Digimon Digitaclysm Part I

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Digimon: Digitaclysm – Part 1 is a fanon live-action film idea created by CAJH. It is the first half of the final film for the DigiDestined Saga and the fourth film of Digimon Cinematic Sagas. The film was announced on March 21, 2015 and it is a sequel to Digimon: The Third World and as a prequel to Digimon: Digitaclysm – Part 2. The extended synopsis was released on July 19, 2015.

Rest of its plot has been adapted from real-life anime, like plot points from episodes 40 to 45 of Digimon Adventure and few parts from episodes 32 to 42 of Digimon Adventure 02.



At the same time when Vamdemon threatened the real world, there was large heart-formed stone in the highway located in the Digital World with a large golden ring. One of the distortions caused by BelialVamdemon's attacks appeared around the stone. Through the distortion, a black energy beam appears and strikes into the stone. The golden ring breaks and the stone starts to glow red. Finally the energy beam destroys the stone itself.

The view changes through the distortions into the other parts of the Digital World, where lumpy stone circled by a similar golden ring is also destroyed. Then Benjamin arrives there and sees a silhouette from a red bird-like Digimon and a blue dragon-like Digimon which were writhing in pain. Benjamin takes his laptop and tries contact his colleagues from other countries.

Beginning of the Digitaclysm

Problems becoming worse

It is the year 2019. One year has passed since the battle against Vamdemon. One of the distortions between the Digital World and Los Angeles still existed and was currently watched over by FBI and the police. No message from Benjamin or Gennai had been sent to the DigiDestined. Troy Dawkins, Seamus Maitland, Miyuki Koharuno, Jacob "Jake" Thacher, Edmund Harmon and Gia Avilés tried to act like normal students. But they were unable to stop thinking about the consequences of their latest battle. Daniel "Dan" Linwood was exactly on a same situation in Oklahoma City and so was Wei Xuegi in Hong Kong.

Kevin and Robert Harmon have a meeting with the board of executives from Streamix Corporation. Board member Elsworth says how they have been waiting for one year and now they want the Harmons out of the company, so both sides could concentrate on their respective problems. Kevin reminds how the company has its part of brining the Digimon to existence as well as giving resources to find against the threat between the two worlds. Elsworth said the company had been paying for the damage of the world far too long and feared that the public face of the company would be harmed anyways and they wanted at least something to remain, if anything bad would happen. Kevin was still against this, but Robert agreed that they should resign. However, he wanted all the data and material regarding the Digimon to be taken with them. Elsworth agreed with this, since Streamix had no use for them anyways. Kevin asked from his father why he agrees with Elsworth's opinions. Robert believed that they can do this without the company and told his son to contact with agent Richard Gardner. In desert of the Server Continent in the Digital World, there was stone tablet with a similar large golden ring than two stones destroyed a year ago. A giant mechanical being is heard to be walking and, suddenly, yellow-colored beams are targeting at the stone. The temple of the stone is collapsed and the golden ring around the stone is shattered. The final strike destroys the stone itself, creating new distortions to the Digital World. This also affects in the real world as well. Robert and Kevin see themselves how old distortions are growing and new ones are appearing. Troy, Seamus, Miyuki, Jake, Edmund and Gia notice this as well in their respective schools with other students and teachers.

The first attack

The floating and invisible lences reflect the recent event into a mysterious observatory-like building in the Digital World. The very same evil being who watched the events of the last year, was watching these as well. The mankind had been afraid for some time now. He said it is time to bring destruction like never seen before. One of his partners had already acted. It was the same mechanical Digimon with two large cannons that destroyed the third stone. Then from the shadows emerged a mechanical serpent-like Digimon which is pleased to have no more waiting and go for straight action. A child-sized Digimon said how it was their turn to face the DigiDestined. Additionally, two more stones had been located.

An unknown small Digimon was trying to escape from cracks that appear on the ground and run towards the distortion showing the central part of Los Angeles. Something was also following him and the fearful small Digimon jumped into the distortion, ending up on Los Angeles. Human soldiers pointed weapons at him and asked what he wanted. The Digimon wanted to speak with the DigiDestined. FBI agent Richard Gardner arrived and advised everyone to wait until the children's school day ends. However, he called Kevin immediately.

Then a large Digimon resembling a scorpion emerged through the distortion. Soldiers tried to fire on it, but the weapons were ineffective. The small Digimon was afraid and shouted the attacker's name "Scorpiomon". Gardner asked what Scorpiomon was. The small Digimon said it served one of the "Masters". Kevin and Robert arrived there and saw Scorpiomon with their own eyes. Kevin used the Digimon Anzlyzer to scan Scorpiomon's data. It was an Ultimate Level and Data-attributed Crustacean Digimon. Tentomon Digivolved into Kabuterimon and attacked. But Scorpiomon was so powerful that Kabuterimon had to Digivolve into AtlasKabuterimon. Scorpiomon still endured the attacks, but was unable to harm AtlasKabuterimon, so it escaped into ocean. Both Harmons and the police had their attention on something else. The distortions showed worldwide cataclysmic events happening in the Digital World. It was just like the world was changing into a new form.

