Digimon The Third World

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Digimon: The Third World is a fanon live-action film idea created by CAJH. It is the third film of both the DigiDestined Saga of Digimon Cinematic Sagas and the whole franchise. The film was announced on February 18, 2015 right after the synopsis release of its prequel Digimon: Network Battles. The extended synopsis was released on April 22, 2015. Its sequel is Digimon: Digitaclysm – Part 1.

Rest of its plot has been adapted from real-life anime, like plot points from episodes 26 to 39 of Digimon Adventure and few parts from episodes 22 to 50 of Digimon Adventure 02.



Many years ago in the Digital World, there was a castle on a mountain. The castle was filled with several artifacts and machinery. Benjamin and a team of human-resembling beings like him are working with the machines. Inside some glass shelves were several Digi-Eggs, Digivices, Tags and Crests. Benjamin walked into front of a panel that showed images of Chinese Five Holy Beasts symbolizing Wu Xing. The panel started to shine and Benjamin said: "Everything is now ready. The destined ones can be contacted very soon." Then the light of the panel darkens and Benjamin walks in front of a stone tablet. Benjamin asked from his partners if they had completed the gate. They told that they had. The spell lock protecting the gate had also been configured.

Nine cards were set into tablet and after that the gate opened. But suddenly there appeared a grey fog shrouding the room. The machines malfunctioned and exploded. And few of Benjamin's friends were destroyed. Then they were attacked by mysterious bats and red energy whips. A mysterious person took the Tags and the Crests to himself. But Benjamin took with him the Digivices and Digi-Eggs, and escaped with them. However, one Digi-Egg was forgotten and taken by the attacker.

Battle of the Three Worlds

The battles continue

It is the year 2018. Unlike between the invasions of Devimon and Etemon, several neutral Digimon have somehow been Bio-Emerging to the real world during the last two years. Right now there was a big Digimon resembling a woolly mammoth rampaging in Los Angeles. It had a giant metallic helmet and only on eye. The Digimon had been analyzed as Mammon, an Ultimate Level and Vaccine-attributed Ancient Animal.

Then Troy Dawkins and Miyuki Koharuno arrive to the city with Greymon and Birdramon. Kevin Harmon arrived as well with both Tentomon and Armadimon. Tentomon Digivolved into Kabuterimon, whole Armadimon Digivolved into his own Champion form: Ankylomon. Mammon, however, was very powerful opponent, as were its two techniques: Tusk Strikes and Tundra Breath. Greymon was weakened so much that it De-Digivolved back to Agumon. Then Daniel "Dan" Linwood and Veemon arrived, and Veemon Digivolved into his Champion form ExVeemon. But even five Champion Level Digimon weren't powerful enough against Mammon. Kevin and Miyuki were certain that power of the Crests was necessary on this battle. Power flowing from Kevin's Crest of Knowledge made Kabuterimon Digivolve to AtlasKabuterimon which resembles a red rhinoceros beetle. And the power flowing from Miyuki's Crest of Love made Birdramon Digivolve to a Bird Man Digimon named Garudamon.

AtlasKabuterimon's technique Horn Buster stopped Mammon, while Garudamon's technique Shadow Wing made Mammon dissipate into data. Kevin and Dan opened a Digi-Gate, that made Mammon's data return back to the Digital World for reincarnation process. The intruder had been defeated, but opponents started to stronger after each incident and now it took two Ultimate Level Digimon to defeat Mammon. Luckily Dan was there to help and to use D-3 Digivice to come for help when needed. Wei Xueqi was still not an official member of the DigiDestined, but still participated in battles. Xueqi had been fighting against Bio-Emerged Digimon not only on Hong Kong, but also in many other places with his partner Wormmon.


In unknown location at sunset there appeared a Digimon resembling a green praying mantis with giant metallic sickles. Wei Xueqi arrived to the place and by using the Digimon Analyzer he recognized it is Snimon, a Champion Level and Vaccine-attributed Insect Digimon. He asked if Wormmon was ready to fight. Wormmon said he was and started to glow. He Digivolved to his own Champion form: Stingmon. Stingmon started fighting against Snimon. Snimon used its Shadow Sickle technique, firing purple sickle-formed beams. However, Stingmon evaded them and used its own technique: Spiking Finish. A purple spike appeared from his wrist and he struck it against Snimon. The attack was too much for Snimon which was destroyed. Wei congratulated Stingmon for good work and they used the D-3 Digivice to teleport themselves back to their apartment, but not without being spied on by someone.

At night, Wei saw a mysterious dream. A spiky black object stroke into his neck and he had also seen a beach that was shrouded by a grey fog. He woke up in panic, making Wormmon wake up as well. Wei remembered that he had experienced the events of the dream somewhere three years ago, but he doesn't quite remember what happened back then. Wormmon tried to persuade him to ask the DigiDestined for help, but Wei believed that he had find the answers by himself. He had just received the latest updates from the mobile applications and the events regarding the Digimon.

Then he saw a little creature flapping its wings on window that flew off right away. Wei wondered what kind of threat the darkness was now going to bring to the two worlds. The small creature flew into the roof with some smaller bat-like creatures. The bats formed a window-like vision that showed a silhouette of a mysterious person dressed up with a cape.

The disappearance in New Mexico

One night there happens something very strange in New Mexico. There appears a small amount of grey fog inside of an orphanage and it was flowing into a room of a girl. It was the very same girl who had found the pink D-3 Digivice two years ago. The fog was flowing into girl's body which started to disappear. The girl wakes up and realizes what is happening. She starts to scream, but when caretakers come to the room, the girl and the pink D-3 were gone. The fog was still in the room, but soon it disappeared too. There had also appeared a 10 feet wide black square in the orphanage yard. The square was approached by two characters, and one of them put something into the middle of it. After that something started to raise from the square.

