Life Is Nothing Without Lifmon:

After the battle with Snimon, Jessica wonders how they got to the Digital World and how Craig knew what that Digimon was. Niaja explains that Craig is an expert on Digimon and that he can't get enough of it. Alex remarks that since Craig made the Digi-Gauntlet, maybe he could make it send the children back home. Craig reluctantly tells them that the Gauntlet no longer has all the features he originally put on it, so theres no telling if he can get the Gauntlet to send them home. He also tells them that he did not create the D-Chip and wonders how he knew what it was called. Jordan believes that maybe everyone has a D-Chip since the D-Chip Craig used became data in his Digi-Gauntlet. Just then, Lifmon starts to smell the air. Jessica asks what she smelled. Lifmon said that it was a town of trees. The children started to follow Lifmon. At the town, the kids gasped in awe. There were Plant Digimon everywhere, building, living, and even reviving dead crops. Craig told everyone who the Digimon were: Lalamon, Leafmon, Floramon, and Palmon. Lifmon went to play with the Leafmon why everyone else fiddled with Craig's Gauntlet. Out of nowhere, a bomb went off. One piece of the bomb was part of a mushroom. Then, an all out asault of mushroom bombs went off. Everyone started to run away. A Digimon Analyzer went off on Jessica's Digi-Gauntlet. It was Mushroomon. Lifmon used her Leafy Rain attack but failed on the Mushroomon. Jessica called out to her but Lifmon wouldn't back down. Jessica started to run and a pink D-Chip came out of the sky. Jessica used it and Lifmon digivolved into Pollamon. Pollamon used her Pollen Dance and subdued the Mushroomon. The Greenery Village was saved. The Mushroomon apologized and went off into the forest. Quotes:

Niaja: Wow, and all this time I thought Craig spended too much time with Digimon. Now his love of Digimon will help us.

Craig: Don't get your hopes up.

Jessica: This, is, green.

Alex: You can say that again

Jessica: This, is, green.

- At Greenery Village -

Digimon shown:

Cutamon: Rookie

Lifmon: In-Training

Rollamon: In-Training

Pollamon: Rookie

Anomon: In-Training

Yukamon: In-Training

Lalamon: Rookie

Leafmon: Fresh

Floramon: Rookie

Palmon: Rookie

Mushroomon: Rookie

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