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The Guardians is a group of 6 Mega-Level Digimon who appear in Digimon 5 Star. They each guard over a certain DigiDestined.

Guardian Symbols Guardian Of Other Forms
Cyclemon The cycle of life, death, and rebirth Natsu The Khorlmons (In-Training), Chakramon (Rookie), Auramon (Champion)
Artemon Hunting, weaponry Sianne Huntmon (Rookie), Bowmon (Champion)
Abyssmon Secrets, oceans Teru Hydromon (Rookie), Wavemon (Champion)
Cumulumon Sky, flight, thunder Mei Wingmon/Beakmon (Rookie), Ospreymon (Champion)
Basilimon Snakes, ancient mysteries, evil Shiro Serpenmon (Rookie), Venomon (Champion)
Amaranthimon Eternity

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