The Chaotic Masters

In the evening, the DigiDestined, the police and FBI were listening the small Digimon, who introduced himself as Chuumon. He was normally moving along with the most despised and irritating Digimon of the File Island. Its friends had just died by falling into large cracks formed by earthquakes. Many more disastrous events had been happening in the Digital World and they were caused by the four powerful and most evil Digimon: the Chaotic Masters. Three of them had conquered certain areas of the Digital World: seas, forests and cities. The fourth Master who is also their leader had destroyed the other areas. Their mission is to destroy the "Holy Stones", which maintain the Wall of Fire and prevent the darkness from distorting the worlds or uniting them into one world of pure darkness. BelialVamdemon's powers had already destroyed two of them one year ago. Now the third one was destroyed too.

Jake understood that it was the reason why BelialVamdemon's destruction didn't make distortions disappear. If all these stones would be destroyed, the true plan of the Chaotic Masters would succeed. Benjamin and his friends had been searching for more information with Leomon, Centauromon and Unimon. Troy believed that all they needed to do was to destroy the Masters. But Seamus considered the possibility that destroying the Masters alone would not be enough to get rid of the distortions. Chuumon said that only the Digimon Sovereigns could restore the destroyed stones. But every destroyed weakens the Sovereigns. If all stones would be destroyed and imbalance would become unable to be restored, the Sovereigns would die.

But before no one else was able to say anything, a mysterious voice said that the destruction of the DigiDestined was near. The ground was shaking and the large serpent-like Digimon appeared on the streets. It was MetalSeadramon, a Chaotic Master who ruled the seas, and according to the Analyzer, it was a Mega Level Digimon. Jake was surprised, that Betamon's Mega form was evil. But Robert said that this MetalSeadramon was merely turned to the dark side and made one of the most powerful ones. All Partner Digimon Digivolved into their Champion forms, but none of them was against a poweful opponent like MetalSeadramon. Then, the Partner Digimon started to attack other for some reason. There was someone who controlled their limbs. The controller was a Digimon resembling a prankster puppet that stood on the roof. It was Pinocchimon, a Chaotic Master who ruled the forests and a Mega Level Digimon as well. The two powerful Digimon wounded their opponents badly and walked towards the Streamix Building.

At the Streamix Building, there was a large mechanical dragon with huge cannons. It was Machinedramon, a Choatic Master who ruled cities and was also a Mega Level Digimon. The DigiDestined who were still awake saw how three Chaotic Masters started to destroy the building. Some of the workers fell through the windows into their certain deaths, including Mr. Elsworth. The Digimon awakened and Digivolved into their Ultimate forms, but lost the battle and De-Digivolved into their Rookie forms. Then they lost consciousness along with their human partners.

The fall of Los Angeles

The DigiDestined and Gardner's FBI team woke up, an evil Digimon resembling a trickster stood in front of them. It introduced itself as Piemon, leader of the Chaotic Masters. Kevin asked what he wanted. Piemon said he merely wanted to destroy the DigiDestined and their city. At first they see the destruction of Los Angeles and then each of them would be killed one by one. Troy asked if Piemon was behind everything that had happened these last four years. Piemon said that even the mankind doesn't know anything about the true nature of the darkness in the Digital World. He asked who would be the first one to die. Gardner managed to free himself and tried to rush towards Piemon, but Piemon took one of his four swords and pierced it through Gardner's chest. The DigiDestined were terrified when they saw their closest human ally dead.

Then, Chuumon bit ropes of the DigiDestined and they ran out of the building. Then Agumon and Gabumon Digivolved into their Mega Level forms: WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. They used their own techniques, but Piemon evaded each one of them. Then he used his Trump Sword technique to strike his swords against them. The swords wounded both WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, forcing them to return to their Rookie form right away. Robert decided that people of the city should be evacuated right away. None of the DigiDestined wanted to leave their families, but Robert was certain that nothing bad would happen to them. He asked only to get into the Digital World with someone to open a Digi-Gate for him with a D-3 Digivice. Troy was uncertain, since Robert had no Partner Digimon. Robert said he would be fine and stepped through a Digi-Gate opened by Edmund and Gia. Then Kevin took up his smartphone and contacted through his smartphone's DigiMessenger application to a certain person. He said it was time start the emergency evacuation of the whole city. When the DigiDestined asked who the contacted person was, they surprised to hear that it was the President of the United States himself. Then Kevin took up his D-3 and joined it into his laptop. Then he chose certain buildings through the DigiLocate app and opened several Digi-Gates that would through the Digital World into an emergency evacuation point prepared along with the government.

When the Digi-Gates were opened into the streets and people's apartments, the voice of President Gerald Johnson told them to step into them to have them evacuated from the entire city. Parents of the DigiDestined got the same message and ran through the gate. Miyuki asked if they would go there as well, but Kevin decided that in order to protect the civilians, they had to run somewhere else. Then Wei Xeuqi sent a message and told the DigiDestined to arrive into Hong Kong. Kevin still gathered the necessary supplies for each DigiDestined. That was the moment when all four Chaotic Masters found them and tried to attack. But then, a Digi-Gate opened and Imperialdramon came through. It attacked each of the evil Mega Level Digimon and then took all of the DigiDestined with him, before flying through the gate back into Hong Kong. Piemon ordered the others not to follow them, since they already had a more important mission.


