Level Ultimate
Type Wizard
Attribute Vaccine
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Warlockmon
Next forms AngeWarlockmon
Partners BrokenHeart15

Description: He stands at 7 feet tall. He wears white and red chest armour, with his cape attached at the shoulders. He wears steel toed boots, with each knee adorned with a golden eagle. The abdominal area has the same pants as before. He wears a pair of iron gauntlets that go to the elbows, and had his shirt covering the rest. MetaWarlockmon now wears a helmet, with the eye guard lowered, revealing only the lower half of his face; white hair hang down his back. He now has a glorious light grey staff, with a pair of angel wings at the top. Perched in between the base of the wings is a white orb, which crackles with energy.

MetaWarlockmon is a true knight of justice, always willing to lend a helping hand to whoever needs it and to strike down those of evil intentions. His twin AltronWarlockmon joins him in his attitude. His skills in white magic are now very powerful.


  • Light of Repention: MetaWarlockmon charges a large amount of energy in his hands and firing a tremendous blast of light energy. This can be combined with AltronWarlockmon's Dark Ascension attack.
  • Holy Rush: MetaWarlockmon dashes at the target and he unleashes a large assault on the foe, knocking them into the air and then striking it down into the earth. He then summons multiple copies which all fire a blast of light energy that the target. Can be done in tandem with AltronWarlockmon's Vicious Rush attack.
  • White Magic: A magic type that possesses different effects:
    • Cure: Restores a small portion of health and energy to a target.
    • Cura: Restores a portion of health and energy to a target.
    • Esuna: Removes the effects of certain attacks, such as the petrification effect of Kokatorimon's Petrifier technique.
    • Hold: Paralyzes a target by preventing movement.
    • Flash: Unleashes a blast of light that blinds a target.
    • Sight: Allows DemiWarlockmon to observe a small location of the Digital World.
    • Warp: Teleports Warlockmon a short distance away.
    • Float: Levitates a target.
    • Haste: Supercharges a target, causing them to act and react much faster than normal.
    • Slow: Slows down the workings of a target, causing them to act and react much more slowly.
  • Twincast: An attack done in tandem with MetaWarlockmon. Both Digimon unite their energies to unleash a powerful Ultima attack. This attack generates a large magical storm which severly injures anyone caught in the blast. When low on energy or as an alternative, Pyro Blaster or Chaotica can be cast.