Level Rookie
Type Wizard
Attribute Vaccine
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Orbrusmon
Next forms Warlockmon
Partners BrokenHeart15

Description: A diminutive digimon, he stands at 4'6. He wears white clothes in the form of close fitting long-sleeved medievil shirt and pants with blue trim on the sleeves and pant legs. He wears small brown boots and gloves, whilst his face is covered by a hood, with only 2 yellow dots to show where the eyes are. The hood extends into a cape with the same colour scheme and the hood is held by a small chain near the neck. The link holding both chains is a sun. He carries a small slender oak staff with a white orb at the top. A small book is chained to his left hip.

DemiWarlockmon are born when the data of many different RPG games are deleted. They are based on the White Mage class and still possess the power to cast White Magic. This variation of the Warlockmon species is light based. The limit of their casting power is wholly dependent on their current stage of Digivolution. Whenever a DemiWarlockmon is born, they are always partnered up with their twin BKDemiWarlockmon. Due to the data that constitutes their form, they can be visibly male or female. Due to the harmony between this Digimon and their twin, they possess excellent teamwork and can combine their energies into the enigmatic 'Twin Cast' attack, causing massive damage.


  • Pentus Blaster: DemiWarlockmon sketches a large pentagram in the air. The pentagram charge from the five surrounding points and a large light based blast is fired from the center.
  • Lightning Jager: The orb at the top of DemiWarlockmon's staff glows with white energy, unleashing a large energy based attack.
  • White Magic: A magic type that possesses different effects:
    • Cure: Restores a small portion of health and energy to a target.
    • Esuna: Removes the effects of certain attacks, such as the petrification effect of Kokatorimon's Petrifier technique.
    • Hold: Paralyzes a target by preventing movement.
    • Sight: Allows DemiWarlockmon to observe a small location of the Digital World.
  • Twincast: An attack done in tandem with BKDemiWarlockmon. Both Digimon unite their energies to unleash a fiery Pyro Blaster attack. This attack leaves many floating spheres of fire which detonate on command or touch.