Digimon: The Children from Mysidia

  Twin seeds of Dark & Light.
   From Dark World plucked.
   Destined for destruction,
   They exist never and forever.
   Until purity is called,
   To end their Endeavour.
~Ancient Prophecy of the Digi-World, as foreseen by Jijimon.

‘Joyous and bouncy music is heard as balloons and streamers batter against a light wind. Children laughing whilst eating cotton candy or licking ice creams. The circus is a joyous thing, childhood memories, clowns…bearded ladies sometimes. It is the stuff of sugar, dreams and the occasional freak show. But, one circus in particular, the Zoominwyre Rosvelt circus is home to two very special children, with a destructive destiny ahead. Little do they know this (as any destiny goes), but they will soon learn that they’re not alone in their world, or the other. What’s the other world? The Digital World, where creatures called Digimon (Di-gi-mon – Digi short for Digital, Mon short for Monster. Full name: Digital Monster) live and exist in harmony and dystopia. Evil exists in the darkest corners, and they seek these children for their own evil purposes. As anyone would say, how cliché.’

Demi and BK are to extraordinary beings and star attractions of the Zoominwyre Rosvelt Circus. They have a memory span of only two years, during the time when they were adopted into the circus. Little do they know that they are more than just mere humans, they have an amazing destiny before them the likes of which they have never seen. After learning of their true destiny, these twins are in for the rise of their life, and lucky that you get to join them in it.

My Poorly Done Farce

Characters of this poorly acted farce

The Good Guys

The Bad Guys

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