Digimon Age of Tamers

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Digimon: Age of Tamers is a fanon live-action film idea created by CAJH. It is the first film of the Legendary Tamers Saga and the sixth film of Digimon Cinematic Sagas, following the events of Digimon: Digitaclysm – Part 2, the final film of the DigiDestined Saga. The film was announced on July 23, 2015 and the extended synopsis was released on October 30, 2015. Its sequel is Digimon: Ordeal of Deva.

Rest of its plot has been adapted from real-life anime, like plot points from episodes 1 to 16 of Digimon Tamers. Also, some elements have been taken from Digimon Data Squad and video game Digimon World.



In an unknown desert, levitate a bunch of mysterious balls of light. They move quickly over several rocks and villages. Soon they move from the desert into other places: forests, cities, seas and clouds. Finally, they move into something that resembles a Digi-Gate. The lights move into the Digi-Gate and go across the interdimensional space between the worlds, ending up into the human world and over the Pacific Ocean.

Rise of the Tamers

An exchange student

It is the year 2022. Over two and half years ago, the Digitaclysm had been threatening the real world, the Digital World, and many other worlds connected to them. The Worldwide Network of the DigiDestined aka W.N.D.D. was working under the United Nations to monitor all Digimon activity to prevent any further catastrophes. Some businessmen were creating franchise products about the Digimon for young people, and one person who still was a fan of them was 15 years old Tatsuya Munemori who is going to be an exchange student to overseas. He currently watching the latest Digimon commercial videos from YouTube and old news reports about the battles DigiDestined went through.

Tatsuya had already met one of his fellow students through Facebook: Jason Storm. Jason couldn't wait for Tatsuya's arrival. They both had similar interests, including the Digimon and games. They also had a dream of having their own Partner Digimon, but perhaps their parents wouldn't like that. They also had no idea how they would even receive their own partners, and their activities would have to be monitored by the government. Almost all countries of the UN had agreed about that every human with a Partner Digimon must be registered. But the night was about to come and Tatsuya had to go to sleep earlier, because tomorrow would be his flight to the United States.

An unusual night

Because of the time difference, the sun is already rising in New York, where something unusual happens. A hooded person is a walking on the darkened streets. The person walks past several people who enjoy the nightlife. The area was monitored by a bunch of people through the cameras and realize that something is happening. Was their target about to appear? The Chief Operator said it was the case. A large amount of heat energy was detected and one building was set in fire. The firefighters were coming. The Chief Operator ordered every connection from the area to be cut off, including the security cameras and communication devices. No one must ever know what caused that fire. But what should be done with the witnesses? A secretary named Mindy Cornell relayed the latest orders they had received: the witnesses had to be searched and forced to be silent.

A secluded area of the building was about to collapse and something flaming came through. It was a large flaming creature with a body like a lynx. It was about run away, but then a smoke cloud appeared around it. The hooded person arrived there and called the creature by name Lynxmon. The creature was a real Digimon which had somehow Bio-Emerged into the real world. Lynxmon prepared to attack this hooded person, but then something attacked Lynxmon. Something very fast was moving on the walls of the building. Small sharp objects were shot into Lynxmon's body wounding it and making it dissipate into data particles. This data, however, didn't return to the Digital World for a reincarnation process, but flowed into two separate ways. A hidden container drained part of it. Other particles were drained by the fast-moving creature who resembled a humanoid vixen. The human removed her hood, revealed to be a red-haired girl who referred the vixen Digimon as Renamon. Renamon had "downloaded" part of Lynxmon's data to become stronger. The girl, named Vera, hoped that she wouldn't have to help Renamon next time. She was holding a small blue device which looked like a Digivice, but was different from a standard Digivice or D-3. She didn't ever see the container, which disappeared into an unknown place through a small vortex resembling a Digi-Gate.

Meanwhile, there was a night in Japan. Tatsuya woke up from a dream which was exactly what happened in New York. But Tatsuya didn't know that the events were real. The organization monitoring the area noted that the target was destroyed and that everything had gone as expected. The Chief Operator noted that the data particles of the target were sent into the lab Cornell went to notify the leader about the successful operation. Vera and Renamon left the area to return to home before anyone would see them.

Two lights

The airplane left from Tokyo International Airport to New York and to John F. Kennedy International Airport. He was still thinking about the dream he saw last night and excited about arriving to America. An unknown man was sitting behind him. He recognized that something approached the plane. It was the same light that emerged yesterday.

The light was separated in two ways and one of them approached New York. But neither of those lights was seen by any ordinary human. Vera and Renamon saw the light in New York. A dark-skinned boy saw this light too from his own house. Tatsuya and the mysterious man saw the other light above their plane. But the whole light disappeared as fast as it appeared. Tatsuya was frightened and he was asked if something was wrong. Tatsuya realized that no one else saw the light, so he acted normally. The man behind Tatsuya had been calm the whole flight.

After few hours, both Tatsuya and this man stepped out of the plane. Tatsuya was greeted by people that who were meant to be his host family: the Storm family. Jason himself was there to greet Tatsuya whom he met for the first time personally. Jason's parents also welcomed Tatsuya to New York, but they warned him to be very careful. Tatsuya must always tell where he was and stay from any trouble or dangerous situations, things they have always warned their son about. Neither Tatsuya nor the Storm family, however, saw that someone watched them. But when Tatsuya saw him, the man turned and left. Under the man's jacket came a small creature looking like a hybrid of a fox and a weasel. This small creature left and secretly followed Tatsuya and the Storm family.

