In the beginning of the episode, Alex mumbles on how he's gonna be the last one for his Digimon to digivolve. Craig snickers and says that Alex is also getting into Digimon. As the gang moves Jessica asks if anyone else is getting hotter. Niaja thinks that its just the sun. Jordan then smells something burning. Craig looks up and notices that they've been walking right towards a volcano! Alex gets excited an tells Yukamon that this might be the time for him to digivolve. Craig tries to dodge a fire spark and says that maybe they could train somewhere else. Jordan yells out "No time! Watch out!" All of a sudden, a fire ball strikes the ground. Craig looks up and points his Digi-Gauntlet at a small figure. It's a Coronamon that's threw the fire ball using Corona Flame. But Craig remarks on how a Coronamon is orange, but how this one is ghost-like in color with a hypnotized look. Craig sends Cutamon out to battle. Cutamon is unfortunatley hit and knocked out by Coronamon's attack. Alex thinks that this is Yukamon's big moment. Yukamon uses Small Flame but fails. Alex keeps telling that Yukamon can do it. Yukamon finally digivolves to Firemon. Firemon uses Full Fire and knocks out a "black spirit" from Coronamon, changing it back to its normal self. Coronamon tells that it's very sorry for attacking. It had no control over itself. Craig wonders about that spirit that came out of Coronamon. He wonders is that's the reason why everyone was called to the Digital World.

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