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7 kids from all over the world are brought the digital world, to protect it from evil. but the forces of evil brought three kids to help them fightof their own . the leader of the digi world; called by every digimon the lights { their just light of goodness } told the kids that the other kids are being manipulated by the evil AND the eil HAVE STROLE TREE DIGIEGGS from them to give them. In the first half of the serie the kids need to liberated the other three ( THE EVIL KIDS THEY HAVE ALREADY DIGIVOLVE THEIR PARTNER INTO cHAMPIONS WHEN THEY APPAER IN THE SERIES) from nightmaremon a very scary digimon full of nightmaremon a girl digimon kind of looks like a clown ( harley quinn) with black and green . and the kids succeed but the lights tells all of them ABOUT THE FALLEN ANGLE GABRIELMON APPEARS TO BE 15 WITH BLACK FEATHER WING RED EYES AND BALCK HAIR AND VERY STRONG.THEN THE LIGHTS ALSO TELLS THEM THE NEED TO FIND THE TEN PIECES OF THE DIGITAL WORLD ( THE TEN PIECES WILL REPRESENT TRAITS FROM THE DIGIWORLD AND WHEN ITS PUT TOGETHER CREATES THE DIDGIWORLDTHAT WERE LOST BUT HAVE BEEN LIVING INSIDE KIDS SINCE THEN. WHEN EACH TRAIT HAVE ACTIVIATED THIER DIGIMON WILL DIGIVOLVE IN ULTIMATE AND MEGA.... IN THE BATTLE BETWEEN THE KIDS GABRIELMON ... gABRIELMON HAVE CHANGED HIS APPEARANCE MORE EVIL SATANGRABRIELMON -THE kids WIN THE BATTLE BUT THE EVIL HAND which were the darkness ruler APPEAR FOR THE FINAL BATTLE thREE SACRY LOOKING DIGIMON ..... combined their power to destroy the kids but almost at the end digimons from all over the digiworld helped the kids win the battle combining their power of the ten peices of the digiworld "endurance, kindness, love or truthfull, gratefulness, Forgiveness , humility, generosity, faith, dark, and compassion" to create the a powerful weapon....

Brandon: the leader of the group 16 from the USA 'Endurance of the world" GOLD DIGITOUCh

Kei; 15 from japan "kindness of the world" DARK BLUE DIGITOUCH

Julio: a very friendly boy 15 from Colombia "LOVE OR Truthfulness of the world " RED DIGITOUCH

Vladimir;a very smart kid 12 from Russia 'Gratefulness of the world" grey DIGITOUCH

Angelic: the olderest 15 girl from France 'Forgiveness of the world' WHITE DIGITOUCH

Patrizia; yongest 11 from Italy "Humility of the world" PINK DIGOTOUCH

Ida: 13 yrs old from Finland 'Generosity of the world' orange DIGITOUCH


CASEY- 15 YR FROM UK "Faith of the world" PURPLE DIGITOUCH

JUAN-13 MEXICO "darkness but in a good way of the world" BLACK DIGI TOUCH

KIM- 12 CHAIN "Compassionate of the world" SILVER DIGITOUCH

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