In Hong Kong, the DigiDestined found out that Dan was already there. That is how Imperialdramon was able to help. Kevin also had already opened a Digi-Gate for Dan's family for evacuation, so they were already safe. But there were disturbing news in television: the Chaotic Masters had conquered all of Los Angeles and some of their forces were traveling to the eastern parts of the North America. The DigiDestined knew that if the Masters won't find anything from America, they would sent their minions to the other continents. Troy suggested that they should attack each of the Masters immediately after their partners would be fully recovered for Digivolution. WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon were unable to defeat Piemon by themselves, but next time Imperialdramon would be fighting with them. Seamus suggests that they should consider other ways. He also added that they needed a mental recovery as well. Gardner was just killed and Los Angeles was completely taken over. Dan defended Troy's argument and asked Seamus if he wanted to just let the Chaotic Masters cause more damage. Seamus answered that a plan without full consideration would only cause more meaningless deaths and increase the chance of failure. Kevin understood well both arguments and decided to research for more techniques of the Partner Digimon. Then, a man with similar robes than Benjamin entered the room. The man looked like a Chinese man and introduced himself as Cheng.

Meanwhile, Piemon had returned to the Digital World and used his telescope and the flying lences to monitor all of the North America. He understood right away that none of the DigiDestined was there. It really was time to search for them the other continents. Piemon watched a flaming well and sent a telepathical message to Pinocchimon, who had just found the fourth Holy Stone from a canyon. Pinocchimon stroke the stone many times with his Bullet Hammer technique until it was destroyed. Then he warped through the distortions into the headquarters. Piemon wanted to make sure that that the DigiDestined won't become more powerful. Because of that the strongest ones of them had to be destroyed as soon as possible. Pinocchimon explained that one of his minions already had a plan. He summoned an elderly-looking tree-like Digimon: Treemon.

Finding clues

Cheng told the DigiDestined that before the arrival of the Chaotic Masters, he and his colleagues had been trying to find more potential children to help in the battle. He had brought with him the Chinese twins named Tao and Ting, who had two calm-like Digimon named Shakomon as partners. The twins wanted to see the Crests hold by the other DigiDestined. Cheng said that only certain DigiDestined were meant to have Crests, since there was a limited number of them and only four Crests were still missing: two of them were meant to be for Edmund and Gia; the third one was for someone who was living in the South Africa; but the last one was a mystery and Robert was currently helping to search for it. The South Africa wasn't the only place where new DigiDestined would be found. Some of them were in India, Australia and Brazil.

The Holy Stones were definitely not safe. Leomon, however, had found the fifth and sixth stones, but no one knew where the seventh one was, not even the enemy. The destruction of the fourth stone had already affected to the world, since the distortions had gone worse and worse. Seamus and Miyuki had teleported to the Digital World to briefly check it out. Kevin had prepared his laptop and D-3 Digivice in order to bring them back when the time comes. Troy wasn’t happy that Miyuki was with someone else, especially Seamus. Jake asked if Troy was jealous. Troy denied this and told Jake to shut his mouth. Dan started to be worried about his cousin.

Seamus and Miyuki were in the Village of the Beginnings, which was in ruins. The Digi-Eggs were either covered in black energy or destroyed. Cheng sent them a message that the Chaotic Masters were destroying non-evil Digimon to have them reborn as their minions. The Masters didn't accept even cowardice as a reason for service, so they wanted completely loyal or brainwashed minions. Miyuki wanted to go back, but Seamus wanted to stay in the village for a while. Gabumon wondered why Seamus was acting that way and then Treemon came before them.

After Miyuki had returned to the real world, the others had decided to escape to the South Africa to fin the next Crest-bearer. They sent a message for Seamus who said that he would come through a Digi-Gate opened by his comrades. Meanwhile in the Digital World, Seamus asked what Treemon wanted from him. Treemon said that the DigiDestined had no reason to be a team. He reminded that they didn't even know why each of them was chosen. Gabumon refused to believe his words. He believed that Treemon served the Chaotic Masters. Treemon said that his affiliation have nothing to do with the reality of his words and advised Seamus to at least listen to him.

The crisis

Meanwhile, Robert had safely arrived to meet both Benjamin and Centauromon. They were exploring hieroglyphs in a mysterious tower and saw seven symbols among them. These symbols belonged to the Seven Deadly Sins, which were represented by the original seven Great Demon Lords. The Demon Lords had been defeated long ago, but they had left behind something that would refer to the words in the prophecy found by Centauromon. Then silhouettes of a large red bird and blue dragon appeared to them and sensed how the DigiDestined were starting to step away from their destined path.

The DigiDestined, along with Dan, Wei, Cheng and the twins had already arrived into South Africa. There they met Zuma, a colleague of Cheng and Benjamin, who represented all of Africa. Zuma explained that he already knew who had the Crest of Sincerity. The person was a girl named Nadia Coetzee, who wasn't very willing to fight even though she had already met her Partner Digimon. Meanwhile, Wei had used his own D-3 Digivice to open a Digi-Gate from which Seamus came through with MetalGarurumon. Seamus said that it was no surprise that someone was unwilling to fight. They had no even any knowledge that why each of them was chosen. He said that he was the most selfless about others and their well-being. He blamed Troy and Dan about their selfishness, and he blamed others from their inability to choose a side. Kevin asked who had made Seamus say such things. Seamus admitted that it was a servant of the Masters, but believed that this Digimon was also right. He challenged Troy into a fight and wanted Agumon to Digivolve into WarGreymon.

