"Digimon : The Golden Digivice" is a fan-made story about Elizabeth Maze, a French teenager who is going to discover that she is a DigiDestined endowed with a major power, that of the Golden Digivice. With her friends and many Digimon, Liz will save the Earth and the Digital World in the most total secret.


Having spent at night in an haunted house, Liz meet Viximon and Tsunomon. They say that they are her Digimon partners and she got a strange golden Fusion Loader. A few days after, Liz and her friends, other DigiDestined, meet Pandamon, who explains to them that they must gather Digimon to fight a mysterious threat.


Here are listed the protagonists of "The Golden Digivice" :

DigiDestined :

Elizabeth Maze : Partnered to Renamon and Elecmon. Elizabeth is the leader of the DigiDestined, she's very authoritarian and she can pass from the peace to the fury in one second. Her golden Digivice gives her the power to digivolve all the Digimon who become her friends. She's called Liz in the story.

Ulrick Maze : Partnered to Kotemon. He is Liz's older brother. He is the "brains" of the team and he's proud of it.

Gwénaël Le Guen : Partnered to Terriermon. Gwénaël is very confident but knows how to take his precautions. He is very protective of his sister and friends. He's called Gun in the story.

Katarina Le Guen : Partnered to Patamon. Gun's older sister. Katarina is rather selfish but sometimes show herself very kind and thoughtful.

Tristhan Le Blanc : Partnered to Impmon. Liz and Ulrick's cousin, Tristhan is the lonely wolf of the team, he is always contained on himself and avoids at all costs announcing his problems. He is also very proud and susceptible. He is called Ice in the story.

Jeremi Meneur : Partnered to Wormmon. Jeremi is very fearful and attentive to all which surrounds him. He is also preventive and his generosity often gets noticed.

Marina Dumont : Partnered to Tentomon. Marina is an incomprehensible and unpredictable girl. She is the attentive ear of the team and always gives good advices.

Lily Daguet : Partnered to Biyomon. Lily is a cheerful and reactive girl in the problems of her friends. She is the one who is called up when someone needs to be reassured.

Mary Saint-Martin : Partnered to Floramon. Mary is a delicate and fragile girl, she needs the attention of her friends to feel loving. But when she does not obtain what she wants, she can show herself very violent.

Rose Dornoeil : Partnered to Ryudamon. Rose is a stubborn girl. She is a book-lover and a very good pupil. She is also very kind and gentle. Even if she hates doing this, she often uses her charm to get what she needs.

Dylan La Tour : Partnered to Gabumon. Dylan is a very energetic boy. He is geek of video games and informatic. He is a very good friend of Mary and he is also Liz's boyfriend.

Joe Hughes : Partnered to Sheepmon. Joe is an outsider of the group as he finds it difficult to make friends, however when it comes to battle he and Sheepmon don't mind getting their hands dirty.

Hans Hirsch : Partnered to Mighty Omega and Cursed Omega. Hans is an outsider of the group. He is a bit shy but very gallant. He tries to appear confident but in reality, he lacks a lot of confidence in himself. Even if he acts as her rival, he has a crush on Liz. He will later become Lupus and Lykos's Tamer.

Digimon Partners:


Renamon t

Liz's partner. Renamon is very reserved and taciturn. She has difficulty granting her trust to the others and will always prefer to solve her problems by herself rather than to speak with someone about it who she does not trust blind, one might as well say almost nobody.

Elecmon t

Liz's partner. Elecmon is a very lazy, assured person and he never makes anything himself, he always waits that everything is made without he has to intervene. He lives from day to day and considers the life as a game of which he plays the lead role.

Kotemon b

Ulrick's partner. In spite of appearances, Kotemon is a very shy girl endowed with a big patience. Contrary to the other Digimon, she is unable to speak.

Terriermon t

Gun's partner. Terriermon is an energetic and funny young boy. He is very protective to his twin sister, Lopmon.


Patamon t

Katarina's partner. Patamon is very generous, friendly and brave but he is slightly too childish. He will always do everything he can to get the attention of Katarina.

Impmon t

Ice's partner. Impmon is impatient, arrogant and jealous. He does not support that the attention of Renamon concerns to other one than him and makes everything to seduce her, even if he has to put himself in improper situations to reach there.

Wormmon t

Jeremi's partner. Wormmon is really shy and careful. He will always look for a peaceful solution to any problem and will always avoid the conflict.

Tentomon b

Marina's partner. Like Marina, Tentomon is unpredictable and incomprehensible, he is kind but he often gets into trouble by wanting to help the others.

Biyomon (Re-Digitize) b

Lily's partner. Biyomon has the behavior of a little girl but can show a big maturity when one needs.

Floramon t

Mary's partner. Floramon is a kind of girl which does not like getting dirty hands, but in spite of her selfish and superficial air, she does not support that someone hurts her friends.