In the morning, the DigiDestined are reading an article from the Internet about the incident in New Mexico. The lost girl was 14 years old Gia Avilés. Her mother was American, but the father was Mexican. Both of the parents had died three years before the incident and because of that the girl lived in the orphanage. The grey fog was also mentioned in the article with some people thinking it being the same that appears when a Digimon Bio-Emerges. And soon after that a black obelisk had appeared. Kevin, however, stated that the DigiLocate would recognize it if it would be the Bio-Emergence fog. This fog was from neither from the Digital World or the real one.

Then Benjamin contacted the DigiDestined and asked if they already knew about what happened in New Mexico. Kevin said that they did and wanted to know what the mysterious black obelisk is. Benjamin said he has detected it to disrupt the balance between the Digital World and the real one. He also knew that Gia Avilés is a DigiDestined. He didn't tell about this before, because the Digi-Egg of Gia's destined partner has been lost for many years. Gia had received her own D-3 Digivice soon after Etemon was defeated and Benjamin had tried to contact her, but never succeeded. Someone lese must have found the girl first, just like in the case of Wei Xueqi. Benjamin said he would explain more details only if he could meet the DigiDestined face to face. He advised them to arrive to the Digital in two days as well as Wei Xueqi.

The Dark Spires

Very soon a black square appeared into Los Angeles. The police, along with some FBI agents, arrived there to watch it, but then some very thick object flies into the middle of the square, causing a new black obelisk to rise from it. The DigiDestined arrive there by flying on back of their partners. Richard Gardner was also there and explained how he saw what triggered rising of the obelisk. Kevin took up his smartphone and realized how the update provided by Benjamin made the application able to detect these obelisks, which were referred as Dark Spires. There had appeared three more of them into the real world: one in Paris, one in Hong Kong and the third one in Kyoto. Gardner said his superior Smithers wanted to know right away what was this all about. Kevin had no idea what was the purpose of the Dark Spires, but there started appear more squares around the world. But no new Dark Spires were rising from them right now. DigiLocate also detected few Dark Spires in the Digital World too.

For now, each location of the Dark Spires in the real world, excluding Paris, were places where Digimon had been Bio-Emerging during the previous battles of the DigiDestined. Seamus Maitland, however, remembered that his paternal uncle had gone to work overseas in Paris. He was worried about his safety. Jacob "Jake" Thacher reminded that there wasn't currently any new bewildered or evil Digimon that had Bio-Emerged. Dan sent the others a message that he noticed Wei about Benjamin's request. Wei had only answered that he wasn't sure what to do.

Meanwhile, Miyuki was following a small flying creature and saw it speaking a flock of bats and some mysterious entity. The Digimon Analyzer did not recognize the entity in that state, but the smaller one was analyzed being PicoDevimon, a Rookie Level and Virus-attributed Mini Devil Digimon. After they disappeared, Troy ran there and asked what happened. Miyuki told about PicoDevimon and the unknown entity it was talking to. Was that entity a Digimon that was responsible for the Dark Spires to appear? If they would find it, they could understand what was happening to the two worlds.


Wei arrived to the Digital World with Wormmon. According to DigiLocate they were in a forest in a Server Continent, to the north from Etemon's former domain. There was also one Dark Spire in the forest. Wei was wondering about their purpose. He had seen these obelisks sometimes before, but he didn't remember where. He thought he could remember it better, if he would still be the DigiShadow, but because of Wormmon he didn't wish that to happen.

But then a Digimon resembling a wasp was flying above the area. The Digimon Analyzer recognized it as Flymon, a Champion Level and Virus-attributed Insect Digimon. Wormmon was ready to Digivolve, but this time Wei wanted to just hide and hope that Flymon would fly off. That really happened, but then something else approached Wei. It was a strange woman with sunglasses and long white-colored hair. The woman knew who Wei was and said how he was finally here. Wei didn't remember the woman and asked who she was. The woman only said that Wei was no longer needed. Wei started to attack her, but the woman took off her sunglasses, revealing very inhuman eyes on her face. Wei was in shock and backed off, letting the woman get away.

Then Flymon flied back to the forest, noticing Wei and Wormmon there. But then ExVeemon and Aquilamon appeared and defeated the attacker. The other DigiDestined came there by running and asked Wei what had happened. But before Wei could say anything to them, Patamon flew there and said how he had seen something very curious. Everybody runs to the lake nearby where water had magically moved so it would show stairs leading under the lake. There walked a hooded man up to the stairs. However, that was not Benjamin. This man looked like he was Japanese and he introduced himself as Gennai. He told he had been expecting them with Benjamin and asked the DigiDestined to follow him. But from far distance PicoDevimon was watching them.

The DigiDestined followed Gennai under the lake and realized that they were able to breath there. At the end of the stairs was Japanese-looking house. Benjamin was there and explained that he lived in this house with Gennai. Both asked the DigiDestined to come inside to hear everything they need to for now. The house looked very small from outside, but it was large from inside. There were many rooms, including dining room, library and office. Benjamin and Gennai asked everyone to come to the study room.

