Digimon Network Battles

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Digimon: Network Battles is a fanon live-action film idea created by CAJH. It is the second film of both the DigiDestined Saga of Digimon Cinematic Sagas and the whole franchise. The film was announced on January 12, 2015 right after the synopsis release of its prequel Digimon: First Adventure. The original version of extended synopsis was released on February 18, 2015. Its sequel is Digimon: The Third World.

Rest of its plot has been adapted from real-life anime. Plot points from episodes 14 to 20 of Digimon Adventure, episodes 1 to 21 of Digimon Adventure 02, and episodes 7 to 14 of Digimon Tamers are included.


Version 2: Updated on December 5, 2015.


It was the year 2000. Robert Harmon and his son Kevin are still doing research on the Digital World and the Digimon. When they decided to call it day, Kevin is going out of house to meet his girlfriend, Audrey Clinton, who later became his wife. But Kevin and Audrey have no time to talk much when Robert Harmon asks his son to come with him to the police station. They had just received very bad news.

The flashback was revealed to be a dream that Kevin Harmon had just seen. Audrey asked if it was the same dream again. Kevin admitted it was true. He still wanted to go the Streamix Building for work. He found out a message had come from Edmund. Kevin decided to that he would show it to the other DigiDestined.

The Network Battles

The unknown facility

It is the year 2016. Eight months has passed since the battle in Kyoto and Devimon's defeat. The United Nations still haven't fully accepted activity of Kevin Harmon and the other DigiDestined. Few countries and their governments had even tried to develop other ways to prevent any threat regarding the Digimon. Seamus Maitland thought that the military or the law enforcement just didn't want to stand by and watch the DigiDestined do the job. Troy Dawkins refused to believe that anyone could replace them. Miyuki Koharuno and Jacob "Jake" Thacher were thinking how they could prove it. Kevin believe that they would gain trust of the world in time. Then, he showed Edmund's message. Edmund told that he was going return to Los Angeles after two weeks.

Meanwhile, on a secret facility in an unknown location a man was speaking to several technicians and operators who were working with enormous machines. He said: "We've been working on with this project a long time before the battle of Kyoto. Kevin Harmon has already been collecting 'the DigiDestined' and only eight months ago he finally presented them to the whole world. But now it's our time step out too. Our system has finally been completed. The first weapon is ready to be tested and soon will our other weapons too. When the DigiDestined have their next battle, we'll start our test drives." Everyone clapped their hands, but unknowingly for them a strange black symbol flashed in one of the computer screens as well as few files.

Meeting the messenger

Meanwhile, the DigiDestined started to improve their connection to a mysterious person who had been trying contact for months. Finally a hologram of a middle-aged man with a hooded light brown robe appeared into the center of the room. The man tells that he's not human, but instead a digital entity without attributes that the Digimon have. He is meant to be one the liaisons between the DigiDestined and the Digimon Sovereigns. Kevin and his father had been communicating with them for 11 years. The man was named Benjamin, and with his companions they chose the Partner Digimon for each member of the DigiDestined. They had also built the Digivices. He couldn't have connection during last years, because of Devimon's interruption. But back then, he was able to open a Digi-Gate for Kevin to arrive into the File Island. However, something else still disturbing the connections and he has been forced to have assistance to have connections to little better. But right now he wanted to tell how the DigiDestined would manage to Digivolve their partners to Ultimate Level.

There were several ways, but they all mostly happened through a greater connection to the Crystal Catalyst, the source of all Digivolution. The method the DigiDestined should use are a power known as the Crests. Its power can be accessed through Tags and small tablets that have been inserted inside them, and they could give boost to power of the Digivices by using the emotions tied to the symbol in the Crest. Benjamin said he had recovered the Tags, but the Crests only return through a correct emotion tied to its user. He would send them from the place where he currently was: the Server Continent. But there also awaited the upcoming enemies of the DigiDestined. Benjamin had no time to tell what they were, because the connection was weakening. He was however able to advise them to prepare fighting in both real world and the Server Continent of the Digital World.

The underage DigiDestined were sure that because of the summer they were not really busy right now. Kevin was sure someone could take care of the Streamix during his work with the matter. But they had no idea what they were up against this time. The new threat was once again arising before they were even ready to face it. But their talk didn't continue very long. The system of the headquarters gave an alert of a new Digimon Bio-Emerging to the real world after all these months.

A new attack

The Bio-Emerging has also been detected in the mysterious facility was as well. The man who gave the speech and is referred as "the Director" ordered the system to be readied and asks "the DigiShadow" to arrive. DigiShadow was a young high school aged boy who had a black soldier suit and a helmet that covered everything except his mouth. The Director asked if he knew what to do. DigiShadow answered "Yes, Director!" and revealed a black device that looked a little bit like Digivice and connected it into a smartphone. Then, he opened an application after which there appeared steam and a vortex resembling a Digi-Gate where he disappeared. Director asked operators to wait until DigiShadow would reach the destination and until they would have the necessary information.

