Digimon First Adventure

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Digimon: First Adventure is a fanon live-action film idea created by CAJH. It is the first film of both the DigiDestined Saga of Digimon Cinematic Sagas and the whole franchise. The film was announced on January 7, 2015 and its prologue was released one day later. The original version of extended synopsis was released on January 12, 2015. Its sequel is Digimon: Network Battles.

Some parts of the plot are adapted from episodes 1 to 13 of real-life anime Digimon Adventure. Also few aspects from Digimon Tamers have been added, as well as some that are completely unseen before.


Version 2: Updated on June 15, 2015.


It was the year 1990. There was a laboratory in the Streamix Corporation for IT specialists and programmers who have been working for six years in a specific project concerning the artificial intelligence. Project had been going on for six years and it was originally worldwide, but now only the United States were working with it. The project is led and financially supported by Robert Harmon whose son, Kevin, who was at his first visit to see the project. When Robert asked reports about the recent activity, the specimens had been acting strangely in recent days. Some of them had been destroying others. But now they had been deleting each other very frequently. Then suddenly, the computers started to act weirdly. There also appears mysterious steam and lights started to appear. Then the machines inside the building started to malfunction and caused the entire building to set in fire. And the researchers manage to survive, but they decide to quit their jobs. Kevin who swears that he didn't touch anything. Robert believes him and asks him to keep the true reason for the accident as a secret. Robert had also saved some of the hard disks and decided to continue the research alone.

The First Adventure


It is the year 2015. In Los Angeles, a 13 years old middle school student Troy Dawkins and his friend Jacob "Jake" Thacher are listening a lecture from now adult Kevin Harmon who visits a school during a lecture about information technology. After the class, Troy and Jake meet with their English-born and somewhat loner friend, Seamus Maitland. Troy expressed his interest about the newest student Miyuki Koharuno whose parents were born in Japan. Jake isn't really surprised and comments how anything that comes from Japan interests Troy. But he reminds about the schoolwork that should be ready for tomorrow. Troy promises he'll finish them tonight and doesn't need help. Jake and Seamus have already done them. Jake said he didn't want to disappoint his father and Seamus just said he didn't have anything more interesting to do. Except that he had found out that Kevin Harmon is the son of an eccentric millionaire and Streamix Corporation president Robert Harmon. Despite all thoughts, the three boys agreed to hang out for two hours. Meanwhile, Kevin sees from his laptop how some strange signal appears in the streets.

The signal is revealed to come from mysterious fog. Troy, Jake and Seamus see this, as well as Miyuki who is walking nearby and also an elementary school student named Edmund and his mother see the fog. Kevin also arrives to the area with taxi and sees the fog. The fog becomes so thick that no sees almost anything. And then, suddenly, there appears small lights that are forming near Troy, Seamus, Jake, Miyuki, Kevin and Edmund. Their smartphones are also glowing, the tiny light particles that comes from inside are gathering together. The lights combine and form into mystical devices that fall into hands of the six people. Then, the fog suddenly disappears. Everyone is astonished of what had just happened. Troy, Seamus and Jake realize that Miyuki had walked near them. So had Kevin, Edmund and Edmund's mother. Edmund is revealed to be Kevin's son and his mother Audrey is revealed to be Kevin's wife. Kevin tells the children that they should go home before the police arrives. When everyone had left the area, the police arrived. But no one saw how there was a small cloud nearby which from appeared a strange floating black gear.

Troy, Seamus, Jake, Miyuki and Kevin's family return to their homes. Troy tries to figure out how to finish his homework, but suddenly realizes that something in his room is moving. He hears a voice that asks: "Troy, is that you?". Under the bed there appears a small pink creature with no limbs, but with red eyes and strange looking ears. Troy becomes frightened, but the creature says he is no threat and realizes that Troy already has his Digivice. Troy realizes that Digivices are the devices they got from the fog. The creature introduces himself as Koromon, and says it didn't come alone. Its friends appeared with other people who have Digivices. Troy decides to call both Seamus and Jake. Jake tells how there is a creature named Pukamon following him. But he didn't know what he should do for the creature. Troy tells to think about it tomorrow and calls to Seamus. Seamus tells how he himself is followed by a horned creature named Tsunomon. He also tells how he just had read from the Internet how Kevin's father funded and led a project about artificial intelligence from year 1984 to year 1990. The creatures may have something to do with it. Troy tells that they would talk about it tomorrow and after ending the call he returns to his schoolwork.