New York

Vera returned to her home in the evening, with Renamon having already got inside before her. Vera had received at least one phone call from her mother, but didn't want to answer the phone. Renamon was still surprised about her attitude, but Vera didn't want anything from a parent who didn't understand her at all. Very soon after that Ian Neidhardt, Vera's father, came home. Ian didn't care or ask too much about what his daughter did, and that made Vera pleased.

At the house the Storms lived, Jason was sharing a room with Tatsuya. Tatsuya what kind of their school was. According to Jason, many other boys liked about the same games, especially Jason's friend Kyle. The girls had a habit to tease them about it. One of the girls was Japanese like Tatsuya, or actually her parents were born in Japan. Tatsuya was about take his staff out of the bags, but he found something he didn't originally have. It was just like the blue device he saw with Vera in the dream, but Tatsuya's device was red. The small screen of the device showed an image of an egg. Jason thought it was some kind of a virtual pet, but Tatsuya had no idea where it came from. Jason suggested that they would try to find that out tomorrow after school.

Elsewhere, an African American boy was playing games on his computer and on his table was a green version of the same device that Tatsuya and Vera had. Then he heard that the door opened. His father came home. The father asked from his son, Andy, why he wasn't yet gone to sleep. Andy said that he had just lost his sense of time and went right away to shower and brush his teeth. But even after that, Andy was browsing Internet his smartphone. No one else had seen the lights he had seen.

Without any witnesses, the other light above New York started to form the very same fog that enabled Digimon to be Bio-Emerged. The light was forming into a small innocent looking white creature. The creature started to walk around and explore its new environment.

The first day in school

The next morning Tatsuya was presented to his new classmates. After that Tatsuya sat next to Jason and Jason's best friend Kyle Lambert. Tatsuya saw a girl student who looked like an Asian. She must be the same girl Jason told him about. Tatsuya immediately found the girl attractive and liked looking at her, until he was told to concentrate on listening the homeroom teacher.

After the first school day had ended, Kyle presented himself to Tatsuya formally, with both Tatsuya and Jason showed the mysterious red device that had appeared to them. But something had happened during the day. The egg on the screen had hatched without any alert, but any creature that would hatch from the egg didn't appear on the screen. The Asian girl Tatsuya had previously seen saw the device and thought immediately that the boys once again had interest to some new game. The girl said that the boys didn't act like the 15 years old boys should normally. Jason and Kyle introduced the girl as Mei Yashida whose father owned a Japanese restaurant.

Tatsuya thought Mei was beautiful, but thought she teased boys far too much. Jason and Kyle immediately recognized that Tatsuya had a crush on Mei, but Tatsuya reminded that they just met. Tatsuya also wanted to concentrate on finding out what the mysterious red device actually was. Kyle told him about a game and comic shop where they could find their answers. Tatsuya put the device back into his schoolbag. Then view changed into a digital-looking space that showed a glimpse of a red reptile walking with two legs.

Guilmon emerges

In the lab of the mysterious organization, Cornell arrived there and asked the latest results from the analysts. Doctor Moody, the Lead Analyst, had analyzed Lynxmon's data and tried modify it into a desired form. But then, suddenly, Cornell was contacted the Chief Operator Silas. A new signal had appeared. It was weak, but become stronger by every moment and was moving on the streets of New York. The sign was near of a high school.

The same signal was detected elsewhere too. Vera had just left from her own school and detected the signal from her blue device and Andy from his green device. Something was about to happen. Tatsuya still had no idea of it. He arrived into the game and comic book shop with Jason and Kyle. Kyle introduced Tatsuya to the owner whom he called simply by first name Steve. Tatsuya told his name and Steve showed him around his shop. Then Tatsuya remembered the device he was meant show to Steve. Steve checked up the red device and understood that he had never it anything with that model. It was somewhat similar to Digivices. Because the real Digimon had existed before the toys and other products, Steve thought that Tatsuya was meant to be a new DigiDestined. Jason realized that it would the egg inside the device belonging to Tatsuya's destined Partner Digimon. Kyle asked again where the device came from, but Tatsuya and Jason still didn't know. Tatsuya then saw a poster that showed a picture of Vera Neidhardt, a champion of strategy and role-playing games. It was the girl he saw in the dream with Renamon and Lynxmon.

Tatsuya's attention was turned into another way. A small cloud of fog started to appear near the shop. Tatsuya, Jason and Kyle went to look at it and asked Steve not to tell anything about what he had just learned. Steve promised to keep his word and the boys went outside. The cloud was Bio-Emergence fog, and then the red device started to glow and form small red particles into a red reptile-like creature. The boys were amazed of it: a real Digimon was before them. But the species was unknown. The creature pronounced a word "Guil". It approached the boys who feared it would attack. Tatsuya dropped the red device that opened a holographic screen with the specifications. The Digimon they saw was Guilmon, a Rookie Level and Virus-attributed Reptile Digimon. It picked up the device and gave it back to Tatsuya. Tatsuya realized that Guilmon was harmless. It clearly was his own partner and the red device was an entirely new Digivice.