In Los Angeles, the DigiDestined had arrived to the coast that was already covered in fog. There appeared a vortex nearby where DigiShadow teleported himself into the area. Soon the fog disappeared and the DigiDestined saw a Digimon that has a mollusk-like body in a shell. According to the Digimon Analyzer it was Shellmon, a Champion Level and Data-attributed Sea Animal Digimon. Shellmon deemed to have complete control over its actions, but it still was affected by some dark force. Miyuki and Jake decided to take this battle, so Piyomon and Betamon Digivolved into Birdramon and Seadramon. The battle was not easy. Shellmon's technique Hydro Pressure was strong against attacks of Birdramon and Seadramon

But then, the DigiLocate application detected a mysterious black signal that some kinds of waves towards the three Digimon. The signal was coming from the device used by DigiShadow. It made Birdramon and Seadramon weaker and they De-Digivolved back to their Rookie forms. Workers of the mysterious facility and the Director saw everything. The Director asked if "Yuggoth" was ready. Operators said that the channel to American network was ready. However, some of them feared that using Yuggoth would damage the Internet very badly. The Director told them to obey and said that everything would be for the world's sake. Meanwhile Troy was running to where the signal was coming from. Suddenly, he saw the DigiShadow and chased after him. Seamus tried to stop Troy, but then everyone's attention was to the ocean where appeared three energy balls connected to each other. After the Director's orders they were fired to Shellmon, Piyomon and Betamon.

Troy's mistake

Yuggoth stroke into Shellmon whose body dissipated and the particles were sucked through the fog back into the Digital World. During that the strange black symbol is seen on the gate as well as on some of the computers in Los Angeles. The Yuggoth had also wounded Piyomon and Betamon. Betamon was so weak that it De-Digivolved to its In-Training from, Pukamon. Troy wondered what it was. The DigiShadow said it meant that the world no longer needs the DigiDestined or any like them. Troy became furious and told Agumon to Digivolve into Greymon. Seamus and Kevin arrived and tried to make Troy calm down. Greymon himself didn't want to hurt any humans no matter what they were. But Troy swore that he would fight, if he would endanger his own life. But then, the Tag in Troy's chest was engulfed by a black energy and so was Greymon's body.

Greymon tried to struggle, until the black energy had transformed his data into something that looked like a skeletal dinosaur. The Analyzer informed that the Digimon Greymon had become was SkullGreymon, an Ultimate Level and Virus-attributed Dinosaur Digimon. Troy was unable to believe that Greymon had become like that, and Kevin believes that perhaps it wasn't meant to. DigiShadow takes his smartphone and the black device using them to teleport himself away. Right now the DigiDestined had bigger problem. SkullGreymon acted like a wild beast. It went rampage and started to cause destruction. It didn't listen to anything Troy said.

The DigiShadow had returned to the facility. Director told the operators to reactivate Yuggoth and aim into SkullGreymon. The DigiDestined saw it and Troy feared that Agumon would experience the same thing that Piyomon and Betamon did. But nothing happened. The Yuggoth energy balls that stroke into SkullGreymon just dissipated. Troy was relieved, but SkullGreymon still rampaged. Gabumon and Tentomon Digivolved to Garurumon and Kabuterimon, and they tried to stop SkullGreymon. But any of their attacks had no effect. After some time SkullGreymon De-Digivolved to his In-Training form Koromon. Troy was very ashamed of everything and hejust wanted to go home. Meanwhile, in the facility, DigiShadow asked from the Director what will they do now. Director told him to go to "recharge" himself, but first he should take the scanned data from all Digimon to the server with the other data. Then, he told the technicians to improve power of Yuggoth as well as accelerate the development of other weapons for "the Cthulhu system". When the DigiShadow sent the data to the server, it also showed data scanned from many other Digimon too. Then, he connected cables into spiral-formed devices in his arms. A Larva Digimon imprisoned in a tank watched him and called him by the name "Wei".

The consequences

Two days after the incident, Troy was sitting in his room and Koromon had still not Digivolved to Agumon. Troy's mother told that the other DigiDestined had come, because they wanted to talk with Troy. Troy thought he didn't deserve to be a DigiDestined. But Kevin believed they all of them are needed to protect both the Digital World and the real world. He wanted to tell about his latest findings about the DigiShadow and the Bio-Emergence of Shellmon. Troy agreed to at least listen them.

Kevin took his laptop and showed how he had been analyzing the signal from the device used by DigiShadow. It was very much like a Digivice signal, but stronger than corrupted by darkness. There also came almost similar signals from the Server Continent of the Digital World. Jake wondered if DigiShadow was working for a Digimon that was like Devimon. But Troy remembered DigiShadow saying that the world no longer needs the DigiDestined or any like them. Someone also had destroyed Shellmon before they had the change. The incidents may have a connection to each other. But it was very unlike that there were two enemies working together. Then, Kevin got a phone call about a video that everything about the events that happened two days ago.

When the DigiDestined watched the video, they also noticed how it showed Troy's wrong move caused the birth of SkullGreymon. The narrator of the video also knew everything about the battle of Kyoto and Edmund Harmon's traumatizing experiences from the battle against Devimon. The last words were: "You should put your trust into us: the Webmasters. Only we can protect your world without endangering anyone." After video ended, Kevin said he was surprised that the "Webmasters" really had weapons against the Digimon. They were a mysterious organization that didn't work for any government, but resisted the existence of the DigiDestined. The only known members were either hiding or arrested for working outside of the law, but they didn't tell anything while being interrogated. Now the unknown leader of the organization wanted all charges to be repealed, so they could share everything about their weapons with the UN. Right now any nation was not yet ready to trust them completely. Besides, the weapon called Yuggoth was ineffective against Ultimate Level Digimon.

The DigiDestined were thinking what to do. Because of the summer vacation, they had time to do the Digital World for a longer time to find out what was happening in the Server Continent. Seamus asked how they would get there. Kevin told that he already had the answer and that he would it for them today. But before that he would have to contact the parents of the children and their ally, the FBI agent Richard Gardner.

New events

In the Digital World, Benjamin was watching several maps of both his home world and the real world. He took three unknown artifacts and a blue device that was exactly like the DigiShadow's black device. He activated the device and opened two vortexes. Both the device and two artifacts were sucked into the first one and the third artifact into the other. Then, he tried to contact the headquarters of the DigiDestined.

