrontation, Part 1".
  • Tsuyoshi Mishina, a Japanese partner of the Streamix Corporation whose granddaughter becomes one of the original members of the DigiDestined. Appeared in "The Confrontation, Part 2".

The Arc 2

  • Deathmon, a Demon Digimon that came to existence when one Digimon took a Dark Spore inside himself willingly. Appeared only in "Trust in Feelings".
  • Tokomon X, a young Digimon with X-Antibody who is part of Dorumon's pack. Appeared in episodes "Trust in Feelings" and "Infection".
  • Ryudamon, a co-leader of a pack of Digimon with X-Antibodies. Like Dorumon, he has had his own Antibody throughout his whole life. Appeared in episodes "Infection" and "Original Webmaster".

The Arc 3

  • Dexmon, an evil Digimon created by Apocalymon to destroy Alphamon. Appeared in episodes "Path to the Alliance" and "Sacrifices".
  • Devimon, the evil tyrant of the File Island. Appeared in episodes "Path to the Alliance" and "Sacrifices".
  • Vamdemon, a powerful Digimon who has met Dagomon in the Dark Ocean and planned to outsmart Apocalymon. Appeared in episodes "Path to the Alliance", "Sacrifices" and "Fate, Part 1: Preparations".
  • Dagomon, ruler of the Dark Ocean. Part of his origin story as well as the story about his deal with Vamdemon was meant to be explained on some episodes of the Arc 3. Appeared in episodes "Sacrifices" and "Fate, Part 1: Preparations".


Title Synopsis release date Episode #
"Rising Chaos" November 5, 2015 01
It is the year 1986. Robert Harmon's Project: Digital Life has been going on two years, but the resources are about to be lost. A new member joins Robert and they discover a shocking truth. Meanwhile, a young impatient Digimon named Huckmon takes his first steps to fulfill his destiny.
"Obstacles" November 12, 2015 02
Robert and Shatalov are trying to solve the final message from the Celestial Digimon to "find the Hidden Key". Meanwhile, Huckmon and few other Digimon have been training under Gankoomon to prepare themselves for a future battle against Lucemon and the Great Demon Lords.
"The Confrontation, Part 1" November 19, 2015 03
It is the year 1990. After four years of training and protecting the Village of Beginnings, the trained Digimon have learned the secrets of Digivolution and challenge the Great Demon Lords for battle. Kevin Harmon visits his father's workplace for the first time. Shatalov is haunted by his past demons.
"The Confrontation, Part 2" November 26, 2015 04
The battle between the Great Demon Lords and the Guardian Knights is still going on. Shatalov fights for his life, while Robert and his son Kevin fight for the Project: Digital Life. At the end, both humans and the Digimon have to make very hard decisions to protect their worlds.
"Twists and Turns" January 7, 2016 05
During the last seven years, the Digimon Sovereigns have encountered problems in ruling of the Digital World. Huckmon is assisting them to find what the Great Demon Lords left behind after their defeat. Laura Harmon's death in terminal illness starts to mentally separate Martin Harmon from his brother and father.
"Trust in Feelings" January 14, 2016 06
The year 1997 goes on. Huckmon and the Sistermon find out that someone else is hunting the Dark Spores too. Three new people are introduced to the world of the Digimon, while Martin continues to plot to find out the secrets kept from him, but manages to unleash something very dangerous to the Digital World.
"Infection" January 21, 2016 07
It is the year 1999. After the two years of growing, the powerful Virus/Digimon hybrid has started to attack the Digital World. After several failed attempts to recreate the virus, Martin gets closer to the truth by other means. Huckmon and Veedramon meet an old comrade whose data is different from that of others.
"Original Webmaster" January 28, 2016 08
The year 2000 has started. Both Martin Harmon and Diablomon put their personal plans in motion. Dorumon finds out that there exists a hidden potential that his previous incarnation never found ten years ago. The mysterious Digimon seals his fate as the new embassador of darkness.
"Path to the Alliance" March 7, 2016 (plot points only) 09
It is the year 2003. Kevin is preparing to take a new remarkable step in his life. Shatalov is forced to create something that will affect the Digital World decades later. Huckmon and Veedramon are still searching for the other Guardian Knights and comes across a very surprising reunion.
"Sacrifices" March 7, 2016 (plot points only) 10
After two years, Shatalov has created the multi-agent system which was designed to control the Digimon population and will eventually seal his fate. Kevin and Audrey are now living in Los Angeles and witness the Digimon appearing in the real world. Dorumon makes an ultimate sacrifice.
"Fate, Part 1: Preparations" March 7, 2016 (plot points only) 11
It is the year 2007. Both Digimon of Darkness and D-Reaper are causing chaos in the Digital World. Robert, Kevin and Thompson take first steps to prepare the future heroes to their destiny. Huckmon meets Wisemon who can grant access to time travel.
"Fate, Part 2: Battles" March 7, 2016 (plot points only) 12
By jumping through time without being able to ever return, Huckmon is able to give every help he can for the DigiDestined, starting from the battle against Devimon and ending with the final confrontation with Apocalymon. Along with ensuring the victory of the DigiDestined, Huckmon has only one mission left.
"Transcendence" March 7, 2016 (plot points only) 13
It is the year 2024. Jesmon's mission is almost finished. He makes the final preparations to ensure that the Tamers will defeat D-Reaper and that both humankind and the Digimon will learn to coexist.


  • The Arc 1 includes the only full appearances of all Seven Great Demon Lords. It is the only part of the Cinematic Sagas continuity that includes the appearance of fourteen members of the Guardian Knights, including those who will never be seen in the films. Using Lucemon and the Celestial Digimon is the only plot element from Digimon Frontier to have ever been adapted into the Cinematic Sagas.
  • The Arc 2 includes plot points of inspired partly by movies Digimon Adventure: Our War Game! and Digital Monster X-Evolution, through use of Diablomon (Diaboromon in English dub) and X-Antibody. X-Antibody was originally never meant to be used in the Cinematic Sagas, but Dorumon's appearance in the series caused a change of plans.
  • The Arc 3 includes plot points which explain several plot holes of the films. It is also the only arc that isn't a full prequel, since the events of its last episodes happen during the events of the films rather than before them.
  • There was once two different prequel ideas. One of them was an anthology film about from the birth of the Digital World to the battle against the Great Demon Lords, and the other one was a drama series taking place solely in the human world, with Robert Harmon, Kevin Harmon, Audrey Clinton, and Martin Harmon as the main characters. DigiPast Chronicles was born as a combination of these two ideas. The Arc 1 is based on the anthology idea and the Arc 2 is based on the drama series idea.
  • The series was left only 13 episodes long in order to make sure the unreleased film ideas won't be delayed for too long.