Three Tamers

Vera is checking cards she has from a trading card game made of the Digimon. Then Renamon talks to her and said that there are two new Digimon having just Bio-Emerged. Vera feels pleased, since she has one more chance to prove her superiority. Renamon, however, warns her that both are in separate locations. Vera chooses the stronger first.

Meanwhile, Guilmon became more aggressive. It started to run to the area here the other Digimon was about to be Bio-Emerged. The previously seen spying fox-weasel hybrid creature, called Kudamon, sent a message through a small transmitter that it would keep watching what would happen.

The mysterious organization had also found out what was happening. They also found out that several humans were running into that location. Two of them belonged to the "D-Arks". Cornell and the Chief Operator Silas had received order from the leader himself to watch every single movement. The Bio-Emerged Digimon was Gorillamon, a species previously seen on Earth six years ago. After Guilmon arrived to the park, Guilmon tried to attack by using a technique called Fireball, but it wasn't effective against Gorillamon. Then Vera and Renamon attacked Gorillamon and managed to knock it unconscious. But then Vera wanted to destroy Guilmon as well.


Andy was running to the park where the signal was coming from. An unknown voice wanted to fight, but Andy refused. Then he was Tatsuya, Jason, Kyle, Vera, Guilmon and Renamon. Tatsuya was now certain that Vera was the one he saw in the dream. Vera was surprised someone her actions with Renamon. Tatsuya suspected that the organization he had seen in the dream monitoring the battle against Lynxmon must also be real. Jason and Kyle remembered how famous game champion Vera was, despite being a girl. Tatsuya himself had found that out through posters. But they were disturbed that she was a DigiDestined who wanted to destroy a partner of someone else. Vera said she was not a DigiDestined, but a Digimon Tamer. She said that Tatsuya was also a one since he also had a Digivice of a type named D-Ark. Vera didn't care who she destroyed, she believed that it was her purpose: to be the strongest.

Tatsuya tried to explain that Guilmon was still young and inexperienced, but Vera didn't care. She ordered Renamon to attack. Guilmon, however, was too powerful, since Renamon's technique Leaf Arrowheads was ineffective against it. Then Andy interrupted and told Vera and Renamon leave the boys and Guilmon alone. A small white and green Digimon named Terriermon came up and agreed with Andy. Then, suddenly, Gorillamon woke up and attacked everyone. Vera decided to use one of her "weapons". She took one Digimon game card and put it inside a holder device. Then she scanned both the holder and the card with her D-Ark, and a mechanical cannon named "Heavy Metal" was attached to Renamon's arm.

Renamon's techniques and Gorillamon's Power Attack collided and causer a small explosion. The battle continued for some time until Terriermon interrupted against Andy's wishes. That's when the attacks were about to strike him. Then, a light appeared and activated a Digivolution on Terriermon. Terriermon Digivolved into a Digimon named Galgomon. He had heavy gatling guns attached its arms. He activated a technique named Gatling Arm against Gorillamon, but was unable to control it. Renamon was wounded and Gorillamon died instantly. Tatsuya hoped that he could do something. Then he took up a holder device of his own D-Ark and put one of his own cards inside it. The card was "Boost Chip" and Tatsuya scanned it with his D-Ark and then Guilmon became temporarily more powerful. But Tatsuya still had no idea if Guilmon would understand what had to be done. Guilmon was more reluctant to attack against Galgomon than Gorillamon. But then Galgomon asked help and Guilmon stroke Fireball onto his other gatling gun, causing it to malfunction. Galgomon was also wounded, but Andy understood that it was the only way to stop him. Vera and Renamon had already made their escape.

Purpose of the Tamers

After some time, Galgomon De-Digivolved back to Terriermon, Andy introduced himself with his full name: Andrew Conteh. His father Julius was born in Sierra Leone and he was also formerly employed to the Streamix Copration. Andy himself had met Terriermon for the first time when a strange light had sent him along with the green D-Ark to Andymon's hands through the computer screen during Andy's game. Tatsuya told him about his dream and the light he had seen during his flight. He understood that that the red D-Ark had emerged to his bags during the flight.

Jason reminded Tatsuya they had to hurry back home. Andy then said that they shouldn't tell about their Partner Digimon to anyone. They weren't like the DigiDestined since the D-Arks were different to standard Digivices or D-3 Digivices, since they didn't activate Terriermon's Digivolution. Besides, the UN still has a law to register every single Digivice and Partner Digimon. Andy didn't see himself as a fighter in real life and wanted to be just a normal friend to Terriermon. But he wondered why W.N.D.D. didn't do anything stop these rogue Digimon. The latest events were not reported on news. And what was the mysterious organization that had monitored Renamon's battle with Lynxmon? The only thing Tatsuya knew that it wasn't W.N.D.D.

Andy returned to home where the rest of his family was waiting for him. Along with his mother and father, his family included three siblings which from only one was younger than Andy. Andy was 16 years old, but his older sister Amanda and older brother Raymond had come to visit. Andy's father Julius was from Sierra Leone, but his mother May was an American. Andy wanted to talk to his father, but Julius and May wanted to just spend a family dinner with all their children. Terriermon had managed to easily hide himself without being seen by anyone. Meanwhile, Tatsuya and Jason had hidden Guilmon to the garage, so that Jason's parents would not see him. Tatsuya left it some bread to eat, and Guilmon started talk whole sentences with an understandable language. They still wondered if the Tamers had a different reason to exist than the DigiDestined. Vera was merciless against every Digimon he met, while Tatsuya hoped to fight only to protect the innocent lives.

