The Digiversum
Main saga, chapter 1
Digimon (Digiversum) TP
Digimon: Digital Monsters
Release date June 5, 2016
Story by CAJH
Directed by CAJH

Digimon: Digital Monsters (simply known as Digimon) is a fanon live-action film idea created by CAJH. It is the first installment of the fanfictional media franchise idea known as the Digiversum. The story of the film is mostly original, but inspired by several elements from Digimon Adventure and Digimon Data Squad continuities. The film was announced in April 1, 2016 and its synopsis was released in June 5, 2016. The sequel, Digimon 2, was released in October 24, 2016. The third film, Digimon 3, was released in January 9, 2017. The fourth film, Digimon: The Gathering, was released in May 15, 2017. The fifth film, Digimon: The Descending was released in June 24, 2017.

A Japanese middle school student Tadao Deguchi finds another world inside computer network and meets the Digimon, a digital life form that needs help from mankind. Tadao and friends meet other people who are aware of the existence of the Digimon, and end up fighting for the survival of the two worlds.


(Only the most important details of the plot are written in here, minor details can be imagined by readers themselves. The same thing goes for any possible quotes from the dialogue.)

The tests begin

A limousine drives into a place a company named Digicon International Enterprises has an office. It drives before the main entrance of the building, and a man steps out and walks inside the building, entering a room in where is very limited access. The man in a suit is the president of the American division of the company: Ronald Yeoman. Yeoman reminds his workers that they are supposed to start first testing phase, and warns them not to disappoint him. The workers prepare to active a new program they have created. In cyberspace, the program travels through tubes and roads until arrives into a place where exists a horizontal circle-like spinning portal. The workers in the lab witnessed through a tracking system where the program was. When the program had reached the portal's location, Yeoman told to command the program enter the portal.

When the program is commanded to enter the portal, the portal starts storming. It also affects the computers of the lab, causing several disturbances. The other workers fear that the test should be interrupted, but Yeoman refuses. He tells them to keep going. The program starts to slowly approach the portal, but the storm only gets stronger. But the program and the lab computer endure it and the first test, sending the program through the portal, was a success. Yeoman congratulates his employees and says that the next phase can begin "right when the meteor has landed." The program falls like a meteor into the mysterious giant sphere that looks like a planet.

Tadao's morning

An alarm clock wakes up a young Japanese boy Tadao Deguchi from his sleep. He goes into a bathroom to prepare himself for school, but it told to hurry up by his little sister Yoko. After eating his breakfast, Tadao was reminded by his mother Mari about things he had to remember to take with him. Tadao said he had already done that and left. He quickly drove with his bicycle into the middle school he studies in.

Once he arrives to the school gate, he meets up with his friend Keisuke Ishimura who often spends his time with computers and smartphones. Tadao expresses his excitement about the next game of his soccer team which is tomorrow, while Keisuke is more interested of finding a way to convince his parents to buy a new computer. Tadao's only interest in computers was merely for playing games. Keisuke tells that after the school he is going to visit an electronics shop and check out the options himself first. A girl named Nori Fujima from Keisuke's class overhears the discussion and complains how Keisuke's nerdy activities make him less manly than Tadao. Tadao always feels awkward around her, since he really doesn't like the type of girls Nori represents. Then, the students go into their respective classrooms.

Discussing the suspicions

The headquarters of the Digicon International Enterprises are in Tokyo. The current president of the entire company, Mr. Matsumura, is talking with another board member, Rieko Hirasawa. Hirasawa is questioning Yamashiro's decision to agree with Yeoman's project. Matsumura, however, says that Yeoman has deserves his position to lead the United States division and that he will not fire him only because one single board member disagrees. Hirasawa tries to persuade Matsumura to believe that the future of the company will be endangered if such crazy projects will be funded, but Matsumura just walks away without saying anything.

Hirasawa is later seen at her office and Sadaharu Deguchi enters there. Sadaharu is Tadao's father and he works at Digicon Networks in R&D Department. Hirasawa informs Sadaharu that Matsumura isn't taking their warnings seriously. Sadaharu feels hopeless, but Hirasawa assures him that keeping eye on Yeoman is the only thing they can do. Hirasawa also asks if Sadaharu can keep up with not telling anything to his family. Sadaharu says it's not about whether he can or not. He simply feels like he doesn't have another choice. Sadaharu leaves to inform their contact about the situation.

