Digimon: Digital Online is a Fanfiction story created by Eronan (a.k.a. Charizard203), it uses official lores listed on this site and expands on them. It is set apart from the other Digimon Universes as it is its own Universe. It's a complete OC story, without canon characters other than canon Digimon.


Originally, the kids think that the game Digimon: Digital Online is just that, a game. However, when they move along they find something unbelievable, the game is actually linked to an actual Digimon, not just a game. During a conflict between the God of the Digital World and the Seven Great Demon Lords, six kids are transported to the Digital World with no idea what is going on. They learn more about the Digital World and their Digimon, they come to conclusions that become their resolves. They aim to defeat the Seven Great Demon Lords believing that it will set them free. Little do they know, that is not their purpose in the Digital World.

Main Characters


Name Age Gender Partner Digimon
Taisho Moto 16 Male Patamon
Sojiro Fujioka 14 Male Elecmon
Tanjiro Moto 13 Male Dracomon
Zephyra Hart 14 Female Penguinmon
Sylvia Victor 14 Female FanBeemon
Niles Guldborg 15 Male Solarmon


Digimon Champion Stage Ultimate Stage Mega Stage
Patamon Piddomon MagnaAngemon ClavisAngemon
Elecmon Leomon IceLeomon TBA
Dracomon Coredramon Wingdramon TBA
Penguinmon Saberdramon Yatagaramon TBA
FanBeemon Waspmon CannonBeemon TBA
Solarmon Mekanorimon Megadramon TBA


No. Title Plot Summary
1 The Motos The game Digimon: Digital Online, Digimon have started disappearing when the Tamer respawns. God finds out that Dark Area Digimon have escaped, what will he do? What will happen?
2 Lion Warrior A Youkomon is attacking innocent Digimon outside a village, it's up to Leomon to stop him. However, a Chrysalimon appears soon after, Devidramon and Leomon meet and decide that they have to team up to take down this one. Their Tamers Sojiro and Akira work together to defeat this Dark Area Digimon.
3 Mechanical Warrior Devimon attacks the Digital World, Mekanorimon and Niles must try and find a way to defeat this Dark Area Digimon.
4 Soaring Bird Zephyra and Saberdramon meet a horde of DexDorugamon, ready to destroy the Digimon in the Digital World. It's up to Saberdramon and its friends to defeat it. One of the DexDorugamon digivolves and it causes trouble for their party. What will Saberdramon do?
5 Riches Sylvia comes from a rich family, Waspmon and Sylvia find a Porcupamon, the Porcupamon manages to Digivolve into an Astamon.
6 Angel's Arrival Matadormon and a group of Sangloupmon have begun their attack on the Digital World, Matadormon is ready to kill Coredramon. What will Taisho and Piddomon do to save Coredramon from the clutches of Matadormon?
7 Fist of the Ice King Sojiro and Akira are ready to fight off more Dark Area Digimon, however, it seems Tankdramon and its army of Sealsdramon are beginning to greatly outmatch them and their Digimon. What can Devidramon and Leomon do to save themselves?
8 Mecha Dragon Niles begins his fight against a WaruMonzaemon and a horde of Wendigomon, will he lose his Digimon to the Digimon? Or will he succeed in defeating them and ridding the Digital World of their evil?!
9 Black Crow Zephyra decides to play Digimon: Digital Online, she finds a group of Youkomon led by a Doumon. She gets into a fight with the Doumon, but will it be a losing fight?
10 The Soldier Infermon attacks, Sylvia and Waspmon have to defeat it. Though it doesn't seem like they can hold off the Ultimate Level for too long.
11 Dragon's Wings Tanjiro is playing the game alone. He encounters an Ultimate-Level Dark Area Digimon, he decides to take care of it himself. But without the help of his brother... Can he really succeed?
12 Disappearance The six players meet up along the way towards the centre of the Digital World, the Dark Area Digimon are released from their prison and chaos ensues. What will be the fate for the players?
13 New World The characters find themselves in the Digital World. They need to find a way to escape... though that seems to be easier said than done. The Demon Lords have gone to try and find a way into heaven.
14 New Level Continuing on in the Digital World, they encounter someone very surprising. Someone who they never expected to be in the Digital World of all places, especially Tanjiro and Taishol. The creator of the game itself, has now revealed his face. He asks for their assistance? However, will they agree?
15 Encounter: Ghoulmon Continuing in their journey throughout the Digital World, they find a terrifying enemy. A Mega-Level that outclasses all their abilities. They try every possible move they can pull. However, it makes things no better when Taisho and Tanjiro leave the group mid-battle. Could they possibly win this?!?!?!
16 Re-Encounter: The Coward Niles meets up with Taisho, and they converse over their different plans. Niles wishes to create a deal with Niles, to protect Tanjiro until the they get out of the Digital World, in return they lend their strength to the group. What's Taisho's final decision on this?
17 Troubles Having beaten the Ghoulmon, they lighten up and try to rest. However, another even more terrifying Digimon comes their way. They prepare their Digimon to fight, however, they end up being forced into the defensive rather than attacking the Digimon.
18 The Beelzebub Diaboromon has forced them into retreat before they run out of strength. They run into a new Digimon, a much stronger Digimon. One by one, Beelzemon takes them out in less than a second. Will they manage to make a triumph against the Digimon?
19 Key to a New World Beelzemon has captured the protaganists, and is now going to kill them. What could they possibly do to save themselves? Is there a way to triumph against the powerful Mega-Level Digimon.
20 Amazing Power The children are attacked by their first Mega-Level Soldier. Just how powerful is this Digimon and can they match up?
Two Sides After witnessing the power of ClavisAngemon against other Mega-Level Dark Area Digimon, the Demon Lords have decided a more planned approach in order to lose less soldiers. They send out SkullMammothmon to take them on and test their current strength. Though what's in the mind of their own Tactician?