Level Ultimate
Type Wizard
Attribute Virus
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms BKWarlockmon
Next forms DeviWarlockmon
Partners BrokenHeart15

Description: He stands at 7'2 feet tall. He wears black and red chest armour with a long cape attached at the shoulders. He has steel toed boots that go up to the knees, the toes are decorated with skulls. He wears the same brown pants with red trim. He wears clawed gauntlets that go up to his elbows, the rest of his arm's length is black fabric. His shoulder guards are decorated with small demon wings. His staff is black, topped with a small demon holding the black orb in its hands. It crackles with energy.

The ultimate level of BKDemiWarlockmon. Upon reaching this level does this Digimon strain truly understand justice and becomes a force to be reckoned with. He tries to disprove that all virus types are evil and fights with his twin MetaWarlockmon to stop evil wherever it may be found. He however has not become fully mature, and usually does more harm than good. His skills in the black arts have become even stronger.


  • Dark Ascension: AltronWarlockmon charges a large amount of energy in his hands and firing a tremendous blast of dark energy. This can be combined with MetaWarlockmon's Light of Repention attack.
  • Vicious Rush: AltronWarlockmon dashes at the target and he unleashes a large assault on the foe, knocking them into the air and then striking it down into the earth. He then summons multiple copies which all fire a blast of dark energy that the target. Can be done in tandem with MetaWarlockmon's Holy Rush attack.
  • Black Magic: A magic type that possesses different effects:
    • Fire: Unleashes a small fireball that burns the target.
    • Fira: Unleashes a medium sized fireball that burns the target.
    • Blizzard: Unleashes a small ball of ice that freezes the target.
    • Blizzara: Un;eashes a medium sized ball of ice that freezes the target.
    • Thunder: Unleashes a blast of electricity that shocks the target.
    • Thundara: Un;eashes a medium sized blast of energy that shocks the target.
    • Sleep: Puts a target to sleep.
    • Drain: Absorbs some life force from a target, transferring it straight to BKWarlockmon and restoring his health. This can be used to heal allies.
    • Osmose: Absorbs some energy from a target, transferring it straight to BKWarlockmon and restoring his energy. This can be used to re-energize allies.
    • Venom: Poisons a target and decreases their health.
    • Bio: Causes internal bleeding in the target, destroying them from within.
  • Twincast: An attack done in tandem with MetaWarlockmon. Both Digimon unite their energies to unleash a powerful Ultima attack. This attack generates a large magical storm which severly injures anyone caught in the blast. When low on energy or as an alternative, Pyro Blaster or Chaotica can be cast.