MetalGarurumon had sided with Seamus because of his loyalty. Troy blamed Seamus from his attempts to be always better than others as well as flirting with Miyuki. But he also said that the DigiDestined should fight the Chaotic Masters, not themselves. Seamus still wanted to fight Troy in order to prove him being selfish. Troy agreed, but only that he could make Seamus come to his senses. Agumon Digivolved into WarGreymon, but flew up in the air so that his fight with MetalGarurumon would not hurt any innocent civilians. Troy and Seamus themselves started to violently punch each other.

Miyuki, Edmund and Gia wanted to stop the fight, but Kevin and Jake knew that none of them was enough powerful for that. Dan and Wei would have wanted to make Veemon and Wormmon to Digivolve into Imperialdramon to stop the fight between the two Mega Level Digimon, but then a mysterious devil-like Digimon who carried a staff with a yellow sphere came between them. Jake analyzed that it was SkullSatamon, an Ultimate Level and Virus-attributed Undead Digimon. The DigiDestined tried to Digivolve in order to stop SkullSatamon, but the evil Digimon used his Nail Bone technique to prevent the Digivices from initiating the Digivolution. Dan and Wei ran towards SkullSatamon, but he threw both of them as well as Veemon and Wormmon into a distortion that sent them into an unknown place in the Digital World.

More about the origin

Troy and Seamus were still fighting each other. Troy was blaming Seamus from disrespect towards Gardner's sacrifice in Los Angeles as well as disgrace of the Crest of Friendship. Seamus said that he was a friend to others, but not Troy's. After moving from England, Seamus reminded that hanged out with Troy and Jake only because they asked him to. He know saw Jake and the others as his friends, but not Troy whose solutions were too irresponsible. They were about to punch each other while WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon were about to attack each other, but then a strange light surrounded them and the others. SkullSatamon could not stand the light and escaped.

The DigiDestined realized that they were now in a same place than Robert, Benjamin and Centauromon, but they themselves were glowing in a blue light. Robert told that minds of the DigiDestined were in the Digital World, but their bodies in the real one. Dan, Wei, Veemon and Wormmon had also been guided there, even though they were in the Digital World. Benjamin said that they would now get the answer for Seamus' question. The silhouettes of red bird and blue dragon spoke to them all and introduced themselves as Zhuqiaomon and Qinglongmon, two of the Digimon Sovereigns. Zhuqiaomon ruled over the southern Digital World and Qinglongmon ruled over the eastern one. Visions of a green turtle and a white tiger were Xuanwumon and Baihumon who ruled over the northern and western parts. They had been ruling the Digital World with the "Central Sovereign" ever since the "Guardian Knights" had sealed away the data of the Great Demon Lords.

Once the collective unconsciousness had started to affect the Digital World, the seven Great Demon Lords were born as the representatives of the sins. One of them had originally been raised by the Angel Digimon, until he had revealed his true nature and destroyed the every original ruler of the Digital World. To defeat the enemy, the fourteen Digimon had managed to become enough powerful to Digivolve into their strongest forms. Those Digimon became the Guardian Knights, who protected the five special Digimon whose forms remained always same, despite Digivolution levels. After the long battle the Guardian Knights had destroyed the Demon Lords who were far too powerful to be purified from their evil through the reincarnation process. So, the Digi-Eggs of the Demon Lords were sealed into towers. The tower where they stood was one of them.

But the seals weren't enough powerful. Despite the eternal imprisonment, the thoughts of the Demon Lords had managed to influence all the current enemies as well as start something that would change the Digital World: the Digitaclysm, the event that will make the Digital World changed forever. After the ability to travel into the human world had been found out, many evil Digimon tried to cross over the worlds more than once. Some Digimon had almost successfully managed to leave the Digital World, but returned back very soon. However, only certain people were able to see those Digimon. Troy, Jake, Kevin and Robert remembered how in 2005 they saw a parrot-like Digimon in Los Angeles. Benjamin showed them a vision of that Digimon and Kevin analyzed it being an Ultimate Level Parrotmon. Seamus had seen at the same time a Tyrannomon in London, while Miyuki had seen a Kuwagamon in Japan and Wei had seen an Airdramon in Hong Kong. After that the Streamix Corporation had received a message that the Digimon would need humans in the future. Robert and Kevin had realized that only certain people were able to see the non-fully Bio-Emerged Digimon.

Troy understood that this is why they were chosen to be DigiDestined. Tao asked why they chose more than just those DigiDestined with the Crests. Benjamin said the Digivices and the certain minds were the true key aspects for a DigiDestined. The first chosen ones had this potential naturally and that's why they were righteous ones to receive the Crests and use them. Troy's Crest meant Courage, Seamus' meant Friendship, Kevin's meant Knowledge, Jake's meant Reliability, Miyuki's meant Love, Wei's meant Kindness, Dan had the Golden Crest of Miracles and Nadia Coetzee had the Crest of Sincerity. The potential and good will inside a DigiDestined is what acts as a power source for a Digivice to use the Crystal Catalyst's power to Digivolve the a Partner Digimon with Crest acting as an amplifier of higher levels of Digivolution. But if Crests aren't used correctly, they can have very dangerous consequences. An example of this was three years ago when Greymon had Digivolved into SkullGreymon. Then apparitions of DigiDestined started to stop glowing. Robert said everyone would return back to where they are and advised them to stop each of the four Chaotic Masters before the last Holy Stone is destroyed.


