Digimon Digitaclysm Part II

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Digimon: Digitaclysm – Part 2 is a fanon live-action film idea created by CAJH. It is the second half of the final film for the DigiDestined Saga and the fifth film of Digimon Cinematic Sagas. The film was announced on March 21, 2015 and it is a sequel to Digimon: Digitaclysm – Part 1. The extended synopsis was released on August 27, 2015. The film was followed by Digimon: Age of Tamers, the first film of the Legendary Tamers Saga.

Rest of its plot has been adapted from real-life anime, like plot points from episodes 46 to 54 of Digimon Adventure and few parts from episode 50 of Digimon Adventure 02.



In a dark space concealed by the Wall of Fire, floats an unknown large object that resembles a dodecahedron. Then, suddenly, the flames are starting to decrease and a large distortion appears. A black energy beam appears from the dodecahedron and after passing throught the distortion it transforms into the very same flaming entity that appeared before Piemon when the sixth Holy Stone was destroyed.

In a tower where the apparitions of the Digimon Sovereigns spoke to the DigiDestined before, a small Digi-Gate opened glowing a very bright light. In an underground cave, the Digimon Sovereigns are communicating with each other about the mysterious Digi-Gate. Then a voice that belonged to none of the Sovereigns explained that the gate had opened only because of large imbalance, but that the gate could also prevent the Digitaclysm and be the salvation of all worlds. Then Gennai appeared before them and explained how Benjamin had managed to locate the last remaining Holy Stone as well as developing a plan to protect it from Piemon. Xuanwumon asked where the DigiDestined were right now. Gennai told that they were battling against Machinedramon.

Last days of the Digitaclysm

Battle of Oklahoma

At Oklahoma City, an army of mechanical Digimon is attacking against the soldiers, while Kevin Harmon and military officers are watching the entire battle through a video footage. The army consisted of Champion Level species named Mekanorimon and Tankmon. They were servants of Machinedramon. Then Miyuki Koharuno, Gia Avilés and the twins Tao and Ting joined the battle along with Silphymon and two Octomon. The Mekanorimon attacked by using their Twinkle Beam technique and the Tankmon shot missiles with a technique named Hyper Cannon. Kevin tried to contact Troy Dawkins and his son Edmund, who were currently looking for Daniel "Dan" Linwood and Wei Xueqi. The connection, however, didn't work properly. Machinedramon's forces were apparently disturbing the signals. Kevin tried to create a virus that could be used to sabotage Machniedramon's computers.

In an underground bunker located in the Digital World, Machinedramon saw the entire battle through large monitors. He calculated that the armies of Mekanorimon and Tankmon wouldn't be enough to achieve victory. He ordered two flying cyborg serpent-like Digimon: Megadramon and Gigadramon to join the battle on Oklahoma. Then he ordered the remaining forces in the bunker to follow the signals which were approaching their place. If the monitoring system would end up damaged, the "Plan Z" should be put in motion. Machinedramon himself was monitored by Piemon who stated how "excellent and tactical killing machine" Machinedramon was. But if Machinedramon would win, then Piemon wouldn't get his chance for a rematch against the DigiDestined.

Meanwhile, Dan and Wei moved up with Veemon and Wormmon in the tunnels of Machinedramon's bunker. Then suddenly, something approached them. At first they were afraid, until they were revealed to be Troy, Edmund and Agumon. They said that Shakoukimon was fighting outside of the bunker. The fight was happening outside of bunker against the Tankmon and the Mekanorimon, with none of them being able to harm him. Shakoukimon had a hole that sucked inside many of the attacks of the opponents. In the bunker, Wei got a message in the DigiMessenger that stated Kevin's virus being ready. Dan opened a Digi-Gate with his D-3 that allowed Kevin and Tentomon to arrive. Kevin found one of the bunker's computers and prepared to download the virus.

End of Machinedramon

Machinedramon detected the virus right away, and after he saw through Troy, Dan and Wei through the security cameras, he decided to destroy them all by himself. He used Infinity Cannon technique to make part of the bunker collapse. Then he used some remaining communication devices to order the execution of Plan Z.

In Oklahoma City, the order was received by Megadramon and Gigadramon who started to use their techniques Genocide Attack and Genocide Gear to destroy every single building of the city. So the Plan Z meant destroying the whole battlefield to ensure enemies being destroyed with it. After seeing the situation of Oklahoma by returning to the entrance, Kevin and Edmund return to the city. Troy, Dan and Wei were ready to face Machinedramon and destroy him for good. Agumon Digivolved into WarGreymon right away, while Veemon and Wormmon Digivolved from level to level into Imperialdramon. Machinedramon's Infinity Cannon was very powerful attack against theirs. But then WarGreymon used Dramon Killer technique for the first time. But Machinedramon's metallic body got only two little scratches and WarGreymon De-Digivolved into Agumon. Imperialdramon had to defeat the enemy by himself.

Kevin, Edmund, AtlasKabuterimon and Shakoukimon had returned to Oklahoma to fight against both Megadramon and Gigadramon. On other parts of the city, Leomon, Meramon, Coelamon and the Octomon were still fighting against the Mekanorimon and Tankmon armies. Then some of the attackers were about to kill Leomon, but then Ogremon, Leomon's nemesis, stopped the attempt. He refused to let someone else kill Leomon instead. But then his arm was wounded by Mekanorimon's attack, and Ogremon became unable to fight. Leomon said that no matter if he was wounded or not, their rivalry will be dealt after the Chaotic Masters are defeated.

