From left to right: Takeshi, Myra, Alec, and Gabriel.

Digihumans, a portmanteau of the names "Digimon" and "Humans," represents a number of Human-Digimon hybrid characters.


Digihumans are a group of individuals with Digimon-like qualities. Technically speaking, they are part-Human and part-Digimon, much like how their name reflects a hybrid state. Initially humans, three of them acquired their current forms upon entering the Digital World; the other one went through his early years as a Digihuman, though unaware to his true form.

Each of them controls a different elemental force, inspired by the Digimon their designs are derived from. The Digihumans also aesthetically deviate from said Digimon a little, when it comes to color scheme and other features that make them more distinct than a mere gijinka of these species.


Takeshi Kanbara: As the son of Takuya and Zoe/Izumi, he adopted his father's loudmouth attitude and his mother's stuck-up routine. Takeshi learns to control his temper as he does his powers, particularly when his powers are fire-oriented and his form comes from Flamemon. He features a number of Flamemon's traits such as reddish-orange skin, pointed ears, bushy tail, facial markings, wrist gauntlets, and earrings. Outside of that, his attire adds a layer of green to the design, and Takeshi's hair points upward like a blazing flame.

Myra Lunis: A kind person at heart, she just wants to enjoy herself and see others just as happy as she likes to be. Not incredibly girly or tomboyish, Myra seems to go with the flow whenever things are alright. With a Digimon form inspired by Ranamon, Myra obtained a blue complexion, amphibious feet, fins and gills, and enlarged hands covered by wristpads. In contrast to Ranamon, Myra's secondary color is yellow instead of red, while wearing a two-piece swimsuit rather than a leotard.

Alec Maximilian: Stepping up to the leadership role is Alec, someone a little more serious than his friends. Having to deal with a twin sister among other annoyances in his life, he is arguably the more easily irritated of the group--though he lashes out far less severely than Takeshi. Alec doesn't mind his friends' personalities most of the time, besides when their behavior feels too irrational for him to take. His form comes from Dorumon, from the violet pigment, to the claws on his hands and feet, to the curved shape of his ears and tail. Unlike Dorumon though, Alec's body is colored with lighter and darker nuances of purple, lacks wings or the forehead's metallic triangle, and is only covered in fur near the feet and tail.

Gabriel Vasquez: The last of the Digihumans to join the team, his backstory was peculiarly different. Gabriel lived with his Digihuman for most of his life, concealing it regularly with the use of medications. Gabriel was a lot shyer because of this predicament, unaware that others like him were out there. Not until much later did he come across Alec's team, who speculated he might be another hybrid. Considering that Gabriel showed influence over the force of air, it made sense that his crimson wings, talons, along with the other assorted marking and patches of feathers, originate from Hawkmon. At the same time, he holds a variety of differences to that Digimon as well, such as his original human complexion, his arms and wings being separate and different limbs, and going without Hawkmon's beak or headband.

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