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scene 1

(the scene opens with a close up of Goshemons face. he apparently is in some sort of hurry the scene then continues

to show Death Airdramon close behind him using death arrow)

goshemon- come on Death Airdramon, why can't we all just be friends here? I mean, I've been your servant for years now. I was bound to find out sometime that I wasn't a virus.

Death Airdramon- SILENCE YOU FOOL!!!!!!!!!

goshemon- yes sir

(Death airdramon uses another death arrow and hits goshemon. the screen blacks out.

scene 2


Kari-sleep much?

Kate- not at youth group over-nighters.

cam- no one does

Jess- Kari, can I talk to you

Kari- duty calls b.r.b

(there's some whispering an then Kari comes back with a nervous look on her face, she signals for Kate to come over.)

Kate- whats up?

Kari- Kate, Jess has something to tell you.

Jess- me? no way! you tell her Kari

Kari-(sigh) fine. Kate, we have just received word that your parents have been in a major car wreck they didn't make it.

(Kate lookls up at Jess as if to say "really" he nods in response Kate gets a confused look on her face and slowly walks away.)

Kari-poor kid

(Jess puts his arm around Kari and they exit the scene)

scene 3

Kate-(in the restroom) well "sniff" I guess I'll go back to the room now.

(Kate enters the room with every one else)

Kari-feeling better, we heard you sobbing

Kate-a little

(all of a sudden a blue light shoots out of the floor and divides into many blue lights, one headed at each person.a digivice lands in each of their hands )

Cam- what the heck

Jenn- woah!

Kate-its beautiful. and look, theirs a button that says enter.

(Kate presses the button. she disappears)

Kari- what just happened

Jenn- i dont know

Kayla- she said something about an enter button

Cam- found it

Kayla- me too

(Cam and Kayla press the buttons and disappear)


(everyone else presses their buttons and disappear)

scene 4

(Kate is laying on the ground then opens her eyes and wakes up)

Kate- were am i?

( Kate looks and off in the distance there is a small figure coming towards her that appears to be hurt. she jumps up and starts running towards it when she gets to it she sees that it is a wolf like creature about as big as her. he drops down beside her)

wolf- young lady what is your name

Kate(exasperated)-y-y-you can talk?

wolf-why of coarse

Kate-Im Kate

wolf- y-y-your the girl

(he lays his head on her lap)

Kate- your hurt. what can I do for you

wolf-nothing, it,s to late for me now

( the wolf appears to turn into particles of some strange substance and blow away.


(she bursts into tears.)

wow, kate has certainly been through a lot what next. find out next time on digi ministries.

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