Machinedramon and Imperialdramon, now in his Fighter Mode, were fighting against each other. Imperialdramon tried to pierce through his opponent's body by using Splendor Blade. Machinedramon stated that this battle would be the end of the DigiDestined. But Dan believed that if the previous enemies were defeated, Machinedramon will suffer the same fate. Then, the starches caused by WarGreymon's Dramon Killer started to grow larger and caused Machinedramon's body to break. Imperialdramon gave a finishing strike and Machinedramon's death also caused deaths of all his servants in the Digital World and the real world.

Three Chaotic Masters had now been destroyed. Piemon was the only one who remained. The news about the victory were broadcasted everywhere. Even the evacuated citizens of Los Angeles and Oklahoma City saw it, and so did Gerald Johnson, President of the United States.


Centauromon and Benjamin had arrived to see Gennai. The three were looking at a flaming well, similar to the one in the observatory headquarters of the Chaotic Masters. They sensed that the Wall of Fire would be close to collapse. The destruction of the seventh Holy Stone would destroy the entire Digital World. Centauromon asked if Gennai had copied every single text from the ancient ruins. Gennai took his own laptop and showed text which compromised of the writing named DigiCode. It should contain the last part of the prophecy, which was actually a plan made long ago with a hope that DigiDestined would fulfill it in their journey. Gennai knew what had to be done for the outcome. But the problem was if the DigiDestined would be able to do it without knowing this beforehand, because Qinglongmon had told that the "Central Sovereign" had forbidden its reveal. The DigiDestined had to that find out themselves.

Piemon watched these events from his observatory and stated how the DigiDestined had managed to get as far as he hoped them to. Next time should be the certain end for the DigiDestined. LadyDevimon arrived and hoped that she could face Angewomon once again, so he could have her revenge from the last encounter. Piemon asked if the subjects were ready. Two Digimon stepped out: the first one was an evil version of Teddymon and the other one looked like a combination of Devimon and Gesomon. Thanks to Piemon's very own powers, these two had survived from deaths of both MetalSeadramon and Machinedramon. The balance was already greatly weakened in both worlds. But the last final attack against the humanity should be done around the same time with destroying the last remaining Holy Stone. LadyDevimon explained that she had no knowledge of its location. Piemon knew that the last stone had always been hidden. But he swore to find it somehow.

In the Digital World, Seamus Maitland, Jacob "Jake" Thacher, Nadia Coetzee and Rafael were informed of Machinedramon's defeat. The rebel Digimon brought together by Unimon also included Yukidarumon, Andromon, Teddymon and Elecmon. Then Ogremon was brought among them by Leomon. The other rebelling Digimon were surprised that a proud Virus-attributed Ogremon was ready to join forces with Vaccine and Data-attributed Digimon. Ogremon swore he would continue to fight against Leomon later, because he considered Piemon far worse than Devimon. Leomon also told about Chuumon's death. But the four DigiDestined had to join their other members. But first they had toupdate their smartphones to conceal their signals in order to avoid Piemon from finding them.

Worldwide Network of the DigiDestined

In the evacuation point of the citizens from Los Angeles and Oklahoma City, two Digi-Gates opened up. And the DigiDestined arrived through them. Troy, Miyuki, Kevin, Edmund, Gia, Dan, Wei, the twins, Adam and Mira were in the first group, while Seamus, Jake, Nadia and Rafael were in the other. Robert Harmon was already there. He contacted President Johnson about the arrival of all DigiDestined with each of them having signals from their smartphones and Digivices hidden from Piemon. Then, the DigiDestined met a man named General Campbell who was in charge of the evacuation plan under the direct orders from the President himself. President Jonhson was a longtime friend of Robert Harmon who had worked as a lawyer to the Streamix Corporation before becoming a politician.

Soon, the families of the DigiDestined arrived: Troy's parents Jennifer and Alan Dawkins, Seamus' uncle Nicholas Maitland, Miyuki's parents Hidehiko and Shiori Koharuno, Dan's parents and older sister Bradley, Miriam and Janice Linwood, Jake's older brother Jim, as well as Kevin's wife and Edmund's mother Audrey Harmon. The minor DigiDestined were informed that the law enforcement and peacekeepers had already taken their families to safety. Kevin and Robert now wanted to especially talk to Nadia, the twins, Rafael, Mira and Adam. All their families were wealthy enough to have smartphones, so they were able access the supporting applications along with their Digivices. They had received the Digivices around the same time, when BelialVamdemon had created the distortions between the worlds. They had also accidentally then ended up into the Digital World where they encountered their partners and learned to use their powers.

These six had also met two other DigiDestined in the Digital World: a French girl named Sandrine and a Russian boy named Pyotr. Just like, Zuma, Cheng and José had been given their guidance to Nadia, the twins and Rafael, Adam had been guided by a person named Hogan and Pyotr by a person named Ilya. Wei and the twins had received a contact from Mira and the other DigiDestined of Asia through Cheng and Gennai, while Ilya and Pyotr had been guiding Sandrine and the other DigiDestined of Europe, since the original representatives of Europe and South Asia had been killed. They had built the Worldwide Network of the DigiDestined, which was meant to be led by the main team. A total of 40 members of the DigiDestined had been identified. 17 of them were now in one place while others were still waiting for instructions to either fight or evacuate themselves. But now, instead of one battle, there was a large war ahead: the alliance formed by the DigiDestined, the benevolent Digimon and the armies around the world against Piemon's army.

