Digimon Ordeal of Deva

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Digimon: Ordeal of Deva is a fanon live-action film idea created by CAJH. It is the second film of the Legendary Tamers Saga and the seventh film of Digimon Cinematic Sagas. The film was announced on October 30, 2015 right after the synopsis release of its prequel Digimon: Age of Tamers. The extended synopsis was released on January 1, 2016. Its sequel was intended to be Digimon: Evolution Beyond.

Rest of its plot has been adapted from real-life anime, like plot points from episodes 14 to 33 of Digimon Tamers.



Members of the Digital Revolution had been trapped in the Digital World for one month. They had camp in forest and were traveling to find a way to fix all the machines that were transported there with them, in order to build a Digi-Gate to take them home. But then an unknown four-legged creature was approaching. Humans started to run away, but the creature followed them. Each human was knocked unconscious one by one. Only two remained: Lead Analyst Moody and Chief Operator Silas. They saw the creature with their own eyes. It was a tiger-like winged Digimon that called itself Mihiramon. It recognized the humans it saw and order them to return to where they came from. Silas and Moody were terrified and tried to explain that they couldn't.

Mihiramon started to explore the machine and accidentally broke it. It created a temporary Digi-Gate that sent the unconscious members of the Digital Revolution back to the real world. Computer screens also showed a video footage of the battle in New York one month ago, including the Tamers and Calumon. Mihiramon immediately crushed the computer and asked about the location the footage was filmed. Silas told that it was from New York City and asked to get back home. However, Mihiramon didn’t permit them to leave. Moody asked what the Digimon tried to for them. Mihiramon promised to reveal it very soon.

Attack of Deva

Tatsuya's memories

It is the year 2023. Few months ago, Tatsuya Munemori had been an exchange student in New York. He had met Guilmon and become a Digimon Tamer. Now he had returned back to Japan and was studying his second year in high school. His parents had no idea of his secrets, but they hoped that Tatsuya would never again return to New York, thinking that the latest Digimon incident had made the place too dangerous for him. But only few weeks after that, most of the missing members of the Digital Revolution had been found and arrested, but Silas and Moody were still on the loose.

Tatsuya's school day had just ended and he left into a small empty stone building, where Guilmon was hiding. Today, Calumon had come there too. The Worldwide Network of the DigiDestined a.k.a. W.N.D.D. told the U.S. Senate that Calumon was not dangerous and had tried to explore its powers and abilities. Calumon felt sometimes very anxious about it, but Tatsuya had convinced it from everything being all right. Calumon was not able to speak and therefore couldn't tell how Andrew "Andy" Conteh, Vera Neidhardt, Jason Storm, Kyle Lambert and especially Mei Yashida had been doing in New York. Being separated from Mei one of the worst days Tatsuya had ever had. Guilmon promised to never leave Tatsuya's side.


In the evening, near the famous Tokyo Skytree, some serious disturbances were happening. Also all the commercial tables were affected. Tatsuya was first surprised that anything like this could happen. Then he understood that it had to do something with the Digimon. Soon, the televisions were affected too and Mihiramon's voice was heard: "This is a message to the leaders of human kind. You have been fed with lies. There are secrets kept from you. You have no idea what truly happened in New York. Those who saved us all from the Digitaclysm are the only truly accepted users of the Digivolution. But some are rebelling against those rules. These rebels dared to hurt my brothers and sisters and they have something that belongs to us. One of those rebels is living on this house. I have decided to come here to punish him and then return to my own world."

Tatsuya understood that a bad situation had just occurred. He used the subway trains to travel into Tokyo Skytree. There was a big Bio-Emergence fog field. Tatsuya and Guilmon quickly ran into there to find out the cause. The Digimon Analyzer in Tatsuya's D-Ark showed only Mihiramon's name and image. Then Mihiramon himself stepped in front of them and called Guilmon "a traitor". Tatsuya said that they had done nothing wrong. He had just received a D-Ark and Guilmon. Mihiramon, however, asked why the Crystal Catalyst, the power that allows the Digivolution, was in human world and not in the Digital World. Mihiramon believed that the humans stole it. Tatsuya swore he had never stolen anything. Mihiramon called him a liar and attacked.

Guilmon Digivolved into Growlmon and started to resist Mihiramon's attacks. Tatsuya hoped to have more information about Mihiramon, but started to feel pain. Mihiramon transformed his tail into a nunchaku and stroke it against Growlmon. Tatsuya felt these strikes as well. Calumon seemed like being worried about Tatsuya. Then, the Anaylzer in D-Ark finally explained what Mihiramon was. It was an Ultimate Level Digimon, just like Kumbhiramon, Kinnaramon and Sandilyamon he faced last year. The Partner Digimon defeated Ultimate Level Digimon with combined forces, but now Growlmon was alone.

Blue Card

Tatsuya felt like the pain in his right arm would never end and he saw how Mihiramon was biting the same part of Growlmon's body. Tatsuya didn't even know how he could defeat this very powerful opponent. Then, a big ball of light appeared near to him. Tatsuya was startled by it and he dropped his Digimon game cards. A new card appeared among them, different from any other card. The card was almost completely blue, but there was pixel-art resembling Agumon and letter D. He was wondering the meaning of this card, but then it started to glow and Tatsuya spoke words: "Matrix Digivolution". He scanned the card just when Mihiramon's bite was about to make Growlmon's body dissipate into data. Then, the red symbol in Calumon's forehead started to glow too and a beam of light stroke into the Blue Card, Tatsuya's D-Ark and Growlmon. Then Growlmon "Matrix Digivolved" into WarGrowlmon, which looked like a cyborg version of Growlmon.