The portal disruption

Meanwhile, in New York, it is almost midnight, but Yeoman's secret project is currently trying to pass the second test: trying to create a contact between the program and a mysterious data concentration. Yeoman approached a worker named Damian Lake, who had been secretly browsing the source code files as well as sites about biological viruses. Yeoman ordered the test to be redone. The program and the data concentration were attempted to connect again, but then, the portal which the program had used started to act very strangely. It was starting to affect other portals around the cyberspace.

In Japan, Tadao and Keisuke have entered an electronics shop. They stop to watch one of the laptops and see how its screen shows a mysterious vibration-like visual effect. Tadao thinks it's just a new model, but Keisuke knows that computers don't act like that. The vibration only grows stronger, and boys are unable to avoid noticing it. Then, Tadao starts to transform into data and is sucked into laptop. Keisuke is panicked and surprised about this, but feels lucky that no one else has noticed. When Tadao's whole body has disappeared, Keisuke tried to calm himself and think what to do.

In New York, Yeoman orders someone to do something for the portals. None of the workers, however, are able to do anything, but the portals are starting to return their normal state. The workers find out that the program managed to connect with the data concentration, but they also discover that something else went through another portal in Japan. While Yeoman is busy to hear their explanation, Lake leaves to make a secret phone call. Later, Yeoman leaves office in order to meet with "the Program Doctor". Lake finishes the call and starts to follow Yeoman.

Tadao in the Digital World

Tadao wakes up and rises to his feet in an unknown forest-like place. The forest looks mostly dead and no voice is heard. He remembered what had happened in the electronics shop and wondered if the place was a virtual reality where his whole body had been transferred. He tried to shout, but no one answered. He had no idea where to go or how to get out, so all he could is simply walk. But soon, he reached a cliff where he saw a village.

He immediately tried to get down and reach the village, but then he heard something. It sounded like a biplane but when it passed, Tadao was panicked to realize that it wasn't a biplane. While trying to run downhill, he lost his balance and was rolled onto the ground. He was barely able to stand, but saw the village before him. But the village wasn't inhabited by anything that looked like a human. The inhabitants were small creatures with no legs or arms. The creatures noticed him and looked curious, until two bigger creatures appeared. One was yellow and looked like a reptile, called Agumon, and the other one, called Gabumon, looked like a reptile wearing a fur. They spoke both Japanese and English, and asked several questions. But the only thing Tadao was able to answer was that he was human and come from the real world outside of computers. Tadao himself wanted to ask only three things: what were these creatures, where he was, and how he would get out?

The creatures called themselves "Digimon" a.k.a. "Digital Monsters" and the world lived in was a place where they live: The Digital World. But they had no idea how or why the Digital World was born. The most distant thing from the past they knew was that some large disaster had destroyed many parts of the Digital World and killed several Digimon. The remaining Digimon were attempting to either combat for survival or rebuild their civilizations. But none of the villagers had any idea how to travel between the real world and the Digital World.

Visiting the Program Doctor

In New York, Yeoman went into a private laboratory to meet with a 15-years-old Danish boy named Sven Vestergaard. Sven was young, but genius in biology and medical science. He was the person Yeoman referred as the Program Doctor. Yeoman was asking Sven to meet with the rest of the project workers, since it the time was coming for the third test where Sven's guidance would be needed. Sven was not convinced that his work was meaningful, since he only compared the biology of humans and the digital monsters. He, however, promises to consider.

After Yeoman had left outside, a two-legged humanoid dog-like Digimon, called Gaomon, came out of hiding and asked if he was feeling well. Sven tried to pretend that it was nothing serious, but Gaomon wasn't fooled. Gaomon was completely loyal to Sven, but wondered if what they did was the right thing. Sven became angry and told Gaomon to be quiet. They, however, didn't know that they were secretly spied on by Lake. Lake decided to leave before anyone could see him, but Gaomon secretly noticed his presence without telling Sven. Lake took his phone and made another mysterious phone call.

Tadao's return

In the Digital World, Tadao decided to leave the village in order to find a way to return to the real world himself. Agumon and Gabumon decided to go with him, since it was not safe for Tadao to go alone. Tadao told he came from the forest behind the cliff. Agumon and Gabumon felt a little bit uneasy to go there, since of the "Dark Craters" was there. Tadao didn't know what it was, so they had to show to him. In the forest, was a large without any trees, and in the center, was a crater filled with black fog. It was one of the Dark Craters, which were left behind by the very same disaster responsible for the current state of the Digital World. They prevented the full restoration of the Digital World to its former glory. But this Dark Crater had become different. Something had merged with it, something not from the Digital World.

