When a part of the Digital World is in the clouds and in the sky, they must find the winged orbs to help the Digimon in need and save the place from plummeting through the rift and into the Real World.


A being has started an aggressive attack on the residents of the Cloud Village, a place literally in the clouds. Hikaru, Shiori, Ayumu, Akari, Naoki, and Yuudai soon decide to stop the being. As they try to find a way to the village, they soon receive news that new digi-orbs are needed to reach the village. The kids soon start collecting the orbs and get them one by one until they have every orb. Their Digimon then Winged Digivolve to a winged level Digimon, similar to a champion or ultimate level Digimon.

When they make it to the land, the people are in desperate need for help against the being of evil. They make their first stop at a factory with Digimon being forced to work for the evil being against their wills, then an prison filled with innocent Digimon who were captured, and then they must save the village as a whole from the culprit. The culprit is revealed to be QueenBeemon, who they soon face off with but she calls upon her hive of Beemon to distract the DigiDestined as she makes her getaway.

Written by:(En)Devon Washington

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