A distress signal has went out for the DigiDestined and now it's a race against the clock so that the Digimon will not cause any damage to a town and help the African DigiDestined to stop him.


As the DigiDestined kids set out for another adventure, a distress signal is sent from Africa. As they make way for the soon-to-be battlefield, they meet the African DigiDestined, Aida, and she ask for their help. The town that her family lives in is being terrorized by Digimon and her partner can't defeat them herself. The gang agrees to help her and decide to fight the Digimon so that her town can go back to normal.

When the gang's Digimon DigiStar digivolve, they are possessed by an anti-data code. The code causes the Digimon to disintegrate and dissolve into nothing but digital dust. Near the end, a wild Sandromon is spotted and attacks the gang because of them being without Digimon partners. Luckily, Rainmon comes back to digivolve into Terramon and deletes the Digimon.

As the gang gets ready to admit defeat, their partners start coming back and they soon gain more confidence to defeat the enemy. When they face the enemy it is Niflomon. As they weaken him, he gets the power to digivolve and turns into Fumorimon. The much tougher opponent defeats Walrumon in one foul swipe and takes Meglomon out of the picture with Sword of Deceit. Sabermon and Terramon soon DigiBlend to Siberramon and use Snow Swipe to try and take out the Digimon but with no avail. MegaFlymon then uses Mega Wing and defeats Fumorimon by using the attack and not letting the other Digimon have time to regroup.

Written by:(En)Devon Washington

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