The enemy proceeds in his plans

The mountains were very near of the lake as well as the same castle where Benjamin ja Gennai were working years ago. Both PicoDevimon and the mysterious woman encountered by Wei arrived into a throne room inside the castle. There also arrived a person walking with a cane. The entity that was sitting in the throne asked how plan was proceeding. PicoDevimon said he had located the DigiDestined as well as Benjamin and Gennai were. The woman and the person with cane told that there were new Dark Spires rising all the time. Both worlds would have the needed number of them, total of 200 Spires, on midnight. When they would be ready, the next phase of the plan can start.

The entity on the throne said that PicoDevimon had atoned some of his past failures, but he still didn't consider him useful enough. The punishment for next failure would be death. PicoDevimon promised to his master, whom he called Vamdemon, that he wouldn't fail anymore. Vamdemon watched ten cards with pictures of different Digimon species. He said that once the number of the Dark Spires would reach 200, it would time for the cards to make their trick. He believed that nothing would stop him, since the deal made with the creator of the Spires had given all that was needed. The new deal would be ready to be made in tomorrow. He ordered PicoDevimon to ready the cards as well as every recruited Digimon. The woman and the cane-user should prepare the last Spires. PicoDevimon asked what Vamdemon himself was about to do. Vamdemon said that he would prepare his next deal. Then he would be ready to introduce himself to the DigiDestined as well as conquer every world. Vamdemon's bats form a window showing a beach with grey fog. In the place shown through the window is also lighthouse that produces beams of shadows instead of beams of light. Then a large creature is starting to rise from the sea and walk to the vision of Vamdemon.

Wei's past and the tale about darkness

The night was approaching in the Digital World. Benjamin and Gennai explained how there are more than just two worlds. The information had always existed. When computers and the World Wide Web were created, the world formed by the information bound itself into them. Part of the collective unconsciousness had done the same. When researchers led by Robert Harmon created the first AI units of their project, they were simple computer application. But one day they were found by the original life form of the Digital World and both species soon combined into creatures that are nowadays as the "Digimon". The DigiDestined already knew how the Digimon and the Digital World both have ascepts affected by the real world, but they had no any idea what would the other worlds look like. Some Digimon or life forms resembling them had been drifting to entirely different worlds. And one of these worlds is where from the Dark Spires come from: the Dark Ocean.

Wei's memory started to return and he remembered how he had got a standard Digivice and met Wormmon for the first time soon after the battle of Kyoto. They had once visited the Digital World where some black object had gone into Wei's neck after which he had returned to the real world. After healing from the pain, Wei had got a message from a person who claimed to have sent the Digivice. He advised to use into a different world. Wormmon was suspicious about this, but Wei had decided to find about it alone. So, he had ended up into the beach that was shrouded in grey fog. He was then advised to dip the Digivice into the ocean, which transformed into the Black D-3. Wei had soon started to despise his life and loved ones even more, which led him to meet and ally himself with Martin Harmon and the Webmasters.

Benjamin swore that he or any of his colleagues was not the one who sent that message. The Digimon of Darkness had apparently driven Wei to become a piece of their evil plots. The object inside Wei's neck was a Dark Spore. There was still a huge amount of them when the Great Demon Lords, the seven original evil Digimon, were a threat to the Digital World. Vamdemon must have somehow managed to collect few remaining spores. Benjamin and Gennai had worked in the castle on the mountains to develop the Digivices and choose the Partner Digimon before the place was taken over by Vamdemon and other Digimon of Darkness. Miyuki told about how he saw PicoDevimon to speak to someone, so Benjamin was now certain, that Vamdemon was behind the appearance of the Dark Spires to outside worlds. But he or Gennai had no slightest idea about the mysterious woman that Wei had met.

But now they had to find a way to access the Dark Ocean where the Dark Spires were brought from. It was only way to find out why Vamdemon needed them and save Gia Avilés. But how would they succeed? Benjamin and Gennai promised to tell about it tomorrow. They would watch over the house, while the DigiDestined would sleep.

DNA Digivolution

During midnight a bunch of Bakemon as well an unknown Ghost Digimon a scythe were approaching the lake. The scythe-bearer told to wait Vamdemon's order. The ground was shaking, because there were few bigger Digimon with them. Then PicoDevimon came and told that when the last Dark Spire would be ready, the attack would start. The Spire was about rise until something destroyed it. Greymon, Garurumon, Birdramon and Kabuterimon appeared and started to attack. The Bakemon were frightened and tried to escape, but were destroyed very soon. Then a spider-like Digimon and two black dragon-like Digimon appeared. Troy used the Digimon Analyzer on them. They were all Champion Level and Virus-attributed. The spider was Dokugumon and the dragons were named Devidramon. The scythe-bearer was Phantomon, an Ultimate Level and Virus-attributed Ghost Digimon. Garurumon and Kabuterimon fought against the two Devidramon. But even though they were Champion Level, they were very powerful. Kabuterimon Digivolved to AtlasKabuterimon and destroyed one of the Devidramon. Garurumon Digivolved to WereGarurumon and destroyed Dokugumon.

