Digimon: Warriors Ep3: Gravel Roll!

So far, two of the five Digi-Destined have had their partners digivolve to Rookie. Niaja, Jordan, and Alex wonder when their Digimon will digivolve. They imagine different forms of their partners. Rollamon, Yukamon, and Anomon also imagine their Rookie forms. Craig, Cutamon, Jessica, and Pollamon look at them strangely. Craig wonders where the closest town is. Rollamon says that there is a mountain really close by. He says that many rock Digimon live their. Jordan proclaims that the team should go there so that Rollamon can train. The group agree and head for the mountain. Alex asks what the mountain is named. Rollamon answers with "Full Moon Mountain." It was where a MirageGaogamon hero howled it's last howl. When they get there, Rollamon wonders why there are no rock Digimon. Jordan says that the In-Training Digimon should have a battle to train. During the battle, Cutamon notices something and pushes Craig out of the way of a rolling boulder. Craig stays in a gaze when all of a sudden tons of boulders start rolling. The gang starts to run, accept for Craig who needs to be tugged by Cutamon. Cutamon looks up and tells everyone that he sees a Digimon. Jordan's Digi-Gauntlet goes off. The analyzer says that its Gazimon who are pushing the boulders with Pitfall. Cutamon and Pollamon aim at the cliff and attack. Gazimon dodges and jumps off the cliff, making the attacks make the remaining rocks roll. Rollamon steps up and uses Rolling Pepples. Gazimon shakes it. Jordan encourages Rollamon to keep trying. Soon, Rollamon is able to damage Gazimon. All of a sudden, Jordan's Digi-Gauntlet goes off and starts to glow. Then Rollamon digivolves into Gravelmon. He uses his Gravel Roll and defeats Gazimon. The team congratulates Jordan and Gravelmon for Digivolving. Then, a brown D-Chip falls and becomes data in Jordan's Digi-Gauntlet. Niaja's Gauntlet goes off and points east. Craig thinks its a sign that thats the path to go. The journey continues.

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