The first battle

Then suddenly at night the cloud starts to expand and there appears particles that form into a big insect-like creature. It appears near Kevin's home. He sees the creature and calls it Kuwagamon. Kevin decides to go into the area tells that Edmund should also with him, as well as two creatures named Mochimon and Tokomon. Troy, Seamus, Jake and Miyuki also awake once their Digivices start to light up. Koromon, Tsunomon, Pukamon and the creature following Miyuki, named Pyokomon, ask them to go to where Kevin and his family lives. But then the floating gear appears and attaches to Kuwagamon. Kuwagamon starts rampaging and Kevin realizes the gear being the cause of it. When the four other persons arrive to the places where Kuwagamon rampages, Kevin only tells them to take up their Digivices and point them to their own "Digimon". At first, Troy and the other children hesitate, but decide to act after hearing the urgings of their Digimon. Koromon, Tsunomon, Pukamon, Pyokomon, Mochimon and Tokomon start glowing and they are surrounded by web-like forms that reorder their data into six new Digimon: Agumon, Gabumon, Betamon, Piyomon, Tentomon and Patamon. They decided to fight against Kuwagamon and each of them strikes with their respective techniques. After hard but short battle one black gear separates from Kuwagamon and shatters. Then Kevin tries to talk to Kuwagamon and persuade it to return where it came from. Kevin orders others to return home and tells that he explains everything tomorrow.

Meanwhile, in a mysterious temple, a group of ghost-like Digimon called Bakemon and an unknown Digimon with a club are reporting to an unknown evil Digimon about Kuwagamon's fight with the six Digimon in the "real world". This evil Digimon realized that the "DigiDestined" had received their powers faster than he had expected. They must have also realized the true meaning of the Black Gears. He decided that in order to make plan to come fruition, he had to accelerate it and destroy the DigiDestined as soon as possible. He ordered the prisoners to be readied for the plan, including a Digimon resembling a humanoid lion. Meanwhile a great number of Black Gears was flying to outside of the temple, into different places on a mysterious island.

Falling into a trap

At morning, Miyuki is on her way to school with a ride from her parents, Hidehiko and Shiori. Miyuki says that she would like to tell them something. But decides to do it after school. Then Hidehiko and Shiori arrive to Los Angeles office of the Streamix Corporation where they're working. Kevin has called them into his office. Hidehiko and Shiori are asking if their daughter really was one of the DigiDestined. Shiori hoped that it wouldn't be true. Kevin tells that Edmund is also one of them and states that even though their greatest fear is true, they had to prevent the evil force threatening two worlds. They planned to call the five children after school to discuss about the situation. But then Kevin gets a phonecall and Miyuki's parents are visibly worried. After ending the call Kevin informs that police will investigate the company. The government knew about roles of Harmon and Koharuno families in the existence of Digimon, and now they want all secret information of about their creation. Then Kevin opened a mysterious map into the computer screen. It showed the same island, where the Black Gears had emerged into the real world. The text informs it being named File Island.

After the school, Miyuki gets a message from her parents to arrive to the Streamix Building. She must also tell Troy, Seamus and Jake to arrive as well. The boys think that they can trust Kevin and decide to go the Streamix Building. What happened last night might been just the beginning. Edmund and Audrey also get the message and they arrive at the same time as the four other DigiDestined. They go to the elevator, but it suddenly stops. The reason are the Black Gears and one big Gear goes inside the elevator. The big Gear shows vision of the island. Another big Black Gear goes to where the six Digimon are. Then suddenly Kevin's laptop shows on screen the text: "YOU FELL INTO TRAP!". And more text appears on it: "The Darkness is finally descending. It has begun to take over the Digital World. But soon it will come into our world too." Other gears inside the building are flying into other areas of the city and over the ocean. Some law enforcement people notice where they come from and start running inside the Streamix Building.

Then, the bigger Black Gears form with smaller gears portals that are pulling the children and their Digimon inside. Kevin, Hidehiko and Shiori are unable to prevent it from happening. The children were now on the File Island in the "Digital World" and under the watchful eye of an unknown enemy. Meanwhile the elevator starts going again and Audrey runs into Kevin's office where police and few FBI agents are also going. The agents point their weapons at Kevin, Hidehiko and Shiori, but Audrey tries to convince that they're innocent. Then Kevin's laptop sends new messages. The leading FBI agent Richard Gardner wants to see them too. The message says: "The children will never be returned. The island will be their death. And my powers will be the death of mankind." Then, the map of the File Island returned to the screen and some black lines started to separate its areas. After that, the whole island started to turn darker and engulfed into a large black circle. Kevin suspected that the enemy wants to prevent anyone to travel to other parts of the island or arrive from the ocean to the island before he himself "Bio-Emerges" to the real world. Gardner asked if the island was in the world of the digital monsters. Kevin confirmed it, but said that no ordinary human is capable to enter into that world. Hidehiko and Shiori are worried about Miyuki as well as Kevin and Audrey are worried about Edmund. Gardner orders the agents to contact the government and parents of the children about the situation. They must also track down the Black Gears that have emerged from the Digital World. Meanwhile Kevin tries to take contact to the children and find out who the enemy in the File Island is.

