Koh Motomiya
Digimon Adventure 02 character
Koh Motomiya
First appearance Episode 50, A Million Points of Light
Last appearance  ???
Created by BramBenthem
Voiced by  ???
Age 11
Trait Miracles
Digimon DemiVeemon

Koh Motomiya is a fictional main character in a fanfic belonging to BramBenthem. We see him as son of Davis, partnered with a DemiVeemon. Even as his best friend Da-Yo, he is a very happy kid, but he attacks too hastily and he doesn't think before he does. He doesn't know but his crest, Miracles, was inherited from his father.

When the DigiExplorers (the New DigiDestined) make groups and split out, he came in with the "South Western" group, togehter with Da-Yo, Julia and Maya.


Koh is partnered by a DemiVeemon, but DemiVeemon has greater forms than his In-Training!

Fresh: Chibomon
In-Training: DemiVeemon
Rookie: Veemon
Champion: Veedramon
Ultimate: AeroVeedramon (with the crest of Miracles)
Ultimate 2: Dinobeemon (Veedramon DNA Digivolve with Stingmon)
Mega: UlforceVeedramon (Warp Digivolve from Veemon)

Digivolution Line

Chibomon -> DemiVeemon

First appereance: ????

DemiVeemon -> Veemon

First appereance: 04. Vee Power!

Veemon -> Veedramon

First appereance: ????

Veedramon -> AeroVeedramon

First appereance: ????

Veedramon & Stingmon (DNA Digivolution) -> Dinobeemon

First appereance: ????

Veemon (Warp Digivolve) -> UlforceVeedramon

First appereance: ????

(Known) Family

Davis Motomiya -> Father
June Motomiya -> Aunt


Koh's best friend is Da-Yo. The most important reasons is that Da-Yo and he have the same personality! He can also finding well with Julia and Maya. That's good, because they are one group of the New DigiDestined. But, with Maya, is it only friendship? ...

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