Piemon's gambit

Piemon was unable to locate any of the DigiDestined. But he believed that he no longer had to search them. Instead, the DigiDestined would come before him. Now was time to begin the very last battle. He called LadyDevimon and the two previously seen Digimon, MarineDevimon and WickedTeddymon, before him. They had to leave with their respective forces to different locations on the human world. Piemon himself decided stay alone on his headquarters. He checked three locations from the human world map: Moscow, Sydney and Los Angeles itself. WickedTeddymon asked if the seventh Holy Stone had been found. Piemon said he already knew how to find it and declared the invasion having begun, ordering every single life form to be killed.

WickedTeddymon walked through a distortion and arrived into Moscow through with swarms of evil bat-like Digimon. MarineDevimon arrived to Sydney with similar army. And then LadyDevimon arrived into the evacuated city of Los Angeles with her own legion. Piemon then activated a video camera on his giant stethoscope as well as a microphone, and sent a worldwide message to the mankind. He explained who he was and declared the final battle between the Digimon and the humanity to begin today. His observatory base then rose from the ground and started flying to the location where suspected the rebels being in hiding. He explained he knew where the last Holy Stone was and wanted WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon and Imperialdramon come to challenge him, or he will kill every Digimon guarding the stone or every single human in Moscow and Sydney.

Kevin stated that this battle was unavoidable. They had to separate themselves once again. Because of LadyDevimon, Gia wanted to go to Los Angeles. Miyuki, the Twins and Mira would follow her, and call other American DigiDestined to help them. Kevin and Edmund would depart into Moscow and ask if the European DigiDestined would join them. Jake, Nadia, Rafael and Adam would go to Sydney and ask help from the Asian DigiDestined who are in hiding. Troy, Seamus, Dan and Wei had to destroy Piemon once and for all. Robert said he would find Benjamin, Gennai and Centauromon. Leomon and Unimon had already found out that the invasion has begun and sent part of their forces to assist the DigiDestined.

Before stepping into the Digi-Gates, Troy told Seamus he knew all along that they would become a team again despite their previous arguing. Seamus was thankful that Troy had always believed in him. They promised to be true friends to each other from now on. Troy didn't also mind if Miyuki would choose Seamus over him. He himself felt that he had grown up during all these last years both biologically and mentally. Miyuki heard the conversation and said that she had chosen Seamus, being also very was proud of Troy accepting them. Edmund asked from Dan about his and Wei's experiences in Russia one year ago. Dan was unable to answer anything. Instead, Wei said he was able to communite with the locals, since he had studied Russian language. In a flashback, he and Wei had problems communicating with the police. Gia wished good luck for Edmund, who promised that they would see each other again very soon. Troy realized a little attraction between the two and with Seamus he teased Edmund a little bit. Kevin watched this with a smile and asked his son to come already. Both Troy and Edmund asked Miyuki to take care of Gia, which Miyuki promised to do. Jake asked from Nadia if she was surely ready for the battle. Nadia no longer hesitated. The enemy had to be destroyed. Adam already wanted to go to Sydney, because he didn't want his own home city to be endangered. General Campbell told that Robert had given him something that would help the military to participate into the battles. He would soon send his forces to help especially in Los Angeles and would try to contact the other countries too. Everyone was ready and they wished good luck for each other one last time.

Four battles

In Los Angeles, LadyDevimon was waiting for her opponent. Then Miyuki, Gia, Mira and the twins arrived there through a Digi-Gate. Mira and the twins had always wanted to visit the United States, but never dreamt of seeing the country in ruins. Tailmon was ready to face LadyDevimon. She said she would DNA Digivolve with Aquilamon only if she wouldn't be able to stay as Angewomon until the fight was over. But now both Tailmon and Piyomon Digivolved into their separate Ultimate forms. The Shakomon Digivolved into the Octomon, and Candlemon into Meramon. Then the bat-like Digimon appeared and attacked the Partner Digimon. Garudamon and Meramon were able to destroy some, but there was too many of them.

In Moscow, Kevin and Edmund had analyzed the bat-like Digimon species as Menacemon, Champion Level and Virus-attributed Mini Devil Digimon. The Harmons still waited for meeting of Pyotr and Sandrine. Then, through a Digi-Gate they opened, stepped a French girl on her early teenage with a plant-like Digimon whose appearance was completely different from Palmon. According to the Digimon Analyzer, it was Floramon. Then a Russian boy arrived with a small Larva Digimon resembling a Flymon. The boy himself was Pyotr and his partner was Kunemon, Flymon's Rookie form. Ilya came with them and explained that he knew where WickedTeddymon was.

In Sydney, Jake, Nadia, Rafael and Adam watched MarineDevimon to attack some ships and boats. Zudomon, Lilymon, Monochromon and Coelamon tried to attack against it. But MarineDevimon was very powerful and dozens of Menacemon came to defend it. At that moment, Leomon and Ogremon arrived through a distortion with several unknown species of Digimon. Leomon explained that Andromon, Unimon and Elecmon were now in Los Angeles, and that Teddymon and Yukidarumon was in Moscow. Ogremon was impatient of waiting to attack the Menacemon. Then Hogan arrived, but the battle itself started when Jake told so.

Benjamin, Gennai and Centauromon were already on a place where the seventh Holy Stone was hidden. Piemon's base was arriving above the mountain and he himself came down. He stated how Benjamin, Gennai, and their colleagues had done well for ensuring the victory for the DigiDestined this far. Then Troy's voice declared that the victory would be theirs on this time too. Troy, Seamus, Dan and Wei were standing behind Piemon's back. Their partners Digivolved into their Mega forms. Seamus said that this time they were fighting together and were far more powerful than the last time. Piemon said he respected powerful opponents, but still promised to be the winner. Piemon heard the voice of the true enemy who ordered him to already start the battle.

