Digimon Warriors Ep6: The Cave of No Return Part One

With Coronamon saved, the Digi-Destined try to figure out where to go next. Craig spots a cave past the mountains and thinks they should go that way. But Coronamon is quick to say no to that idea. The cave is The Cave of No Return. It's said that Digimon go into the cave, but they are never seen again. Craig, being one to go forward with his ideas, goes along into the cave while everyone else is talking about whether or not they should go in there. Niaja finally looks up and sees that Craig is gone. Everyone goes into a frenzy and starts checking the tops of mountains or the sides of cliffs. Meanwhile, Craig is found in a maze of passageways. He thinks that the trick to the cave is to wing the path. If you think too hard, you are trapped in the cave forever. Outside, Alex comes to the conclusion that Craig went into the cave, knowing that Craig is one to go with his own ideas. Everyone then gets mad at Craig for going ahead. Jessica starts tinkering with her Digi-Gauntlet. Jordan asks what she's doing. Apparently shes looking for a communication app, and to her luck she finds one. She contacts Craig, who answers to her yelling at him. He says that he knows what he's doing, but as he says that he wounds up outside. Niaja asks what he's talking about. No one sees Craig at the entrance of the cave, but Craig sees everyone else. To prove his point, Craig walks to hold Niaja's arm. She feels Craig's hand, but she can't see it. Alex thinks that is the curse of the cave. You go in and can take any passage and go anywhere, but you become invisible, thus, never 'seen' again. Will Craig ever escape the curse of the Cave of No Return?

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