Soon, Tadao heard the same voice he heard before reaching the village. The reason Tadao had panicked earlier was that it was caused a bigger Digimon that looked like a giant red beetle. Agumon and Gabumon called it Kuwagamon. It wasn't acting violently at all, but then, the Dark Crater started to react. A blue energy ball emerged from it and collided with Kuwagamon's body. After a while, the energy ball leaves Kuwagamon who falls into the ground and struggles a little bit, until it becomes violent. It starts to attack Tadao, Agumon and Gabumon. While Tadao wants to run away, Agumon and Gabumon want to fight against Kuwagamon, knowing that someone has to stop it. By using their fire breaths, they almost managed to wound their opponent. During the battle, an earthquake occurred and something was pulling Tadao. A new portal opened and Tadao was sucked in, but not before two mysterious lights appeared and were sucked inside as well.

In New York, the computers of Yeoman's workers and Sven Vestergaard's computer reacted to this new portal intersection, as well as Harasawa's and Sadaharu's computers in Japan. After returning to the real world, Tadao found himself in the electronics shop again and realized that he had been away for two hours. He left shop and decided to call Keisuke immediately and tell him about everything that happened. But then he found something: two small digital devices, which were almost identical but differently colored.

Presentation of Project Gateway

Few days later, Mr. Matsumura had arrived into the United States. Yeoman was already prepared to show him the first results of the secret Project Getaway. Through his presentation, Yeoman told all of his guests about how certain types of technology have been thought to be possible only in fictions. But he had found a way to make one of them possible: teleportation. He called the guests to the laboratory where the project was being worked on. There, his workers showed a machine that could send matter into the cyberspace. Yeoman had already completed the first tests: making computers files materialize from cyberspace into another world. The next phase was to send matter from the real world into the cyberspace. He took an apple and the worker activated the machine. The apple was digitized and it was appeared as a file in one of the computers. Mr. Matsumura had been confident about the project this whole time, but other visitors were amazed and shocked. Yeoman already had a vision of the future: humans being able to use cyberspace as a tool to travel anywhere on the planet and create new colonies on these new worlds. He then proceeded to introduce Sven to his guests. Sven's knowledge about biology had given enough knowledge for Digicon to explore this digital world. Yeoman wasn't yet ready to begin human tests on the teleportation, but gave the full schedule of the next tests of Project Getaway. After the presentation was over, Yeoman was called by one of his workers. They found out what had entered the Digital World during the portal intersection.

Meeting the exchange student

Meanwhile, in Japan, Tadao and Keisuke were on their way to school. They were still talking about everything that happened in the Digital World. Keisuke was curious to know more about such world, but didn't wish to end up in danger. However, they didn't even know how to get into the Digital World by will. Tadao didn't even know what the mysterious device he received after returning to the real world was. Their attention, however, was taken somewhere when they realized several students talking about something. Nori greeted the boys and told them that an exchange student named Alisha Jones from the United States would spend few weeks in their school. She is a 14-years-old girl who is almost finished with her middle school studies and is gifted in speaking Japanese. She already has lot of attention, something Nori feels jealous about. When Tadao and Keisuke see her, the girl doesn't really look interested about the attention she gets.

When Alisha starts to walk into her class, she drops her phone. Tadao goes to take it, but Alisha is just about to do it herself. Tadao tries to apologize in English, but Alisha understands that he only tried to help her. She thanks him and compliments his skills of speaking English, despite Tadao having average grades. Tadao himself compliments Alisha's own skills of speaking Japanese. Alisha thanks him again and leaves. Alisha spoke friendly but her attitude on other things looked a little bit cold. Nori thought that Alisha was trying to flirt on with Tadao, but Keisuke didn't really understand and Tadao himself didn't feel he was equal with such beautiful girl who had such a mature personality.

After Nori had left, Keisuke wondered if they could find ways to access the Digital World from other computers. They wondered if they should try their own computers at home, but changed after realizing that their parents would get worried of their sudden disappearance and call police. So, they decided to visit the electronics shop after school and try there.