Waking up in the Digital World

Troy wakes up on next day near icy mountains and awakens Agumon as well. Troy asks where they are, and Agumon tells they are in the Freezeland, the only place in the File Island covered in snow and ice. After hearing name of the island, Troy asked if they were in the world where Digimon live. Agumon confirmed that the File island is part of the Digital World. But they sky around the File Island seemed very dark even though there was sun in the sky. Near the mountains there was a dark barrier preventing anyone escaping the Freezeland. Agumon realized that it was made by the evil Digimon who rules the File Island from its center, the Infinity Mountain. Agumon doesn't know the name of the evil Digimon, but he knows the whole island and says he's been waiting to meet Troy since he hatched from his Digi-Egg. Troy discovered that his smartphone somehow worked normally even in the Digital World. There was also three applications being installed in the phone. Right now only the first application, DigiMessenger, had been fully installed.

He opens the application and sees there five users listed in the contacts, including his own. Then he gets an invitation to chat, which was started by Seamus. Seamus himself is with Gabumon currently near the lake called Dragon's Eye. They get an answer from Troy who informs them about his location. They check three other contacts in DigiMessenger and two of them are Jake and Miyuki. Miyuki is nervous, but decides to tells her own location. She was with Piyomon near a volcano named Miharashi. Jake and Betamon joined the chat as well and told that they were in a place that was underground. The fifth user hadn't said anything yet, but Troy and the others knew who it was. It was Edmund, Kevin's son.

Meanwhile Edmund and Patamon are walking in a forest which is near of a railway. Edmund takes his phone where DigiMessenger had just been installed. He checks messages from others and recognizes them as the other four children with their Partner Digimon. However, he doesn't find a contact of his own father from the application. He just writes: "Hi. I'm Edmund Harmon. Who are you?" Troy asks if he's the son of Kevin Harmon. Edmund just answers "yes". Troy starts asking more and Jake tells him being just curious. But then Seamus tells them to stop asking, because Edmund must be just as surprised as they are.

Explaining origins of the Digimon and the DigiDestined

Meanwhile FBI is taking parents of the DigiDestined children to the Streamix Building. The last person to arrive is Jennifer, Troy's mother. Her husband was currently overseas and unable to return to America very soon. Agent Gardner introduces himself and tells that he has been ordered to monitor the activities of each Los Angeles citizen involved with the Digimon. Jennifer has no idea what the Digimon are and wants an explanation. Kevin, Audrey and Miyuki's parents introduce themselves as well and say that the arrangements are ready. Kevin decides to tell everything at the same time for people in the office and the children whose location was now clear. He opened his laptop and showed the map of the File Island along with locations of each child. He attached his own Digivice onto the laptop and joined chatting in DigiMessenger. In the Digital World, the children realize this as well. Kevin sent through the application a video file. Children started to watch it through their phones at the same time when FBI and the parents watch it in the real world.

The video tells how Robert Harmon led from 1984 to 1990 a project where Hidehiko's parents and Shiori's father, Tsuyoshi Mishina, were also working. The main goal of the project was an entirely new kind of artificial life that was meant to live like the animals of the real world. But somehow these specimen had managed to find a world to inhabit and after six years of research, some of the creatures had taken more human-like forms and started to act in a way that wasn't natural with real-life animals. There also existed a force that would make digital material capable of emerging into the real world. The existence of that force was revealed 25 years ago, since that was also the reason for the accident which happened back then. Robert had been continuing the project with Kevin being the only one to help him. The specimens named "Digimon" a.k.a. "the Digital Monsters" had taken forms resembling real animals as well as mythological creatures or heroes. The Digital World was not, however, created through the project. Instead, it had existed somehow in a different form. Hidehiko is a former anthropologist and he joined the Streamix Corporation to explore connections between the Digimon and the real world. However, some Digimon were evil and the possibility of Bio-Emerging had proven that they would be threat to whole mankind. That is why they started to get messages where it was said that Digimon and humans should protect their worlds together from threats coming from both sides. But the task requires people who are very pure-hearted with their personalities and most of them should be underage. Then the video ended.

The six first ones of these people were Troy, Seamus, Miyuki, Jake, Kevin and Edmund. The Digital World knows them as the DigiDestined and each one has a Digivice. The Digivices are meant to destroy darkness or make the Partner Digimon stronger to destroy it for them. They read from the messages of children that they had already heard what the File Island is. Tentomon, who is still in the real world, tells the agents and parents that the evil Digimon who rules the island is only one of the many threats to both worlds. A Kuwagamon which attacked two days ago had Bio-Emerged into the real world because of that same evil Digimon and was temporarily controlled by him through a Black Gear. But none of the Partner Digimon knew who the controller of the Black Gears was. The parents in the real world and children through their messages asked how people can return from the Digital World. Kevin believed that it would be solved once they would know how enemy would arrive into the real world. He decided to tell about two other applications he had created and sent to the smartphones of the children: the Digimon Analyzer and DigiLocate.

The enemy puts his plan to emotion

Meanwhile, in the temple of the Infinity Mountain, the enemy talks about his plans to open a gate into the real world. He wants the club-using Digimon, Ogremon, and the Bakemon to accompany him as well as four Digimon taken over by the Black Gears. The previously tortured lion Digimon, Leomon, is enlisted with four other controlled Digimon to destroy the DigiDestined.

