Maya Takenouchi
Digimon Adventure 02 character
Maya Takenouchi
First appearance Episode 50, A Million Points of Light
Last appearance  ???
Created by BramBenthem
Voiced by  ???
Age 12
Trait Speed
Digimon Yokomon

Maya Takenouchi is a fictional main character in a fanfic by BramBenthem.

Maya is the oldest kid of the South Western group. She does everything quickly, except attacking. That's why she bears the Crest of Speed. She likes birds, so Yokomon is a very good partner for her.

When the DigiExplorers (the New DigiDestined) make groups and split out, she came in with the "South Western" group, along with Koh, Da-Yo and Julia.


Maya's partner, Yokomon, is really strong for In-Training, but as she Digivolves, she becames even stronger!

Fresh: Nyokimon
In-Training: Yokomon
Rookie: Biyomon
Champion: Birdramon
Ultimate: Garudamon
(with the Crest of Speed)
Ultimate 2: Garudamon X (with the Crest of Speed and X-Antibody)
Mega: Phoenixmon (Warp Digivolve from Yokomon)

Digivolution Line

Yokomon -> Biyomon

First appereance: 06. Flying!

Biyomon -> Birdramon

First appereance: ????

Birdramon -> Garudamon

First appereance: ????

Birdramon -> Garudamon X

First appereance: ????

Biyomon (Warp Digivolve) -> Phoenixmon

First appereance: ????

(Known) Family

Sora Takenouchi -> Mother
Matt Ishida -> Father
Darryl Ishida -> Brother
Hikaru "H.K." Takaishi -> Cousin


Maya is a good friend of Sakuya Inoue, the daughter of Yolei Inoue, but she also can finds well with Julia and Jenn. About boys, she said she had no interesting in them, but when she meets Fan:Digi Explorers/Koh Motomiya when she was falling love with him.

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