Troy, Miyuki, Kevin, Edmund and Gia and their partners awoke in Cape Town, South Africa and they found out that others were not there. Cheng told that they were on places where they were meant to be. Seamus, Jake and Chuumon awoke in another place where with them was also an African girl with a plant-like Digimon. Jake used his DigiLocate to find out where they were. The place was Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The girl awakened and Jake asked if she was Nadia. Nadia revealed herself and introduced her Partner Digimon, Palmon. She admitted that Palmon was able to Digivolve, but she was afraid of others' safety. When she was young, she had seen lots of death and had also been terrified when WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon had fought against each other. Jake was understading and explained how violence brings only more violence. Seamus asked to be forgiven and Jake to send the same message for Troy. Then Seamus decided to leave with Gabumon in order to find out how the DigiDestined could work as a better and more effective team.

In Cape Town, others read Jake's message and were aware of Seamus' apologizing. Troy felt that he himself was also partly responsible for this and hoped that they would also try to think Seamus before making decision. Suddenly, the distortions had gone worse once again. The reason was simple: MetalSeadramon had destroyed the fifth Holy Stone which was underwater. Kevin watched through DigiLocate how an army of diver-like Digimon was approaching the coast of Africa with Scorpiomon and an ammonite-like Digimon. The divers were named Scubamon, the Ultimate Level and Sea Beast Man Digimon. The ammonite-like Digimon was AmmoGesomon, an Ultimate Level and Virus-attribute Mollusk Digimon. MetalSeadramon himself appeared into the real world to lead his forces. Kevin decided that they had to defeat MetalSeadramon by themselves.

Dan, Wei, Veemon and Wormmon were in the Digital World on the area corrupted by darkness. There was a Digimon that resembled Devimon, but looked female. The Analyzer recognized it as LadyDevimon, an Ultimate Level and Virus-attributed Fallen Angel Digimon. Wei advised not to attack, but spy on it instead. Then, Piemon suddenly appeared and LadyDevimon started to talk to him, telling that she knew where the sixth Holy Stone was. Piemon gave LadyDevimon another mission: she had to join MetalSeadramon's forces in the attack to South Africa. Pinocchimon's forces were on their way to Brazil while Machinedramon's forces guarding both Los Angeles and Oklahoma City.

After LadyDevimon had left, Dan wanted to return to Oklahoma in order to defeat Machinedramon. Troy's group was already on Africa and Seamus' group in Brazil. Wei agreed Dan's plan, but before they opened a Digi-Gate, SkullSatamon appeared. Veemon and started to Digivolve and prepare for battle.

Three battles

Jake and Nadia were walking on the streets of Rio, wondering what to do. Then a big hooded figured advised them to follow him. They went inside an empty building and the figure took off his hood and robes, revealing himself as Leomon. Jake was happy to meet an old ally, while Nadia happily introduced herself to Leomon. Chuumon also wasn't afraid anymore now that Leomon was there. Leomon explained how he had been rebelling and fighting against the minions of the Chaotic Masters for a long time and collecting allies. At this moment, Unimon was searching for more allies to join, while Leomon had followed Pinocchimon's forces into Brazil. Jake was disturbed that the enemy was in Brazil too. Leomon asked where other DigiDestined were.

In Cape Town, Kevin used his laptop to explore any unused techniques WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon and Imperialdramon should possess and which could be effectively used. At least he had found out that WarGreymon had a technique named Dramon Killer, which was specialized to defeat a Dramon-type Digimon. By using that technique they could destroy MetalSeadramon. WarGreymon just needed slash victim's body with his claws. They would have a chance very soon, since the Scubamon forces had just arrived into the coast of Africa. Scorpiomon and AmmoGesomon also rose from the sea.

Then LadyDevimon appeared from the sky to attack as well. Her appearance really disturbed Miyuki and Gia, since they were female. Tailmon also had a will to fight alone against LadyDevimon. Patamon recognized how Tailmon's anger towards LadyDevimon resembled his own fighting spirit against Devimon, but Tailmon was much more aggressive. Every single Partner Digimon Digivolved into their most powerful forms. The Shakomon, who were partners of Tao and Ting, Digivolved into their Champion forms: octopus-like Octomon. Every minion of MetalSeadramon was an Ultimate Level Digimon, but luckily some Scubamon were weak against the Champion Level Digimon too. The Octomon took upon themselves to keep the Scubamon busy while Garudamon and AtlasKabuterimon attacked Scorpiomon, and Shakoukimon faced AmmoGesomon. WarGreymon attacked straightly against MetalSeadramon.

