Level Baby
Type Unknown
Attribute Data
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Next forms Orbrusmon
Partners BrokenHeart15

Description: Wispusmon are about 1'3 in height. Their bodies are totally composed of data particles. They can either be black or white in colour. The white variation has small beady yellow eyes whilst the black variation possesses red glaring eyes. Their data shifts about uncontrollably.

As stated in the description, Wispusmon can be black or white in colour. This determines their Digivolution line and what colour Orbrusmon they become. Due to being composed completely of free flowing data particles, their shapes are very maleable and can slip into the most minute of cracks. Their data however, is extremely volatile and thus can dissolve almost anything they come in contact with. They have an extremely fast metabolism and Digivolve to Orbrusmon within the first two hours of hatching provided that they have had enough sustenance.


  • Data Bubble: Wispusmon unleashes a small cloud of seemingly harmless bubbles. However, these bubbles possess a small fragment of their data and thus are capable of dissolving virtually anything they cling to.