In the real world, Kevin had already finished explaining of the instructions of two other applications and told the children that he contacts them again later. Gardner asked if it really was impossible for military to travel to the Digital World. Kevin didn't recommend it, because the enemy could only be defeated by the DigiDestined. He himself had to stay in the real world to prepare for the new Bio-Emerged Digimon controlled by the Black Gears. Besides, there was already dozens of Gears in Los Angeles without any Digimon. Then the FBI agents got messages from Washington, where NSA had been monitoring the Black Gear activities. Sightings of Gears and mysterious fog had been found also from New York and Kyoto, a Japanese city. Local militaries would definitely refuse to just stand by and watch. Then Kevin got an idea to help the children. He asked parents to find all the supplies and data Troy and the others would need overseas, if their return to the real world would happen outside California or all of the United States. Kevin decided to try to find a way get himself into the Digital World if it would be necessary, while Gardner ordered to relay the information to New York, where the UN would keep an emergency meeting.

In Freezeland, Troy was testing the DigiLocate application. It showed a map of the File Island. Troy saw how behind the mountains was a forest covered in snow. Suddenly, Agumon sensed that a Digimon was coming. That Digimon resembed a snowman. Troy remembered how Kevin had told to connect Digivice with a smartphone to make information about every Digimon within the range of the device to be uploaded automatically into Digimon Analyzer. With the help of the application Troy found out that the Digimon resembling snowman was Yukidarumon, a Champion Level and Vaccine-attributed Ice Digimon. Then Troy remembered how Kevin told that Digimon are categorized through three attributes: Vaccine, Data and Virus. The Digimon can also "Digivolve" into different form. The six levels of Digivolution are named Fresh, In-Training, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate and Mega.


Yukidarumon's technique Subzero Ice Punch was more powerful than Agumon's Baby Flame. Then Troy and Agumon saw how Yukidarumon was controlled by a Black Gear. Of they would destroy it, Yukidarumon would be freed. However, the Gear that controlled Kuwagamon was destroyed only by all Partner Digimon together. But then, the Digivice started to glow and a glowing web which was formed around Agumon, much bigger than one that made Agumon Digivolve from Koromon. Agumon started glowing too and his data reformed into a Champion Level Digimon named Greymon. Greymon fought Yukidarumon for a while and finally its attack Mega Flame destroyed the Black Gear and freed Yukidarumon. Then Greymon De-Digivolved back to Agumon.

Meanwhile near the Dragon's Eye Lake, Seamus and Gabumon felt that the ground was shaking. And soon there ran a Digimon, which Seamus checked being Monochromon, a Champion Level and Data-attributed Dinosaur Digimon. It shoots from its mouth fireballs with Volcanic Strike attack. Gabumon's Petit Fire technique is ineffective against it. Troy sent him a message and tells how he defeated Yukidarumon. Seamus realizes that Gabumon should Digivolve. He takes his Digivice and says that he really believes in Gabumonon and that would be capable of freeing Monochromon. Then Gabumon went through the same transformation as Agumon did. The name of his Champion form was Garurumon. Monochromon was physically stronger, but Garurumon was faster and after a brief fight he managed to destroy the Black Gear controlling Monochromon with Fox Fire attack. Seamus wondered if the freed Digimon was naturally evil, but Monochromon just nodded and walked away.

In the evening Yukidarumon, who was in the weak state because of Greymon's flaming attacks, awakens and Troy tries to talk to it. Yukidarumon thanks for being freed and asks Troy why he is the Digital World. Troy tells that it was because of the Black Gears. He asks if Yukidarumon who is the Digimon controlling the Gears. Yukidarumon only knows that the controller is a Digimon named Devimon who controls the Island from his temple in the Infinity Mountain. Troy tells that he is one of the DigiDestined and wants to get the Mountain. But Yukidarumon says that as a DigiDestined Troy should already have what he need, since he has a power to destroy darkness. Each part of the island was separated from others by the dark energy barriers. Under the island was a large sewer network, but the dark barriers affect them as well. Troy sees nearby a drain cover and then he tries to put his hand inside, but is unable to do it. Then suddenly his Digivice starts glowing and causes part of the dark barrier to disappear. Troy watches his DigiLocate application and sees how it shows the sewer network too. The map of the network shows four flashing signals.

Starting journey through the Island

In the underground tunnels, Jake is watching from his own smartphone the same application. He realized how there was a tube that led near to one of the other signals. The signal was coming from the Freezeland so Jake realized it was Troy. Troy's signal started moving, so Jake and Betamon started to walk through the tube to find him. He sends message to Troy and says that both of them were on their way to each other. The journey however was long and it was already evening. They wouldn't possibly meet each other until tomorrow.