Meanwhile, Seamus sat in the hills nearby Rio and looked depressed. Gabumon asked what was wrong with Seamus. Seamus explained his life experiences from when he moved into America and before he became a DigiDestined. Seamus had lost his parents when in 2010 they had been fighting and caused their own deaths. Uncle Nicholas had took his nephew under his wing that's why Seamus had moved away from England, but because of that he had to leave behind everything he knew. He had also been very much on his own, since his uncle was a busy man. Troy and Jake were the first people he met in his school, but he had only been with them, since they asked him to. Seamus had all this time felt very lonely and was also a little bit jealous of Troy who despite his hot-headed personality had acted just like the symbol of his Crest had required, even better than Seamus. Gabumon reminded that he was no longer alone, since he himself was with Seamus now. He saw no one else worthy of being his partner, but as valuable friends and allies for both him and Seamus. Seamus remembered everything he went through with Gabumon and believed that he could be just as good friend to others as well. He decided to use DigiMessenger to tell that he would return to help Jake and Nadia as well as apologize from Troy one more time, when they would meet again.

Meanwhile, Pinocchimon's forces were starting to appear into streets of Rio. They included dozens of walking hollow tree-like Digimon known as Woodmon and three Ultimate Level Digimon using trash cans as vehicles: Garbagemon. Leomon said they had to fight. Nadia was unable to, but Palmon wanted to fight in order to avoid innocent lives being lost. Nadia agreed and so Palmon Digivolved into a cacti-like Digimon named Togemon. Then, a Monochromon arrived with a boy and a hooded man riding on its back. Leomon explained that he man was José, a colleague of Benjamin. The boy instead was Rafael, a Brazilian DigiDestined.

New powers

In the Digital World, SkullSatamon stroke several Nail Bone techniques against Imperialdramon and finally immobilized him. Dan and Wei were own their own and they tried to get their partner move again. But nothing happened. They tried to ask other DigiDestined for help, but everyone was busy fighting against other enemies.

In Rio, Zudomon, Togemon and Leomon were destroying many Woodmon, but more and more was coming. Luckily, Zudomon managed to destroy one of the Garbagemon. Pinocchimon came there and laughed that he would easily just call more and more minions to "play" with the DigiDestined. Nadia asked what was this all about and Leomon explained what the Chaotic Masters had done to the Village of the Beginnings. Only way to remove the corruption and make all Pinocchimon's minions to be reborn as good Digimon would be to destroy Pinocchimon. Jake hoped that Seamus would arrive in time, because only MetalGarurumon could help them. Then Nadia was starting to cry, while seeing so desparate battle as well as Togemon being almost beaten. She explained how horrible this all was and said that it was her very sincere opinion. Then both her Tag and a green Crest were starting glow. Togemon asked if her human partner was very sure about using it. Nadia knew now that the battle was very necessary, since the enemy had to be stopped in a way or another. The power of Crest flowed into Togemon and made it Digivolve into Lilymon, a fairy-like Digimon. Seamus and MetalGarurumon saw the green light miles away and hoped to arrive there in time.

In South Africa, the Octomon continued the fight against the Scubamon, but were about to lose. Then Garudamon and AtlasKabuterimon destroyed Scorpiomon and Shakoukimon destroyed AmmoGesomon, then left to help the Octomon. MetalSeadramon was furious and swore to destroy the other DigiDestined after he would destroy WarGreymon. WarGreymon himself had no chance to use Dramon Killer technique, because MetalSeadramon was using its jaws to hold him down. Tailmon was insistently fighting LadyDevimon alone and found a small golden ring in her possession. Tailmon remembered it was her missing Holy Ring that Vamdemon had taken away. Tailmon took it off and put it onto her tail. She felt herself a powerful as she was very long time ago. LadyDevimon threw her away from her neck, but a Tag and a pink Crest appeared into Gia's neck. Tailmon recognized that it was the Crest of Light. The energy that flowed from the Crest made Tailmon Digivolve into female Angel Digimon named Angewomon. LadyDevimon became very furious and started much more aggressive battle against Angewomon. This reminded Edmund about the very battle and connection between Angemon and Devimon. LadyDevimon and Angewomon were clearly a female version of this connection. But the women were much frightening while angry.

SkullSatamon was still chasing Dan and Wei who hoped that Imperialdramon could try to move again. But then Robert Harmon appeared there and touched Imperialdramon with a small ball of light. He explained that it was the same energy that allowed the Partner Digimon to Digivolve into Mega Level. Imperialdramon's immobilization was negated. SkullSatamon tried to attack again, but then Imperialdramon's appearance started to change. He rose to stand on two feet and transformed into much more humanoid-like form. Imperialdramon had changed from his Dragon Mode into Fighter Mode. It was clearly faster and managed to destroy SkullSatamon with only one Positron Laser attack.

Defeating two of the Masters

In Rio, Lilymon destroyed another Garbagemon. But the last Garbagemon came off from its trash bin which started to suck things inside like a vacuum cleaner. Nadia was about to be sucked too, but Chuumon jumped between and was sucked inside, which caused his death. Nadia became almost terrified to seeing death once again, but was still about be sucked inside Garbagemon's trash bin. Then Seamus and MetalGarurumon arrived there and destroyed the last Garbagemon. Pinocchimon was furious that Seamus and Troy had not destroyed each other, like Treemon had promised to happen. Treemon reminded that he had never underestimated the DigiDestined and said that they had something that the Chaotic Masters did not. Pinocchimon thought that his words were just rubbish and destroyed Treemon. Then he challenged MetalGarurumon himself. Zudomon, Lilymon, Monochromon and Leomon concentrated on the Woodmon.

