The DigiSpace is a mysterious space between the DigiQuartz and the Digital World created by Diseasemon. It originally existed in a different time from the Human World, but was eventually fused with the DigiQuartz by Diseasemon, formed as an Apocalymon. It is quite fragile, and the matter within can disintegrate into data at a touch. Due to the DigiSpace's connection to the Human World, the events within it often play out in the Human World through various analogues, such as windows blowing out or objects moving around. Over time, the DigiSpace has expanded outside Japan, and manifested in locations as far away as Hong Kong or the USA. Various Digimon manage to find their way into DigiSpace and are lost there before being drawn to and corrupted by the power of human emotions. Tamers must use a "Time Shift" with their Digivices to enter the DigiSpace, but many of the corrupted Digimon can simply draw in human victims from the other side. However, there is only way to open the gate to go into the Digital World.



The Techlantis is an underwater city filled with data of cutting edge and futuristic technology ruled by Surfimon.

Jidai Field

The Jidai Field is a beautiful field filled with flowers. Most of the Location's inhabitants and areas are based on areas from feudal Japan. Others, especially the mountainous regions and oceans, have influences from Japanese and Chinese cultures.

Binary Sewers

The Binary Sewers are the sewers covered with monitors where Shawn and his friends where they were attacked by Numemon.

Frosted Wasteland

The Frosted Wasteland is an icy wasteland that is constantly below freezing and where there is almost always snow on the ground. It also contains some boiling hot springs, which serve as excellent spas.

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