Greymon and Birdramon were attacked by Phantomon. Phantomon's technique Soul Chopper wounded badly of both of the Digimon, De-Digivolving them back to their Rookie forms. The woman Wei saw earlier and the cane-user arrived to the place as well. Wei was certain that neither of them was human and wanted to know who or what the two really were. Both of those transformed into completely different creatures. The woman became an Insect Digimon named Archnemon and cane-user became an Undead Digimon named Mummymon. Benjamin or Gennai had never seen any Digimon like them before. The Digimon Analyzer, however, recognized both of them as Ultimate Level Digimon. They were formed from the data of the Digital World, but also from something previously unseen. Then a black coffin decorated with bat-like pictures was dropped behind them. It opened and revealed a vampire-like entity with a cape having been inside. That entity was Vamdemon and Miyuki remembered seeing him with PicoDevimon. Kevin checked Vamdemon's data through the Analyzer. Vamdemon was an Ultimate Level and Virus-attributed Undead Digimon who was much more powerful than any Ultimate Level Digimon previously encountered. He made his bats attack by using Night Raid technique. He also used another technique Bloody Stream to generate red energy whips. WereGarurumon and AtlasKabuterimon De-Digivolved right away back to their Rookie forms. Now the DigiDestined had no Ultimate Level Digimon capable to fight.

Then ExVeemon, Ankylomon and Stingmon arrived there. Edmund also decided that it was time for Patamon to Digivolve into Angemon once again. But the four Digimon were only Champion Level and not powerful enough. Wei shouted at Vamdemon wanting to go with him alone and that others would be left alone. Dan didn't accept that and tried to stop Wei. Vamdemon himself said that he or even "the Masters" didn't need Wei any longer. He wanted to conquer everything his Masters desired for himself. He jumped onto Devidramon's back and left with his forces back to the castle. Archnemon and Mummymon attacked Benjamin and Gennai, capturing and taking both with them. PicoDevimon had a something that looked like a hard drive. But one very big Insect Digimon still remained in the area. It was an Ultimate Level Okuwamon.

Wei had no idea what to do anymore, but Dan tried to stop him from making any unwise decisions. The world still had humans who cared about Wei very much, and they get very upset. He had to start thinking about other people and be open to work with them. The both Dan's D-3 and Wei's D-3 Digivices started to glow. Beams of light came out from them forming an energy ring that started draw both ExVeemon and Stingmon onto it. While approaching each other they said being "DNA Digivolving". Combination of their data formed one single Digimon: Paildramon. The DigiDestined were amazed of what they just saw. ExVeemoon and Stingmon had fused to an Ultimate Level Digimon by fusing themselves without the power of Crests. Okuwamon attacked by using Scissor Arms Omega technique, but Paildramon blocked it with Esgrima technique. Okuwamon was bigger and stronger, but while being trapped Paildramon used submachine gun technique Desperado Blaster. The attack destroyed Okuwamon.

Operations begin

In the next morning the DigiDestined had returned to the real world. The situation was chaotic: Vamdemon was a strong opponent against number of Ultimate Level Digimon, Benjamin and Gennai were captured and three places on Earth were attacked by the Digimon: New York, Moscow and Paris. DigiLocate also detected that any destroyed Dark Spires had somehow been rebuilt. However, the DigiDestined had now a new weapon against the enemy: one Ultimate Level Digimon more. The DNA Digivolution must be a Digivolution system only allowed through the D-3 Digivices, just like Armor Digivolution, since Dan and Wei both had those devices, but no Crests.

Gardner and other FBI agents arrived there and told the DigiDestined more bad news. The Hong Kong police had reported to Interpol that Martin Harmon had disappeared. It had happened under same circumstances then the disappearance of Gia Avilés, by the mysterious grey fog. The DigiDestined had to take an action. But they had no way to get into that world outside of the Digital World. But then they got a message from Gennai who had managed to escape. They had to go into Vamdemon's castle which should be almost unguarded.

When the DigiDestined arrived to the castle, and it really seemed forsaken, until a mysterious small and cat-like Digimon attacked. The Digimon Analyzer recognized it as Tailmon, a Champion Level and Vaccine-attributed Holy Beast Digimon. Tailmon looked tortured and mad-driven. And she blamed humans from its horrible pain. The partner Digimon surrounded Tailmon and restrained her. Kevin said they don't want to hurt her as they only want know how to get into the Dark Ocean. Tailmon regained her sanity and told to approach the stone tablet. She also gave ten cards with Digimon pictures. Eight of these cards had pictures of Agumon, Gomamon, Elecmon, Gazimon, Unimon, Drimogemon, Kuwagamon and Andromon. The final two cards had pictures of Digimon species the DigiDestined had never seen before: Digitamamon and ShogunGekomon. Both of these Digimon were Ultimate Level. Kevin realized that the Digimon species in red cards were Vaccine-attributed, the green ones had Data and the blue ones had Virus. The stone tablet had nine pads, the first row marked with one star, the middle row with two, and the final row three stars. The cards had Rookie, Champion and Ultimate Level Digimon. The stars could mean the Digivolution levels: Rookie for one star, Champion for two stars, and Ultimate for three stars. The columns were marked with symbols of Leo, Sagittarius and Monkey. The Leo and the Sagittarius were signs of the Western Zodiac and the Monkey from the Chinese one. Kevin asked others to check through the Digimon Analyzer the data of Leomon, Centauromon and Etemon, as the signs resembled them. Each of them had different attribute. Leomon's attribute was Vaccine, Centauromon's was Data and Etemon's was Virus. So the red cards were meant to be put into the left column, the green ones into the middle column, and the blue ones into the right column. But cards of both Agumon and Gomamon were compatible to the pad in the left upper corner, and Kevin had no idea which one was right.