The next day the UN started the emergency meeting in New York. Kevin and the FBI were now working in a temporary command center where they kept monitoring the situation of the children while keeping connection to both the White House and representatives of the UN. Kevin opens the DigiLocate and the FBI reports to upper party that Jake and Troy were about to see each other very soon. And it was about to happen for Seamus and Miyuki as well. Then they explored chat of the DigiMessenger where Troy had written having heard that enemy was known as Devimon. Devimon was the one who had been controlling the Black Gears and planned to attack the real world. But then one of the Gears flew into the command center and managed to disturb the surveillance camera so that it would hide into machinery without anyone noticing. One computer screen started to show flashing maps and one of them was Shimogyō-ku, one of the eleven wards of Kyoto. Kevin opened through the DigiLocate another map, which showed the real world. There appeared two black signals. The first one was in the command center and other one was in Kyoto. Signal of Kyoto only seemed to become stronger. Both Kevin and Hidehiko realized that Devimon wanted to know where the gate between the two worlds would open. The place had to be Kyoto, since it was both dimensionally and spiritually closest to other others possible worlds.

Meanwhile Seamus and Gabumon are near of one dark barrier, showing the volcano of Mount Miharashi and a village where Miyuki was still located. Suddenly his Digivice started to glow and part of the barrier was destroyed. Seamus realized that he saw the same thing that Troy did. The barriers were weak against light of the Digivices. He activated the DigiLocate from his smartphone and started to walk with Gabumon towards the village. But then ground started shaking. Something flaming came out of the volcano. Miyuki and Piyomon saw it too and analyzed it as Meramon, a Champion Level and Data-attributed Flame Digimon. Seamus tried to make Gabumon Digivolve, but it requires both Digivice and own energy. They had to walk into the village near the volcano and find some food to get enough energy for Digivolution.

Finding others

In the sewer tubes Troy and Agumon are hiding from the small dirty, slimy and crazy Digimon. The Analyzer told they were called Numemon. Despite their small size, they were Champion Level and Virus-attributed Mollusk Digimon. Agumon did not like them and wanted to stay away from them. Troy gets new message through DigiMessenger where Seamus and Miyuki explain their situation. Jake also asks for help, because he and Betamon have met in another tube a Drimogemon, Champion Level and Data-attributed Beast Digimon. Agumon Digivolves to Greymon and Troy climbs on his neck. The tube is not too small, but Greymon still feels that it is not easy to get to Jake's location. They finally arrive to right place, but then ground where they're walking collapses and fall into an underground lake. Greymon De-Digivolves to Agumon, because he does not like water. But then Jake's Digivice starts glowing and Betamon Digivolves into Seadramon. Drimogemon could not swim so it was currently were easy target for Seadramon. With its Ice Arrow attack Seadramon destroys the Black Gear controlling Drimogemon and saves it by helping it out from water. They see that during the collapsion there had also opened a way back to the surface. Drimogemon acts like regretting everything it did under the control of Black Gear. Troy tried to send messages to Seamus.

Seamus and Garurumon are fighting against Meramon. Piyomon would want participate in the battle, but Miyuki did not want her to. Seamus tells that this time fighting is the only option. Then Piyomon Digivolves and becomes Birdramon. Birdramon manages to destroy the Black Gear in Meramon's back by using Meteor Wing attack and saves the several In-Training Level Digimon living in the village. Seamus messages to Troy and Jake that the situation is over. Then he tells that others are going to the Infinity Mountain, near where Edmund currently was. The villagers warn them about Devimon, but Seamus and Miyuki say that if Troy and Jake were on their way to the mountain too, they be reunited again.

Meanwhile Edmund and Patamon had arrived into a place where ground felt like a trampoline and tree had baby toys hanging on the branches. But then a small red Digimon comes at them. Edmund tries for the first time to use the Digimon Analyzer. The small Digimon was Elecmon, Rookie Level and Data-attributed Mammal Digimon. Elecmon told that the place was named the Village of Beginnings, where each Digimon was born. But before letting them pass the area, he asks who they are. Edmund tells that he is one of the DigiDestined. Elecmon showed respect to their arrival and shows them many Fresh Level Digimon, who were technically just babies. Edmund rubs one Digi-Egg and it hatches into a Poyomon. Patamon remembers how he himself hatched from a Digi-Egg as Poyomon.

Devimon's invasion begins

Meanwhile Devimon had finally managed to open a gate to the real world. However, he senses Edmund being in the Village of Beginnings. He orders Leomon to destroy the child and gives him more power through a bunch of Black Gears. Succeeding of Devimon's plan depended of it. The other end of the gate opened in the real world in Kyoto. Ogremon and the Bakemon walk through it. Through the gate also appears four Digimon controlled by the Black Gears and finally Devimon himself. The military fires at them, but none of the Digimon is harmed.

FBI, Kevin and parents of the DigiDestined receive a new message from Devimon: "I have arrived into your world and now I conquer my own portion of it." Kevin decided that he had to find a way to travel to the Digital World and into the invaded city of Kyoto. Then suddenly there appeared a strange vortex. Tentomon believed it would lead into the Digital World, but did not know what opened it. Kevin took his laptop and jumped into the vortex with Tentomon. Then the vortex just disappeared.

