Digimon: Wrath of the Gods

(Dejimon: Kamigami no ikari)
Genre:Action, Adventure, Shonen, Science Fiction

Digimon: Wrath of the Gods is a fanfictional Digimon series that's based of a medley on stories, concepts, & characters from Greek mythology. Also, the name happens to be a reference to the 1994 adventure-style computer game of the same name.

Plot summary

Many DigiEons ago, Chronomon, the oldest & self-proclaimed most powerful of the Olympos XII, betrayed his family when he slew their father Gaiamon. As punishment, the rest of the Olympos XII sealed him inside the Digital World. However, a prophecy was foretold that Chronomon will soon be released & he will overthrow the Olympos XII & reign in chaos over both the Digital World & Human World unless humans who were born unto the Olympos XII come & fight against him. This prophecy goes on the path of being fulfilled when each of the Olympos XII travel to the Human World in human forms; they soon have affairs with humans & they quickly bring forth human infants, each born with some data inside them. These same children grow up &, along with their own individual Digimon partner, fight the forces of Chronomon & save both their homes.



Character Digimon
Sora Kagayaku
Kagayaku Sora (輝く 空?)
The noble leader of the team & human son of Jupitermon, King of the Olympos XII & god of the sky & thunder.
Kika Wakamono
Wakamono Kika (若者 キカ?)
The human daughter of Junomon, Queen of the Olympos XII & goddess of family, & Sora's ex-boyfriend. Sometime prior to the series, Kika & Sora broke up after a misunderstanding in which Kika accused Sora of cheating on her. She acts like the mother figure in the team.
Kyo Daichi
Daichi Kyō (大地 卿?)
The human son of Neptunmon, god of the seas, & somewhat second-in-command of the team. Kyo is good friends with Sora, although they usually get arguments most of the time.
Chikya Seicho
Seichō Chikyā (成長 チキャー?)
The human daughter of Ceresmon, goddess of fertility, agriculture, nature, & the seasons. She has a green thumb & has a hobby of growing fruits & vegetables for the team.
Sakebi (叫び?)
The human son of Bacchusmon, god of celebrations, ecstacy, & the art of theatre. He is the happy-go-lucky party animal of the team.
Kyodo Akarui
Akarui Kyōdo (明るい 強度?)
The human son of Apollomon, god of the sun. He enjoys listening to music & reading poetry. Some people think that he & Anzenna look a lot like twins.
Anzenna Shinsei
Shinsei Anzen'na (神聖 安全な?)
The human daughter of Dianamon, goddess of the moon. She's more of a tomboy who enjoys hunting & can be a bit of a psychopath. Some people think that she & Kyodo look a lot like twins.
Tori Hikisuru
Hikisuru Tori (ヒキスル トリ?)
The human son of Merukimon, god of messengers & thieves. He is a professional pickpocket, in which he claims as just an ordinary job.
Eirina Nachisei
Na chisei Eirina (な知性 鋭利な?)
The human daughter of Minervamon, goddess of wisdom & strategy. She is the wisest of the team & is favored by Sora, who he treats as a sister figure.
Dansei "Dan" Hametsu
Hametsu Dansei (破滅 男性?)
The human son of Marsmon, god of war. The self-proclaimed toughest of the team, Dan is mostly a bully & a coward, & even his own parents can't stand him; ironically, Sora seems to see some good in him.
Ai Happotai
Happō-tai Ai (発泡体 愛?)
The human daughter of Venusmon, goddess of love & beauty. She is one of the most attractive girls ever & often brags.
Tenmetsu (点滅?)
The human son of Vulcanusmon, god of fire & smithing. Tenmetsu was born with a left crippled foot, making him unable to walk. Despite this, he is skilled in welding & can make weapons for the team. His skills are so excellent that he even catches Ai's attention.


  • Chronomon: The main antagonist of the series, the ex-leader & eldest brother of the Olympos XII who was sealed as punishment for killing his father Gaiamon.
    • Typhomon: One of Chronomon's servants; he is the father of many of the evil Digimon.
    • Echidnamon: One of Chronomon's servants & Typhomon's wife; she is the mother of many of the evil Digimon.

Other characters

  • Sagittarimon: The heroes' mentor.
  • Leomon: A powerful Digimon who usually assists the heroes. He's mostly helping Kika for some apparent reason.
  • Cupimon: Venusmon's servant who usually assists Ai & acts like her conscience.

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