Troy believed that it was easy to test and put Agumon's card into the pad, then the mysterious gate in the hall opened. Wei's D-3 started to react and he felt himself anxious. The gate might lead to the Dark Ocean itself. Gennai sent a new message and he asked if the gate in the castle was open. Kevin said that it was and asked what they should do. Gennai revealed that by replacing Agumon card with Gomamon card, the gate would lead to the real world. The DigiDestined had to split into two teams: one team had to go the Dark Ocean to find Gia Avilés and Martin Harmon, while the other team would fight against Vamdemon's minions. Jake didn't like the idea, since they didn't know how to get back from the Dark Ocean. Wei realized the only way for that would be his own D-3 Digivice, which can open a Digi-Gate there. He could do from either world, but it would not be a very pleasant experience. The first team would arrive to help the second one after coming back. Kevin decided to go the Dark Ocean with Edmund and Miyuki. Tailmon asked to come with them, since something was drawing her there. Troy and Dan didn't completely trust Tailmon, but Kevin decided to take her with them and would keep watch on her. When they had prepared themselves, they enter through the gate, and then Jake changed the cards. Then he left with Troy, Seamus, Dan and Wei back to the real world.

The Dark Ocean

Kevin, Edmund and Miyuki saw themselves the beach and the black ocean shrouded in grey fog, as well as the creepy lighthouse. They noticed how something big had plopped to the ocean. The Digimon Analyzer recognized that Dagomon, an Ultimate Level and Virus-attributed Aquatic Beast Man Digimon was nearby. There were also signs and writing that contained information about computer viruses that were messing up with ocean liners. They must have somehow affected to the birth of this third world. Then some average-size creatures rose from the ocean. They asked if the humans were the DigiDestined. Kevin said they were and asked the creatures what they were. The creatures didn't know what they were or how long they have existed. They were merely referred as "Deep Ones" and explained having been without a purpose for a long time until Dagomon appeared and became their master. Edmund asked for a audience with Dagomon and the Deep Ones agreed.

They approached the water and made it to vibrate a little bit. Then something to rise from the ocean. It was huge and started to walk towards the shore. It was Dagomon himself. He didn't say anything. The Deep Ones only sensed what it wanted to say. They told their master came long time ago from another world before becoming one of the Digimon. Now it was living in dark places and desired something enlightening. Everyone who resisted him, would be destroyed, and Dagomon's victory would be honored by a new black pearl on his necklace. Now Dagomon had a light and one dark soul wandering on the world referred by the Digimon as the Dark Ocean. One of Dagomon's pearls was glowing as it had a pink D-3 Digivice inside. Behind Dagomon was a black bubble where Gia Avilés was sleeping. The Deep Ones said that the girl is the light their master desires, not the Digivice. Kevin asked where Martin was and Dagomon pointed his tentacle into the direction where Martin was walking in psychosis.

The DigiDestined asked how they were brought there. The Deep Ones explained they were promised to have them if the secrets of the Dark Ocean would be revealed along with the way to build the Dark Spires. Gia had been a bright and benevolent person. Dagomon had been watching her for a while and now wanted her to stay forever. Instead Martin was an anguished person who clearly wanted to live here.

Battle in the real world

There were two Digimon in New York: Giromon and Valvemon. Both of them were Ultimate Level and that made them powerful. MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon were fighting against them. During the battle, a Digi-Gate was opened with Dan, Wei and Paildramon coming through. They were, however, followed by three violent Dinosaur Digimon: DarkTyrannomon, Tuskmon and Triceramon. All of them were brought from Moscow. They hoped that other would come help as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Jake was along in Paris where Ikkakumon was fighting two Champion Level Digimon: a Mollusk Digimon named Gesomon and Aquatic Dragon Digimon named Ebidramon. Vulcan Harpoon technique was effective against Gesomon, destroying it. But Ebidramon's armor was more resistant. There also seemed to be something else in the Seine river. A large horned but differently colored Digimon resembling Seadramon rose from it. Ikkakumon recognized that it was Seadramon's Ultimate form: MegaSeadramon. Jake was horrified about the situation and felt that he would disappoint others, because Ikkakumon couldn't Digivolve to his Ultimate form. He tried to ask others for help, but they were busy in New York. Tuskmon and DarkTyrannomon were knocked unconscious. But Giromon, Valvemon and Triceramon were still able to fight.

Meanwhile, MegaSeadramon was about to attack Jake, but then a man tackled him out of the way. Jake recognized the man. It was Seamus' uncle, Nicholas Maitland. Nicholas told Jake to escape with him somewhere safe. Jake, however, refused. Ikkakumon was his partner and Jake wanted prove himself to his friends. He wanted to be worthy of others' trust. Then his Tag was glowing with grey light and a Crest appeared onto it. The beam from the Crests pointed at Ikkakumon and made him Digivolve to his Ultimate form: Zudomon. Zudomon was big and strong. It knocked Ebidramon unconscious and wounded MegaSeadramon, which decided return back to the Digital World through a Digi-Gate that had brought it there. Then Zudomon tried to destroy every Dark Spires in the area, but was attacked by Mummymon. Mummymon's attacks were so powerful that Zudomon was unable to defeat him alone.

Escape from the Dark Ocean

Tailmon looked at Gia and started to have her past memories back. She had been angry for the DigiDestined, because of ending up raised and tortured by Vamdemon instead of her true fate. The true fate of Tailmon was to find Gia and protect her. Gia starts to awaken, which makes Dagomon horrified. Dagomon refused to free both Gia and Martin. He said being both their master and their owner. Kevin, however, explained the Dark Spires were distorting the worlds and cause the destruction of Dark Ocean too. Dagomon and the Deep Ones didn't seem to believe any of Kevin's claims. Then Miyuki and Edmund decided to free Gia themselves. Piyomon and Patamon Digivolved into Aquilamon and Angemon, and then tried to attack Dagomon. The Deep Ones try to convince the DigiDestined to leave the world or Dagomon would destroy them. Meanwhile, in New York, Wei's black D-3 Digivice started to glow and Wei felt himself anguished. Dan wondered if Kevin and the others needed help. He advised Wei try to endure the darkness and open the Digi-Gate: he was no longer the DigiShadow.