Tatsuya checked the data through the Analyzer: WarGrowlmon was Guilmon's Ultimate form. He himself felt in his body how powerful WarGrowlmon was. Mihiramon was furious that "the Great Light" had given this power to the Tamers, still wishing to "punish the humanity about its mistakes". WarGrowlmon explained that Mihiramon couldn't just come into the human world and blame them about something they never did. Mihiramon refused to be spoken against by "someone enslaved by a human". Tatsuya himself promised to punish Mihiramon about threatening innocent lives. WarGrowlmon launched a technique names Atomic Blaster, which mortally wounded Mihiramon. Mihiramon, however, swore that his "brothers and sisters" would avenge him, just like Kumbhiramon, Kinnaramon and Sandilyamon. "The humanity would see the true power of the Deva." Then Mihiramon's body dissipated and all of his data flowed back into the Digital World.

Tatsuya, however, wasn't out of trouble yet. He had revealed his nature as a Tamer to the world. Also, a group that refers itself as "Deva", which members include the three Ultimate Level Digimon they encountered almost a year ago, was after the Tamers. Tatsuya was arrested while Guilmon and Calumon were locked away by the police officers, agents and soldiers.

The trust is lost

The revelation of Tatsuya Munemori being one of the "individuals with unregistered Partner Digimon" was reported on news around the world. Tatsuya's friends in New York as well as the employees of W.N.D.D. saw them too. According to news, the United Nations would hold an emergency meeting about the future of W.N.D.D. and how to deal with the Deva. The employees of the W.N.D.D. received a message from Kevin Harmon: Harold Thompson had to represent them in front of the President.

In Japan, Tatsuya's parents were brought to him. Kaito and Yukari Munemori urged their son to explain everything. Tatsuya told how he had received his D-Ark on his flight to New York and how he met Guilmon just after the first day in school and how he was not a DigiDestined, but one of the Digimon Tamers. He swore he planned any of this. The reason he fought against Mihiramon near Tokyo Skytree was to defend his friends and innocent civilians. Kaito understood the situation his son was in, but Yukari was worried about his son's future. Tatsuya didn't want to lose Guilmon and told that he really cared about it. Tatsuya hugged his parents who promised to him that everything will be all right.

Thompson was called into the White House by President Gerald Johnson himself. The entire government had known about the existence of the Tamers from the beginning and the UN had reluctantly agreed about a trial period of using the Tamers as "consultants" in using the Tamers against any possible threats, because the DigiDestined were now unable to act. But unlike the DigiDestined, the Tamers were kept as a secret from the public. But the battle Tatsuya and Guilmon fought against Mihiramon had caused the secret to be out. Additionally, the President was very informed about the fact that Mihiramon had declared himself to arrive to reclaim something "stolen". Thompson had no idea what the "stolen" thing was. The next direct order from the President was that W.N.D.D. had to find out what these "Deva" were after, and they were not allowed go into any battle without an official permission from the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Guilmon and Calumon were held in quarantine where a small dark creature appeared. The creature introduced itself as Impmon and said that he felt disgusting about seeing any Digimon being friends with humans. Guilmon said that Tatsuya cared about him. But Impmon said that real friends would never try to lock each other away. Guilmon said that he knew Tatsuya wouldn't allow this and knew that not all humans trusted him. Then Guilmon asked whose side on Impmon was. Impmon said he sided with no one and left the place.


In the Digital World, in an unknown location, two Digimon were speaking with two holographic characters. A Digimon resembling a sheep didn't understand why "the Ancient Ones" were defending those who had used the power of the Digivolution without the permission of the highest authority of the Digital World. Another Digimon, which looked like an ox, suspected that "the Sage" was behind it. The Sheep Digimon asked why "the Sage" would act against their will. The holographic characters didn't care at all, but wanted to reclaim what would keep them as the powerful race what they had been. They also told the Sheep and the Ox to finish what Mihiramon had failed to finish, as well as take some "reinforcements" with them.

Tatsuya was still sitting on the interrogation room. But then, Harold Thompson came inside. Guilmon and Calumon had been released and Thompson had given Tatsuya's parents a more specific explanation about the latest events. He was now asking Tatsuya, Guilmon and Calumon to return into the United States.

In New York, Andy, Vera, Mei, Jason and Kyle all received a message and used several Digi-Gates to travel into a certain place. This place was the headquarters of W.N.D.D. in Washington where Mindy Cornell and the Tamers were waiting. Tatsuya, Thompson, Guilmon, Calumon and Kudamon came through the Digi-Gate. The boys came to greet their friend while Vera joked being disappointed about how Tatsuya had revealed the secret to the public. But when Tatsuya came to greet Mei, Mei just coldly said "Hi!" and walked into other way. Andy and Terriermon were sympathetic to Tatsuya about his complex relationship with Mei, but were about being a team once again. Jason asked Thompson if they would meet the original DigiDestined themselves, but Thompson said that they were unavailable. Thompson took them to see the whole building, including both the Medical and Military Divisions. The last one was the conference room where Thompson and Kudamon promised to explain everything they had found out about the Deva.

Twelve servants

Just like Mihiramon, the three Ultimate Level Digimon they had met last year were also members of Deva: Kumbhiramon, Kinnaramon and Sandilyamon. The term "Deva" was used of divine or spiritual beings in Hindusim, Buddhism and some New Age religions. Each Deva Digimon used a name that belonged to one of the Twelve Heavenly Generals from Buddhism. The apprearances of them coincided with four of the twelve animals in Chiese Zodiac: Kumbhiramon was Rat, Mihiramon was Tiger, Sandilyamon was Snake, and Kinnaramon was Rooster. So there were still eight Deva who used the names of the other Heavenly Generals and the appearances of the other signs of Chinese Zodiac: Ox, Rabbit, Dragon, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Dog and Pig. But one thing was still unknown: what did the Deva claim to be "stolen" from them?

