Keith Windslow
Appears in:Digimon: Another Time, Another World
First appearance Chapter 1
Partner(s):Vix (Renamon)
Age 16
Grade 11
Gender Male
Nationality Australian
Occupation Programmer

Keith Windslow is the main protagonist of Digimon: Another Time, Another World. He grew up watching Digimon, and intended to become a skilled programmer, because he enjoyed it, like his father did. However, he was sucked into the Digital World by accident during a program test with his friend, Jase Merson, and met Vix, a Renamon, becoming fast friends with her.


Keith is a headstrong individual, courageous and willing to tackle problems head-on. However, not without reason. Keith is actually quite intelligent and genre-savvy, and will execute even seemingly stupid plans because, from experience, he knows they will work. However, even he has faults. Sometimes, he is quick to anger when confronted by actions and claims that he severely disagrees with.

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