Dark clouds are gathering

Angewomon was violently fighting against LadyDevimon. But LadyDevimon swore she had not shown her full powers. She summoned a swarm of bats, different from those of Vamdemon, by using a technique named Darkness Wave. Meramon stroke fire against the bats. This time Angewomon thanked for receiving help, but wanted to continue alone until she would run out of power.

MarineDevimon was strangling Zudomon. It also blocked Lilymon's attacks with its tentacles. The unknown teenager with Digivices were watching how their Partner Digimon were fighting against the Menacemon, along with Leomon and Ogremon.

WickedTeddymon was a powerful opponent, but Shakoukimon was able to block every attack it used. Then Teddymon arrived there and stepped in to attack his evil version. Then WickedTeddymon took a large black energy whip that he had received from Piemon. He was still somewhat able to be wounded, because the whip didn't make him truly as powerful as LadyDevimon or MarineDevimon. But Menacemon swarm came on their way and defended WickedTeddymon.

Meanwhile, in the Digital World, WarGreymon tried to use Dramon Killer technique against Piemon who easily evaded the attacks. MetalGarurumon shot a Garuru Tomahawk towards Piemon, but Piemon turned it into other way with one of his swords. He then created a powerful blow of wind to throw both Mega Level Digimon backwards and used Trump Sword technique. WarGreymon's Gaia Force, MetalGarurumon's Cocytus Breath and Imperialdramon's Positron Laser combined and destroyed the swords. However, the swords reformatted themselves and Piemon took them back. Troy and Seamus swore that Piemon won't insult them for long. A fiery blaze came into Piemon's eyes and an unknown voice spoke through him, declaring that "they" would have revenge of something that happened long time ago. Piemon controlled his flying headquarters before the cave guarded by Benjamin, Gennai and Centauromon. He himself left into the Moscow, where Troy, Seamus, Dan and Wei with their partners followed him.

The fight between the four Mega Level Digimon first moved through Moscow, then it went through Sydney, Los Angeles and several unknown places. This distracted the DigiDestined for a while. LadyDevimon had a chance to use a technique of black energy beam called Poison which was very powerful against Angewomon. The battle in Sydney had become very difficult, because the Great Barrier Reef would end up damaged. But in Moscow, WickedTeddymon was weakening with Shakoukimon sucking and destroying his whip. Teddymon refused to kill his evil counterpart to in order be a more benevolent and wiser Digimon. AtlasKabuterimon destroyed the Menacemon who were about to attack Teddymon and Shakoukimon finished off WickedTeddymon.

But now every place where Piemon had been, was about to be covered in dark clouds. The earthquakes also hit once again in both worlds, while thunderstorms struck the coast cities. Piemon used his swords to block every physical attack of his opponents. He was also starting to laugh to them very cruelly and manically. The dark power had grown far more powerful, making Piemon stronger and also more twisted.

Battle proceeds

Meanwhile, Robert found small white glowing Digi-Gate from a tower where had just returned to. He wondered what it actually was and touched it. He recognized sounds that represented human emotions and their wishes. But the earthquakes were going worse and the time was running out. He sent a message for General Campbell and dove into the Digi-Gate, taking the risk that he wouldn't come back.

Benjamin had retreated into an underground lake, where appeared several short fire red flashes of light. He was afraid that it might be too late. There was the spherical stone surrounded by a golden ring at the bottom of the lake. That was the seventh and the last Holy Stone. The ring was already starting to crack and that was also causing the fire red flashes of light.

In Los Angeles, Angewomon still had a disadvantage against LadyDevimon. But then she started to activate a new technique that had a very shining light. LadyDevimon tried to make a new attack, but it was too late. Angewomon used the light to create a cross named Heaven's Charm. The cross collided with LadyDevimon's body and started to destroy it. LadyDevimon was in pain and screamed for her master's help. But very soon, her body completely disintegrated. Then the city was approached by several fighter jets. They were contacted by General Campbell from the evacuation point and he ordered to launch Operation Wisp. The fighter jets started to drop bombs that glowed very bright light, which was fatal to many of the Menacemon.

Those very same bombs very sent into Moscow and Sydney as well through the Digi-Gates opened into the sky. Kevin had opened these gates through the DigiLocate, so that the bombs would have been able to be sent. The bombs had been made from the same material as the Digivices and the light also came from the Digivices as well. However, the bombs were ineffective against MarineDevimon, but were able to hold it down for some time, and then Zudomon and Lilymon were finally able to destroy it.

The Dangerous Trickster

Piemon sensed that his servants had been destroyed and started to use even more powerful techniques. First he used a technique named Wonderful Trick to create powerful shock waves through the distortions. The shockwave, however, stroke into the buildings and started to make them collapse. WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon tried to stop him, but they were wounded by the Trump Sword, because they weren't able to evade the attacks easily without combining their own attacks. Imperialdramon advised them to observe the movements of the swords more carefully, so it would be easier to predict their attacks. Then Piemon, however, used once again his powerful Ending Snipe technique and aimed the energy ball towards Imperialdramon. Imperialdramon's Positron Laser was holding the attack for a while, until the attacks negated each other.

Meanwhile, the Menacemon swarms started to leave Moscow and Sydney. They joined the other swarms in Los Angeles and the Digital World. Leomon advised the major DigiDestined to go the city. Nadia followed them, while the minor DigiDestined returned to their homes. Kevin knew they could help wherever they would be. Leomon was about to go the underground lake to defend the last Holy Stone. But then he was struck by an energy ball from Piemon's Ending Snipe attack. Piemon has brought his own battle to Moscow once again. WarGreymon and the others were terrified to see their ally being struck down. Ogremon was also very disturbed of this and his eyes were about to weep. He really wanted to attack against Piemon, who easily sent the angered rival through a distortion to another place. Then Piemon himself went to Los Angeles, where the major DigiDestined regrouped from the four locations.