Then Gia's pink D-3 Digivice started to glow. The bubble keeping Gia imprisoned is shattered and she is free. The Deep Ones say they won't let the DigiDestined hurt Gia or take her away. Gia doesn't want to stay and tries to run away, but the Deep Ones grab her arms to stop her. Aquilamon and Angemon threaten to attack, but Dagomon strikes them down with Forbidden Trident technique by throwing a trident at them. Miyuki, Edmund and Tailmon run to Gia, whom Tailmon understands being so attached on. Kevin deduces that it means only one thing: Tailmon must be Gia's destined partner. Tailmon finally remembers it being true. But Vamdemon had prevented her to find Gia and had also stolen her Holy Ring. But now she has found finally Gia and is ready to protect her no matter what cost. Then Dan and Wei manage to fully open the Digi-Gate to the Dark Ocean, and travel there with Paildramon. They threaten the Deep Ones, if Gia won't be released. Dagomon, however, still refuses to do that.

Gia feared that he would be shrouded in darkness forever, but the DigiDestined refused to let it happen. Then D-3 Digivices of both Miyuki and Gia started to glow. The same glow also took over bodies of Aquilamon and Tailmon. Dan and Wei understood that it was another DNA Digivolution. The Digimon born from the fusion of Aquilamon and Tailmon was named Silphymon. Both of the Ultimate Level Digimon attacked Dagomon and managed the block his attacks, but were unable to destroy their opponent. Kevin said that the Dark Ocean was an existing world, just like the two others. The ruler should not be destroyed. So, the DigiDestined evaded Dagomon's attacks and escaped through the Digi-Date opened by Wei. After that the gate closed, leaving Dagomon enraged from the loss of his "light".

To Paris

Gennai had arrived to Vamdemon's castle and destroyed a bunch of Bakemon there with a katana. He approached very same panel with the symbols Chinese Five Holy Beasts of Wu Xing. The panel started to glow and five different-colored beams came from it to form an orb. Gennai bowed to the panel which darkened. Then Gennai opened the gate in the hall to travel the human world.

Meanwhile, the DigiDestined traveled through another Digi-Gate into Paris. Seamus was happy see that his uncle was okay, but Nicholas wanted to know what was this all about. Giromon had escaped back to the Digital World, following MegaSeadramon. Valvemon and Triceramon had followed the DigiDestined into Paris, and caused large destruction with Vamdemon's true minions. Martin, who had awakened from psychosis, hoped to do something for the DigiDestined before returning to prison. He asked to check the copied source files of both Yuggoth and Shaggai from the Streamix database. Kevin agreed, but promised to keep watch on him and to return him to prison after the battle.

Gia was unable to believe that she was now one of the DigiDestined. His courage, however, was rising, and hoped that Silphymon would do its best in the battle. It worked together with Paildramon and they destroyed Valvemon with Desperado Blaster and Top Gun techniques. But Triceramon was still alive. Very soon Armadimon and Tentomon Digivolved to their Champion forms, with Kabuterimon Digivolving yet to AtlasKabuterimon. The seven Ultimate Level Digimon attacked against Triceramon and managed to drive it back to the Digital World as well.

The DigiDestined were about to attack both Archnemon and Mummymon, but Wei wanted to first know who they were. They revealed having been originally some other kinds of Digimon that were experimented by human researchers. Martin confessed that the Webmasters had used Shaggai's primitive version to capture some Digimon and do research on them. Apparently, some of the examinations had done some major changes to data of the test subjects, causing birth of both Archnemon and Mummymon. Vamdemon had then found the two Digimon and offered them place at his service. They had also been gifted with abilities to affect with functionality of the Dark Spires, making them most capable persons of building them. A small object used to launch one Dark Spire to rise from a black square was Archnemon's hair.

Then there appear fog that was neither Bio-Emerging fog nor fog from the Dark Ocean. This fog was a spell from Vamdemon himself who protected himself from daylight. MetalGreymon, WereGarurumon, AtlasKabuterimon and Zudomon attacked against Vamdemon. Paildramon and Silphymon were fighting against Archnemon and Mummymon, while Ankylomon and Angemon faced Phantomon. Even though Angemon was at Champion Level, but his Heaven's Knuckle technique was too much for Phantomon, which was destroyed. Kevin wondered if the DNA Digivolution would also work with him and Edmund. They were the last ones with D-3 Digivices. They decided to try it out, and it worked: Ankylomon and Angemon started to DNA Digivolve. They fused into a large metallic angel-like being: Shakoukimon.


The eight Ultimate Level Digimon combined their efforts against the enemy. They managed to weaken Archnemon and Mummymon, and even Vamdemon seemed to be no match. Shakoukimon's Rough Spirit technique wounded Vamdemon and others managed to destroy his body. But then happened something unexpected: Vamdemon reappeared as cloud-like entity with his bats fusing themselves with him. They also consumed the data of every defeated Digimon in the real world. Additionally, the Dark Spires started to disappear one by one. PicoDevimon himself was about to be sucked as well. He didn't want to die, but Vamdemon's voice said having no need for him anymore.