The other side of one of the vortexes appeared into a room of a 12 years old boy. The blue device that was sent by Benjamin appeared into his hands. The boy was amazed to see it. But then, his parents reminded him about the soccer practices on the field that would start in two hours. The boy decided not to show them the device and so he hid it into his bag.

The third artifact sent by Benjamin appeared into the headquarters of the DigiDestined. The artifact was colored yellow and purple, and its form was like an egg. The computers also alerted about both the headquarters and from Oklahoma City. The DigiDestined wondered what it was about. Then, Kevin showed both his Digivice and a mysterious yellow device. He said he was now completely certain about one thing he had been wondering about a long time: it was a completely new Digivice. But the new Digivice started glowing and there opened a vortex which from came a small yellow Digimon seemingly an In-Training on. It introduced itself as Upamon.

Upamon said he had been in very deep sleep, until he would be needed. When Troy asked if Upamon was supposed to be a partner for someone, Upamon said the partner was Kevin. Everybody was amazed, but Kevin said, that the exceptions were not impossible. He currently had two Digivices: the first one for Tentomon and now the other one for Upamon. But now there thinking about the signal of Oklahoma City. Kevin believed that his new Digivice and the one DigiShadow had were not the only ones of their kind. There was a third one and it was in Oklahoma.

Then, Benjamin managed to gain connection to the DigiDestined. He told himself being the one who sent these new kinds of Digivices named "D-3". They would open gates between the two worlds and give acces to special ways of Digivolution that were impossible with the original Digivices. Troy was already agnry at Benjamin about how the Tags didn't work how they were supposed to. But Benjamin reminded that Troy himself had not used the correct emotions to use the power of the Crests. He had to learn to find the true way to Digivolve Koromon into Ultimate Level. Benjamin advised to find the new enemy and the new members of the DigiDestined. After that the connection was broken once again.


In the office of FBI, agent Richard Gardner was talking to his superior Mr. Smithers who is the head of Los Angeles FBI. They knew the DigiDestined were going into the Digital World and with a new technology. Gardner wanted to keep find more about identities of the Webmasters, but Smithers said the Interpol had decided not to chase any of them anywhere on the planet. He also reminded how the most of the DigiDestined were only children and how one of them lost control of his powers. Gardner showed him a report of information Kevin Harmon had collected of the latest battle, the person known as DigiShadow and the new Digivices called D-3. DigiShadow had one and the DigiDestined had another one. And now latter were planning to find the third one from Oklahoma City. Smithers decided to inform local law enforcement about the situation, but somehow the connections were not working correctly. Some had seen a glimpse of a mysterious black symbol. They already knew that was not the same as the symbol used by the Webmasters. Gardner and Smithers had no idea what was this all about.

Meanwhile, the DigiDestined had arrived into the Server Continent in the Digital World. Kevin started to open a gate to Oklahoma, but before that Koromon and Pukamon Digivolved back to their Rookie forms. Koromon became Agumon again, but Pukamon didn't Digivolve into Betamon. Instead, he became a Digimon named Gomamon that resembled a bestial seal. Jake asked how this was possible. Kevin explained the reason being almost same as Agumon becoming SkullGreymon. Some Digimon species were able to Digivolve into alternate form. Now Jake had become an exception among the DigiDestined too. Apparently, the wounds Pukamon got from the energy of Yuggoth had reordered his data so it could take a new form. Then, the D-3 Digivice helped Upamon to Digivolve to his own Rookie form: Armadimon. Seamus and Miyuki wondered what would the Champion forms of Gomamon and Armadimon look like, but Kevin was ready to open the gate to Oklahoma City for Seamus, Miyuki, Jake, Gabumon, Piyomon and Gomamon. After the others went through the gate, Troy and Kevin started to their journey with Agumon, Tentomon and Armadimon through the continent.

They noticed strange black cable moving in the ground, some were underground and some were at the surface. Kevin tried to scanned it and it had similar traces that Shellmon's body had. The DigiLocate showed that the cables formed some kind of network into the middle parts of the continent, and they had two servers. Both of them were in a desert, but still very far from each other. Then, a group of Digimon that resembled combinations of rabbit and cat were spying them nearby. One of them took a mobile phone and connected it to the cables. Kevin, however, noticed them through DigiLocate and started to run towards them. Two of the unknown Digimon dove into sand and resurfaced behind Troy and Kevin. They used Paralyze Breath technique to knock them unconscious. Armadimon and Tentomon were struck unconscious too. Agumon, however, was careful and he knew very well that the Digimon behind the attack were Gazimon. He was unable to Digivolve without Troy, so he was defeated by the Gazimon too. The one with mobile phone said that their master wanted the DigiDestined to be brought into the Colosseum.

A new DigiDestined

Meanwhile, Seamus, Miyuki and Jake were trying to walk in Oklahoma City without being noticed. They would be recognized right away if their partners would be seen. They tried to contact to Troy and Kevin through DigiMessenger to ask what they should do, but no one answers. Had something happened to them? Seamus and Jake were thought they had to continue the mission, because it was the only thing they could do right now. Then, the DigiLocate detected two signals. A signal that referred into the D-3 Digivice was coming very fast towards them and the same boy who had received the device through the vortex stumbled in front of them.

The boy was at first very angry about this, since he was in a hurry to arrive to soccer practices. But then, he saw Gabumon, Piyomon and Gomamon. Then he was silent and looked surprised. Finally, he asked if Seamus, Miyuki and Jake were friends of Troy. When Seamus asked how the boy knew about Troy, the boy explained himself being Troy's cousin. His name was Daniel Linwood, nicknamed Dan. He had heard from his cousin few details about the Digimon and the Digital World. He asked if the DigiDestined had come for the device he had received. Seamus advised Dan to just go the soccer practices. Then Miyuki saw through the DigiLocate that the artifact signal was coming from the same field were the practices were. It couldn't be just a coincidence. So the DigiDestined decided to go with Dan.

