Digimon+ is a species in Digimon. Also known as the perfected form of the "Bio-Hybrid," a Digimon+ bears both the DNA of a human and a specific species of Digimon. A Digimon+ is created from both human and Digimon DNA, unlike a Bio-Hybrid, which is a human who has had Digimon DNA added to them. As such, Digimon+'s have a unique set of characteritics. A Digimon+'s species is identified by their Digimon half (i.e. a Digimon+ who is part Hagurumon is known as a "Hagurumon+), while individually they bear a unique name, as with any other human (i.e. a Digimon+'s species may be "Hawkmon+" while their name is "Miyako Inoue").


  • Human Form: The default form of a Digimon+ looks no different from a normal human. The exception to this rule is any Digimon+ whose body structure is vital to their powers. For example, a Drimogemon+ will have a drill on their head, while an fire-breathing Greymon+ is indistinguishable from a normal human.
  • Digimon Powers: Unlike Bio-Hybrids, a Digimon+ is able to use a portion of their Digimon powers in human form. For example, a Palmon+ is able to convert their fingers into vines. While such abilities can be classified as super-human, they pale in comparison to a Digimon's. In fact, the Digimon+'s powers are a weakened version of the Digimon's. For example, a Crusadermon+ wields two ribbon-like blades, as opposed to the four wielded by a true Crusadermon. Not all Digimon+ powers are attack based. For example, a Hagurumon+'s special ability is technopathy, not creating or shooting gears.
  • Digimon Form: A Digimon+ can transform into their Digimon form at will (though many are not able to do so immediately. A Digivice may be required to do so). Unlike Bio-Hybrids, a Digimon+ is also capable of Digivolving into Digimon that belong to the same line as their base form (i.e. A Veemon+ can Digivolve into a Veedramon). Like any Digimon, once a Digimon+ exhausts their energy, they revert back to their base form. To clarify, a Dorumon+ who turns into Dorugamon, once returned to human form, remains a Dorumon+; they do not become a Dorugamon+. A Digimon+'s base form is set and cannot change. A Birdramon+ cannot turn into a Garudamon+. (An exception is made if something is limiting a Digimon+'s powers, but in this case their base form is still the higher of the two levels. Their base level can only be lowered, not raised.)
  • Life-Span: A Digimon+ ages in the same manner and at the same rate as a human does. A Digimon+ can also die of old age. Unlike humans, Digimon+ are constantly reborn. Digimon+ dissipate like a Digimon upon death, and their data reformats itself and the Digimon+ is reborn as an infant. Unlike Bio-Hybrids, a Digimon+ keeps its Digimon side upon deletion, rather than seperating into a human and a Digi-Egg.

List of Digimon+'s