Level Champion
Type Wizard
Attribute Vaccine
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms DemiWarlockmon
Next forms MetaWarlockmon
Partners BrokenHeart15

Description: He stands at 5'4. His head and shoulders are covered by a hood and long cape. The top half of his face isvisible, his eyes are blue in colour and a red marking is under his left eye. A white scarf covers the lower half of his face, so only his eyes are visible. His pants are long and brown, and his shirt is white in colour. His staff is a long polished piece of oak wood. The white orb at the top is clasped by three clamps at equal points.

Warlockmon are the Champion Stage of the DemiWarlockmon line. His skills in the art of White Magic have become greater, allowing him to cast more powerful magic. His face is revealed for the first time and he gets slightly uncomfortable when some Digimon flirt with him. He is a light based Digimon who believes in justice, but ignores the evil that he or his twin BKWarlockmon might do.


  • Light Bringer: Warlockmon charges a sphere of light in his hand, then he fires it in the form of a projectile. This attack can be combined with BKWarlockmon's Dark Stinger attack.
  • Silent White: Warlockmon generates a barrier to defend himself and his allies.
  • White Magic: A magic type that possesses different effects:
    • Cure: Restores a small portion of health and energy to a target.
    • Cura: Restores a portion of health and energy to a target.
    • Esuna: Removes the effects of certain attacks, such as the petrification effect of Kokatorimon's Petrifier technique.
    • Hold: Paralyzes a target by preventing movement.
    • Flash: Unleashes a blast of light that blinds a target.
    • Sight: Allows DemiWarlockmon to observe a small location of the Digital World.
    • Warp: Teleports Warlockmon a short distance away.
  • Twincast: An attack done in tandem with BKWarlockmon. Both Digimon unite their energies to unleash a destructive Chaotica attack. This attack creates many floating spheres of light and darkness which merge and capture foes. Inevitably exploding when all spheres merge into one. When low on energy or as an alternative, Pyro Blaster can be cast.