Ryudamon b

Rose's partner. He is very kind and gentle, like Rose, but he is quite awkward.

Gabumon t

Dylan's partner. Gabumon is shy, careful and preventive. He doesn't like fighting but will always protect his partner and friends.

Sheepmon b

Joe's partner. Sheepmon is always comforting Joe when he gets lost or upset. He doesn't mind fighting to protect his friends.
Mighty Omega

WarGreymon t

Hans' partner. Mighty Omega is cold and reserved but he is also very chivalrous.
Cursed Omega

BlackWarGreymon t

Hans' partner. Cursed Omega is very gentle and friendly but he is also very disciplined and polite so he shows a lot of retained when talking to someone who is not very close.

MagnaGarurumon b

Hans' partner. Lupus was Hans' big sister's partner, along with Lykos. He is reserved and will never disobey his master's orders.

MetalGarurumon X b

Hans' partner. Lykos was Hans' big sister's partner, along with Lupus.



MaloMyotismon t

DemiDevimon t

MaloMyotismon was a partisan of the new threat. He was the leader of all the units of the East zone of the continent. When the DigiDestined finally found him, everybody was taken in a violent battle from which nobody emerged unscathed. The fight stopped when MaloMyotismon was knocked out by an attack combined by Taomon, Panjyamon, Knightmon, JewelBeemon, SkullSatamon, MagnaAngemon, Rapidmon, Hisyarumon, GrapLeomon and WereGarurumon. But this last assault in the devastating power consumed all the power of Digimon which fainted all. Then the DigiDestined were obliged to wait that their Digimon wake up. While the other DigiDestined were in the support of their partners, Jeremi took care of MaloMyotismon who was the first one woken. Affected by amnesia, MaloMyotismon did not remember what happened since his childhood and began believing that Jeremi was his Tamer so he decided to stay with the DigiDestined and to help them, especially Jeremi. Many time later, during a battle against another high-powered underling of the new threat, MaloMyotismon was overcome and degenerated to DemiDevimon. Even if he came to the Real World with the DigiDestined and stays with them all the time, DemiDevimon didn't join the Digi-Destined's team.

Aegiomon b

Aegiomon is Jupitermon's son. He completely disapproves the actions of his father and can do anything to prevent him from bringing more suffering in the Digital World. Contrary to his father, Aegiomon is generous, kind and his heart is filled with justice.

Sirenmon b

Sirenmon is Ceresmon's daughter and Aegiomon's best friend. She is very kind and peaceable. Sirenmon hates fighting and will always try to avoid battle. When she feels very sad or very happy, she starts singing to share her feelings with those who surround her.

Knightmon wisesword fanart

Knightmon is a Knightmon Wise Sword Mode. He obtained Wisemon's data having absorbed the data of his old friend, who was a Wisemon, when he died. He comes from a castle ruled by Lord Gallantmon X and his wife, Lady Crusadermon. Some times ago, Lady Crusadermon ordered him to find her missing daughter so he left the castle. When he met the Digidestined, he recognize Kotemon as the missing heiress of the castle. But when he saw how much the Digidestined and the other Digimon like her, he understood that they'll not let her go with him easily. He proposed them to go to a safe place, the castle, to rest, thinking that if Kotemon and her parents were gathered, she would decide to stay at the castle.


During the story, the DigiDestined faces many ennemies. Here are listed the most important of them. Names in italics indicate the characters who, by a way or another, become allies of the DigiDestined.


GranDracmon b

GranDracmon is a Mega Digimon who attacked Gatomon, who's followed by the Digidestined, after having led her far from the haunted house. He was defeated by Pandamon and Veedramon.

Yasuo is Liz's classmate and also a Tamer. He is partnered to MetalTyrannomon.


Lullaby is a mysterious woman. She is partnered to TigerVespamon.


Pumpkinmon t

Boltmon t

Pumpkinmon was MaloMyotismon's servant. After his master was beaten by the DigiDestined, he ran away to find another master. He can use Liz's Digivice to digivolve to Boltmon.

Pipismon b

Pipismon is Lullaby's servant, along with Mothmon. He was originally Yasuo's servant, but after seeing his master lose against the DigiDestined, he ran away to serve Lullay.

Mothmon b

Mothmon is Lullaby's servant, along with Pipismon. He was originally Yasuo's servant, but after seeing his master lose against the DigiDestined, he ran away to serve Lullay.

Doumon b

Doumon is the leader of a clan of bandits. He met Renamon many years before the beginning of the story, when she was a Viximon. He took her with him, saying that he was going to take care of her. In reality, he was only desiring the sublime Renamon that she was going to become. Fortunately, Renamon succeeded in running away, by means of Strabimon. Renamon and Doumon met once again, when his clan captured the DigiDestined. Once again, it's by means of Strabimon, and his friend MetalMamemon, that Renamon, and the DigiDestined, escaped. But TonosamaMamemon, one of Doumon's hired men, gave the alert. Then the DigiDestined and the clan battle and Doumon was defeated by Renamon herself.