Piemon's swords then were set in flames like his eyes and the unknown voice through him explained that he had given his most loyal servant one last ability. The DigiDestined realized that the true enemy had taken over Piemon's body and was speaking to them through it. He started to strike his swords against his opponents with a completely new technique called Chaos Sword Snipe. Every attack struck down every fighter, except for the Mega Level Digimon and Shakoukimon. But every strike from the swords started to weaken WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon and Imperialdramon as well. Then Piemon set his eyes on Shakoukimon to attack him next. Ankylomon separated himself to take strike alone. Eventually, Edmund and Gia were the only DigiDestined capable of fighting anymore. Kevin ordered them to escape as far as they can, and find Robert, hoping that he could help.

While the young humans escaped, Piemon created more shock waves and destroyed skyscrapers. Imperialdramon had enough power to keep them standing, but WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon were too weak. Piemon also still had his Menacemon swarms. In the Digital World, Piemon's headquarters collided with the mountain where the underground lake was. Both of them started to collapse.

Crest of Hope

Robert was in an unknown world filled with light. Around him were flowing things that showed him the same thing he heard outside nearby the gate: desires and wishes of all mankind. Additionally, some of them concerned the Digimon and the Digital World. The images showed how some very primitive life was influenced with data from the artificial intelligence created in Robert's project as well as human thoughts and knowledge about mythology and literature. Robert realized this world was connected to the uncollective consciousness of mankind and recreated another world into the Digital World after it had evolved the Digimon into their current state. He hoped could get out and tell all this to the others and then, suddenly, the world materialized his wish, by opening a gate to Los Angeles. However, he was shocked to see Edmund and Gia running away from Piemon and no one helping them. Robert hoped he could know how to save them. Then he saw visions of two symbols that were representing the two Crests that were still missing.

Meanwhile, Angemon tried to desperately defend both Edmund and Gia from Piemon who was becoming more unstable due to the true enemy possessing him. After a long fight, Piemon struck Angemon into the ground. Robert stepped through the gate to help his grandson and giving him an advice to never give up. He added that "light gives hope and hope gives light to darkness". Edmund realized that if Gia had Crest of Light, he himself was meant to have Crest of Hope. He also knew that if they were the DigiDestined, they would always have at least some light to defeat the enemies. Then the yellow Crest of Hope appeared and started to make Angemon to Digivolve. He became a knight-like Archangel Digimon named HolyAngemon. HolyAngemon used his Excalibur sword to strike several times to block Chaos Sword Snipe. HolyAngemon, however, was only an Ultimate Level Digimon and therefore needed help of others to destroy Piemon. He started to use a technique named Holy Disinfection that healed all wounds and infections of every Digimon and human.

The wounded fighters stood up again. Troy, Seamus, Dan and Wei left with WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon and Imperialdramon to continue the final battle against Piemon. Edmund said that he and HolyAngemon had to go as well. But before that he asked Gia to stay safe. Gia kissed Edmund and admitted that she loved him. Edmund promised to come back alive and left. The Menacemon swarms started to rise again, but Garudamon, AtlasKabuterimon, Zudomon, Lilymon, Angewomon and Ankylomon stood against them. With their powers fully recharged, the attack of WarGreymon and others started to surpass Piemon's powers. Piemon became furious and the one who possessed him refused to let his revenge fail. He threw one of his swords into a distortion while HolyAngemon used Excalibur to form a circle which transformed into metallic gate. The gate was part of a technique named Heaven's Gate which sucked the Menacemon swarms inside and destroyed them. The gate also came close to Piemon who tried to hold it from approaching. But then the attacks of WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon and Imperialdramon started to weaken him. Soon a flaming apparition left Piemon's body and Piemon himself was sucked inside Heaven's Gate, destroying him. Also every Menacemon alive died and fire red energy inside them flowed away.

Coming of the Apocalypse

The last Chaotic Master was dead, the flaming apparition started to speak with the same dark voice that possessed Piemon's body. Robert knew that this apparition was the possessor and came from the true enemy itself. The enemy declared his victory. Before his death, Piemon had managed to fulfill his duty. Then Dan and Wei remembered the sword Piemon threw away. Benjamin contacted them and told the bad news: the mountain had collapsed and Piemon's sword had destroyed the last Holy Stone. The Wall of Fire was no more, and the great darkness was freed. The Digitaclysm had just expanded to be the end of all worlds.

The distortions grew extremely large and some black energy started to flow out of them, in oder to cover every existing worlds under. Robert asked the name of the enemy. The enemy introduced itself as Apocalymon, the embodiment of all sadness and hatred from suffered Digimon. He who had bound himself to the power of the Great Demon Lords who get his revenge on humanity and the Digimon for the injustice, and raised his own powers by binding other similar Digimon to join into an unified body. He advised the DigiDestined to arrive into the space between the worlds as well as finish their talk and battle out there.

Then, through the distortions came something else: large metallic tentacles. Several tentacles appeared around the multiverse. All humans in their home countries saw them. The tentacles also looked a little bit familiar. Part of them resembled the Chaotic Masters, Vamdemon and Devimon. And they started to use their own techniques to destroy everything that is. Robert and the ten DigiDestined with their Crests decided to face Apocalymon with their partners and destroy it for good.