In the White House, President Johnson was pleased with the results of the latest meetings. Some government officials, however, were surprised that Johnson's opinion had almost completely changed. Johnson had been loyal to the Streamix Corporation and the Harmon family so many years. But now he said that he no longer allowed his personal opinions and feelings to disturb his responsibilities. He was thankful of his past for being elected as the President for two times in life, but now he thought it was time act like a true leader. But after the government officials had left, the President's body started to vibrate like a hologram.

In the W.N.D.D. headquarter, Kudamon told that he had not much knowledge about how much authority ruling the Digital World had changed during these last years after the Digitaclysm, but the Digital World itself had grown much larger. The original planet of the Digimon was now covered in "Layers", new frontiers that helped to divide the growing number of the Digimon into correct environments. The Digimon Sovereigns could no longer control it all by themselves, so they needed help. Apparently, the Deva were either one of the groups that formed this authority or its ambassadors. Kudamon itself didn't know them, but he had friends that know them. These friends would soon come into the human world.

The Sheep and the Ox

The Sheep Digimon and the Ox Digimon were speaking to Silas and Moody, who were imprisoned and forced to maintain a Digi-Gate. The enslaved researchers said that the Digi-Gate was targeted on New York. Then, the two Ultimate Level Digimon were speaking with four Champion Level Digimon who were ready to destroy these "human criminals" and their Partner Digimon. The Champion Level Digimon referred them as Pajramon and Vajramon. The two Deva told Silas and Moody to come into the human world with them, because they were no longer needed. The Digimon Sovereign never let anyone else than the DigiDestined to open the Digi-Gates freely. Only few small distortions had allowed some Digimon to break through the space between the worlds. But now, the situation had changed. If the next breakthrough would be a success, the next thing the Deva will do is an invasion. After seeing the shadows of the remaining members of the Deva, Silas and Moody became terrified, but were soon taken back to the Digi-Gate machine.

In the W.N.D.D. headquarters, Cornell found out that six Digimon were about to Bio-Emerge into New York. Thompson contacted the other board members to ask for permission from the Joint Chiefs. Then, a voice recording came from the President himself. The permission was granted for them, since there was no one else to fight instead. Tatsuya, Andy, Vera and Thompson moved into a Digi-Gate Arch with their Partner Digimon. But before that, Mei and Jason gave Tatsuya some new cards that would be useful. But then, something went wrong and the Digi-Gate sent Mei with the Tamers.

Pajramon and Vajramon had already Bio-Emerged into New York where they knew most of the Tamers living. The Tamers just arrived there with their Panrter Digimon to face them. Pajramon wanted to know where the Tamers were keeping they had stolen. Thompson asked what the Deva claimed to have been stolen. Then Tatsuya remembered that Mihiramon had mentioned that the Crystal Catalyst, the source of all Digivolution. Vajramon claimed that it was the mission of the Deva to take the Crystal Catalyst back into the Digital World where they thought it was meant to stay. Andy said they didn't know know what it looked like. The Deva reminded how the Catalyst was able to give every Digimon a power to Digivolve. They didn't care if humans claimed to be innocent or not, but refused allow it to be used illegally. If the Catalyst won't be returned, the mankind will suffer. Andy didn't accept this and made Terriermon Digivolve into Galgomon. Impmon watched it from roof and had an evil smile on his face.

Codes of the Evolution

Jason, Kyle and Calumon were still in the headquarters. The boys disliked about having no Partner Digimon. They, however, had given some useful cards for their friends, but didn't feel being enough help. But they did notice one thing: the mechanical Digi-Gate Arches were still not working correctly.

In New York, Renamon, Guilmon and Kudamon Digivolved into their Champion forms and fought against both Pajramon and Vajramon. Reppamon approached the four Champion Level Digimon who had arrived with the two Deva. He was wondering why the two of them, Guardromon and Wizarmon, had arrived with the Deva. They weren't serving the Deva, but were fighting against two other Digimon: Cockatrimon and Yanmamon. Pajramon was blaming the two about betraying their kind. Wizarmon said that he wasn't traitor but was loyal to his friend Kudamon. Guardromon said the same thing and added that Deva were unworthy of their high rank. Cockatrimon used a technique named Petra Vision which turned every human nearby to stone. Guardromon blocked his attempts and was turned to stone too. The technique was about to harm Mei too, but Wizarmon stopped it by knocking Cockatrimon out with his own technique Thunder Cloud. Mei was both speechless and happy.

The three Champion Level Digimon weren't powerful enough to defeat two Ultimate Level Digimon. Tatsuya decided to use the Blue Card, the card used against Mihiramon, once again. But then he found out that the card had disappeared. He didn't remember having emptied his card case, and had no idea how this could have happened. Then, Pajramon forced Galgomon into ground and was about to use his crossbow to kill him. Andy used the card named "Rock Defense Plug-In G", to turn Galgomon's body into hard rock. But it was only a temporary solution, since the effect will not last forever. Then someone pushed Andy and dropped something. It was a Blue Card, like the one Tatsuya had used. Andy used it, but nothing happened. Meanwhile, in the headquarters of W.N.D.D., a light came from Calumon's forehead and flew from Washington into New York. The effect of "Rock Defense Plug-In G" wore off and the light stroke into the Blue Card. Galgomon Digivolved into Rapidmon.

