"In the anime series, it's usually fate that sucks the kids into the nearest wormhole to the Digital World, gives them a few Digivices and Digimon partners, and sends them on their way. I came to this world first, alone, and purely by accident, and not even a Digivice in sight. But... This is where coincidence ends, and where destiny begins, forged by our own hands." - Keith Windslow

In yet another alternate universe, where all the anime, manga, games etc. exist in fiction, a teenager named Keith Windslow ends up in the Digital World purely by chance, and befriends a Renamon named Vix. He discovers a Digital World that is different from what he knows. He learns how to use Effect and Item cards, has an encounter with a Devimon named Kazikli, and his friends enter the Digital World as well, along with many other people from across the globe...

Written by Candescence, who has taken the oppertunity to play with as many conventions of the series as possible, and will continue to do so as long as the narrative (and his own imagination) allows it. link.

Troper Works page on TvTropes.




Humans (Original)

  • Keith Windslow
  • Jase Merson
  • Christa Pickett
  • Ada Horton
  • Heath Chaney
  • James Kessal
  • Roy Hawk
  • Lisa Juse
  • Geoffrey Leisy
  • Gerado Batzer
  • Rafaela Kennemore

Canon Digidestined

Digimon Partners

Other Digimon




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