The cloud started to grow in size to form a larger Digimon resembling a demon. Kevin analyzed the Digimon being named BelialVamdemon. It was Vamdemon's most powerful form and even a Mega Level Digimon. BelialVamdemon said that he can't die or his data be purified for reincarnation process as long as even small portion of his data survives. He said the current situation was planned by him all along. Now he had Digivolved into his most powerful form and managed twist worlds on some degree by building the Dark Spires in the two worlds. But after sucking the power to his body, he was able to twist the worlds himself and transform them into a world he would rule. He would make even his "Masters" to bow before him. He no longer needed even Archnemon and Mummymon, so he started to torture the two and finally destroyed them.

Then around the world there appeared dark clouds and appeared distortions, which led to places located at the Digital World. Each of the Partner Digimon attacked against BelialVamdemon, but he was too powerful. Troy and Seamus wondered if there would be a way to Digivolve their partners to Mega Level. But Kevin was unable answer. If Vamdemon was a powerful opponent against several Ultimate Level Digimon, Vamdemon's Mega Level form was even harder to defeat. And even if they would succeed, Vamdemon would remain a threat as long as any his data would survive. The battle was becoming more and more desperate, when MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon De-Digivolved back to their Rookie forms.

Then Gennai teleported himself to Paris. He said he was permitted by the Digimon Sovereigns to give the DigiDestined more power to defeat BelialVamdemon. He told Troy, Seamus, Dan and Wei to point their respective Digivices at the orb he was carrying. Then he told Miyuki, Kevin, Jake, Edmund and Gia to point their Digivices at the four boys. Agumon, Gabumon and Paildramon were affected by a strange power. The energy around Agumon took temporary forms of Greymon and MetalGreymon, while the energy around Gabumon took temporary forms of Garurumon and WereGarurumon. Then both of them took previously unseen forms: WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. Paildramon's data was re-formed into an armored dragon-like Digimon with four legs, large wings named Imperialdramon. The Digimon Analyzer informed all of these three Digimon being Mega Level ones.

Defeat of the conqueror

Everyone was amazed. WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon and Imperialdramon started the battle right away. Their techniques were effective against BelialVamdemon, but didn't yet destroy him. BelialVamdemon then pulled the Dark Spore out from Wei's neck. But surprisingly, he took another spore from Martin's neck. BelialVamdemon revealed that while he sent the first one to infect Wei, the other one itself found its way to Martin, causing him to become the paranoid person he was as the Director of the Webmasters. Vamdemon had been feeding himself from the negative feelings of his victims to become the strong Digimon he was.

Then BelialVamdemon used a technique called Mental Illusion to trap the DigiDestined into an illusion. Then he fought against the Partner Digimon by using Pandæmonium Flame and Melting Blood techniques from his shoulders to fire black energy spheres and acidic red mist. In the illusion, Wei saw himself as the DigiShadow and being punished by several Digimon and humans. Kevin, Seamus and Miyuki saw their families dead. Edmund saw Angemon die once again. Gia saw herself in the Dark Ocean again. Troy and Jake saw themselves as failures to the world. But Martin and Dan were not affected. Martin had felt himself miserable, while Dan had no worries about anything. With help of Nicholas, Dan tried to convince everyone give up their fears. Seamus woke up after remembering his uncle being still alive. Kevin and Edmund woke up as reminding themselves being son and father. Soon Miyuki, Troy and Jake woke up as well.

When the negative feelings were replaced by the positive ones, it made BelialVamdemon weaker. MetalGarurumon froze part of BelialVamdemon's body, giving WarGreymon and Imperialdramon a chance to destroy parts of it one by one. Then the Ultimate Level Digimon combined their attacks together with the Mega Level ones and managed to destroy BelialVamdemon's body, but his spirit was still alive. The spirit tried to escape back to the Digital World through Kevin's laptop, but Martin activated a primitive version of Shaggai. The vortex trapped Vamdemon's spirit. Then Martin activated Yuggoth. He asked the Partner Digimon to make Yuggoth more powerful, making it possible to eradicate every single bit of Vamdemon's data. When Yuggoth was ready to be launched, Martin jumped into the vortex. Kevin realized that his brother was about to kill himself as well. He wanted to prevent it, but Martin had programmed the launch being set automatic. After few seconds the Yuggoth stroke to the vortex, killing both Martin and Vamdemon's spirit.

Kevin ran to the body of his brother. Edmund also came there and was very sad for his uncle, despite everything he had done. This event had made Troy capable of forgiving Martin's crimes. Every DigiDestined adopted that feeling, including Wei. But even though Vamdemon had been defeated, everyone realized that the situation wasn't yet fixed. The distortions caused by the weakening of balance, still existed. And there was no sign to them going to disappear. Gennai arrived there and explained that the distortions were so bad that they might not disappear for a few years. He, however, had found something valuable. There had two Crests hidden inside the Golden Digimental used two years ago. The first one was golden-colored and had the symbol as the Digimental. It was the Crest of Miracles, meant for Dan. The other one was the magenta-colored Crest of Kindness, meant for Wei. They were not meant for Digivolution, but would a key against the true enemy. Gennai also told that the hard drive stolen by Vamdemon had revealed the hideout of Gennai's friends even to the true enemy itself. Gennai said that he had to find a new hideout with Benjamin. He wouldn't take contact again, unless it would be safe again.


At the end of the summer, the DigiDestined watched from television how police and the military were guarding were window opened by the distortions, in order to prevent anyone going near. Troy and Gia arrived to the headquarters to tell good news: Troy's family has adopted Gia, and she no longer need to return to the orphanage. Gia would attend to same school as Edmund does. Troy asked Edmund to take very good care of Gia in school and Edmund swore he would keep the promise. The unity of the DigiDestined was stronger than ever. Wei finally feels that he is ready to officially join the DigiDestined. He and Dan really needed each other, so that Paildramon or Imperialdramon could be used in the fight.

