Digimon: Warriors Ep4: Aquamon

Last episode, Niaja had her Digi-Gauntlet point east. As the gang head in that direction Alex notices that they haven't eaten in two days. Craig says that in the Digital World, you eat when you think you need to eat. Otherwise, your full. Jessica then quickly grabs Niaja. Apparently she was about to walk straight into an ocean. Niaja goes into a gaze just like Craig did at Full Moon Mountain. Alex thinks that theres danger here as well and proposes that the gang should set up camp for the day and leave tomorrow morning. Craig finds a fruit tree and asks Jordan to help. While they go pick apples, Alex goes to find fire wood while Niaja and Jessica make camp. While Craig and Jordan go pick fruit, the tree starts to rustle. Craig checks it out and both he and Jordan scream. Alex also hears something when he goes to find wood for the fire. He screams as well. Niaja and Jessica notice the sound of their screams and call out their names. Then, two Honeybeemon appear with honey sacks. However, in those sacks, Craig, Jordan, and Alex are trapped inside them. Pollamon uses Pollen Dance but it has no effect on the Honeybeemon. Niaja thinks that Anomon might be able to help by Digivolving in the water. Anomon jumps into the ocean and Digivolves into Aquamon. Using it's Aquatic Cyclone attack and frees Jordan, Craig, and Alex. She then uses Tsunami Minor and defeats the Honeybeemon. A blue D-Chip falls and becomes data in Niaja's Digi-Gauntlet.

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