In Cape Town, Garudamon, AtlasKabtuerimon and Shakoukimon still helped the Octomon fight against the Scubamon. Angewomon still fought alone against LadyDevimon, just like WarGreymon still faced MetalSeadramon by himself. MetalSeadramon was still at winning and WarGreymon had still no chance to use Dramon Killer technique. When WarGreymon was badly hurt by an energy beam of MetalSeadramon's Ultimate Stream technique, the situation became more hopeless. Then through a distortion appeared two friendly Digimon: Meramon and a Coelacanth-like Coelamon. They managed to stop MetalSeadramon from finishing off WarGreymon, even though they were mere Champion Level Digimon. Then two teenagers came through a distortion. They were the DigiDestined whose partners the two Digimon were. Meramon was partner of Mira from India, and Coelamon was partner of Adam from Australia. Cheng and Zuma had sent an emergency call for them.

MetalGarurumon and Pinocchimon still kept fighting, until Zudomon came there and destroyed Pinocchimon's hammer. Seamus asked if Pinocchimon knew what Treemon meant by saying that DigiDestined have something he doesn't. Pinocchimon refused to believe that he was missing something and his eyes started to glow green. Then giant vines started to rise from the ground and they bound Zudomon, Leomon and Monochromon. Pinocchimon ordered MetalGarurumon to surrender and make him destroy the others. He used his strings to try to control MetalGarurumon, but the victim didn't move. Pinocchimon didn't understand, since it still worked on Los Angeles. Seamus said the friends were something Pinocchimon didn't have. He had just cold-heartily killed Treemon. Pinocchimon because even more furious and MetalGarurumon used Cocytus Breath technique, starting to freeze Pinocchimon's body. Once the body was completely frozen, MetalGarurumon crushed to fragments. Also the giant vines summoned by Pinocchimon were destroyed as well as his minions. The dark green energy inside them flowed back into the Digital World through the distortions.

Meanwhile, MetalSeadramon decided to actively attack every enemy on his sights by using Ultimate Stream to hurt everyone, except Angewomon and WarGreymon. LadyDevimon tried to use Darkness Drill technique, but Angewomon shot a Holy Arrow that damaged LadyDevimon's arm blade formed by her technique. WarGreymon decided that how would destroy MetalSeadramon another way and he would in a way do the same trick that Magnamon once did. When MetalSeadramon fired Ultimate Stream once again, WarGreymon started spinning his Great Tornado technique and through MetalSeadramon's mouth through his body, making the technique mortally wound MetalSeadramon, and causing the evil sea serpent Digimon to die. The Scubamon were destroyed and the dark blue energy inside flowed back into the Digital World through the distortions. The wounded LadyDevimon decided to escape. Two Chaotic Masters had just been destroyed.

Having thoughts and plans

In Brazil, Seamus, Nadia, Jake and Rafael, whose partner Monochromon had De-Dgivolved to its Rookie form Gotsumon were wondering the latest events with Leomon and José. The Chaotic Masters had used the Village of the Beginnings to destroy their opponent and brainwash them to become their servants by using more effective method than Devimon's Black Gears. The Digimon who lived in seas and forests had now been freed, but none of them was able to be reborn until the curse in the village would be fully repelled. The only way would be to destroy Machinedramon and Piemon as well as restore the balance. But distortions can't disappear until the Digitaclysm would end and the Holy Stones would be restored.

In Cape Town, Troy, Miyuki, Kevin, Edmund, Gia, the twins with Mira and Adam, whose partners in Rookie forms were Candlemon and Crabmon, were thinking the same things with Cheng and Zuma. Which was more critical mission: destroy the Chaotic Masters or defend the Holy Stones. Dan and Wei had used the DigiMessenger to inform them that Piemon already knew where the sixth Holy Stone was. Then a message came from Robert that he himself had found the seventh and final stone. And none of the Masters or their servants had explored the area yet. That was good news because he also knew what could threaten the whole Digital World that stone would be destroyed too. It was the "true enemy" of the worlds and the Chaotic Masters were mere servants or embodiments of his powers. The enemy itself was something was a negative side effect of the victory over the Great Demon Lords and the new order of the Digital World followed by that battle.

Robert was now in the Digital World with Dan, Wei, Veemon, Wormmon, Benjamin and Centauromon. They told that Machinedramon had called the rest of his forces back into Oklahoma. It was finally time for the DigiDestined to return to the America. Dan and Wei wanted to go here first, but then they got another message. Seamus, Jake, Nadia and Rafael wanted to come to the Digital World and recruit more benevolent and rebelling Digimon to assist in the fight against Machinedramon and Piemon. If they would enough many allies, they would have a better chance to win the battle. Troy and Kevin gave Dan and Wei another mission: they should find Machinedramon's base from the Digital World and find there for the arrival of reinforcements. Troy's group would travel Oklahoma City to stop the siege of the city. But before that Dan and Wei opened a Digi-Gate for Seamus' group to arrive into the Digital World. Leomon decided to go with Troy's group into Oklahoma to see what the Chaotic Masters had done to other cities. Then Unimon arrived there and acted like it the others to follow it. After Leomon jumped into the Digi-Gate, Seamus's group went with Unimon to a certain place.