Apocalymon's story

In the space between the worlds resided the unknown dodecahedron. The metallic tentacles came from inside it and on its top was a hooded creature sitting on a throne attached to the dodecahedron. The creature had no legs at all as it was attached to the throne as well as the dodecahderon. It took of the cape and the hood revealing a body with several cable pumping something inside. The Digimon Analyzer recognized the whole entity being Apocalymon, but the sitting creature was the embodiment of his original consciousness.

Apocalymon stood up and his throne into normal surface. He said he knew the humans thought he was ugly and was ready tell about his origins. His state was a result from the new order that was formed after the Guardian Knights defeated the Great Demon Lords. Because the natural Digivolution was made far more limited after the war, it had made lives of some Digimon harder and disturbed their surviving skills. Some had reincarnated themselves many times over again, because their living conditions had become harder and they couldn't Digivolve. Some decided to merely be reborn as new Digimon species, leading to extinction of their former forms. But Apocalymon's own consciousness belonged to a Digimon who refused to accept that fate and decided to bind himself to the "Forbidden Power" in order to survive. Kevin knew that this "Forbidden Power" were the sealed Digi-Eggs of the Great Demon Lords. Apocalymon admitted that he had weakened the seal so much that he could contact them and after that many more suffered Digimon had joined themselves to him and get a revenge against the Digimon Sovereigns and their loyal servants.

Seamus said that the other Digimon or humans were not to blame for any of that. Jake added that Digital World had only transformed into something that wouldn't allow the survival for every existing species. Apocalymon, however, considered words like that no different from saying that those species would be wanted exterminated and said to be unworthy to exist. Troy claimed that it was not true. He said that no human or any good Digimon had done anything to them. Apocalymon said same thing about himself, but disagreed with Troy's words and thought that he himself was good and others were evil. To punish those who he believes caused "their" suffering, he had decided to make every living being experience the same thing. He had separated part of the bound Digimon from him and managed to send them to the Digital World to created imbalance and chaos. All the previous threats had been part of Apocalymon’s plan all along: Devimon and his Black Gears; Etemon and his Dark Network; Vamdemon's desire for power; and the Chaotic Masters. He was finally free to conquer every world that existed.

The most desparate battle

Apocalymon started to use the techniques of all previous enemies against the major DigiDestined too. Fighting against an enemy like that was like facing all the previous enemies all in the same battle. Meanwhile, around the human world, all minor DigiDestined and the rebels tried to fight against Apocalymon's tentacles too. But no attack was effective against them.

Apocalymon decided to set the DigiDestined right away into the same situation where he had once been. He touched the Partner Digimon with his tentacles and used a technique named Death Evolution to De-Digivolve them into the weakest forms. Edmund reminded him that they still had the Digivices and Crests. Apocalymon, however, said that it won't the case for long, started to rip them off. Then he threw them into the air and started to strike them with his attacks several times. Every attack damaged the Digivices and the Crests, and after several attacks, they were destroyed one by one. The DigiDestined watched desperately as their weapon against the evil were gone.

Then Robert stepped in and refused to give up against Apocalymon. The evil Digimon asked who the man was, so Robert told his identity. Apocalymon recognized him as one of the humans who created the Digimon and stated how disappointed he was that humans had sided with the Digimon Sovereigns or that none of them tried to end the suffering of his kind. Robert himself was disappointed that Apocalymon had let his anger cloud his judgement, instead of just moving on. Apocalymon said he wanted originally just share friendship, justice and love. The Digimon Sovereigns had made it impossible for his kind, but now they become weaker and weaker until they die. Robert stated that Apocalymon had completely forgotten what friendship, love and justice were truly about. Apocalymon refused to listen and activated a new technique named Darkness Zone.

Then, mysterious black energy fields were about started to appear and cover bodies of Robert and the DigiDestined. Apocalymon explained that once those energy fields would cover them, their existence in current form would end forever. Every Digimon who would become its victim would instantly die and never be reborn.

Two Guardian Knights

The DigiDestined were about to lose this war. And once they would die, every world soon suffer the same fate. The Digivices and Crests were destroyed. The Digimon Sovereigns were also about to die. How they could keep fighting and be equal to the Guardian Knights? They didn't even have any idea who was meant to own the eleventh and the final Crest. But Robert revealed that he already found it: The Golden Crest of Destiny. It had no actual owner since obtaining it required finding the Golden Crest of Miracles and bringing it together with the nine normal Crests. Robert revealed the eleventh Crest being with him and said that he found it from the "World of Dreams". Apocalymon prepared to destroy it too, but then a miracle happened: the shards of the Digivices and the Crests were gathered and fused back together. They were now repaired and whole again. Their power cause the effects of Darkness Zone to reverse.

All 41 Digivices around the whole world started to glow very brightly and their light were directed into Agumon, Gabumon, Veemon and Wormmon. The four Partner Digimon felt themselves stronger than ever and they even started to regain their memories from the time before becoming partners of the DigiDestined. Suddenly, they Digivolved into their Mega forms again. WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon and Imperialdramon Fighter Mode advised the DigiDestined to try to remember the greatest changes on their lives. The DigiDestined had flashbacks about the finding of the ten other Crests and the first Digivolutions of their Partners. Then all the Digivices and Crests started to glow and balls of light came out of them pointing at both WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon whose bodies disappeared, with only heads remaining. The balls of light formed a Digimon who attached the heads of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon to his arms.

WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon had fused into a very powerful unknown Digimon while Imperialdramon's armors changed colors, turning white and golden. The Holy Knight Digimon formed from the fusion of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon was named Omegamon, while Imperialdramon had changed into his most powerful form: Paladin Mode. Omegamon and Imperialdramon remembered everything about their past. The most important memory, however, was that those two were once the leaders of the Guardian Knights. Troy was unable to believe that only the Crest of Destiny was able to repair the Crests and Digivices. Robert said that it was not the case by reminding the DigiDestined about the story told by the Digimon Sovereigns. The Digivices and Crests were never the power source, they were merely conductors. Apocalymon was unable to believe it and furiously started to attack.


