Digimon 5 StarEdit

Digimon 5 Star is the third fanfiction by Madarame. This story is about five teenagers who work at the Nirvana Cafe, a 5-Star restaurant. The Digimon in this series are unique to Digimon 5 Star as it is set in a completely different universe. However, the DigiDestined in this story receive the DigiEggs from Digimon Adventure 02.

Main CharactersEdit

Name Partner(s) Guardian DigiEgg(s)
Natsu Chakramon Cyclemon DigiEgg of Friendship,

DigiEgg of Sincerity, DigiEgg of Miracles

Sianne Huntmon Artemon DigiEgg of Hope,

DigiEgg of Light

Teru Hydromon Abyssmon DigiEgg of Love,

DigiEgg of Knowledge

Mei Wingmon,


Zeusmon DigiEgg of Courage,

DigiEgg of Reliability

Shiro Serpenmon Basilimon DigiEgg of Kindness,

DigiEgg of Destiny


The Digimon in this series can become armor for their partner. This is called Hybrid Evolution. Multiple Digimon and partners can Hybrid Evolve to create even stronger forms. When the partner is wearing the armor, they become a Digimon.

The three ranks of Hybrids are:

Rank 3: The lowest rank, equivalent to Champion-Level. It is usually just a Hybrid Evolution of a Digimon (in armor form) and their partner.

Rank 2: The middle rank. This rank can be closer to Champion or Ultimate-Level. Many Rank 2 Hybrids are formed using 2 or 3 pieces of armor.

Rank 1: The highest rank, equivalent to Mega-Level, with some surpassing Mega. This form is created by 4 or 5 Digimon Hybrid Evolving.

These are the main character's first Rank 1 forms.

Auramon: Natsu and Chakramon's Rank 1 form. He is composed entirely of auras, and so he can only be seen by certain people.

Bowmon: A huntress Digimon. She is Sianne and Huntmon's Rank 1 form. Her favorite weapon is a bow and arrows.

Wavemon: The Rank 1 Hybrid Evolution of Teru and Hydromon. He can turn himself into water, or freeze himself.

Ospreymon A and Ospreymon B: Mei's Rank 1 Hybrid Evolved form with either Wingmon (A) or Beakmon (B). Ospreymon A is an extremely fast flier. Ospreymon B is more focused on attacking.

Venomon: Shiro's original Hybrid Evolved Rank 1 form with Serpenmon. He is wicked and evil, attacking anyone he sees.

Kobramon: Shiro and Serpenmon's Hybrid Evolved Rank 1 form after being purified. He is immune to all venoms, poisons, and toxins. He can move almost as fast as Ospreymon A can fly, given he is on the ground.


The 6 Guardians are the ones who give the DigiDestined their Digimon and watch over them.

Cyclemon: He is the Guardian of Natsu. He symbolizes the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

Artemon: Sianne's Guardian. She symbolizes hunting and weaponry.

Abyssmon: A Digimon who lives at the very bottom of all the oceans. He is Teru's Guardian and symbolizes secrets and the ocean.

Cumulumon: She symbolizes the sky, flight, and thunder. She is the Guardian of Mei.

Basilimon: He stands for all snakes, ancient mysteries, as well as evil. He is Shiro's Guardian.

Amaranthimon: An eternally-lasting Digimon. It is unknown whether or not he is the Guardian of a DigiDestined. He stands for eternity itself.

List of ChaptersEdit

List of Chapters in Digimon 5 Star