Meanwhile in the Village of Beginnings Elecmon sensed something coming. It was Leomon and Edmund analyzed him being a Champion Level and Vaccine-attributed Beast Man Digimon. Elecmon was visibly shocked that one of the protectors of the File Island was under Devimon's control. Edmund was afraid and dared not to do anything. Air Shot attack was not effective enough. But then Troy, Greymon, Seamus, Garurumon, Miyuki, Birdramon, Jake and Seadramon arrived and started to fight against Leomon. Kevin and Tentomon also arrived there and Tentomon Digivolved into Kabuterimon. Kevin told to keep Leomon restrained and use the light of the Digivice against him. Leomon was controlled by six Black Gears, but the light of the Digivices destroyed them, just like the dark barriers. Leomon was conscious, but he could not believe that the DigiDestined were in front of him. Kevin introduces himself and the children, and also asks a short story about how the Digital World came to be what it is. Only then they would completely know what they're against.

Tale of the Digital World and decision of the DigiDestined

Leomon told that he knew about the event that made the whole Digital World to become what it is these days. The state of the Digital World was affected both computer networks and the collective unconsciousness of the human minds. One day, the seven Digimon who represented negative and dark feelings were born, and they wanted to cover the entire world in darkness. But fourteen good Digimon rose against them and started a long and very desperate battle which fortunately led to their Digivolution into the stronger forms that ever existed. Normally, the Digimon who died were reborn in the Village of Beginnings, but the Digi-Eggs born from the evil Digimon were sealed and their powers sent far away from the Digital World. The fourteen heroic Digimon were reborn, but they had no memory from any of their previous battles.

The Digivolution however had drained very much energy from the world. But five Digimon with the most succeeded Digivolution bound the balance of the Digital World to be dependent of their own powers. If either of these would become weaker, the same would happen to the other as well. The natural Digivolution was decided to be limited. Now it would only succeed through downloading the defeated Digimon or asking special permission from the new Digimon Sovereigns. But otherwise the Sovereigns had decided that the light from the real world would help both the Digimon and the mankind itself, since the previous battle had revealed a force capable of making crossing the worlds possible. That is why they started to choose humans and make them DigiDestined. Devimon was the one from the new generation of evil Digimon who took over the File Island.

There opened a dark energy pillar into the Infinity Mountain which meant that the gate between two worlds was open. Several Black Gears flew onto it. Leomon asked if could come with the DigiDestined, since his personal rival Ogremon had now allied himself with Devimon's forces. Greymon, Garurumon and Seadramon De-Digivolved back to their Rookie forms and so the party flew to the Mountain on backs of Birdramon and Kabuterimon. Kevin showed that he had taken with him passports and other useful items so that their arrival to Japan would not be illegal. He also sent message to Garnder about their plan. Gardner relayed Kevin's message to the parents of children and the upper party. He also replied to the message that the UN representatives that decided to one chance to the DigiDestined prove themselves even though they had they did not have much faith in them. And even though the military has not had any match against Devimon's forces, they refused to just stand and watch.

Return to the real world

Meanwhile on Devimon's temple light of the Digivices and attacks of each Partner Digimon destroyed the remaining Black Gears. They saw the base of the energy pillar. By the walking through the gate formed by the pillar they could get into Kyoto. Leomon asked if the DigiDestined were ready. Everybody else was, except Edmund. He was unsure if he would dare to fight. Besides, Patamon was still unable to Digivolve to his Champion form. Kevin hoped that it would not be necessary. But Leomon tells that it was youngest one of the first DigiDestined who was destined to destroy Devimon. Even though Edmund was now afraid, it was necessary for him to get over it so Devimon could be defeated. Edmund promised to try and the gand ran into the gate.

Devimon's forces were still causing destruction in Kyoto. His own eyes were set upon Kyoto Station. He stated Kyoto being the first human city to fall on his hands. After arriving to Kyoto, the DigiDestined see two Digimon: one looking like a flying unicorn and the other one resembling a centaur. The two Digimon are attacking civilian cars on the railways. The Analyzer reports the first one as Unimon, Champion Level and Vaccine-attributed Mythic Animal Digimon, which Leomon said living in the Infinity Mountain. The other one was Centauromon, Champion Level and Data-attributed Beast Man Digimon. Centauromon was the guardian of the Ancient Ruins where the first chapters of a prophecy about the DigiDestined was also written. Devimon's truly loyal servants, the Bakemon, were recognized by the Analyzer as Champion Level and Virus-attributed Ghost Digimon. Pentagon tracks Kevin's signal and they also receive the information collected by the Analyzer. Kevin is informed that there are three other Digimon rampaging on other parts of Kyoto while Devimon is just watching. Kevin tells Troy, Jake and Miyuki to defeat Unimon, Centauromon and Bakemon. Kevin himself decides to go with Seamus and Edmund to stop the other Digimon. Leomon goes with Kevin's group hoping to find Ogremon.