Rapidmon was very fast. None of the arrows shot by Pajramon hit him. His Rapid Fire technique was also very fast. Pajramon was severely wounded, but it was a technique named Golden Triange that destroyed her. Vajramon felt angry about "his sister's death" and threw Kyubimon through a Digi-Gate. Vera tried ran after them, but Yanmamon's technique Assassin Arrow made her back off. The Digi-Gate closed right after Yanmamon escaped. But Kyubimon's kidnapping was not only problem. Cockatrimon had turned humans into stone, as well as Guardromon. But now he was a prisoner of the W.N.D.D. and would be interrogated. But then, agents and soldiers arrived. They surrounded both the Tamers and their Partner Digimon. Silas and Moody were found and arrested. Impmon realized that the "favorites" had not received a perfect victory.


In W.N.D.D. headquarters, President Johnson was very angry. He blamed the Tamers from acting without permission. Thompson reminded the President about the voice recording, but he found out that it was gone. The President denied ever giving the permission and declared the W.N.D.D. terminated. They won't force the Partner Digimon and the DigiDestined being separated, but from now no DigiDestined or Tamer must ever fight against anyone, because it be considered as "vigilance" and therefore punished through imprisonment. The headquarters had to be emptied in two days. Thompson wasn't happy about this, since there was something that he couldn't move away.

He took the Tamers into a special room in the Medical Division. There was old man fallen into coma. Thompson said that he would do anything to make this man wake up. The man was once a mentor to him and Julius and his name was Grigory Shatalov. Tatsuya surprised to hear such name and Thompson told Shatalov was born in the Soviet Union, being originally raised to become a spy, but turned against them and one of the top researchers of Robert Harmon's original project. While, Robert taught his son Kevin about the Digimon and the Digital World, Thompson told that he and Julius had been taught by Shatalov. If Shatalov would one day wake up, maybe he could explain where Calumon had received its abilities. After all, Shatalov was the one who actually knew how the Crystal Catalyst, the source of all Digivolution, works. Tatsuya wondered if the Blue Cards also had something to do with it. Andy remembered how some mysterious man had dropped the card he had found. But after Andy touched the card again, it disappeared. The Tamers decided to return their homes to think about it. The Digi-Gates were working again, so Tatsuya was able to return to Japan.

Vera returned to her home where her mother Meredith and grandmother Erica were waiting for her. Meredith was unable to understand why her daughter where she was so late, but Vera didn't want to speak. Erica decided to talk her granddaughter by herself. Unlike Meredith, Erica knew about Renamon's existence and asked if Vera's behavior had something to do with what was told on news. Vera told that the attackers kidnapped Renamon who had just learned to genuinely care about her. Erica had kept Vera's secret, because she believed in the Tamers and the DigiDestined more than in law enforcement, and believed that Renamon was a worthy protector for Vera. But who would protect Vera now that Renamon wasn't here?

Andy returned to home and wanted to talk with his father alone. Andy asked him why he never told about Shatalov. Julius explained being ashamed of his past, because Shatalov had once told that the Digimon could evolve into more powerful race than humans. Therefore Julius had started share the fear of Martin Harmon, founder of the Webmasters: that the Digimon would one day take over Earth as a new ruling species. But Thompson shared the opinion of Robert and Kevin: that humans and the Digimon would learn to live together and that both sides could help each other to become better. Andy's little sister, Susan, eavesdropped their talk. Julius and Andy said that this had nothing to with her, but Susan said that there was something they should know.

In the Digital World, in a place where Deva lived, Renamon was kept as a prisoner. Vajramon came to talk to her. In the human world, Thompson and Kudamon were interrogating Cockatrimon and Wizarmon. Cockatrimon refused to tell anything, but Wizarmon revealed to his friend Kudamon that Deva were the ones who kept the DigiDestined unable to fight. They had sabotaged the connections and prevented their Partner Digimon from reaching the human world. Vajramon told Renamon the same thing. The Deva believed that the new security force created by Robert Harmon's sacrifice didn't protect the Digital World from everything. They had no faith in humans and believed that the Digimon can only survive by Digivolving into more powerful forms. Renamon said that the Digimon Sovereigns would never allow that. The Deva, however, said serving another authority that believed otherwise. Vajramon told Renamon to choose "the right path".


In Japan, Tatsuya had a serious problem. He was decided to be expelled from his school. Tatsuya swore that he didn't think his studies being meaningless, because he needed a future for himself. But the principal knew about what had happened in Tokyo Skytower and told that it had affected the reputation of the school. Tatsuya feared that no school would take him as a student, while the principal and the homeroom teacher advised him to think about what he wants. Tatsuya knew only thing: he wanted to leave Japan behind for good.

The W.N.D.D. headquarters were about to emptied, but the Digi-Gate Arches were still be checked. It was certain that someone had sabotaged them. It was able to Digi-Gates only into other parts of the human world. All of the Tamers arrived. Only the Medical Division had not yet been emptied as well as the place where Cockatrimon was kept as a prisoner. Jason went into the room where Guardromon was kept. Wizarmon had managed to reverse the effect of Petra Vision, but Guardromon had De-Digivolved to its Rookie form: a gear-like Machine Digimon named Hagurumon. Mei greatly idolized Wizarmon, since had saved her life. Mei spent all the available time with him and asked about the Digital World. Tatsuya felt a little jealous about this. Kyle, however, reminded Tatsuya that ho human and Digimon can have "that kind of a relationship". Andy and Julius arrived there with Susan who had brought a brown Digimon named Lopmon which looked almost like Terriermon.