Kevin, however, was thinking a way to restore the imbalance caused by Vamdemon. And who were the "Masters" that Vamdemon mentioned? Were they the true enemy and the most powerful Digimon of Darkness, even the Great Demon Lords themselves? Would defeating them save the worlds for a long time or even for good? There was so many questions, but perhaps the DigiDestined would find the answers to them very soon. Now they had to be reserved more than they've ver been. Both Troy and Dan felt optimistic about this, since they were now powerful enough against the Mega Level Digimon too. Then a very remarkable guest arrived to the Streamix Building. The guest arrived to the very same where the DigiDestined had their headquarters. The guest was Streamix CEO Robert Harmon, Kevin's father as well as Edmund's grandfather. Seamus and Jake believe that the greeting had to be formal. But Robert was very relaxed man. He was, however, serious about the latest events.

Robert Harmon made an international speech, telling everyone that their world would be soon entering a dark age. They had no idea what kind of enemy the world would face, but now there was a reason to be prepared for the worst. The hope should, however, not be lost. It would only make the enemy stronger. The positive feelings and the light of the Digivices would be the most valuable weapon for both humans and the benevolent Digimon.

Los Angeles was monitored by mysterious and unnoticed lenses were reflecting a vision towards the distortion that was showing the city itself. The lenses in the Digital World reflected the visions into a building resembling an observatory. A very evil-looking character was speaking to three other voices. They said that Vamdemon had done exactly what excepted. His betrayal had only been helpful for their plans and given power transform the worlds into a form that would be much easier to rule. Finally, they said being the "deliverers of the true darkness and the certain destruction of the DigiDestined, because they were 'the Masters'".

Mid-credits scene

In the Digital World there were ruins of a large stone and a large golden ring. There was rising several distortions and hurricanes in the middle of it. Benjamin walked there and that he "was right all along". He also saw silhouettes of five Digimon, who seemed be in great pain. Centauromon arrived to the place. He said that he had more information about the enemy, but the situation in the File Island was going worse all the time. He said that Leomon and Unimon had left the island and gone somewhere unknown. Benjamin said that the price for Vamdemon's defeat was big, so encountering the Masters would be even harder.



  • Troy Dawkins, a hot-headed 16 years old high school student who mostly takes action instead of thinking.
  • Seamus Maitland, a 17 years old serious and English-born high school student who moved into America after his parents' death.
  • Miyuki Koharuno, a 16 years old Japanese-born high school student who moved into America because of her parents' job.
  • Jacob "Jake" Thacher, a 16 years old high school student who tries to find logic from both Troy's and Seamus's words.
  • Kevin Harmon, a 35 years old software developer and executive from Streamix Corporation. He is also father of Edmund Harmon as well as the son of CEO Robert Harmon.
  • Edmund Harmon, a 14 years old son of Kevin and grandson of Robert Harmon.
  • Daniel "Dan" Linwood, a 14 years old student from Oklahoma City who is Troy's cousin and likes soccer.
  • Wei Xueqi, a 20 years old Hongkongese college student genius who was formerly known as the DigiShadow.
  • Gia Avilés, a 14 years old orphan girl from New Mexico who becomes a new DigiDestined.

Partner Digimon



Law enforcement

  • Richard Gardner, a high-ranking FBI agent, whose section works as a liaison between the DigiDestined and the government.
  • Smithers, head of the Los Angeles FBI. He is only mentioned briefly.

Digital Agents

  • Benjamin, one of the digital beings resembling humans who serve the Digimon Sovereigns. He is the representative of North America.
  • Gennai, one of Benjamin's colleagues. He is the representative of Japan.


  • Vamdemon/BelialVademon, a powerful Digimon willing rule every existing world with his dark powers. BelialVamdemon is his Mega Level form.

Vamdemon's loyal servants

  • PicoDevimon, Vamdemon's personal spy and messenger.
  • Archnemon, a mutated Digimon with ability to manipulate the Dark Spires.
  • Mummymon, a mutated Digimon who is Archnemon's crime partner.
  • Phantomon, a field commander of Vamdemon's army.
  • Several Bakemon


Residents of the Dark Ocean

  • Dagomon, a Digimon who rules the Dark Ocean.
  • Deep Ones, Dagomon's servants whose origin is never revealed.


  • Piemon, leader of the Chaotic Masters. Only a cameo appearance.
  • MetalSeadramon. Only a voice cameo.
  • Pinocchimon. Only a voice cameo.
  • Machinedramon. Only a voice cameo.



  • Martin Harmon, a 33 years old incarcerated Director of the Webmasters who is also Robert Harmon's younger son and Kevin's brother.
  • Robert Harmon, a 63 years old eccentric founder and CEO of the Streamix Corporation whose project led to the birth of the Digimon.


  • Digimon: The Third World refers to the Dark Ocean, a world ruled by Dagomon. The previous names before the final decision were Digimon: Evil Domination, Digimon: Dominating Will and Digimon: Evil Conqueror.
  • The plot about the ten Digimon cards in Digimon Adventure episode 27 and 28 was one of CAJH's favorite plot points. That is why it was adapted into the film.


The sequel is the two-parted ending chapter of the DigiDestined Saga. On March 21, 2015 the name was announced as Digimon: Digitaclysm. Both films include the decisive battle between the DigiDestined and the true enemy.

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