Level In-Training
Type Wizard
Attribute Data
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Wispusmon
Next forms DemiWarlockmon
Partners BrokenHeart15

Deascription: Orbrusmon are about 1'3 in height. Their bodies are made of two gloved hands, two booted feet, a small cape, a wand, a pointed hat and an orb. The orb can be either black or white. This determines their Digivolution line. The orb acts as the main body, with the other appendages in their according place. It is usually the left ahnd that holds the small wand, which is a small slender stick with a small rounded orb on the end. It is hard to tell if they have a face or not.

As stated in the description, Orbrusmon like their predecessor come in colours either black or white. This determines whether they Digivolve into DemiWarlockmon or BKDemiWarlockmon. All their bodily functions are performed through the orb. The metabolism of an Orbrusmon is quite fast, causing swift Digivolution in the case of being without a tamer. They are quite fragile, so they defend their orb with their lives. They can seperate all their body parts to confuse their foe.


  • Pico White/Pico Black: A small blast of energy from their wands, usually is ineffective damage wise, but it blinds the foe.