The Battle of Kyoto beings

Meanwhile the Kyoto Station was approached by a cyborg-like Digimon and a big stuffed toy bear Digimon. The choppers were trying to fire them, but each strike is ineffective. The surveillance footage is transmitted to where information about Ogremon and the two other Digimon are checked through the Analyzer. The Cyborg Digimon was Andromon, which was Ultimate Level and Vaccine-attributed Digimon. The toy bear was Teddymon, a Puppet Digimon who was too an Ultimate Level and Vaccine-attributed. Ogremon himself was a Champion Level and Virus-attributed Ogre Digimon. Soon they also received information about Devimon. Devimon was a Champion Level and and Virus-attributed Fallen Angel Digimon. After receiving the information Kevin said that Andromon and Teddymon would not be easy opponents, since they were one level ahead of Champion. And even though Devimon was Champion Level, it was significantly a powerful one. Leomon asked Seamus to tell Troy and the others that they should come help them after Unimon and Centauromon would be free. But then Ogremon stroke Leomon with his Tyrant Fist attack. Leomon said that he would deal with Ogremon alone and used his own Beast King Fist attack. He asked why Ogremon would serve Devimon without being controlled by Black Gears. Ogremon said only wanting have a better chance to destroy Leomon.

At the railways, Birdramon and Greymon were trying to strike Unimon, but without succeeding. Meanwhile, Seadramon was chasing Centauromon. Choppers arrived and Troy wondered if human technology would at least be capable of destroying the Gears. Greymon didn't believe iso, but Troy suggested trying to strike at the same time with choppers, because Unimon couldn't escape homing missiles that easily. Then one missile was launched. Greymon and Birdramon tried to strike Unimon at the time with it. They succeeded and the Gear was destroyed. Meanwhile, Seadramon managed to strike the Gear controlling Centauromon and destroy it. Miyuki then reminded that they should go help the others. The road was blocked by few Bakemon. They were naturally evil so Greymon, Birdramon and Seadramon didn't resist destroying them with assistance from Unimon and Centauromon. The surviving Bakemon tried to return to their master.

Andromon's Spiral Sword attack was very effective and destructive. So were the lasers that came from Teddymon's eyes. Bakemon also combined their powers by using their Dark Claw attack. Kevin tried to scan the data on the Analyzer to find Andromon's weak spot. Then he ordered Kabuterimon to use Mega Blaster attack to Andromon's right leg. A Balck Gear came out and Andromon was freed. Seamus wondered if the Gear controlling Teddymon was hidden behind the zipper. Garurumon stroke with Fox Fire and destroyed it. Edmund didn't understand how a Champion Level Digimon was match against one of the Ultimate Level. Kevin suspected that no matter how powerful Digimon were, the Black Gears were just as weak as they were when controlling other Digimon. The DigiDestined destroyed rest of the Bakemon and Leomon stroke Ogremon to the ground. Ogremon promised to never joined forces with any Digimon with dark powers, but also refused to help any Vaccine or Data-attributed Digimon. He decided to escape through the gate to the Digital World. Troy wanted Devimon to came face them himself and Devimon accepted the challenge. He landed to the ground ja all the Black Gear from Japan and the United States started fly onto him. Also the dark barriers on the File Island dissipated and their energy flowed through the gate into Devimon.

Confronting Devimon

The Black Gears fused with Devimon whose body started to grow larger. Devimon was now significantly bigger then any of the Partner Digimon and the others. Devimon stroke immediately, and no one was match against his powers. He threw Unimon, Centauromon, Andromon and Teddymon back to the Digital World and promised to take care of them later. Kevin ordered everyone to protect Edmund who was Devimon's main target. But Greymon, Garurumon, Birdramon, Seadramon, Kabuterimon and Leomon were too weak to do anything. Devimon also destroyed the military choppers and killed some civilians. Patamon flied towards Devimon and swore that he would even sacrifice himself to protect Edmund from Devimon. Then Patamon finally started to Digivolve. He became an angel-like Digimon named Angemon. The DigiDestined looked amazed of seeing this and so were the FBI and Pentagon were it was seen through their computers.

Angemon told that as a Digimon with holy powers he had the best chance to defeat Devimon. But he knew that his own powers weren't enough. He said his power would be barely just enough, if other DigiDestined give more of it from their Digivices. Kevin realized that even if Devimon would be destroyed, Angemon would suffer the same fate. Edmund was terrified while Devimon was laughing. He reminded the DigiDestined that he was just the Digimon who ruled the File Island. There would appear much more powerful enemies in time. However, Angemon believed that there would ne a solution to that problem. Troy asked why they didn't get greater powers right at the beginning. Leomon answered that it requires a full control of basics to gain any control of greater powers. After the DigiDestined would defeat Devimon, they would start finding a way to Digivolve the Partner Digimon to their Ultimate forms. Devimon became enraged and tried to destroy Angemon, but Angemon stroke him with Heaven's Knuckle attack. Angemon's body dissipated and finally his data reformed into a Digi-Egg that fell into Edmund's hands. Devimon's body returned to its normal size and dark powers were sucked into a flaming vortex. Soon the vortex disappeared and Devimon's body dissipated.