Vera's wish

In the evening, Vera was lying on her back on the bed. She didn't understand how an inexperienced Digimon is able to Digivolve to its Champion form, Renamon isn't. D-Ark didn't work like normal Digivices. The power of the Digivolution had to be accessed by other means and Vera believe that she was stronger without any friends or emotions. Renamon had no idea of the reason for Terriermon's Digivolution either. But she said that she wanted a human partner in order to find a way to Digivolved. Vera, however, became furious. She told Renamon that she was merely a Digimon, not a partner. Renamon apologized for careless words and said that she was loyal to her Tamer.

Meanwhile, a cloud of Bio-Emergence Fog appeared near Vera's house. A new Digimon was about to arrive into the human world. Vera tells her father that she will go to do one thing outside of the house. Ian didn't mind, but after Vera went out, those took his phone and made a phone call. Vera and Renamon arrived to the backyard where had Bio-Emerged a Spider Digimon Dokugumon. Dokugumon said she wanted to destroy the humans who had not returned the data of the rogue Digimon who had been destroyed. She declared that Vera herself was one of the "destroyers". Vera declared that the data now belonged to Renamon and that Dokugumon's data would suffer the same fate. She refused to believe that the Digimon would be living creatures, since they were made of computer data.

Dokugumon was, however, more powerful than Renamon's previous opponents and she bound Renamon to her web. Vera then used a card named "Snimon: Shadow Sickle" which replaced Renamon's hands with sickles of Snimon which she used to cut off Dokugumon's webs. Dokugumon tried to create more webs, but Renamon either cut off or evaded them easily. So the wicked Spider Digimon tried to attack Vera instead. Took the attack instead and became very badly wounded. Then Vera became something she rarely has been: worried. She had never shown an emotion like that to her own Digimon. Dokugumon came closer and tried to attack again. But then, suddenly, the same light that had caused Terriermon's Digivolution to Galgomon appeared. This time it caused Renamon to Digivolve into a four-legged fox named Kyubimon. First she wounded Dokugumon with Will-o-Wisp, several flames coming from her tails. And finally she destroyed Dokugumon with a technique named Fox Flame Dragon. Before dying, Dokugumon warned that the Digital World would avenge her.

Vera still had no idea what had made Renamon to Digivolve. Kyubimon believed it had not happened before, since Vera had never shown true emotions to her. Vera was still a little bit unable to admit it. Then they saw a small white Digimon the one that appeared through the mysterious light. Vera thought it was harmless and left it alone.

The remnant of Darkness

In the headquarters of the mysterious organization, secretary Cornell arrives into the laboratory once again, because she was ordered to check if the two battles today had given the final pieces of the missing information. The Lead Analyst Moody explained that the data of the destroyed Digimon was now completely under their control. The Chief Operator Silas arrived to notify that the information stolen from the W.N.D.D. had been utilized correctly. The technical division had finished their weapons which only required power to work. Cornell wanted to know more about the power source, because she had never been told anything of it.

Moody opened a container where an energy web prevented any Bio-Emerged data from dissipating or returning back to the Digital World. The container had been keeping inside the final remnants of those who were responsible for the Digitaclysm three years ago: Piemon's mask and one of his swords. Cornell was terrified of seeing them. She asked if the analysts were certain that they should use as a power source something that was left behind by a very dangerous enemy. Moody and Silas accused Cornell of questioning principles of the "Revolution". Cornell apologized her behavior, but Silas decided that the leader should be notified an act like this. "The Digital Revolution" must be carried out in order to give the humanity with the position they believe they deserve. Cornell pressed a button hidden of a ring on her finger.

At that moment, a digitally edited voice spoke to every room of the headquarters. It asked what was so important that he had to be "disturbed". Silas explained his distrust towards Cornell who had just been told of Piemon's remains being in their hands and what they were used for. The leader's voice reminded that the Cornell had passed her secret interview with 100 percent. Cornell had also made an oath to be part of a revolution that would help the technology and the well-being of humanity to evolve. The leader also reminded that rising the humanity into better ranks was exactly the reason for the existence of the entire revolution movement. And none of their members was manipulated by anything, unlike the Webmasters.


The next day, Tatsuya, Jason and Kyle were thinking what they should do with Guilmon. Jason and Kyle thought it would be cool if they would have their own Digimon as well, but they understood that Tatsuya was in the very same situation than Andy. Tatsuya and Andy had their own Digivices and Partner Digimon, but neither of them wanted to be forced to register and become "slaves" of the government. Vera Neidhardt didn't seem to care about anything else than being the strongest fighter ever. Tatsuya was certain that there was a good reason for the D-Arks being given to them, even though they were different from other Digivices. He wanted to fight, but he didn't want someone else to choose his opponents.

