Level Champion
Type Wizard
Attribute Virus
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms BKDemiWarlockmon
Next forms AltronWarlockmon
Partners BrokenHeart15

Description: He stands at 5'6. He wears a large brownish wizard’s hat, the top of the hat is bent slightly. His outfit consist of a blue cloak that covers his shoulders and extends down his back. His pants are brown and long, running down to his boots. His shirt is blue as well. Darkness still covered his face as his collar was raised to cover his mouth, with only his two red eyes still glaring. His staff is a long polished piece of oak wood. The black orb at the top is clasped in a claw.

BKWarlockmon are another step in the BKDemiWarlockmon Digivolution line. These Digimon are a lot more devious than their twin Warlockmon and are capable of mass destruction. Few of them get out of hand because their twin usually stops them from doing too much harm, but that is when they actually pose a threat to something.


  • Dark Stinger: BKWarlockmon charges a sphere of darkness in his hand, then he fires it in the form of a projectile. This attack can be combined with Warlockmon's Light Bringer attack.
  • Dark Spore: BKWarlockmon creates a globe of darkness into his hand. This thrown at the foe and it explodes, creating smaller globes which in turn explode.
  • Black Magic: A magic type that possesses different effects:
    • Fire: Unleashes a small fireball that burns the target.
    • Blizzard: Unleashes a small ball of ice that freezes the target.
    • Thunder: Unleashes a blast of electricity that shocks the target.
    • Sleep: Puts a target to sleep.
    • Drain: Absorbs some life force from a target, transferring it straight to BKWarlockmon and restoring his health. This can be used to heal allies.
    • Osmose: Absorbs some energy from a target, transferring it straight to BKWarlockmon and restoring his energy. This can be used to re-energize allies.
    • Venom: Poisons a target and decreases their health.
  • Twincast: An attack done in tandem with Warlockmon. Both Digimon unite their energies to unleash a destructive Chaotica attack. This attack creates many floating spheres of light and darkness which merge and capture foes. Inevitably exploding when all spheres merge into one. When low on energy or as an alternative, Pyro Blaster can be cast.