Assassination of Damian Lake

In the Project Getaway laboratory, Yeoman had just received a report about mysterious phenomenon during the first tests. Their program which they had sent into the Digital World had disrupted the portals and caused unstable activity into other portals as well. The portal had accidentally sucked a human being inside and sent him back during another disruption. The person was already identified: Tadao Deguchi, a 14-years-old Japanese middle school student whose father was Sadaharu Deguchi, Yeoman's former colleague. Yeoman suspected that Sadaharu was spying on him, and was very suspicious of Damian Lake whom he had not seen today.

After being tipped where Lake was seen this morning, Yeoman went to visit him and caught him talking on a phone. Yeoman took the phone and ended the call. He checked the call history and noticed phone numbers of Sadaharu Deguchi and Rieko Hirasawa there. Lake tried to act like Yeoman was accusing him without any reason, but Yeoman had monitored Lake every time he had used his phone. Now Yeoman knew for certain that his former friend Sadaharu was conspiring against him. Lake revealed that he had just found out what Yeoman really plans to do with the Digital World and managed to send some files to Hirasawa. Yeoman was furious and took a gun, telling Lake to go into the laboratory.

Yeoman ordered his workers to start the first human test by using Lake as a test subject. Lake immediately tried to resist, but was prevented to do so. The portal took Lake into the Digital World, but then he forced to go through another portal that was opened in the Digital World. Lake appeared into New York several feet from the ground and fell to his death. Other workers are horrified but unable to speak against Yeoman.

Second journey to the Digital World

In Japan, the school has ended, and Tadao and Keisuke are going to visit the electronic shop again. This time, the mysterious devices Tadao had started to react and a portal opened into the screen again, but this time a stable one. But much the boys' surprise, Nori was in the shop and saw everything. Nori wanted to know what this all was about, and Tadao knew that she wouldn't believe any lies. Keisuke wondered if the devices were meant to help user to open the portals willingly into any computer screen. Tadao took his devices and the portal started to suck him in. Keisuke and Nori accidentally touched him and ended up into the Digital World too.

This time the portal led them into a place that looked like a large abandoned shrine. Keisuke was amazed of visiting the Digital World for the first time, but Nori was panicked because she was afraid of being stuck there forever. Tadao found a sign which was written with unknown characters. His devices, however, started to glow and showed a holographic Japanese writing, a translation of the text in the sign. According to that, the place was named The Shrine of Rebirth. And much to their disgust, the place was filled with several destroyed eggs. Keisuke immediately realized that when a Digimon dies, it would be reborn in the shrine. They heard a voice who told him that he guessed right. The voice came from a small red Digimon named Elecmon. He claimed to be the only remaining caretaker of the Shrine. Then, Agumon and Gabumon appeared as well. They had sensed Tadao's presence, in the Digital World and were lucky to be nearby. And they weren't alone. Two other Digimon, a pink bird called Piyomon and a robotic ladybug called Tentomon, were with them.

Tadao asked what happened to Kuwagamon, and was told by Agumon and the others that Kuwagamon was still acting wild and that even more Digimon with similar symptoms started to appear. They had unfortunately destroyed the village, but most of its inhabitants managed to survive and escape. Keisuke remembered what Tadao told him about Kuwagamon and realizes that the energy ball was actually some kind of virus. And just like those spreading diseases, this virus replicates itself to infect other Digimon. But since Agumon and Gabumon sensed that the virus was not from the Digital World, it had to be man-made. So, there were other people who knew about the Digimon and wanted to hurt them.

Hirasawa's arrest

Rieko Harasawa was going through files that Lake had stolen from Yeoman, and found out information about the virus which was the same program Yeoman and his workers had created. Sadaharu arrived into her office again to hear something very important: his son Tadao had found out the existence of the Digital World. Sadaharu immediately called his wife, and heard that Tadao late from home again. Mari only thought that her son was simply spending time with his friends, but Sadaharu knew that Tadao could be in danger. Hirasawa said that they had other problems too. Lake was announced to have made a suicide by jumping from a building. But Sadaharu wasn't fooled. He knew that Lake was murdered.

At that moment, the police arrived. They have received information Harasawa might have been spying on Digicon's projects and attempting to leak or sell them. Sadaharu knew that this was Yeoman's plot to prevent them from interfering anymore. Hirasawa agreed to go with the police and Sadaharu had to agree to answer some questions to avoid further trouble. They needed to believe that Tadao would be safe for a while.

