Digimon: Triple Infinity is a Digimon fanfic. It's a Digimon version of Kamen Rider OOO.


Ethan is a 13-year-old boy with no dreams, no job, & no family. When evil Digimon called the Dark Rulers escape from the Digital World to the human world, a bird-type Digimon named Silphymon gives Ethan a digivice & three DigiMemories to fight off the Dark Rulers so he can become the new king of the Digital World. When Ethan fights for the first time, he starts to realize what it means "to be alive".



  • Ethan - A 13-year-old who thinks he has no life. That is until Silphymon gives him a digivice & three DigiMemories which makes him Triple Digivolve to Digimon like Aqubaibamon, Kusnibamon, Leobaicheemon, & Rhigorelmon.
  • Silphymon - A bird-type Digimon who was originally a member of the Dark Rulers. When the Dark Rulers decided to attack Earth, Silphymon was the only one not wishing to attack Earth. Because of this, Silphymon was sentenced to death for treason. However, his spirit survived by transferring into his arm (which was chopped off as punishment) & escaped to the human world. His spirit is now in control of Trevor, a popular teen fighter. He advises Ethan by giving him DigiMemories that he stole from the Dark Rulers.
  • Joy - Trevor's sister, who for some reason has superhuman strength.


Dark Rulers

The Dark Rulers are the evil rulers of the Digital World.

  • GranKuwagamon - An insect-type Digimon & member of the Dark Rulers.
  • MadLeomon - A feline-type Digimon & member of the Dark Rulers.
  • SkullMammothmon - An elephant-type Digimon & member of the Dark Rulers.
  • Calmaramon - An aquatic-type Digimon & member of the Dark Rulers. She's also the only female.

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