Everyone gathered into room where Shatalov was kept. Lopmon explained having found a secret Digi-Gate between the two worlds before his "brothers" destroyed it. Andy understood that Lopmon's Ultimate form was actually one of the Deva. Therefore, he didn't trust Lopmon at all. Susan, however, thought otherwise and refused to let Andy hurt or even touch Lopmon. Lopmon told that she believed in a harmony between the humans and the Digimon unlike the other Deva. That's why she escaped to warn the Tamers about this. Five of the Deva had been defeated, but they had not been reborn. She even knew what the Deva were looking for: Calumon. The Tamers realized how they should have understood this all along: Calumon and the Crystal Catalyst were one and the same. However, even the Deva didn't know how the Catalyst became a living Digimon. Then, suddenly, the same balls of light that had given Tatsuya the first Blue Card reappeared. The man who had dropped Andy's card appeared too. But the solid body of the man disappeared and turned into a hologram which looked like Grigory Shatalov.

The story of Grigory Shatalov

Impmon managed find a Digi-Gate to the place where Renamon was kept as a prisoner. He told her the same thing he told Guilmon about "living as a slave for a human" and said that it's miserable. Renamon didn't think herself as a slave and called Vera as her partner. Impmon didn't side with the Deva, but reminded Renamon didn't win their last fight perfectly. Renamon became furious and attempted to free herself, but Impmon used both fiery and icy attacks through his Infernal Summon technique. Impmon said that he would defeat the Deva by himself, and didn't care about Renamon's warnings.

In the W.N.D.D. headquarters, Thompson asked how Shatalov was able to communicate with them. Shatalov told that the coma he fell in 2005 was not normal. His mind had left his body and was put into a holographic body that could travel freely between the worlds. The Digimon referred him as "the Sage". He had seen all the battles the DigiDestined had gone through and he also witnessed the battle in New York last year. Julius asked Shatalov didn't contact them before. Shatalov told that the "Ancient Ones" did not wish so. The mysterious balls of light were revealed be some mysterious winged creatures. Shatalov told how these "Ancient Ones" were referred as "DigiGnomes": They were a life form in a Digital World formed from the collective wishes of human kind from the "World of Dreams". Not many Digimon knew about their existence and that was when the Digimon race was still young. They revealed themselves soon after the battle between the Great Demon Lords and the Guardian Knights. But the DigiGnomes went almost extinct due to Apocalymon's actions.

Tatsuya realized that the DigiGnomes had the same light that gave them their D-Arks. It meant that the Tamers had received their powers from the DigiGnomes, just like the Blue Cards. Shatalov told that these cards contained fragments of the algorithm that was originally used to build the Crystal Catalyst. But it required energy from the real Catalyst to make these cards actually work. Tatsuya was thinking that if the Digimon Sovereigns would accept the existence of the Tamers, if the Deva didn't. Shatalov didn't know the answer. He had not been able to talk with the Sovereigns after Apocalymon's demise. There was a new crisis in the Digital World and it had motivated the Deva. Shatalov's holographic body was about to disappear. But before that the DigiGnomes approached Mei, Jason and Susan. The trio received their own D-Arks. Mei got an orange-colored, Jason got a brown-colored and Susan got a pink-colored. Wizarmon, Hagurumon and Lopmon had become their partners. Finally Shatalov told the Tamers trust in their instincts and "beware of the impostor". The Tamers didn't quite understand, but then Cornell had found something suspicious from the Digi-Gate Arches.

The truth

In the headquarters of Deva, Impmon came to talk to Vajramon and the hooded four-legged creature. Impmon said that he wanted to challenge one of them into a battle where only the winner survives. Then, a two-legged horse-like Digimon came by: The Horse Deva Indramon. Indramon was the one who allowed Impmon to come before them through a Digi-Gate. He sensed a fragment of demonic powers from him, but also something that makes it no different from the Partner Digimon. Impmon became furious and said that he despises the friendship between humans and the Digimon, but didn't like about the Deva either. Indramon reminded himself being Ultimate Level, while Impmon was only on Rookie Level.

In the W.N.D.D. headquarters, Cornell managed to fix some of the security systems. The Digi-Gate Arch was definitely sabotaged by some Digimon, but the only person near the mechanism was President Johnson himself. Thompson and Kudamon immediately understood what this was all about. The President had acted differently during the last days, because it was not the real President, but an impostor: a Digimon who masked itself as a human. The signal left by the impostor was as powerful as for an Ultimate Level Digimon. So it had to be one of the Deva. The Tamers decided to transport themselves into the White House, and Cornell prepared to activate the Digi-Gate Arch.

In the White House, the Fake President contacted the hooded four-legged creature as well as Vajramon and Indramon. He told them that he realized the snow job wasn't perfect. Their operation would be revealed soon. It was time to "silence the witnesses and reclaim the Catalyst". Indramon told about the challenge Impmon gave to them. The hooded creature had already chosen the place where to deal with both "the Imp" and the Tamers. The Fake President asked for the opening of two Digi-Gates. One of them led into the W.N.D.D. headquarters and the other one to a prison cell where Silas and Moody were held. The Fake President took a silvery orb and dropped it into the ground. A powerful energy wave went through the Digi-Gates, killing Silas, Moody and Cockatrimon.

