Fan: Digimon: D-11

Characters + Their Digimon:

Vance Ryuu Hina Kenta Saki Tamaki Miyru Hiro Masato
Agumon X, Ryudamon, FanBeemon, Liollmon, Betamon X, PawnChessmon, Hyokomon, Kotamon, No Rookie
Greymon X Ginryumon Waspmon Leomon Seadramon X KnightChessmon Harpymon Gladimon Apemon
MetalGreymon X Hisyarumon Cannonbeemon GrapLeomon MegaSeadramon X BishopChessmon Silphymon Knightmon Gokuwmon
VictoryGreymon Owryumon TigerVespamon BanchoLeomon GigaSeadramon KingChessmon Valkirimon No Mega No Mega

Areas Visited:

Jijimon & Babamon's Village

Digimon: YukimiBotamon, Nyaromon, Relemon, Pupumon, Puroromon, Jijimon, Babamon

Jijimon t


Dokugumon's Cave

Digimon: Dokugumon

Power Forest

Digimon: Tentomon, Auramon, Palmon, Wormmon, Floramon, Mushroomon, Golbinmon, Kunemon, KoKabuterimon, Searchmon, FanBeemon, Mothmon, Butterflymon, Kuwagumon, Woodmon, Flybeemon, Honeybeemon


Kuwagamon attacking the group

Input Desert

Digimon: Togomon, Meramon, Allomon, Gazimon, Gotsumon, Amadillomon, Golemon, Tuskmon

Allomon b


Usb Lake

Digimon: Crabmon, Gomamon, Gabumon, Gizamon, Shellmon, Tortomon,

Shellmon t


Dino Valley

Digimon: Agumon, Guilmon, Allomon, Anklomon, Greymon, GeoGreymon, Growlmon, Stegomon, Pteramon, Tyrannomon, DarkTyrannomon, Tuskmon, Monochromon, Brachiomon, Triceramon, Vermillimon, Dinorexmon, Spinomon, UltimateBrachimon,

Dinorexmon b

Leader of the Pack DinoRexmon

Ram Tundra

Digimon: SnowAgumon, Frigimon, Gururumon, Ikakumon, Mammothmon, Iceleomon, Zudomon, IceDevimon,

Mammothmon t

Mommothmon the first ultimate seen by the team

Export Ocean

Digimon: Whamon, Divermon, Dolphmon, Tylomon, Mantaraymon, Coelamon, Octomon, Archelomon, Gesomon, Syakomon,

Whamon t

Whamon The Teams guide to the ocean

Server Savanna Digimon: Liamon, Liollmon, Elephantmon, ShimaUnimon, Rhinomon, Boarmon,

Elephantmon b

Elephantmon that attacks the team out of territory

Obliv Mountain

Digimon: Wisemon, Zanbamon, Beelzemon, Astamon, Gaiomon, Lucemon, NeoDevimon, Barbamon

Barbamon b

the Evil digimon of the first series Barbamon


Nine different kids from the same school in Tokyo are transported into a strange new world, the Digital World. Vance is the main character of the story and is abit excited when it comes to soccer and eating, a thin boy who always wears his lucky pair of goggles around his neck; he dresses in a white T-shirt and a red jacket with blue jean pants and his black shoes. Ryuu, a young strong basketball player, he is Vance’s best friend. Ryuu is a strong looking boy, always wearing a black shirt with dark blue jeans. Vance, Ryuu and their friend Hina walk to Vance’s house. Hina is a young beautiful girl; she tends to shy away from most other people and always wears black and black and white stockings on her arms and legs. A weird light catches their eyes on their way, it shined from the wall, they go up to it wondering what it was, and Vance suggests that it’s a weird new bug and he tries to touch it, but as he's about to touch it opens up into a large hole and it sucks all three into it. On the other side of town five other friends, Kenta, Saki, Tamaki, Myiru, and Kenta's younger brother Hiro, are walking home as well, the same thing happens to them as they are sucked up by the hole. Three hours after they are sucked up another Kid named Masato is sucked into his computer. The first eight kids meet their digimon partners and after wondering around for about an hour they find I tiny village. The digimon inform them that it is Jijimon and Babamon’s village and they will take them to go see them. There they learn about Barbamon and his evil plot to rule the digital world and how they are the Digidestened.

Royal Knights
Omnimon b


Alphamon b

ALPHAMON (SuperEvolved/Xros=OwryuSword)

Craniamon b
Magnamon b
Crusadermon b
Dynasmon b
Leopardmon b
Examon b
Gallantmon b
Kentaurosmon b

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