But the field was filled with police officers who were investigating the field. Dan's coach came to explain that the practices were cancelled. But the soccer camp starting after few weeks would still happen in schedule. Miyuki considered telling police who they were so they could gain their trust. Seamus instead wanted to wait until Kevin would give instructions about what to do. Dan tried to ask what was going on and where Troy was. Miyuki promised to tell everything. Jake said that they had no time to wait too long. Sooner or later they must get into the field to find what they are looking for.

Master of the Dark Network

Meanwhile in the Digital World, Troy and Kevin awoke in a place that resembled the Colosseum of Rome, but was located in the desert. Agumon, Tentomon and Armadimon were imprisoned into another cage. They all saw a number of several Gazimon in the audience as well as army of Digimon guarding the building. Along with them there was only one familiar species: Monochromon. Troy found out his Tag was taken, but he still had his Digivice and smartphone. He analyzed the other Digimon with the Digimon Analyzer. All of them were Champion Level. There were several Tyrannomon, Data-attributed Dinosaur Digimon; several Airdramon, Data-attributed Mythical Animal Digimon: and one Gorillamon, a Data-attributed Beast Man Digimon.

A large armored truck arrived into the middle of the arena. It was connected the table it had the same previously seen and mysterious symbol. The Gazimon were cheering and shouted the name "Etemon". Kevin realized that this Etemon must be the one who made Shellmon Bio-Emerge to the real world. The roof of the trailer opened and lots of steam came out from inside. In the middle of the steam was a Digimon resmbling a monkey puppet, who had black sunglasses, a microphone and an electric guitar. Troy was unable to believe that a Digimon like would be much greater threat than Devimon. But Kevin said that looks may be deceiving. The Analyzer informed Etemon being an Ultimate Level and Virus-attributed Puppet Digimon. It was also connected somehow to the dark powers.

Etemon told to the audience how his "Dark Network" had fully spread to the middle parts of the Server Continent. Sooner or later the Network would also take over other parts of the Digital World as well as the real world. He said that in order to prove his superiority, he had taken only the Tags away from the DigiDestined, and he also wanted Troy and Kevin to be brought the arena, knowing the latter was the son of the man who created the ancestors of the Digimon. The Dark Network and the browser monitors gave all that was needed to watch the Internet, and they had given Etemon all the information about enemies. Kevin and Troy decided to check the DigiMessenger where others had written the DigiDestined being found.

A new Digivolution

Meanwhile in the real world Seamus, Miyuki, Jake and Dan were thinking how to get the artifact that was in the soccer field. The area was still tightly guarded. Then a black vortex opened and DigiShadow came through it. The police notice this and want to know why he is here. Dan didn't want to just watch anymore, so started running to the field. Then artifact in the ground started to glow and flew towards Dan. Then an orange-colored vortex opened and a blue Digimon came from it. It introduced itself as Chibimon and was excited to meet Dan. Seamus realized that Chibimon is meant to be Dan's partner. DigiShadow said to the police how once again the Streamix Corporation and the DigiDestined had once again forced an innocent person to join them, and wanted it to be stopped. He also reminded them about the promise to give a much more safer way to defend against the Digimon, if the Webmasters would be forgiven for working without any governments.

Gabumon, Piyomon and Gomamon try to convince that not all Digimon were evil. Chibimon said that he definitely agreed and with help of Dan's D-3 Digivice he Digivolved into his Rookie form Veemon. DigiShadow threatened to ask the Webmasters to active Yuggoth again. He said the their weapons don't do any damage to matter that is from the real world. But the government had just received proofs about how it would be unwise for to accepting actions of the Webmasters. The networks of Los Angeles had been severely damaged since Yuggoth was used in the battle against Shellmon. DigiShadow became angry and teleported himself away. However, DigiLocate showed a black signal coming from Oklahoma City. Dan wanted him to be catched. Veemon said he could do it, if he could "Armor Digivolve" with help of the artifact, revealed to be the Digimental of Courage. Dan only neede call up its power so it could be used. After hesitating for a while, Dan shouted: "Digimental Up!" Then the Digimental changed into part of some kind of armour. Data of Veemon's body reconfigured into a new form fit into the armour. So Veemon had become a Digimon named Flamedramon.

The Analyzer informed Flamedramon as an Armor Level and Vaccine-attributed Dragon Man Digimon. Flamedramon told that the Armor Digivolution was an ancient alternative Digivolution method spearate from the traditional system and it had different limitation than Digivolving into Champion Level. But right now they head to chase DigiShadow. Flamedramon was able to fly only by using techinque called Fire Rocket. Gabumon Digivolved into Garurumon, which after Seamus and Dan left with their partners. Miyuki and Jake decided to stay with the police, because the previous encounter with DigiShadow had made them hesitate. They found DigiShadow near the apartment house, where Dan and his family lived. When Garurumon and Flamedramon came near, DigiShadow used once again his black D-3 Digivice to stop the Digivolution. But it had no effect on Flamedramon.

Flamedramon attacked against DigiShadow, before he was able to even touch his black D-3 Digivice. DigiShadow was then brought into the ground as restrained and his helmet was taken off. He was revelaed to be a young Asian-looking man with red glowing eyes. Dan was unable to believe what he just saw. DigiShadow's face was familiar to him. The man was a Hong Kong student genius named Wei Xueqi. Xueqi admitted his true indentity. Miyuki asked why he had a D-3, but not a Partner Digimon. Xueqi said he don't need a partner and that all of the Digimon were just data after all, not truly living beings. He freed himself and took back his D-3. He swore that "Shaggai" would be completed soon and that the Webmasters would have a new weapon against the Digimon. He ran towards Miyuki and Piyomon, and teleported himself away with them.