Cornell saw Cockatrimon's death was reported about this. The Tamers rushed to through their own Digi-Gate into the White House, but the Fake President escaped to the place where the other Deva were located. Vera jumped into the Digi-Gate too, to save Renamon. The government officials who stormed the office were about to suspect the Tamers threatening the President, but Thompson stayed to explain everything and help find the real President. Mei, Jason and Susan wanted to join the battle, but Andy was reluctant to allow his sister to fight. Lopmon swore to protect Susan with her life. Wizarmon and Hagurumon already knew how to fight and accepted Mei and Jason as their Tamers. Then Cornell sent a new message. A new Digi-Gate had opened: it was larger than any other before, and it had opened in Miami, Florida. The Tamers prepared to travel there.


Vajramon and Indramon had already Bio-Emerged into the real world along with Vera, Renamon and Impmon. Renamon tried to make Impmon understand that the Deva were too powerful opponent for him, but Impmon didn't listen. Impmon's attacks didn't even harm Indramon who in turn gave several painful wounds for him. The other Tamers arrive too and saw everything. Guilmon and Calumon remembered seeing Impmon before and told Tatsuya and others about him. The Tamers decided to take the battle in their own hands. Guilmon, Terriermon, Renamon and Hagurumon Digivolved into Growlmon, Galgomon, Kyubimon and Guardromon. But even the power of the four Champion Level Digimon wasn't enough against Indramon who was stronger than the previous opponents. Vajramon still tried to persuade Kyubimon to join the Deva, but Kyubimon made her final choice: she would follow only Vera.

Then, the Fake President presented himself with the hooded four-legged creature. The Tamers wanted to know their real identities. The two explained that they fought for their right to Digivolve into higher levels and be strong without the humans. The DigiDestined may have saved the world from Apocalymon, but the Deva refused to accept they protected the Tamers who received their powers from the DigiGnomes without the permission of the true authority. Because they thought the authority had done nothing effective to solve their new crisis, the Deva and their "master" had taken the matter into their own hands and prevented the DigiDestined from ever using their powers. Then, the hooded creature removed its robes and revealed itself as the Dog Deva Caturamon. The Fake President removed the hologram around him and was revealed to be the Monkey Deva Mahoragamon.

The Digi-Gates in the W.N.D.D. headquarters and the White House were still open. Mahoragamon used a technique called Treasure Ball in them and caused malfunctioning to all the Digi-Gate Arches. Susan and Lopmon saw this and went through the Digi-Gate before it was closed. Julius and Cornell tried to stop them, but it was too late. After Susan had arrived into Miami, the Digi-Gate Arches were completely destroyed. Caturamon and Mahoragamon called to the other Digimon to assist them. Yanmamon returned to the human world with two other recruited Digimon: an Armor Level Boarmon and an Ultimate Level Orochimon. Then, the Dragon Deva Anilamon Bio-Emerged into the real world too. Now the Tamers had met all but one Deva . The Deva explained how they had forced the surviving member of the Digital Revolution to open this large Digi-Gate. A large amount of Bio-Emergence Fog appeared and Miami became invaded by a large Digimon resembling a wild boar: the Pig Deva Vikaralamon.

Mass destruction

Vikaralamon started to walk through the streets of Miami and cause massive destruction. And now several Digimon were rampaging around the city. Impmon was almost unable to keep fighting and Indramon mocked him by saying that unlike other Devil Digimon, Impmon cared about humans but was too proud to admit it. Impmon denied it and attacked once more, but then Indramon struck him unconscious. Tatsuya and Growlmon decided to face Indramon by themselves. Andy and Galgomon faced Anilamon. Vera and Kyubimon faced Vajramon. Jason, Susan, Guardromon and Lopmon together faced Yanmamon and Boarmon. Mei and Wizarmon decided to face Orochimon, but before that Tatsuya wanted to sort out their feelings. Mei, however, said that there was nothing for them to talk about when Tatsuya didn't even tell her heartfelt goodbyes when returning to Japan after his time as exchange student. Jason told Tatsuya to forget personal problems and concentrate on defeating the Deva.

Thompson and the government officials had checked the entire White House and were horrified to find the body of the real President Johnson. The United Stated was leaderless and there was a battle going on Miami. Cornell and Julius called them and told how the Digi-Gate Arches had been destroyed by Mahoragamon. The young Tamers were alone and Julius feared that he would lose his children. Thompson told that Kevin Harmon himself would arrive to the White House and they would discuss about the future of the W.N.D.D. with the Vice President.

Because even four Champion Level Digimon wasn't enough to defeat Indramon, Tatsuya hoped to get a new Blue Card. Indramon said that even the DigiGnomes could not help the Tamers and he used his technique Adhomukha to launch a supersonic wave from his horn instrument. The military arrived tried to destroy Vikaralamon, but they used normal weapons, unlike members of the W.N.D.D. Military Division. The soldiers were aware of this, but despite their ineffective weapons, they couldn't just stand by. Vikaralamon had already destroyed one quarter of one street. The Tamers were in deep trouble. They were about to think that Vikaralamon should be destroyed first, because it caused the worst of the damage. But Tatsuya knew that since Vikaralamon was so big, its body could not be destroyed as easily as others. He had learned from the video games that the easiest opponents had to be defeated first, with less rescources than the stronger ones.

Vera had always created strategies to defeat her opponents, but they needed a miracle. She hoped that the DigiGnomes would grant her a Blue Card, so they could defeat their enemies. They weren't enough powerful on the Champion Level. Then Grigory Shatalov's holographic body and the DigiGnomes reappeared. They had just wanted to make sure that the Tamers really were too desperate to ask their help. He gave Vera five Blue Cards and promised that these cards would not disappear, like the previous cards. Vera prepared to use one of them and therefore Kyubimon Matrix Digivolved into Taomon, which looked like a fox in clothes of a Chinese wizard.