Leomon said that the dark powers were sealed away through the Wall of Fire and before Devimon could be reborn, his data should be first purified from all negativity. Edmund was crying to his Digi-Egg. He was just seen death of his own Partner Digimon and was unable to participate any battles for some time. Leomon said the gate opened by Devimon was about to close itself. He asked to take Angemon's Digi-Egg to Elecmon who would take care of it until it could return to Edmund. Edmund agreed to give him the egg and Leomon went back to the Digital World before the gate would be closed.

Later the DigiDestined were by the Japanese military to the plane that would take them back to Los Angeles. On the plane Kevin suggested that Edmund should move to live with his grandfather. Meanwhile he would help Troy and the others ato find a way to Digivolve the Partner Digimon to their Ultimate forms. FBI starts to dismantle the command center and tell the parents that the children are coming home with Kevin. The battle of Kyoto was the biggest news on both the United States and Japan.


After one month Troy and Jake were unhappy that the school was still treating them like normal children despite everything that had happened. Seamus however reminded that they had luckily managed to finish their extra schoolwork. Troy started to think once again plans to impress Miyuki. Because they had worked together to save the world from Devimon, they should also be friends outside their duty. Miyuki came greet the boys and asked if they had anything to do on weekend. He wanted spend time on a place, where no one would pester them. Seamus said that Kevin had already taken care of that matter.

The arrived to secret division on the Streamix Building. Kevin was already waiting for them and welcomed them to the place. Miyuki asked how Edmund was doing and he had adapted to the new school. Kevin said that his own father had taken good care of Edmund. Robert Harmon had also mad some errands for other DigiDestined too, like building their own headquarters. The room had a very entertaining environment and there was also a computer with large computer screen. Troy, Seamus, Miyuki and Jake really liked it. Kevin had just located every single Digi-Gate to the Digital World from the real world. He had also updated both DigiMessenger and DigiLocate a little bit. They had the whole weekend to get familiar with the machines, since they had no any homework. Troy doesn't care how they spend their time until it happens with the right crowd. Then computers inform about a message coming from the Digital World. The children go check it with Kevin.

Mid-credits scene

A hooded man with laptop in a mysterious house was revealed to the one who sent the message. However, he was not quite sure the message was sent. Devimon's defeat had made the connections better only a little bit.



  • Troy Dawkins, a 13 years old hot-headed student who mostly takes action instead of thinking.
  • Seamus Maitland, a 14 years old serious and English-born student who moved to America after his parents' death.
  • Miyuki Koharuno, a 13 years old Japanese-born student who moved into America because of her parents' job.
  • Jacob "Jake" Thacher, a 13 years old student who tries to find logic from both Troy's and Seamus's words.
  • Kevin Harmon, a 32 years old software developer and executive from Streamix Corporation. He is also father of Edmund Harmon as well as the son of CEO Robert Harmon.
  • Edmund Harmon, a 11 years old son of Kevin and grandson of Robert Harmon.

Partner Digimon



Law enforcement

  • Richard Gardner, a high-ranking FBI agent, whose section becomes a liaison between the DigiDestined and the government.


  • Leomon, protector of the File Island and temporarily taken over by multiple Black Gears.
  • Elecmon, caretaker of the Village of Beginnings.

Digital Agents

  • Benjamin, one of the digital beings resembling humans who serve the Digimon Sovereigns. Only a cameo appearance.


  • Devimon, evil tyrant of the File Island and controller of the Black Gears.
  • Ogremon, Leomon's rival and Devimon's temporary ally.
  • Several Bakemon, Devimon's only loyal minions.

Taken over by Black Gears


Creators of Digital Life

  • Robert Harmon, an eccentric founder and CEO of the Streamix Corporation who funded and started a mysterious project in 1984. He appears only in flashbacks.
  • Tsuyoshi Mishina, a Japanese colleague of Robert's and Shiori's father, as well as Miyuki's maternal grandfather. He appears only in flashbacks.


  • Digimon: First Adventure is the only film of the DigiDestined Saga with the title being unchanged during production.
  • Japan was decided to be the location for the final battle as a tribute for the Digimon franchise in real life coming from there.
  • From the seven original Partner Digimon in Digimon Adventure, Palmon and Gomamon were never considered to appear in this film. However, Gomamon made its debut in Digimon: Network Battles and Palmon's only appearance was in Digimon: Digitaclysm.
  • Surname of Robert Harmon's family was hardest one to be fully decide. The surname was changed many times, even after the first synopsis release.
  • Originally, the Village of Beginnings (the original Japanese name for the Primary Village) was considered too childish place to be included, but its inclusion was included because of its importance.
  • In the first version of synopsis, the final battle was meant to be in Shinjuku, Tokyo. But that was changed into Shimogyō-ku, Kyoto. Kyoto was chosen as a replacement because of its role in Digimon Adventure 02 episode 33.


At the same time with the release of the extended synopsis of for Digimon: First Adventure it was announced that its sequel, the second installment of the DigiDestined Saga and the whole Cinematic Sagas, is named Digimon: Network Battles. The sequel takes eight months after events of Digimon: First Adventure. It also introduces some new DigiDestined and their Partner Digimon.

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