Meanwhile at Etemon's Colosseum in the Digital World, Etemon ordered Troy, Kevin and the Partner Digimon to be freed. It was time to prove his superiority. Tentomon Digivolved into Kabuterimon, but Troy refused to let Agumon Digivolve. Armadimon told Kevin the same thing that Veemon told to Dan. When Armadimon Armor Digivolved with the Digimental of Knowledge, he became Digmon, an Insect Digimon with drills. Etemon played his guitar and used the technique called Love Serenade. Kabuterimon De-Digivolved back to Tentomon, but Digmon was not affected by the technique. Love Serenade had similar power than the DigiShadow's black D-3 had. Both of them were using the powers of darkness after all.

Digmon used technique named Gold Rush, when his drills came off and flied like missiles. But Etemon used his other technique Dark Spirits by striking a black energy ball to defeat all Digimon. Kevin tried to advice Troy come over his fear and become courageous. But Troy has unable to do anything. Kevin decided to activate his own D-3 and the team teleported himself to Oklahoma City to get to the others. Troy was happy to see his cousin Dan, but had no idea what had happened. Digmon and Flamedramon recognized each other as well and were happy to see each other. But now the whole team had to think about everything that had happened. Dan's father and Troy's maternal uncle, Bradley Linwood, came out and wanted an explanation.


In the evening at the Linwood's home, everything had been spoken through. Dan's parents didn't say anything. Now the DigiDestined knew what each of them had experienced. Troy was still unsure about fighting. But Kevin said to him that if one can overcome one fear he can overcome another. Troy remembered that he was afraid of some things as a child and promised to try at least. Then they got into the message board of the DigiMessenger a message that asked for help. The sender told them about Etemon. Etemon had been an unpopular but powerful Digimon who had allied himself with the Digimon of Darkness so he could use the Dark Network in order to help them conquer the Server Continent. The sender explained having been forced to work as an administrator of the Dark Network when he was defeated by Etemon long time ago. But now he had been helping Benjamin to contact the DigiDestined even though Etemon had found out about it.

Etemon had also been somehow using the Webmasters for his own good. Wei Xueqi's black D-3 had the power to stop Digivolution just like Etemon's electric guitar. Because DigiShadow was from Hong Kong, Jake believed that some of the Webmasters could be in there. Articles about Wei Xueqi was a talented programmer and also very famous soccer player who had mysteriously disappeared two months ago. Kevin had reason to believe that perhaps the headquarters of the whole organization would be there. Through the satellites the DigiLocate would work even into every place on the real world. But Xueqi's D-3 or even the Miyuki's Digivice was unable to be detected. Perhaps something was covering it up. But Kevin knew that only one person would have any access to all files of the Streamix Corporation. Robert Harmon had shared the most important information with only certain persons, including his sons Kevin and Martin Harmon. His theories might have been done hastily, but perhaps Martin Harmon, Kevin's younger brother, was a member of the Webmasters.

Kevin told them about when he was young. He was excited and very knowledge thirsty person who helped his father research Digimon and the Digital World. But Martin was different from that. He was very serious about the situation of the real world and he had always feared it would end. When Martin had found out that the Digimon would become a threat to mankind, he wanted them to be destroyed. Robert, however, refused believe that all of the digital monsters would be evil and tried to convince his son of that. When Martin was 15, he had hacked into the Streamix's accounts and stolen some money after which he ran away. Martin was found again 10 years later, but Robert dropped all charges against him. However, because the Digimon still existed, he refused to make peace with his family. Martin even swore that he would destroy the Digimon by himself. He had also moved away from the North America two years ago. Was he the one who found and funded the Webmasters? And what role the DigiShadow and Etemon had on all these events?

A new weapon

Meanwhile in the Webmasters' facility, the spiral-like devices attached to Xueqi's body were charging once again. The imprisoned Larva Digimon was still sadly watching and hoping that someone would save him. Miyuki and Piyomon were imprisoned in the same room and realized that the "spirals" had brainwashed Xueqi. Then the Director came into the room and checked information about Digimon species. They included data about Greymon, Garurumon, Kabuterimon, Angemon, SkullGreymon, Kuwagamon and even Devimon. The operators checked there had mysteriously appeared data about species not seen in the real world. They included data about Airdramon and Monochromon. But the Director wasn't interested. He only wanted to use the data to finish the remaining weapons that were under development. "Shaggai" was ready to be tested and Yuggoth's power was also greater than ever before. Now was the time to proceed into next phase of the plan. He ordered everyone to prepare when their message would be sent to the world and when Shaggai would be activated.

In the Digital World Etemon's Mobile Command Center traveled into some pyramids. Gazimon checked through the Internet how the Webmasters had exactly what they expected them to. But they said that the DigiDestined had once again some received vital information. Etemon realized that his "prisoner" had once again been helping Benjamin and the DigiDestined. The System Pyramids had to be checked immediately. Etemon and the Gazimon stepped into one of the Pyramids. Gorillamon and the groups of Tyrannomon, Monochromon and Airdramon were left in guard. Etemon stepped into the chamber and talked to his prisoner, a Machine Digimon named Nanomon.