Tadao's first battle

In the Digital World, Nori is more worried about how her own safety than safety of the Digital World. Piyomon asked Nori how she would feel if something would happen to the real world. Nori apologizes her and feels like Piyomon is someone she could rely on. Keisuke expresses his wish to help the Digimon and wishes to know more about the Digital World and the whole cyberspace. Tentomon is willing to guide Keisuke anywhere he wants to go. Tadao makes his promise to visit the Digital World occasionally and help to find a way restore it to its former glory.

But then, Kuwagamon reappears and starts to cause destruction. Agumon, Gabumon, Piyomon, Tentomon and Elecmon fight against it while Tadao, Keisuke and Nori remain in hiding. Then, Tadao feels like they have to be able fight too. He walks out and the two devices he carries start to glow. Agumon and Gabumon start to glow as well as their bodies start to grow and transform. Then, it appeared that Agumon and Gabumon had "evolved" into Greymon and Garurumon. Greymon looked like a bestial dinosaur with its cranial skin covered by a rhinoceros bettle-like shell, while Garurumon looked like silver-colored striped wolf with lion's hair and thin tail. The two Digimon started to fight against Kuwagamon and were about to overpower it when another Digimon appeared. It was Monochromon, a Digimon that looked like a bestial Monoclonius. And like Kuwagamon, it had been infected as well. While Greymon fought alone against Kuwagamon, Garurumon decided to deal with Monochromon. Despite being able to hold their opponents for a while, Greymon and Garurumon still had a serious problem. They needed to cure their opponents or send them somewhere they couldn't threaten anyone. Then, a portal opened and a mysterious flower-like Digimon appeared. It tried to drive Kuwagamon and Monochromon into the portal. Tadao realized that this Digimon was friendly and told Greymon and Garurumon to help it. After struggling for a while, the three Digimon managed to send their opponents away.

Then, Greymon and Garurumon degenerated back into Agumon and Gabumon. The flower-like Digimon, named Sunflowmon, degenerated as well. Its previous form was named Lalamon. Tadao realized that someone else had similar devices than he had. And that person revealed herself as Alisha Jones. Alisha explained that she was a Digimon Tamer and Lalamon was her Partner Digimon. Tadao was now a Tamer as well, but he had two Partner Digimon: Agumon and Gabumon. Then, they started to see floating letters formed into a message in English: "I already warned your father, Tadao Deguchi. If you care about yourself and your family, leave this world and never return." The teenagers immediately realized it was sent by the creator the virus. Alisha told Tadao and others to return to the real world with her. They needed to talk with Sadaharu about this. But after they had left, one unharmed Digi-Egg started to glow blue light and was about to hatch.

Sadaharu's story

Sadaharu had just left the police station and found his son and his friends coming out of the electronics shop. Sadaharu asked if his son was all right, but Tadao was disappointed that his father had kept secrets from him. Sadaharu said that they needed to talk about this in home. He also Alisha told about Hirasawa's arrest since Hirasawa was revealed to be her host parent.

When they got home, Mari was revealed to know about the existence of the Digimon as well. They had hoped they would never need to tell their children about them, but now they had no choice. 20 years ago, Yeoman was working in Japan with Sadaharu, when they found a mysterious footage appearing into their computers. The footage was about several creatures fighting war near a giant white tree. Every creature who ended up being killed disintegrated into data particles and the footage ended when a massive black energy wave came from the tree. Only a certain amount of people around the world had seen it. Hirasawa was also one of them. Both Sadaharu and Yeoman managed to finally find out that it was from another world. Yeoman wanted to conquer that world for the humanity, but Sadaharu only wanted to explore it. And when Yeoman returned to the United States and was made a president in the local division of the company, the Project Getaway was started as a mean to create a teleportation device that make traveling between the worlds possible. Hirasawa had shared Sadaharu's distrust in Yeoman's motives and they asked several other workers from both Japan and the United States to assist them. One of them, Damian Lake, however, had just been killed by Yeoman and Hirasawa was framed from spying. One of the latest files Lake had managed to send Hirasawa and Sadaharu revealed Yeoman's true motive: he created the virus in order to eliminate all Digimon, so he could take over the Digital World solely for humans.