But then the principal alerted the whole school that he had seen a red monster on the schoolyard. Tatsuya suspected that it was Guilmon and ran out of the building to check it out. Jason and Kyle followed him. Mei Yashida was suspicious and decided to follow. In the schoolyard, Tatsuya searched for Guilmon and found it from bushes. He chided his Digimon from leaving the garage on his own. Guilmon managed to explain that he had sensed another Digimon. The boys were disturbed. Andy and Vera were studying on different schools and were unable to anything by themselves. Then Tatsuya's D-Ark activated radar that detected a small, but very powerful signal inside the schoolyard.

The boys and Guilmon followed the signal into the place where they saw Mei. Mei watching the same white Digimon that had emerged from the mysterious light. Now it had a symbol on its forehead, formed by four red triangles. Mei turned her eyes into the boys and approached Guilmon slowly. She understood that it was the creature that the principal had seen. Tatsuya explained shyly that it was true, but then his attention was in the small Digimon. He activated the Digimon Analyzer on his D-Ark, but the only information he got was the name: Calumon. It level, attribute or techniques were unknown. Calumon was unable to speak, but acted like a playful child and was excited to meet Guilmon. Guilmon wanted Calumon to stay and be his friend. Tatsuya asked if Mei had her own D-Ark. But Mei had never seen such a device which meant that she was not a Tamer and that Calumon was not a Partner Digimon. Jason and Kyle didn't even want Calumon as a partner, since it didn't look like a fighter. Mei herself thought that Calumon was cute and hoped that it would never fight anyone.


Meanwhile, Vera had left her own school and met with Tatsuya's group. She greeted them and explained that Renamon had just learned to Digivolve. On its Champion form it would destroy any Rookie Level Digimon. Vera ordered Renamon to Digivolve, but nothing happened. Tatsuya tried to explain that they had no idea what caused Terriermon's Digivolution yesterday, but was certain that it wasn't what Vera thought it was. And it wasn't under their control, even Andy didn't control it. Vera refused to believe it and ordered Renamon to attack. Renamon said she couldn't since Vera's initial cold personality was once again in control. And Renamon was certain that she was unable to Digivolve if Vera didn't care about her at all.

Vera was shocked. She said she wanted to be the best Digimon Tamer ever. Not only with cards, but with a real Digimon too. She was still convinced that the Digimon weren't actually living creatures, but merely made of data. Tatsuya was unable to accept her opinion and explained that the W.N.D.D. had clearly poved that Digimon were actually combined from computer data and interdimensional energy. Vera refused to listen and tried to run away. But Jason, Kyle and Guilmon prevented it from happening. Renamon was about to go to defend Vera, but Tatsuya said that he only wanted to talk some sense to Vera's mind. He explained that by destroying the Digimon in the real world mercilessly, Vera had brought meaningless suffering and pain. Kudamon, who had been watching this, explained that it was all true. The Digimon had Bio-Emerged by accident or by wishing to explore the real world without meaning any harm. But now they wish to attack the mankind so they could avenge deaths of Lynxmon, Gorillamon and Dokugumon. He explained that the DigiDestined can't stop them, because something has been disturbing their signals from everything except the D-Arks.

Then, the same man who had sent Kudamon to spy Tatsuya and Jason, showed up. His name was Harold Thompson, a member of the W.N.D.D. leading council and friend of Andy's father. He explained they have been helpless for too long time, while the real threat had been hiding. Tatsuya asked what Thompson wanted. Thompson told he wanted to give the Tamers a chance to help the humanity without being forced to act they the DigiDestined do. He showed a D-Ark which was colored with both blue and red. Thompson was a Digimon Tamer and Kudamon was his Partner Digimon. He asked the young people along with Guilmon, Renamon and Calumon to step inside the black cars, which had arrived due to principal's alert. After that, the same cars went to pick up Andy Conteh and his father Julius for the same reason.


In the headquarters of the Digital Revolution, around 80 people were standing before the secret front door. Silas and Cornell told that the leader would arrive after few minutes and notified everyone of correct greeting. A man whose face were not shown stepped inside.

Every Digimon Tamer, Partner Digimon as well as Jason, Kyle, Mei and Julius were inside the large car, where Thompson was about to explain everything. Andy apologized his father for keeping Terriermon as a secret, but Julius had kept secrets from him and his family too. Tatsuya asked how Thompson had got his own D-Ark. Thompson explained he was one of its inventors. When the Harmon family were forced work to with the Digimon project without help of anyone else, Thompson and Julius helped them by trying to develop technology to communicate with the Digimon. One day, the blueprints of the invention had mysteriously disappeared, but after the Digitaclysm, Kudamon had Bio-Emerged into the human world with a new D-Ark which had been transformed a Digivice of a new generation. After becoming Kudamon's human partner, Thompson had answered Kevin Harmon's request to join the W.N.D.D., but Julius didn't want to involve his family in dangerous activities. Kudamon explained that his Mega form was one of the Guardian Knights. He had chosen Thompson as his human partner, because he wasn't always working with the rules. There were many Digimon who wanted to follow Kudamon's example, but everyone didn't approve it.