In the real world the DigiDestined and the Los Angeles FBI watched a new video from their current locations. The video showed the Director himself, revealed to be Martin Harmon. Kevin was shocked to learn that his own brother really was the founder and leader of the Webmasters. Martin explained how he had been developing a system named Cthulhu in order to destroy the Digimon once and for all. They had already used a weaker version of a weapon named Yuggoth. But now their second weapon, Shaggai, was complete. Kevin's laptop alerted how a huge energy vortex had opened into Oklahoma City and it wasn't a Digi-Gate. The Partner Digimon started to feel a little pain in their bodies. They ran outside, but there part of their data started to be sucked into the vortex that worked like a black hole. Apparently, the meaning of Shaggai is suck the data of all the Digimon inside and trap it so it could be contained and destroyed for good. Troy couldn't stand and watch anymore. He was no longer afraid and wanted to join the fight again. Then Kevin got a message into DigiMessenger about where they should go.

Storming chaos

In the Digital World, Etemon saw how he felt how Shaggai was affecting there as well. He gave the order to use the Dark Network in order to conquer the weapon. A black energy stream that flowed from the cables opened two large Digi-Gates to the real world. The first one opened into Oklahoma City and the other into Hong Kong where the Webmasters' facility had been located. In the Digital World the System Pyramids collapsed and Etemon Bio-Emerged to Oklahoma City with his minions. Troy and Jake started to fight. After so long time Agumon Digivolved to Greymon again. And now Gomamon Digivolved on his current form first time. His Champion form was a walrus-like Digimon named Ikkakumon. Seamus, Jake and Dan should fight against Etemon's minions were asked to run throught the vortex into the Digital World. If they would trust the light of the Digivices, Shaggai wouldn't hurt any of them. Maybe they also find out Martin's location in order stop his plans. But soon after Troy and Kevin had gone through, Dan's D-3 started to glow blue light. Dan decided that he was meant to follow them and went with Flamedramon through the vortex, despite Seamus trying to stop him.

When they appeared into the ruins, Troy and Kevin saw Nanomon who tried to free himself from the black cables holding him back. But then Dan and Flamedramon appeared in there. Something that glowed with blue light was there and Flamedramon touched it. But the power in the cables was electrocuting his body. Dan didn't want his partner to suffer, so he touched the cables himself too. Troy and Kevin tried to stop them, but then Nanomon was freed and they saw how Dan had a new Digimental in his hand. Flamedramon De-Digivolved and explained that it was the Digimental of Friendship. Troy wondered why Dan had two Digimentals instead of one. When Dan awoke its power, Veemon Armor Digivolved into Lightdramon, a four-legged Digimon with black armour.

Nanomon asked that they would right now try to stop Etemon. But first Kevin wanted to find out the location of the Webmasters' facility. Nanomon uploaded the info to Kevin's phone, and Kevin saw how the facility really was in Hong Kong. Kevin decided to teleport himself to that place, while Troy and Dan returned back to Oklahoma. They started a battle against the evil monkey Digimon and his minions. Etemon took up his electric guitar and prepared to use Love Serenade once again. But then Lightdramon used his Blue Thunder technique and destroyed the guitar. Etemon, however, reminded that he was still much more powerful than the DigiDestined. He stroke down all the opponents with Dark Spirits, weakening them. Each Partner Digimon was still in their upper forms. Nanomon knew how they would be able to defeat Etemon, so he asked to go into Hong Kong to help Kevin. Dan knew he was the only one with D-3 right now. So he opened a Digi-Gate and jumped in there with Lightdramon and Nanomon.

Power of the Crests

Meanwhile, Kevin was with Kabuterimon and Digmon in the Webmasters' facility and said to his brother how enemy got exactly what it wanted, because of Martin's actions. But Martin blamed Kevin and his father about it by saying "the whole mankind ending up extinct because of their childish games". Then Kevin asked what he did to Wei Xueqi, and Martin answered how he found him with a black D-3 many months ago. Xueqi was also brainwashed to serve the Webmasters, but they had no idea why Xueqi's D-3 was black and influenced by dark powers. Then Kevin saw the imprisoned Larva Digimon which the Analyzer recognized as a Rookie Level and Virus-attributed Wormmon. Kevin realized that Wormmon was meant to be Wei Xueqi's Partner Digimon. Then Dan, Lightdramon and Nanomon arrived there. The DigiShadow tried to use the Black D-3 Digivice again, but had effect on the Digimon born through the Armor Digivolution. Nanomon attacked and destroyed the devices spiral-formed controlling on DigiShadow's arms and destroyed them. Martin was furious, because of losing his minion. Lightdramon used his other technique, Lightning Blade, to free Miyuki. Then Piyomon started to Digivolve. But instead becoming Birdramon, she became Aquilamon, a horned eagle-like Digimon. So Piyomon's data had also changed through Yuggoth a little bit. Kevin asked Dan and Miyuki run out of the building with Xueqi and Wormmon. Nanomon then connected himself to the machines of the Cthulhu system that was now taken over by Etemon's Dark Network.

Meanwhile in Oklahoma, Seamus was in danger and Garurumon was unable to help him. But Jake and Ikkakumon saved his life. Ikkakumon's technique Vulcan Harpoon was hit into Gorillamon's cannon and knocked out the Beast Man Digimon. Seamus owed his life for Jake. Troy was now more courageous than ever before, and he refused to give up. Etemon must not do any as large damage to the world Devimon did during the battle of Kyoto. Then Troy's and Seamus' Tags started to glow and then two Crests appeared into them. They had symbols of Courage and Friendship, the same ones they had seen on the Digimentals Dan used. This was a sign that their Partner Digimon would now be able to Digivolve into Ultimate Level, in a correct way. Greymon and Garurumon started to glow and the power from the Crests reformed their data into new forms. Greymon had Digivolved into MetalGreymon, a cyborg-like version from its previous form. Garurumon had Digivolved into WereGarurumon, which was a humanoid version of its previous form using trousers. Etemon and his minions tried to strike, but the Ultimate Level Digimon were too powerful for them. MetalGreymon used his Giga Destroyer technique and WereGarurumon used Wolf Claw to defeat the opponents. Some of Etemon's minions were easily destroyed, while the rest of them were just knocked out. Etemon was still standing and swore that he still wouldn't give up.