Alisha had found out the existence of the Digital World seven years ago, and met Lalamon. She became a Tamer when she mysteriously received a Digivice, a device that had several purposes: it allows traveling between the two worlds through any computer screen; translates DigiLetters, the writing system of the Digital World, into human writing; and makes a Partner Digimon to temporarily evolve into higher level to fight against stronger malevolent Digimon. Now Tadao, Keisuke and Nori had become Tamers too. Alisha had found several temples from the Digital World and by translating DigiLetters in them, she had managed to find out that long ago some very evil Digimon tried to take over the Digital World and use the portals to reach other worlds to conquer. The enemies were stopped, but their remaining powers devastated most of the Digital World and formed into Dark Craters. The Digivices were revealed to be created so that the humans could one day step into the Digital World to help the Digimon to restore that world to its former glory.

Tadao said that they had only one choice: they needed to use their Digivices to travel into New York to face Yeoman and stop him. Mari didn't want to allow his son to go, but Sadaharu promised that nothing bad would happen. While he would go tomorrow into New York by himself, while Tadao and the other Tamers would hold off the infected Digimon until cure could be found.

Sven's decision

In New York, Sven Vestergaard received an email from Sadaharu about Yeoman's true plans. Sven was horrified, since Yeoman had lied to him that the two races would learn to coexist if he would help them. Gaomon told Sven that it was time for him to do what was the right thing, since eliminating every Digimon from the Digital World was something he couldn't allow Sven to be part of. Sven hesitated, since he knew that his family needed the medicine Yeoman had promised they could find from the Digital World. Gaomon told him that they could find it without Yeoman's help, and showed the Digivice Sven had kept hidden. Sven sent a new email to Sadaharu and asked what he needed to do. Later, he started to use his personal computer to check on every file about the virus. When asked by Gaomon what he was doing, Sven told he was developing a way undo the damage he had caused.

Tamers begin their battle

On next day, Yeoman was checking the latest status of the virus outbreak. Over ten Digimon had been infected and they had caused deaths for dozens of uninfected Digimon. But some of the infected Digimon had been eliminated. Yeoman assumed that Tadao didn't listen to his warnings, but it was soon revealed that now something else was behind it.

In Japan, Tadao, Keisuke, Nori and Alisha were free to go anywhere they wanted since there was no school today. But Mari still wasn't sure about his husband's plan, since the police would immediately start hunting him if he would just disappear. Sadaharu promised that once that Yeoman's crimes would be exposed, everything would be fine. Alisha had managed to signal all the Partner Digimon into a place where they would meet, the teenagers used their Digivices and were teleported to the Digital World with Sadaharu. When they reached their destination, they saw Kuwagamon and Monochromon once again. But there were even more infected Digimon. Alisha activated a Digimon Analyzer from her Digivice and identifies four of them as Yukidarumon, Meramon, Mojyamon and Hanumon. Tadao and Alisha then made Agumon, Gabumon and Lalamon evolve once again. Then, Keisuke and Nori tried to use their own Digivices as well. Tentomon and Piyomon evolved into Kabuterimon and Birdramon. The Tamers then proceeded with opening a portal for Sadaharu to enter New York. Tadao and Sadaharu wished good luck for each other, and then, the battle began.

Tamers rose on backs of the Partner Digimon and rushed into the battle. But the battle wasn't easy, since they were outnumbered. After fighting for a while, Tadao asked if Greymon and Garurumon could fight without them. He had decided to follow his father into New York, despite what he promised to his mother. Worried about Nori's safety, Birdramon told her to leave the battlefield as well. Keisuke and Alisha decided to follow as well. They reopened the portal into New York, and stepped through.

Confrontation in New York

In New York, Sadaharu found the laboratory of Project Getaway. Yeoman was partly annoyed and partly glad to meet him face to face. Sadaharu says he can't let Yeoman destroy an entire race, but Yeoman simply counters this by saying that the Digimon are only data in the Digital World which resides in cyberspace which is part of the computer network created by humans. Therefore, he believes that humans are true gods of the Digital World.

Meanwhile, Tadao and his friends found their way into Sven's private laboratory. They identified themselves to Sven who in turn decided to reveal his part in creation of the virus used against the Digimon. Tadao was initially angry about this and wanted to know the reason. Sven revealed that his father was suffering from very mysterious illness. No one knew what it was or where it had become, but the symptoms began almost 20 years ago and somehow, Sven and his little sister had inherited it. Sven was about to reach the age the symptoms would begin, but he didn't want to his sister to suffer. When Yeoman had revealed them the existence of the Digital World, Sven was forced by his father to become part of the Project Getaway to find knowledge that could be used to cure the illness. Gaomon had emerged into the real world four years ago and had acted as Sven's only friend, giving him valuable advices and obeying his Tamer in every single matter. But only now, Gaomon had managed to convince Sven make his own opinions without taking orders from anyone else. Tadao felt sorry for Sven and told him about his own little sister Yoko was born in the same year as Sven's sister. Sven then asked if they would have knowledge that could be used to destroy the virus. Keisuke offered his help in developing a cure, while Alisha asked Sven if he had ever used his Digivice before. After hearing that the other Partner Digimon were in the Digital World to fighting against the infected Digimon, Gaomon wanted to go there too. Sven was told to user his inner light and hope to make Gaomon's evolution possible. Gaomon then jumped into the portal opened by Nori, and emerged into the Digital World in his Champion form: Gaogamon.