The W.N.D.D. was already aware of how Tatsuya's D-Ark as well as Guilmon and Calumon had Bio-Emerged into the real world. They also showed the Tamers a video footage of Calumon. The light which has caused the Digivolution came from the symbol on Calumon's forehead. Calumon had a power to make other Digimon Digivolve. Calumon understood what they spoke, but it acted like it was never aware of its powers. Vera was unable to believe that it was true. All this time she had believed that she would need to destroy other Digimon to make Renamon's data and powers grow to get her Digivolve. She told how many other Digimon had Bio-Emerged in front her, hoping she could become a Tamer for one of them. That was when Vera had received her blue D-Ark and when Renamon was the only Digimon who remained in the human world with her. Kudamon believed that the D-Arks were crafted in the "World of Dreams" which had caused the birth of the Digital World.

Thompson also showed video footage of how part of the data from the destroyed Digimon were sucked inside the hidden capsule-like machines which had mysteriously disappeared after every mission. Tatsuya realized that he seen this happening to Lynxmon on his dream. But he had no idea what was the organization that was collecting all this data. Thompson explained that the organization called itself the Digital Revolution and it was founded by the only non-captured member of the Webmasters. This member had avoided capture by using several fake identities. But they knew his real identity: Ian Neidhardt. Vera was unable to believe that his father had used her. In the headquarters of the Digital Revolution, Ian, with his seen shown, told his minions to start the revolution. But then Cornell ordered it to be stopped. She told that the W.N.D.D. knew where their headquarters were and that the signal disruptor was no longer operational. Ian, however, had known all along that Cornell was a traitor. He had kept it secret from others, so that his "trap" for Cornell would not be ruined. He ordered to open the "gate".

The conflict begins

A large vortex resembling a Digi-Gate appeared into New York. The cars of W.N.D.D. stopped and Thompson realized they were too late. The Digital Revolution had used the information they stole from W.N.D.D. to open a Digi-Gate to help the angry and provoked Digimon to attack the humans, so they could use the data remaining from the Chaotic Masters to brainwash every one of them to serve humans. Ian Neidhardt believed he could use the powers of the Digital World to solve everything in the world: science, politics, diseases and everything else.

One Digimon already Bio-Emerged through the gate: a Champion Level Musyamon who started to attack the innocent humans. Thompson took a card named "Digivolution Plug-In S", used in the card game for Digivolution. Vera told she had tried it few times, but it never worked. Thompson gave the card to Calumon. The light from Calumon's forehead was pointed into the card. Calumon didn't understand what it did. Kudamon believed that Calumon's powers came from the Crystal Catalyst itself, the source of all Digivolution, and give it to other Digimon. Thompson believed that card could now help a partner to Digivolve into Champion Level. Thompson tried it and Kudamon Digivolved into Reppamon which resembled Kyubimon a little bit. Reppamon tried to talk some sense to Musyamon who declared that the humans had betrayed their trust and continued his attack. But then, two other Digimon Bio-Emerged through the Digi-Gate: an Armor Level Mythical Animal Digimon Harpyomon and a Champion Level Fire Digimon FlareLizarmon.

Tatsuya took his own Digivolution card and took power to it from Calumon. She borrowed it Vera who used it to Digivolve Renamon into Kyubimon. Terriermon explained that talking will not help this time, so Andy decided to let Terriermon to Digivolve into Galgomon again. Kyubimon and Reppamon went after Harpyomon, while Galgomon stayed to face Musyamon. Tatsuya decided to go after FlareLizarmon with Guilmon. Jason, Kyle, Mei and Julius had to stay under the watch of the men of W.N.D.D.

Weapons and alliances

Ian saw through the surveillance cameras how her own daughter had sided herself with Andy, Tatsuya and W.N.D.D. Cornell admitted that she told everything to Thompson who was her maternal uncle. She decided to make her escape. Ian ordered the "teams" to go "where the three Digimon were". Three vans were driving into those locations. Cornell ran to her own car and managed escape the Revolutionaries. She activate her ring again and Thompson detected the signal. He ordered Reppamon to stay with Vera and Kyubimon, while he would go to save his niece.

But then, one of the vans of the Digital Revolution caem there and people with strange machines came out of them. They targeted Harpyomon. Harpyomon's eyes were changed black and it was far more aggressive. Reppamon knew that they only to free Harpyomon would be to destroy it. Vera was terrified of this for the first time in her life, since now she didn't want be cold and merciless anymore. Galgomon fought against Musyamon and this time he controlled his weapons better. But soon Musyamon and FlareLizarmon were brainwashed too. Tatsuya decided to try a new trick. He scanned two cards with his D-Ark in a row to boost Guilmon's powers. First he used a card named "High Speed Plug-In B" to make Guilmon faster and Tatsuya gave him wing with a card named "White Wings".

Meanwhile, Cornell managed to get to his uncle and told him that she knew how to stop the invasion. Thompson gave his men an order to send a S.O.S. signal to the military division. The signal was received the person who led the division and who also helped the DigiDestined against the Chaotic Masters. It was General John Campbell. General ordered the workers to open the Digi-Gate, so they could send reinforcements into New York. After the gate was opened, few soldiers stepped through it the "DigiForce weapons". When they arrived, Thompson told that the targets had to be destroyed, but that their data had to collected to keep the reincarnation process possible. Cornell took one of the containers she had stolen from the Revolutionaries and told that they were what they needed. Meanwhile, Galgomon was still fighting against Musyamon. Andy decided to use a card named "Training Gips", which allowed Galgomon to trap Musyamon under two training weights. This allowed Galgomon to easily destroy Musyamon whose data was collected right away. Guilmon flew with his wings and catched FlareLizarmon with his claws. Then Tatsuya used a card "MetalGarurumon" to allow its technique for Guilmon who wounded FlareLizarmon with Cocytus Breath technique before dropping him to the street. FlareLizarmon's data was collected as well and then Guilmon's wings disappeared. Finally Harpyomon was defeated as well.