The five cards

Vajramon despised the fact that Renamon's Ultimate form had clothes two legs and like humans. Taomon, however, just used Fox Talismans technique to launch dozens of Chinese talisman scrolls on Vajramon, severely wounding him and finally killing him. Vera then decided to take the other Blue Cards to other Tamers. He gave the first one to Tatsuya who immediately made Growlmon Digivolve into WarGrowlmon. Indramon tried to attack, but this time his attacks were ineffective. WarGrowlmon managed to defeat Indramon with one shot from Atomic Blaster.

They took the next two cards to Andy and Mei. Andy took his own card, but Mei believed that she could defeat Orochimon without Digivolution. Wizarmon might be Champion Level, but Orochimon surely isn't as strong as any of the Deva. This far no card had helped her. Even though Mei had increased Wizarmon's aiming ability with "Sniper Target" card, every destroyed head of Orochimon just grew back. Jason told her to concentrate on the body instead. Mei realized that the body was protected and would not be destroyed so easily. Then she had an idea: she used a "LadyDevimon" card which gave a technique named Poison for Wizarmon to be used. Poison was very powerful and Orochimon was easily destroyed. Vera said that Mei was a genius, since she would have done the same thing. Mei took the Blue Card, but decided to use it later.

Meanwhile, Jason and Guardromon managed to defeat Yanmamon and Boarmon. Four of the five Blue Cards had owners, but who was meant to have the fifth one? Was it for Jason or Susan? Lopmon suggested giving it to Susan. She sensed that the card was meant for her and hoped to regain her ability to Digivolve back into her Ultimate form. Andy still didn't fully trust Lopmon, but Galgomon did. Andy wanted to watch over her sister and therefore allwoed her to fight only with his own team against Anilamon, Mahoragamon and Caturamon. Tatsuya, Mei and Jason decided to stop Vikaralamon. Galgomon Matrix Digivolved into Rapidmon, while Lopmon waited for a while until she was able to Digivolve from her Rookie form back into the Rabbit Deva: Andiramon. Mahoragamon was furious and reminded her that the "master" had taken Andiramon's powers away from her. Andiramon told that this now belonged to Susan and swore protect her with her life. She declared that the humans never betrayed the Digimon. The Deva and their master betrayed the Digimon Sovereigns. The battle continued.

Meanwhile, Cornell, Julius and Kyle were watching the battle through the monitors. They saw the destruction Vikaralamon had caused in Miami. Thompson himself was flying there with some of the former military members of W.N.D.D. to assist the Tamers. They recognized Tatsuya and Mei fighting Vikaralamon along with WarGrowlmon and Wizarmon. WarGrowlmon's attacks didn't harm the giant pig as easily as Mihiramon and Indramon. Mei couldn't use LadyDevimon card again right away. She decided that it finally time to user her own Blue Card and find out what Wizarmon's Ultimate form was. Wizarmon Matrix Digivolved into a warrior-spellcaster hybrid called Mystimon. Mystimon used a technique named and combined its firepower with WarGrowlmon's Atomic Blaster. Vikaralamon was slightly wounded, but not destroyed. Mei contacted Andy and Veramon and asked them to assist them.

Retreat of the Deva

Andy and Vera immediately came to help Tatsuya and Mei. Jason and Susan left into the place where Calumon was hidden. Caturamon told Anilamon to return to the Digital World and Mahoragamon told follow Jason and Susan. He himself left to help Vikaralamon. WarGrowlmon and Mystimon were joined by Rapidmon and Taomon to fight the giant pig. But Vikaralamon wasn't easy to be destroyed. Then Tatsuya remembered how he had felt the pain of Growlmon while fighting Mihiramon. He started to scream aggressively and told WarGrowlmon to keep fighting. He wasn't afraid of Vikaralamon, and kept believing that WarGrowlmon could destroy him. WarGrowlmon felt how Tatsuya's feelings made him more powerful against Vikaralamon. Mei did the same with Mystimon who helped WarGrowlmon. Andy and Vera also tried to act like they would be fighting the battle by themselves instead of their partners. Rapidmon and Taomon were able to block Caturamon's attacks, but didn't destroy him.

Finally WarGrowlmon, Rapidmon and Taomon used more powerful version of a technique they used in their Champion forms: Trinity Force. Ultimate Trinity Force was so powerful that it destroyed Vikaralamon. Julius, Cornell and Thompson saw this and were happy that see this. The Tamers now went to the Freedom Tower where Jason and Susan were protecting Calumon. But they found out that Mahoragamon had discovered the place. Tatsuya arrived there and told the Deva to give up. Caturamon, however, had saved some of his own powers unlike the Partner Digimon. With a powerful supersonic roar he sent the Tamers backwards. Then Mahoragamon captured Calumon and closed it into an energy cage. Mahoragamon and Caturamon declared that the legal property of the Digital World will return where it belongs. The Tamers tried to follow them into the Digi-Gate, but then some green-colored energy forced the Partner Digimon back into their lesser forms. After the surviving Deva had taken Calumon and left, the Digi-Gate was closed.

The Tamers looked Miami and were depressed about what the Deva had done. They also wondered what would happen now that they had once again acted without the actual permission of the President. Then the choppers came to take them back to New York. Thompson talked to them through the web camera and informed them that the Vice President William Abberton had promised to support them as much as the real President Johnson once did. The UN had left the task for the United States on one condition: the Digimon must not appear overseas. W.N.D.D. could no longer do anything since it was officially disbanded, but only the Deva were declared as the enemy of human kind.