In the Webmasters' facility Martin tried to get the Cthulhu system back under his control in order to destroy every Bio-Emerged Digimon in the real world. But the whole system didn't anymore work like wanted. Nanomon then uploaded a virus into Shaggai. Now the vortex would suck only those Digimon who were infected by the Dark Network, like Etemon and his servants. The vortex in the real world really had changed into something different. The black cables in the Digital World were gathered into the ruins of the Pyramids, and in the real world, Etemon's minions were sucked into Shaggai to die. Etemon himself was sucked there as well, but he used the cable to suck the DigiDestined and their partners too. Dan's family and the police watched everything with a horrified expression.

Composition Digimon and the third Digimental

But Shaggai didn't kill any of the DigiDestined or their Partner Digimon. The Digi-Gate that had opened there had taken them into the Webmasters' facility in Hong Kong. Controlling the Cthulhu system was starting to get too much for Nanomon's power, so he started to dissipate. But he wasn't afraid of dying, because Etemon had been defeated. After Nanomon's death, the whole building started to collapse. Kevin tried to restrain Martin, but escapes with a laptop and two separate hard drives. Everyone in the building started running out of the building.

After the building had collapsed, the vortex created by Shaggai was still open. Suddenly, Etemon appeared from it with few cables attached to his body. Also a large amount of fog started to appear and a very large Digimon was about to Bio-Emerge into the real world. When Digimon was fully Bio-Emerged, it looked like a composition from parts of other Digimon. It had Kabuterimon's head, wings of Angemon and Airdramon, Garurumon's legs, Monochromon's tail, Greymon's torso, MetalGreymon's hair and eyes, as well as the arms of Kuwagamon, SkullGreymon and Devimon. Etemon called the Digimon by a name Chimairamon. Martin was very furious, because creating that Digimon was originally part of his plans. But now it was taken over by Etemon and his Dark Network. Seamus tried to use the Digimon Analyzer and it worked on the Composition Digimon. Chimairamon was an Ultimate Level and Data-attributed Digimon. And it used as its technique a beam named Heat Viper.

All Partner Digimon tried to fight, but Chimairamon was very powerful. Wei Xueqi whose head was now clear felt very large pain in his head. Both Chimairamon and the Dark Network were somehow making him feel that way. He had an unknown black artifact with him. Dan ran to Xueqi, but then the artifact started to glow. The artifact was revealed to be a golden Digimental, which flew into Dan's hands. Dan decided to use it right away, but this Veemon Armor Digivolved into Magnamon, a golden armored Digimon. Wei felt his pain had gone away and everyone was amazed seeing a Digimon shining in a golden armor. Kevin remembered having heard Magnamon's name before. Magnamon was one of the Digimon who had fought against the seven original Digimon of Darkness many years ago.

Magnamon started to fight against Chimairamon right away. First he used techniques Magna Punch and Magna Kick that were very powerful, but did not have any effect against Chimairamon. Aquilamon, Kabuterimon, Ikkakumon and the other Digimon went to help Magnamon, while MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon were fighting against Etemon. Etemon's attacks were ineffective against them, but Etemon wasn't wounded either. Etemon had become part of his own network as well, so he was unable as long as it was functional. The center of the entire network had just been fused with Chimairamon. Magnamon used Plasma Shoot to shoot missile against Chimairamon, but they had no effect.

End of the Dark Network

Wei Xueqi hoped he could be part of fighting too. But he admitted that he had willingly let himself to end up brainwashed by Martin, because he had despised Wormmon, thinking he was weak. Xueqi himself had always been both athletic and intelligent. He had also felt he would be nothing without his talents and that he should not be with "weak" people. Wormmon said that appearance and talents were not important, it was the bonds of friendship. He had always believed that one day Wei would accept him. Then the dark energies of the black D-3 were replaced by power of light. The other Digivices started to glow as well Magnamon's body itself. Magnamon had the energy he needed to destroy Chimairamon and told others to take care of Etemon.

Because Wei's black D-3 was no longer corrupted by darkness, both Chimairamon and Etemon started to weaken. Magnamon flew inside Chimairamon's body through its mouth and started to use Extreme Jihad technique. The black cables started to out of Chimairamon's body. Chimairamon's body started to dissipate and some of its data was flowing out of the real world. Rest of the data returned to the Digimon whose it was gathered from. MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon aimed into Etemon, and this time they hit. Etemon's body started to dissipate too and his data flowed outside the Wall of Fire, just like Devimon's data did eight months ago. The battle was over.

Everyone was happy, except Martin. He was very angry about how he had been Etemon's puppet all along and the world was once again saved by some "dangerous games". Kevin did not agree with Martin's opinion. He said the being a DigiDestined was not child's play. Instead it had made the children more wise and mature than before. They had an optimistic and righteous attitude in order to protect both worlds. Martin asked what would happen now. Kevin said that Martin should now pay for working behind backs of governments as well as the damage Hong Kong had suffered because of the Cthulhu system and Chimairamon. Martin was certain he would end up in prison for the rest of his life, but promised to reveal every member of the Webmasters. After that the Hong Kong police took him away.

Then Kevin welcomed Dan and Wei officially as the new members of the DigiDestined. But Wei said he wanted to think about his life and wasn't even certain how to do his part, since he was from another continent. Kevin reminded that with D-3, Dan and Wei would get into everywhere they want to go. He also promised to tell everything to Dan's family so they could accept his new responsibility. But for now Dan would receive few weeks of normal life.