Yeoman called tried to call security guards to take Sadaharu away, but the other workers of Project Getaway were turned against him. They had been very horrified about Damian Lake's murder and were convinced that helping humanity evolve was never worthy such ruthless act. Mr. Matsumura, who was still in New York, had heard the conversation and sided with Sadaharu and the others. He decided to fire Yeoman and call the police to arrest him. But Yeoman took his gun and shot Matsumura. Sadaharu tried to take gun away, but they soon something strange happening in the Digital World. Something was affecting all the portals in the Digital World. By tracing the previous points of the signal, a terrible truth was revealed: the virus had infected one damaged Digi-Egg and restored it. Then, a very mysterious Digimon had hatched from it. The Digimon had an ability to disrupt the portals with its powers and it also killed other infected Digimon and downloaded their data to itself to grow stronger and more powerful. Sadaharu said that using the Dark Craters to power the virus had caused this. Yeoman still refused to see the error of his ways and promised to destroy the mysterious Digimon once it would destroy all others. He then started to chase Sadaharu with his gun around the building.

Battle against Morrismon

In the Digital World, the six Partner Digimon saw the disruption of all portals, and then several beams appeared from them and eliminated all infected Digimon they had been fighting against. Then, through one portal appeared a large bug-like Digimon with worm-like torso, spider legs, one arm with claws and another with a large sting. The Digimon was about to grow wings to its back. In the real world, the Tamers used the Digimon Analyzer which was able to give only two details of the mysterious Digimon: the species was named Morrismon. It had no "evolutionary stage", but its current powers were compable to that of Ultimate, one level higher than Champion. Tadao heard gunshots and became worried about his father. Nori and Alisha went along, while Keisuke and Sven kept programming the antivirus.

Morrismon wasn't harmed at all by the attacks of the six Champion Level Digimon. It kept launching powerful energy beams from the stinger in its arm and caused wide destruction in the area. Some of the beams went through the portals and caused several malfunctioning in computers around the real world. Then, Morrismon leaves the Digital World goes into New York where the Partner Digimon are forced to follow it.

After few minutes, Keisuke and Sven manage to finish the antivirus and they copy it into six individual programs. They need to download each antivirus into their respective Partner Digimon who could use them to destroy Morrismon. They leave the laboratory only to find out that Morrismon and all the Partner Digimon had emerged nearby. Kabuterimon comes to retrieve them, but they realize that the antivirus doesn't work fully. Since the virus has been powered by the Dark Craters, they need the equivalent of darkness, the light, to be used as the last component of the antivirus. They realize that the light they need comes from the Digivices and they download two of the six antivirus programs into their own Digivices. This makes Kabuterimon and Gaogamon capable of wounding Morrismon. Nori and Alisha receive their own antivirus programs and download them into their Digivices too. The last two needed to be downloaded into Tadao's Digivices.

Yeoman still chases Sadaharu who soon reaches the roof of the building. Then, Tadao tries to stop Yeoman from shooting his father. The gun ends up falling from the building, and Yeoman decides to kill Sadaharu and both Tadao and Sadaharu by trying to push them out of roof. When he is about to corner them both, he is interrupted by Keisuke and Sven. While Yeoman's attention goes into Sven, Keisuke downloads the last two antivirus programs into Tadao's Digivices. After receiving enough power, the Partner Digimon take Morrismon back into the Digital World and start wounding it until its body starts to disintegrate. Angered of his loss, Yeoman is about to kill Sven, but then Tadao pushed him out of the roof. Nori and Birdramon, however, save Yeoman from death, since the Tamers resolved not fall into same level with him. After the Partner Digimon and the Tamers leave New York through the portal, the police arrest Yeoman. Sadaharu and the workers of Project Getaway use a special program to eliminate certain files from the Digicon database in order to prevent the law enforcement receiving full knowledge about the existence of the Digimon.

