Digimon: Lost Chronicle is an upcoming Digimon fan fiction by h-oshizora-requiem on deviantArt.

It revolves around a group of 7 young people called from Yggrdrasil for save the Digital World from it's corruption.

Before you even ask, no, it's not based on Digimon Chronicle. It's partially based on my original story "project: BLACK CHRONiCLE", that contains elements inspired from Digimon. And the choosen ones are human versions of the seven main charathers of the story, the Black Chroniclers.




The choosen ones

Jennifer Carter - The leader of the group, a sweet and caring person, with an adventureous side.She loves streampunk fashion and her style is remiscent of that. She wields the magenta Digivice and her partner digimon is Witchmon.

Emilian "Emil" Blackmoore - The youngest of the group, yet very mature for his age (He's 14.) He's a bookworm and doesn't have a proper social life. At times he could seem a tsundere type of charather. He wields the yellow Digivice and his partner digimon is -undecided-

Jonathan Goulding - A canadian young man that dreams to become one day a famous stylist. He's a passionate and sentimental type of boy, that loves reading fashion magazines in his spare time. He wields the light blue Digivice and his partner digimon is Lunamon.

Henry Blackmoore - Emilian's older brother. He's a serious type of person, yet this doesn't mean that when it's needed he can't have a good laugh. He's an avid chess player. He wields the violet Digivice and his partner digimon is Falcomon.

Ignatius Glentworth - A carefree and laidback young man that is a skilled violinist. He's interested in Japanese mythology. He wields the red Digivice and his partner digimon is Biyomon

Lyra Mizuki - She's an eccentric girl that is half british (from mother's side) and half japanese (from father's side). She will scream things like "Kyaa!" is she sees cute things. She also has a green thumb, and she loves to gardening. She wields the green Dicivice and her partner digimon is Lalamon

Julia - A mysterious girl that doesn't remember about her past. She's cold and harsh with everyone. She wields the orange Digivice and her partner digimon is Gankoomon


coming soon. c: 

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