The Digi-Gate disruption

The gate, however was still open and it was starting to expand. Now something powerful was coming through it. Reppamon realized they were Ultimate Level Digimon. Three Digimon stepped through it. One looked like a winged rat, one looked like a fat rooster and third one was a big cobra snake. According Reppamon, they were serving the highest authority of the Digital World. The rat-like Digimon explained that the humans misused the Digivolution and that the D-Arks had be destroyed and the Partner Digimon taken back. Thompson and Reppamon tried to defend the Tamers, but the rat, who used the name Kumbhiramon, said that the W.N.D.D. had betrayed their trust.

Ian ordered his minions to brainwash Kumbhiramon, but the power of machines was not enough. So Ian took the control for himself and tweaked them to drain full power from Piemon's mask and sword. But then the container and the secret headquarters started to crumble. Piemon's data flowed into the Digi-Gate and the energy from it flowed into Kumbhiramon, the rooster Digimon Kinnaramon and the snake Digimon Sandilyamon, and into Ian. Ian's body turned into digital, which made him almost like a Digimon. He also fired a powerful energy beam, which was about to hit Guilmon. He also targeted the W.N.D.D. soldiers and even his own minions. The data from Piemon's mask and sword had corrupted his body and mind.

Vera ran before his father and tried to talk to him. Ian understood the speech and said having believed a long time that her daughter wouldn't be as "girly" as her mother. Vera said she didn't like the girly things her mother tried convince her to try, but she said that her father was much worse. Ian was now capable of attacking ever his own daughter. Kyubimon went in between, but Ian used his new powers to brainwash Kumbhiramon, Kinnaramon and Sandilyamon himself. He declared that if he could not make the world better place, he had to destroy it. He sent Sandilyamon into subway tunnels and Kinnaramon into a power plant. Then he took Mei as his hostage and escaped with Kumbhiramon to the center of the city.

Thompson said Guilmon isn't powerful enough on its Rookie form. Tatsuya said that even though he had been excited about the Digimon, but now he was afraid that the Digivolution would make Guilmon lose control of powers, like Terriermon did before. Guilmon spoke with mature words to Tatsuya and promised be his friend forever, and never to leave him behind. Tatsuya took the "Digivolution Plug-In S" card and activated Guilmon's Digivolution. Then Guilmon Digivolved into a Digimon named Growlmon.

Ending the Revolution

General Campbell contacted Thompson and informed that he ask the DigiDestined to come to help. Thompson, however, asked that more Digi-Gates would just be opened instead. They could help the Tamers move into other places faster. Campbell asked why the more experienced DigiDestined should not help, but the "rookies" should be allowed to do the work. Thompson said he had faith in them.

When the first Digi-Gate was opened, the Tamers arrived into a power plant where Kinnaramon was draining some electricity. It made Kinnaramon grow larger and more powerful. Andy and Galgomon attacked, but Galgomon's bullets only wounded Kinnaramon slightly. Galgomon also run out of them. Andy used "Recharge Plug-In Q" card to recharge the bullets, but as Kinnaramon grew more powerful, the bullets became more ineffective. Then Andy used a card "Shellmon: Hydro Pressure", which Galgomon used to shoot water on Kinnaramon's body. Water caused electricity to hurt Kinnaramon instead of powering it. Finally Galgomon a stroke a mortal blow and Andy collected Kinnaramon's data.

Sandilyamon was moving in the underground tunnels and the panicked humans ran away. Growlmon came and attacked him. Sandilyamon rose to the surface, where Tatsuya and Growlmon saw Ian, who still had Mei as his hostage. Kyubimon, Reppamon and Galgomon arrived there as well. Kumbhiramon attacked, but was easily defeated by the combined efforts of Reppamon and Growlmon. Sandilyamon was far more powerful. Tatsuya left others to deal with him and went to save Mei. Ian tried to stop him and mocked him by asking "how could a young exchange student stand against him". Tatsuya said that he was more than what he looked like. He catched Ian and tricked him to aim his energy beam into the Digi-Gate. The gate started to decrease in size and to suck the Digimon and Ian inside. Ian destroyed Sandilyamon and tried absorb his data, but Galgomon, Kyubimon, Growlmon and Reppamon prevented it. Thompson and Cornell freed the data of other destroyed Digimon which flowed back into the Digital World. Ian's minions tried to escape, but every single one was thrown into the gate by Ian. He used his powers to try to prevent the closing of the gate. Vera realized that her father had to be destroyed. Galgomon, Kyubimon and Growlmon used together a very powerful and rare technique which was called Trinity Force. The giant beam in the form of a phoenix destroyed Ian's body and closed the Digi-Gate.