After the battle

Few days later, Tadao, Keisuke, Nori and Alisha are seen talking with their Digimon through a communication program developed by Digicon for the Tamers. Thanks to everything they experienced, they also knew that with help of their Digivices, they could be able to purify most of the Dark Craters they had managed to locate. Yeoman is in prison waiting for his trial for murders of Damian Lake and Mr. Matsumura as well as the destruction caused by Morrismon. The existence of Project Getaway was kept as a secret from public and only the Tamers, Sadaharu, Hirasawa and the other trusted people inside Digicon fully knew where the Digimon came from. Sven Vestergaard had returned his home in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Then, the Tamers were instructed to into the Digital World to meet with their Partner Digimon in a certain place. The place was near the same enormous white tree that Sadaharu seen in the footage 20 years ago. Keisuke translated the DigiLetters into Latin alphabet, the tree was revealed to be Yggdrasill, named after the mythical world tree in Old Norse cosmology. After sending the informing Sadaharu, Hirasawa, Sven and Gaomon about this, they translated the text written in Old Norse into English and Japanese. Yggdrasill of the Digital World was revealed to be a powerful being that is meant to maintain the Digital World, but it has been dormant since the mysterious disaster. They recognized that its roots were spread around the planet into exactly same locations than the portals, and that the portals on its branches would lead into other worlds outside of the Digital World. After checking some of Yeoman's personal files, it was revealed that Yeoman had known for a long time that the true name of the Digital World was the Digital Middle World. And the Digital Middle World was only a center of the Digiversum, a dimension in cyberspace filled with several planets and planes inhabited by the Digimon which were damaged and partly desolate too.

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. Bolded characters are fought by the protagonist(s), and italicized characters feature non-explicitly, e.g. voice, silhouette, image.)

Humans In-Training Rookie Champion Other
  • Ronald Yeoman (1)
  • Tadao Deguchi (2)
  • Yoko Deguchi (3)
  • Mari Deguchi (4)
  • Keisuke Ishimura (5)
  • Nori Fujima (6)
  • Mr. Matsumura (7)
  • Rieko Hirasawa (8)
  • Sadaharu Deguchi (9)
  • Damian Lake (10)
  • Sven Vestergaard (18)
  • Alisha Jones (20)


  • Digimon shares its full name with the English dubbed version of the first four Digimon anime series.
  • The main focuses of the film are formation of the initial Tamer group as well as these certain personal storylines for main characters:
    • Tadao learning to let go of his hot-headed attitude and learning responsibility.
    • Keisuke learning to balance his nerdy lifestyle with his new heroic activity.
    • Nori learning to let go of her former bratty attitude.
    • Sven learning not to risk lives of others for his personal problems.
  • The idea of having one Tamer with both Agumon and Gabumon as his partners is idealized by an aspect used in real-life video games Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth and Digimon World -next 0rder-.
  • The Shrine of Rebirth is based on the Primary Village from Digimon Adventure, but in the Digiversum there are several Shrines.
  • Nori was originally meant to be 14 years old and Alisha 15 years old, but this was changed later in order to make Alisha a middle school student rather than high school student.
  • Lalamon is the only Partner Digimon who has no dialogue at all.
  • As the first film of the Digiversum, Digimon was planned not to include too many easter eggs. The most notable easter egg that was added into the film was the revelation of the existence of the other worlds inhabited by the Digimon.


The Digiversum

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The first Digimon film started an entirely new franchise to replace Digimon Cinematic Sagas, a previous fanon media franchise idealized by CAJH. The franchise will have 27 films: seven main films (including Digimon), 15 spin-off films and four animated prequels. The second main film, Digimon 2, was announced in July 21, 2016. It was released in October 24, 2016 as the fourth installment, after V-Tamer and Spirit Frontier. All surviving characters from Digimon returned and the sequel also introduced new Tamers, allies and villains, but any characters from spin-off films made only cameo appearances. The third main film, Digimon 3, was released in January 9, 2017 as the eighth installment of the Digiversum; the fourth main film, Digimon: The Gathering, in May 15, 2017 as the thirteenth installment; and the fifth main film, Digimon: The Descending, in June 24, 2017 as the fifteenth installment and the final chapter of the Reconfiguration Saga. The remaining main films that follow the events of The Descending form a new saga, referred as the Quantum Wars Saga.