Before stepping inside the White House, Tatsuya and Mei decided to sort out everything that had previously happened. Tatsuya apologized from not saying proper goodbyes when returning to Japan after his time as an exchange student. He had felt it being too painful. But now he said he would move permanently into New York with his family and starting in the same school as his friends. Mei asked what Tatsuya felt towards her. Tatsuya said that he couldn't think about it until they knew what this new crisis in the Digital World was and who the "master" the Deva served was. He, however, asked what Mei was thinking about Wizarmon. Mei reminded that Wizarmon is a Digimon, not a human, and thought him as a close friend.

In the President's office, the Vice President Abberton was surprised that the former staff of W.N.D.D. will not rebuild the organization. Instead, they will form a new organization that will build a new Digi-Gate system in order to find the Deva and face their "master", as well as solve the riddle of this "new crisis" and return the DigiDestined their powers. The office was visited by a special guest: Kevin Harmon. The Tamers were amazed to finally meet the man whose father originally created the Digimon. Kevin Harmon said that he had brought the plans of the original Digi-Gate Arches given to him by Benjamin and the other Digital Agents. He gave them to Thompson so that they could build a new one for their upcoming mission.

In the place where Deva had gone, Calumon was locked inside an energy field where he could not escape. Mahoragamon and Caturamon bowed in front of a throne where was sitting a blue and green wolf-like humanoid, the so-called "master" of the Deva. The Deva had brought him Impmon too. Impmon asked what they wanted from him. They promised to help Impmon become stronger.

In New York, Kyle was little sad that he was not a Tamer like his friends, but asked to join his friends in the Digital World to become one. Wizarmon told Kyle to be patient, while Tatsuya reminded that this not some game like the trading card games or video games. The Deva had destroyed part of Miami only to reclaim Calumon. Tatsuya, however, was happy that he would no longer be separated from his friends. But it would take almost one year to build the new Digi-Gate Arch. Until they had to prepare through their old method: training new fighting techniques.

Mid-credits scene

In the Desert Layer of the Digital World, Anilamon was scouting for something. But then he was attacked by a large Dragon Digimon. The Digimon crushed his skull and killed him, but then his size started to decrease. He was approached by a young man who asked if his "partner" had calmed down through this battle. The man promised to help him to find a worthy opponent to make him feel peaceful.



  • Tatsuya Munemori, a 16 years old Japanese high school student.
  • Andrew "Andy" Conteh, a 17 years old African American high school student whose father was a student of Robert Harmon and Grigory Shatalov.
  • Vera Neidhardt, a 16 years high school student who was previously a cold and merciless fighter.
  • Mei Yashida, a 16 years old high school student who is Tatsuya's love interest and becomes one of the new Tamers.
  • Jason Storm, a 16 years old friend of Tatsuya. He becomes one of the new Tamers.
  • Susan Conteh, a 14 years old sister of Andy.
  • Harold "Harry" Thompson, a 51 years old man who is one of the leaders of the W.N.D.D. (Worldwide Network of the DigiDestined). He is an old friend of Julius Conteh, Grigory Shatalov and the Harmon family.

Partner Digimon



  • Kyle Lambert, a 16 years old student and Jason's best friend.


Other humans

  • Grigory Shatalov, a 68 years old colleague of Robert Harmon who has fallen in coma with his mind somehow travelling between the two worlds in a holographic body.
  • Kevin Harmon, a 40 years old member of the original DigiDestined and chairman of the leading council of W.N.D.D. Only a cameo appearance.


  • Calumon, a small Digimon with an ability to make others Digivolve.


  • Impmon, a prideful Digimon who believes himself being stronger than any Partner Digimon.



Recruited by Deva


  • Silas, former Chief Operator of the Digital Revolution who monitored the digital activities. The Deva forced him and Moody to build a Digi-Gate network for them.
  • Moody, former Lead Analyst of the Digital Revolution who monitored the digital activities. The Deva forced him and Silas to build a Digi-Gate network for them.
  • Mercurimon, member of the authority that rules the Digital World and sent the Deva to reclaim Calumon. Only a small appearance.




  • Riku Arhinmäki, a 19 years old Tamer from Finland. Only a cameo appearance.
  • Cyberdramon, Riku's fierce Partner Digimon. Only a cameo appearance.


  • Digimon: Ordeal of Deva refers to fighting against the Deva, a group based on the mythological divine beings of the same, as well as Twelve Heavenly Generals and the animals on the Chinese Zodiac. The previous name before the final decision was Digimon: Riddle of Deva.
  • Grigory Shatalov made his first appearance as one of the main characters of DigiPast Chronicles prequel miniseries. How he became part of the Project: Digital Life, is revealed on the Arc 1, but the Arc 2 will reveal how he and the Harmon family met Julius Conteh and Harold Thompson for the first time.
  • The disbanding of W.N.D.D. was inspired by the destruction of S.H.I.E.L.D. in Marvel film Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but the main difference is that W.N.D.D. is immediately attempting to its former members to build a new organization to replace it, while S.H.I.E.L.D. attempted to be rebuilt by a new Director.

Cancelled sequel

At the same time with the release of the extended synopsis of Digimon: Ordeal of Deva, it was announced that its sequel, the third installment of the Legendary Tamers Saga and the eighth installment of the whole Cinematic Sagas, is named Digimon: Evolution Beyond. The Tamers travel into the Digital World and find the reason for everything that has happened the last two years. Evolution Beyond, however, was cancelled along with its sequel Digimon: Judgement Code.

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