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General Info:

A Still in developing Fanfiction, this Fanfic followed the events of Digi-Guardians 01, and involves Ty and Calumon having to train four new Digi-Guardians, all of which have a D-Link, which was the name the Digi-Guardians finally agreed upon for their Digivices.

The group is tasked with regularly patrolling a particular continent that was one of several created by GeneOlypimon shortly before his demise, called Datanet. They also soon encounter various Hybrid creations, who are later revealed to be servants of Apocalymon, who still exists and has been plotting his revenge this whole time. For the moment, it is unknown where the human parts came from, only that they serve Apocalymon willingly and are at least trying to keep their motives hidden.

Additionally, Jack shows up in a few chapters, as well as a few other of the old Digi-Guardians. Ty and Calumon however is the only main characters from the first Digi-Guardians who are main characters in the second.

Digivice Information (D-Link Model, Original Created Digivice Idea)

As mentioned, the D-Links, which are not named till Digi-Guardians 02/The Omega Contaigen, were an original idea I had created. IF there is another Digivice known as a D-Link or similar, I was unaware of it at the time.

Ty has a Blue and Red D-Link, with the buttons also being blue with a red circle around each of them, and the rest of the body is white. It looks much like a D'Arc, probably because it used to be one before modified to a D-Link via the Data Matrix.

David Bell's is Green and Black.

Sarah Blake's is Red and Pink.

Luke Blake's is Red and Black.

Noah Williams is Yellow and White.

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