Every Partner Digimon Digivolved into the highest forms they were able to, and started to fight against Apocalymon. The attacks of Devimon, Vamdemon and the Chaotic Masters that came from the metallic tentacles were no longer too much to be opposed. Apocalymon was unable to use Death Evolution or Darkness Zone so this was the best chance to destroy him. The weaker Digimon had to strike several times to destroy the tentacles while Omegamon and Imperialdramon had power to destroy them with a single attack. Every time a tentacle was destroyed, a new one grew up to replace it. Omegamon used Grey Sword and Garuru Cannon to damage the surface of the dodecahedron. Something very dark came out of the dodecahedron: the ghostly apparitions of Digimon formed of dark energy. They were apparently spirits of the suffered Digimon which were still bound with Apocalymon. The Digimon launched their attacks against the spirits and light of the Digivices destroyed them one by one. The data of the spirits started to purify and transform for the reincarnation process.

The battle continued until every single one of Apocalymon's tentacles were destroyed and the number of bound spirits. Apocalymon refused to lose the battle and decided to use his ultimate technique. He destroyed every remaining spirit and started to fuse them into a large concentration of energy, declaring that if he would never get the world he wanted to have, then no one would. The energy concentration would become an explosion named Grand Death Big Bang and it would destroy both the real world and the Digital World. The DigiDestined and their partners did not allow it and tried to stop the energy from flowing. At first it looked like nothing was happening until Omegamon and Imperialdramon started motion in circle around the energy concentration. After some time, the concentration started to dissipate and all of the energy was about to be purified like the data of every evil Digimon. It made the explosion significantly smaller and sent the DigiDestined back into Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles, the dark clouds started to disappear, but the humanoid part of Apocalymon's body was still alive. He refused to be defeated and tried to attack one last time. But then, beams of light came out of the DigiDestined and bound him. Troy stated that even though Apocalymon didn't originally deserve suffering or death, he had just made himself to deserve it. Apocalymon reminded about his connection to the powers of Great Demon Lords and he could regrow himself into powerful again. But then, the Crests started to glow and separated from the Tags. They formed and energy field that showed seven previous unseen and different symbols: Crests of the Great Demon Lords. They appeared in the seven Seal Towers of the Demon Lords as well. The Partner Digimon De-Digivolved back to their previous forms and Robert realized that the Crests just broke the connection between Apocalymon and the Great Demon Lords, also restore the seals of the towers. Apocalymon tried to furiously attack Robert and managed to fatally wound him. But then, through the eleven Digivices, appeared energy beams that pierced his whole body. After the beams disappeared, Apocalymon was standing immobilized until his whole body fell and dissipated into data. The Digitaclysm was over, and the culprit behind every crisis during the last four years was finally defeated. And once he would be reborn, his reincarnation would be a good-hearted Digimon, free of hatred and desire for revenge.

Robert's wish

However, the distortions had not gone away. But that wasn't a problem to think about very long. The apparitions of the Digimon Sovereigns appeared and explained that their powers were coming back. But then appeared a fifth apparition: a yellow wingless metal-scaly dragon. Robert recognized it as Huanglongmon, the Central Sovereign and the protector to the core of the Digital World. It explained wanting to thank all of the humans who had a role in protecting both worlds. Benjamin arrived with Gennai, Cheng, Zuma, José, Hogan and Ilya, and they bowed before the apparitions of the Digimon Sovereigns. The Sovereign explained that there was one last problem: they had no enough power to restore the Holy Stones and therefore make the distortions disappear. The DigiDestined were unable to give any of their own powers anymore, since the Crests were used to seal away the Great Demon Lords for good.

Robert, who was fatally wounded, had a solution to that. He didn't need to restore the stones at all. He believed that the Digital World had to be transformed into a new form. There would be another force to maintain the balance and evil would no longer threaten the worlds on its previous form. The worlds would be in danger once again someday, but at least Apocalymon and his kind wouldn't threaten it any more. Kevin wanted his father not to speak and try to heal from his wounds. Robert, however, saw a small Digi-Gate to the "World of Dreams". He touched it and his body started to shine golden light. Then, suddenly, his body started to dissipate into data, like what happened to a dying Digimon. Kevin did not want his father to die, but Robert had made his decision. Benjamin added that every Digimon and human had to return to their respective worlds, because otherwise they would disappear forever.

Every DigiDestined around the world was informed of this and they said goodbye to their partners. In Los Angeles, Troy, Seamus, Miyuki, Jake, Kevin, Edmund, Gia, Dan, Wei and Nadia did the same thing. The surviving Digimon allies, Ogremon, Andromon, Elecmon and Centauromon, also said goodbyes to the DigiDestined, promising that their fallen comrades would be reborn in the Village of the Beginnings. Troy was still thinking what would happen when new evil would rise. Kevin believed that they would either regain their Crests or new DigiDestined would come to succeed them. But the original DigiDestined still had a mission to complete. Tears rolled their eyes as their partners returned to the Digital World and Robert's body disappeared. The energy spread around the planet and the distortion started to shrink. Dan, Wei and Nadia ran through them to return to their home countries and promised to meet the others once again someday. After few seconds, all of the distortions had disappeared and the adventure that started four years ago was over.