Three days later the DigiDestined were on their headquarters again. But then Benjamin appeared for them once again. He asked to get back the Digimentals. They were meant to be given only if there would be problems in normal Digivolution. But now there was nothing to stop it anymore, so Veemon and Armadimon could fight in their natural Champion forms from now on. The D-3 Digivices would still remain in the hands of the DigiDestined, because they were still needed to use the Internet to open the Digi-Gates to any place. Then Kevin just gave all four Digimentals to him. Benjamin thanked him and said that he could now have much better connection to the real world since the distortions caused by both Devimon and Etemon were gone. Kevin said he was sorry about what had happened to Nanomon, because the DigiDestined knew he had assisted with the connections. Benjamin said that Nanomon wanted nothing else than have a revenge against Etemon. But the two worlds were now safe again, even though the their problems were still not completely fixed.

After Benjamin disconnected, Troy and Seamus watched at their Tags and their Crests. Kevin and Miyuki said they had received their own Crests during the battle, even though they didn't use them. Kevin had the Crest of Knowledge since he had always wanted to find new knowledge. Miyuki had the Crest of Love, because Piyomon had become very important to her. Jake hoped that one day he would find his own too. Kevin said exactly the same thing, but they needed to wait what the future would bring to them. Martin had told about everything about the Webmasters: including all its members from all around the world. Some of them were in the United States, and agent Gardner had arrested rest of its members from Los Angeles. The United Nations would now be more accepting against the actions of the DigiDestined, because no human was harmed during the last battle.

Then from the lobby of the Streamix Building was announced that the person they were excepting from Los Angeles had arrived early. Everyone already knew who the person was, and they were right: Edmund Harmon arrived with his reborn partner, Patamon. The DigiDestined were very happy about the return of their friend. Edmund said that he would have much to tell them, but revealed one secret right away. He said his Digivice can now change its form a normal Digivice to a green D-3. Everyone looked at it with an amazed looked on his face. But much more amazing was that Miyuki's Digivice can also transform into a red D-3 Digivice.

Mid-credits scene

In New Mexico, there opened a small Digi-Gate near of an orphanage. Through the gate dropped a pink D-3 Digivice. A girl whose face was not shown picked it up. But she was being watched by a small Digimon with an evil smile.



  • Troy Dawkins, a hot-headed 14 years old student who mostly takes action instead of thinking.
  • Seamus Maitland, a 15 years old serious and English-born high school student who moved into America after his parents' death.
  • Miyuki Koharuno, a 14 years old Japanese-born student who moved into America because of her parents' job.
  • Jacob "Jake" Thacher, a 14 years old student who tries to find logic from both Troy's and Seamus's words.
  • Kevin Harmon, a 33 years old software developer and executive from Streamix Corporation. He is also father of Edmund Harmon as well as the son of CEO Robert Harmon.
  • Daniel "Dan" Linwood, a 12 years old student from Oklahoma City who is Troy's cousin. He likes soccer and becomes a new member of the DigiDestined.
  • Edmund Harmon, a 12 years old son of Kevin and grandson of Robert Harmon. He makes his return at the end of the film.

Partner Digimon



Law enforcement

  • Richard Gardner, a high-ranking FBI agent, whose section works as a liaison between the DigiDestined and the government.
  • Smithers, head of the Los Angeles FBI.


  • Wormmon, Wei Xueqi's Partner Digimon.
  • Nanomon, Etemon's enemy forced to administrate the Dark Network.

Digital Agents

  • Benjamin, one of the digital beings resembling humans who serve the Digimon Sovereigns.


  • Etemon, an unpopular Digimon who has gained mastery over the Dark Network.

Etemon's servants


  • Martin Harmon, a 31 years old Director of the Webmasters who is also Robert Harmon's younger son and Kevin's brother.
  • Wei Xueqi / DigiShadow, a 18 years old student genius from Hong Kong who was brainwashed to become an ally of the Webmasters.


  • Chimairamon, a Composition Digimon planned to be created by the Webmasters, but was taken over by the Dark Network.
  • PicoDevimon, servant of Vamdemon. Only a cameo appearance.


  • Gia Avilés, owner of the sixth D-3 Digivice. Only a cameo appearance.

Creators of Digital Life

  • Robert Harmon, an eccentric founder and CEO of the Streamix Corporation whose project led to the birth of the Digimon. He appears only briefly in flashbacks.


  • Digimon: Network Battles refers to fighting against both Etemon's Dark Network and the human organization Webmasters. The previous name before the final decision was Digimon: The Enemy Within, which refers to a Troy's problem after the incident with SkullGreymon.
  • Piximon was originally meant to appear, but was removed from the plot because of not having enough scenes to appear.
  • The only places outside of Los Angeles appearing on this film are home areas of Dan and Wei, the two new DigiDestined.
  • Jake was originally planned to be killed in the film and Betamon to become evil in the sequels. But the idea was cancelled.
  • Wei was decided to be from Hong Kong, or at least from China, in order to make the DigiDestined more multi-cultural and multi-national.
  • The Harmon family was originally planned to communicate with the Harmon family for the first time after 1990, but this was later changed in order to make it consisted better with the plot of DigiPast Chronicles prequel.


At the same time with the release of the extended synopsis of Digimon: Network Battles, it was announced that its sequel, the third installment of the DigiDestined Saga and the whole Cinematic Sagas, is named Digimon: The Third World. The sequel takes place two years after the events of Digimon: Network Battles. It also leads into the events of the promised two-parted ending chapter of the DigiDestined Saga.

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