The battle was over. Mei admitted that she had been wrong about Tatsuya, Jason and Kyle. She even kissed Tatsuya. Growlmon asked why Tatsuya was so "red", but Tatsuya told him to shut his mouth. The Partner Digimon De-Digivolved to their Rookie forms and Andy asked what would happen now. Julius asked if the government would now force Andy and others to be recruited into W.N.D.D. Thompson promised to take care of everything. The Tamers would be kept as a secret, and none of them would need to work for the government. Thompson had a different plan.


After one week, Tatsuya, Mei, Jason and Kyle left their school and went into Steve's comic book and game shop to play Digimon card game. Mei had become a good player herself. She easily defeated both Jason and Kyle. But Tatsuya was the champion of the four. Mei, however, didn't feel about it and was proud of losing to Tatsuya. Jason and Kyle hoped to become Tamers too, so they could also look like more than just players.

In the headquarters, Thompson and Kudamon chatted with Cornell and General Campbell. According to Campbell, Kevin Harmon and the other board members had accepted the plan to keep the Tamers as "consultants". But the President and the Senate would not be so understanding. Thompson reminded that none of them knew everything about the D-Arks and the power the Tamers possessed. The DigiDestined were more experienced and knew more about the Digital World. They should repair the connections to the Digimon Sovereigns. Cornell asked if they had any idea that the Digimon Sovereigns would accept the Tamers. Kudamon explained that the Sovereign had been arguing about the humans many times before. But he believed that the humans and the Digimon would learn to live in peace in time. Cornell asked how they knew where the Partner Digimon would be kept hidden and what would happen when Tatsuya will return to Japan.

Tatsuya went into an abandoned building. Guilmon, Terriermon, Renamon and Calumon were hiding in there. Tatsuya told that he bought some new cards. So that they could prepare for any new battles, Tatsuya wanted to test some new fighting strategies. Andy and Vera also arrived there. Andy said that he thinking about telling about Terriermon to his family, but he wasn't still be ready for it. Vera had moved to her mother and grandmother, although she still irritated about the clothes her mother was trying to convince her to wear. The three and now some free time and they were ready to train their Digimon to learn the new techniques.

Mid-credits scene

In the Digital World, a small Digimon felt itself very tired after walking on a hot desert. It was brown-colored and resembled Terriermon. It also said to itself that it had to find a way to go the human world. The Tamers had just put themselves into grave danger and against a powerful opponent.



  • Tatsuya Munemori, a 15 years old exchange student from Japan who becomes involved on new Digimon events.
  • Andrew "Andy" Conteh, a 16 years old African American high school student whose father was a student of Robert Harmon.
  • Vera Neidhardt, a 15 years high school student who is secretly destroying the rogue Digimon.
  • Harold "Harry" Thompson, a 50 years old man who is one of the leaders of the W.N.D.D. (Worldwide Network of the DigiDestined). He is an old friend of the Andy's father and the Harmon family. He was the first one who received a D-Ark.

Partner Digimon



  • Jason Storm, a 15 years old acquaintance of Tatsuya from Facebook before arrival to New York.
  • Kyle Lambert, a 15 years old student and Jason's best friend.
  • Mei Yashida, a 15 years old high school girl of Japanese descent.


  • Mr. and Mrs. Storm, Jason's parents and Tatsuya's host family.
  • Julius Conteh, Andy's 50 years old father who originates from Sierra Leone.
  • May Conteh, Julius' wife as well Andy's mother.
  • Raymond Conteh, Andy's 21 years old brother.
  • Amanda Conteh, Andy's 19 years old sister.
  • Susan Conteh, Andy's 13 years old sister.
  • Mindy Cornell, a 26 years old W.N.D.D. member and a niece to Harold Thompson. She was spying the Digital Revolution by working as a secretary.


  • General John Campbell, a leader of the military division of W.N.D.D. and an ally to the original DigiDestined.


  • Calumon, a small Digimon with an ability to make others Digivolve.


The Digital Revolution

  • Ian Neidhardt, Vera's father who is also the leader of the Digital Revolution. He was originally a member of the Webmasters, but avoided capture by using fake identities.
  • Silas, the Chief Operator who monitors the digital activities.
  • Moody, the Lead Analyst who explores the data of the destroyed Digimon.
  • Several technicians, operator and analysts.

Rogue Digimon



  • Lopmon, a Digimon who is trying travel to the real world to warn the Tamers about a new threat. Only a cameo appearance.


  • The previous name before the final decision was Digimon: Tamers Rising.
  • To have the Japanese influence remaining in the Cinematic Sagas, the main character is from Japan and parents of another character family come from there too.
  • Originally the antagonist was meant to be a Tamer, like the main characters, but the idea was cancelled.
  • The Digital Revolution is different from the Webmasters who appear in Network Battles. They are a smaller organization, but they have much larger plan.
  • Andy's last name was originally Wilson, until his father was decided to be African-born just like Andy's grandparents, which were cut from the Legendary Tamers Saga.


At the same time with the release of the extended synopsis of Digimon: Age of Tamers, it was announced that its sequel, the second installment of the Legendary Tamers Saga and the seventh installment of the whole Cinematic Sagas, is named Digimon: Ordeal of Deva. Eight of the nine unseen members of Deva appear as the main antagonists. Also, the fate of the remaining members of the Digital Revolution is also revealed. And three of the characters from Age of Tamers become new Tamers in the sequel.