In Cape Town, Edmund and Gia opened a Digi-Gate that would lead to Oklahoma. Troy wondered what this "true enemy" would actually look like. Edmund instead was thinking what the two last Crests would symbolize. Afterall, he himself would be the owner of one of them. Seamus' group had followed Unimon into a place filled with a many little and badly hurt Digimon. Dan and Wei were looking at a bunker guarded by Machinedramon's forces. In Oklahoma, the abandoned apartment of Dan's family was very guarded as well.

Meanwhile, in a snowy area, Piemon had arrived to where the sixth Holy Stone was. First he used Trump Sword technique to destroy the golden ring around it. And then he used another technique named Ending Spine by forming a powerful energy ball that destroyed the stone. From the shards of the stone rose a new distortion and a flaming figure of an unknown entity. The entity congratulated Piemon for doing so good job this far, even though the final stone still remained. Piemon told that the deaths of MetalSeadramon and Pinocchimon didn't matter. He even hoped fight the DigiDestined himself one more time. The entity didn't care about it. It merely hoped to have its revenge upon the Digimon Sovereigns as well as every Digimon and human of his suffering. When the final stone would be gone, the Wall of Fire would disappear and would be finally and his revenge as well as the worlds turned into what he wished them to be. He started laughing manically when all other distortions in the two worlds and the Dagomon's Ocean started to expand again.

Also, the earthquakes started to strike in where the people of Los Angeles and Oklahoma City had been evacuated. They stroke in Rio de Janeiro and Cap Town too. The apparitions of Zhuqiaomon and Qinglongmon witnessed the earthquakes happening in the Digital World too. They knew that the Digitaclysm was entering its final stages. But then, in the tower, a small white and shining Digi-Gate opened.



  • Troy Dawkins, a hot-headed 17 years old high school student who mostly takes action instead of thinking.
  • Seamus Maitland, a 18 years old serious and English-born high school student who moved into America after his parents' death.
  • Miyuki Koharuno, a 17 years old Japanese-born high school student who moved into America because of her parents' job.
  • Jacob "Jake" Thacher, a 17 years old high school student who tries to find logic from both Troy's and Seamus's words.
  • Kevin Harmon, a 36 years old software developer and executive from Streamix Corporation. He is also father of Edmund Harmon as well as the son of CEO Robert Harmon.
  • Edmund Harmon, a 15 years old son of Kevin and grandson of Robert Harmon.
  • Daniel "Dan" Linwood, a 15 years old high school student from Oklahoma City who is Troy's cousin and likes soccer.
  • Wei Xueqi, a 21 years old Hongkongese college student genius who was formerly known as the DigiShadow.
  • Gia Avilés, a 15 years old orphan girl who is Troy's adoptive sister.
  • Nadia Coetzee, a 16 years old South African girl who was initially afraid of fighting.

Minor DigiDestined

Partner Digimon

Minor Partner Digimon



Law forcement and government

  • Richard Gardner, a high-ranking FBI agent, whose section works as a liaison between the DigiDestined and the government.
  • Gerald Johnson, President of the United States. (only a voice)


Digimon Sovereigns

  • Zhuqiaomon, the Sovereign of South and Flames. (apparition)
  • Qinglongmon, the Sovereign of East and Lightning. (apparition)
  • Xuanwumon, the Sovereign of North and Water. (apparition, non-speaking role)
  • Baihumon, the Sovereign of West and Steel. (apparition, non-speaking role)
  • Huanglongmon, the Central Sovereign of Balance. (indirectly mentioned)

Digital Agents

  • Benjamin, one of the digital beings resembling humans who serve the Digimon Sovereigns. He is the representative of North America.
  • Cheng, one of Benjamin's colleagues. He is the representative of China.
  • Zuma, representative of Africa.
  • José, representative of South America.


Chaotic Masters

  • Piemon, Master of Nightmares who has control over Nightmare Soldiers. He is a sadistic trickster and leader of the Masters.
  • MetalSeadramon, Master of Seas who has control over Deep Savers. He appreciates straight action more than making plans.
  • Pinocchimon, Master of Forests who has control over Wind Guardians. He has psychopatic nature to "play" with lives of others.
  • Machinedramon, Master of Cities who has control over Metal Empire. He is willing to use any strategy to destroy his opponents.

MetalSeadramon's army

Pinocchimon's army

Piemon's army


  • Apocalymon, the true enemy who makes a brief appearance in the end.



  • Digimon: Digitaclysm refers to cataclysmic events happening in the Digital World. The previous names before the final decision were Digimon: Imbalanced World and Digimon: Dark Invasion. The word "Digitaclysm" was originally meant to be just a subtitle played from the words "digital" and cataclysm", but was it later changed into an event like D5 in Digimon Fusion.
  • AmmoGesomon is the first Digimon that was created just for the Cinematic Sagas.
  • Chuumon was taken as part of the story only because no better Digimon was found to take that role instead.
  • The reason for the Digimon Sovereigns making appearances as merely apparitions is that in a real film their CGI would be much more expensive and complicated to be produced.
  • The film was meant to have at least one human antagonist, but no idea to make it work well was found.
  • Originally the four antagonists were named "Masters of Darkness" (small derivation from the name used in Digimon Adventure: Dark Masters), but since they didn't look as demonic like Devimon or Vamdemon, the name was decided to changed to be "Chaotic Masters".

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