It is the year 2021. Kevin Harmon had a meeting with President Gerald Johnson in the White House. They talked about the project started one and half years ago. The DigiDestined had now a new mission and the representatives of the United Nations had given every resource they needed. There were still some people who were afraid of the Digimon or who wanted someone to be held responsible for the damage. But the events that happened with the Webmasters three years ago, had made the politicians understand that only the DigiDestined could protect the worlds. The President wanted the result of the project himself.

They headed to an unrevealed location in the United States. The area had a large building and strange arch-like devices. Hidehiko and Shiori Koharuno were expecting them and prepared to show around the place that was revealed to the first headquarters of the Worldwide Network of the DigiDestined. The three former Streamix employees were part of the council that was in charge of the base. Audrey Harmon and Jim Thacher were part of the medical division, and General Campbell led the military division. The President asked for a report of the first project. Kevin said that the first phase was complete and that the second phase was in the final stage: the testing. First Kevin showed the results of the first phase and said that every DigiDestined had no problems in schedule to be part of it. Then, they opened few Digi-Gates were opened into the arches powered by Kevin's D-3.

Troy, Gia, Miyuki and Edmund came from Washington, where Dawkins and Harmon families had moved after the Digitaclysm. Seamus and Jake came from Los Angeles, Dan from Oklahoma City, Wei and the twins from Hong Kong, Nadia from Cape Town, Rafael and his friends from Rio de Janeiro, Mira from New Delhi, Adam from Sydney, Pyotr from Moscow, Sandrine from Paris and the other DigiDestined from their respective home countries. The 39 young DigiDestined met with the adults to witness the first test of the second phase for Project World Travel: to open a first Digi-Gate that doesn't affect the balance. A familiar character that was revealed to be Agumon stepped through it. Troy was happy to see his friend once again.




  • Troy Dawkins, a hot-headed 17 years old high school student who mostly takes action instead of thinking.
  • Seamus Maitland, a 18 years old serious and English-born high school student who moved into America after his parents' death.
  • Miyuki Koharuno, a 17 years old Japanese-born high school student who moved into America because of her parents' job.
  • Jacob "Jake" Thacher, a 17 years old high school student who tries to find logic from both Troy's and Seamus's words.
  • Kevin Harmon, a 36 years old software developer and former executive from Streamix Corporation. He is also father of Edmund Harmon as well as the son of former CEO Robert Harmon.
  • Edmund Harmon, a 15 years old son of Kevin and grandson of Robert Harmon.
  • Daniel "Dan" Linwood, a 15 years old high school student from Oklahoma City who is Troy's cousin and likes soccer.
  • Wei Xueqi, a 21 years old Hongkongese college student genius who was formerly known as the DigiShadow.
  • Gia Avilés, a 15 years old orphan girl who is Troy's adoptive sister.
  • Nadia Coetzee, a 16 years old South African girl who was initially afraid of fighting.

Minor DigiDestined

  • Tao and Ting, a young twins from Hong Kong.
  • Rafael, a Brazilian boy.
  • Mira, an Indian girl.
  • Adam, an Australian boy.
  • Sandrine, a French girl.
  • Pyotr, a Russian boy.
  • Several unnamed teenagers and children.

Partner Digimon

Minor Partner Digimon



Military and government

  • Gerald Johnson, President of the United States and Robert Harmon's old friend.
  • General Campbell, a military commander assigned to work with the Robert Harmon.


Digimon Sovereigns

  • Zhuqiaomon, the Sovereign of South and Flames. (apparition)
  • Qinglongmon, the Sovereign of East and Lightning. (apparition)
  • Xuanwumon, the Sovereign of North and Water. (apparition)
  • Baihumon, the Sovereign of West and Steel. (apparition)
  • Huanglongmon, the Central Sovereign of Balance. (apparition)

Digital Agents

  • Benjamin, one of the digital beings resembling humans who serve the Digimon Sovereigns. He is the representative of North America.
  • Gennai, one of Benjamin's colleagues. He is the representative of Japan.
  • Cheng, representative of China.
  • Zuma, representative of Africa.
  • José, representative of South America.
  • Hogan, representative of Australia.
  • Ilya, representative of Russia.


  • Apocalymon, the true enemy and the mastermind behind every crisis the DigiDestined have faced this far.

Chaotic Masters

  • Piemon, Master of Nightmares who has control over Nightmare Soldiers. He is a sadistic trickster and leader of the Masters.
  • Machinedramon, Master of Cities who has control over Metal Empire. He is willing to use any strategy to destroy his opponents.
  • MetalSeadramon, Master of Seas who had control over Deep Savers. Despite being defeated, his powers are used against the DigiDestined by Apocalymon.
  • Pinocchimon, Master of Forests who had control over Wind Guardians. Despite being defeated, his powers are used against the DigiDestined by Apocalymon.

Machinedramon's army

Piemon's army


  • Vamdemon, a powerful opponent of the DigiDestined whose powers are used against them by Apocalymon.
  • Devimon, a former tyrant of the File Island whose powers are used against them by Apocalymon.


  • Digimon: Digitaclysm refers to cataclysmic events happening in the Digital World. The previous names before the final decision were Digimon: Imbalanced World and Digimon: Dark Invasion.
  • The film was meant to have at least one human antagonist, but no idea to make it work well was found.
  • In order to make almost each of the Chaotic Masters as well as Apocalymon to be destroyed separately instead of having one large battle, the film was separated in two parts.
  • Los Angeles was chosen be a battlefield for the final battle against Piemon, because of an idea to have the DigiDestined fight at least one decisive battle in their own home city. Moscow and Sydney were chosen to be the other battlefields, because of introductions for Hogan and Ilya.
  • The battle against Piemon's forces was somewhat inspired by the Battle of Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 and the final lightsaber duels of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

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