This is a new fan fiction created by Timemon. No Chapters have been released but three introductions can be found below. The Digidestined Chronicles will consist of four books starting with Book 1 Digidestined Wariors.

Intro #1

Coming soon… About five hundred years have passed since the end of Digimon 02. Many things have happened. Taichi and a four other unknown digidestined have survived in a different world. The end is coming. The new chosen ones have been selected. Four children from a world of evil and a special one who has forgotten everything have come to a new digital world that is falling apart. Now they must fight with their partner digimon to survive and find a way to escape this chaotic world.

Intro #2

Coming soon… A perturbing dream followed waking up with amnesia in the strange world of digimon. Takeo used to live in a world where digimon and humans lived together in harmony but only his Guilmon remembers that. With his partner digimon, Guilmon (Yellow) he must search through the digimon world to find the answers he needs. After meeting a girl who also has a partner digimon he decides he must fight for an uncertain future. The enemies are too many and the hope is few. Takeo must find a way to control the powers of the biomerge booster or die in the hands of the evil that controls this world.

Intro #3

Coming soon… The world Falco comes from a world is ruled by fear. Falco has been running away from the authorities of Apolos, the last city in his world, for the past five years in order to protect his Foxmon. The day he is captured a strange light coming out of his digivice teleports them into a new world of digimon. Falco then discovers a new power coming from a piece of technology called the biomerge booster. He is convinced he must find all of the pieces of this power to create a perfect world ruled by him.

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