TonosamaMamemon b

TonosamaMamemon is Doumon's hired man. It's him who gave the alert when the DigiDestined (after having been captured by the bandits) escaped. During the battle between the clan and the DigiDestined, he was defeated by MetalMamemon and WereGarurumon.

Gazimon t

Sveta is a young Gazimon. She is warlike, cold and distant. Originally, Sveta was a "domestic" Digimon, but her Tamer gave up her because he thought that she was too weak. This treason made her lose the trust which she had in the humans. That's why she attacked the DigiDestined the first time they met. According to her meetings with the DigiDestined, the friendship whom they are going to show her is going to open her eyes on the real nature of the humans. Little by little, she began to be more warm and protective to the DigiDestined, especially to Katarina, who is very friendly with her.

Lucemon Chaos Mode (Re-Digitize) b

Lucemon t

Lucemon is Lady Darcmon's lost brother. Jupitermon uses his control on Lucemon's power to keep Chaos Mode alive and to control him. Chaos Mode is just Jupitermon's puppet, the real Lucemon is hidden and protected by Bacchusmon.

BlackSeraphimon dw3

BlackSeraphimon is one of Jupitermon's followers. After the DigiDestined killed some of his colleagues, he decided to test their power. he faced them several times. His last battle finished by his death: he was killed by Sakuyamon, who Rage digivolved to Kuzuhamon after BlackSeraphimon killed SaberLeomon.

Mummymon t

Mummymon is one of MaloMyotismon's minions, but also the ruler of the Insane Arena. He uses that arena to make the Digimon he captures perfect soldiers for his master's army to rule the Digital World. His own minions capture many Digimon all around the world to make them fight in his arena until they turn mad so he can format them and make them become war machines. When Mummymon discovered that the Digidestined were close to the Arena, he decided to capture them and turn their Digimon into soldiers as a gift for Malomyotismon to prove his power and loyalty. In the Insane Arena, the prisoners have to battle by team. Each team is composed by a fighter and a coach, who has to make sure his/her fighter is healthy, train it between fights and advise it during battle. One of the Digidestined's team won the tournament of the Arena after several weeks of battle by defeating Mummymon's best team : Kinkakumon and Ginkakumon. The two Ogre Digimon recognized the Digidestined's superiority and helped them to defeat Mummymon and close the Insane Arena.

Kinkakumon b

Kinkakumon is the best coach of the Insane Arena. She trains her little brother, Ginkakumon. She joined the tournament to make her brother stronger to be able to stop Mummymon and close the Arena. She doesn't trust the Digidestined and thinks they are as bad as Jupitermon.

Ginkakumon b

Ginkakumon is Kinkakumon's little brother. In spite of being a Champion-level Digimon, he is the best fighter of Mummymon's Insane Arena. He is very small for a Ginkakumon, so he can't carry Kinkakumon in the cockpit of his abdomen. He is really kind and gentle when he doesn't fight. Unlike his big sister, he trusts the Digidestined and thinks that Kinkakumon and he should become their allies.

Gokuwmon b

Gokuwmon is one of Dinotigermon's minions. His mission is to find the Digidestined and destroy them at all cost. When he discovered that they were at the Neko House, he gathered all his troops and launched an attack. He and his soldiers were defeated by the Digidestined and the Three Great Ladies of the Neko House.

Callismon v

Callismon is one of Dinotigermon's minions. During Gokuwmon's attack on the Neko House, he received a message telling that Gokuwmon needed reinforcements. He took the lead of a battalion of NiseDrimogemon and BlackGarurumon and attacked the Neko House too. He was defeated by the Digidestined and the Three Great Ladies of the Neko House.

Dinotigermon b

Dinotigermon is one of Jupitermon's partisans. He also is the leader of all the units of the South Zone. He met the Digidestined for the first time during the Neko House battle. It was a pure conicidence that he was passing by when he saw the battle, then he remembered having authorized Gokuwmon to attack earlier in the day and decided to join the fight. When he saw Gokuwmon and Callismon being killed, he ordered his troops to beat a retreat and disappeared.


To see the list of the episodes of The Golden Digivice, please use this link:

Golden Fox

The Golden Fox is the team formed by the DigiDestined and other Digimon. The team holds its name of Renamon because Impmon said that she was the only one deserving to manage the team and the DigiDestined, as well as the other Digimon accepted. In spite of the Golden Fox is managed by Liz, it is Pandamon who gives the orders.

Rage Mode

The Rage Mode is a new concept of digivolution used on The Golden Digivice. A Rage Mode Digimon is a Mega level digivolution of a Mega level Digimon when it accumulates enough anger and energy. Only certain number of Digimon can use Rage Mode. Here are the only ones known this day:


GigaSeadramon b


GigiSeadramon is Betamon's Rage Mode. He digivolves from MetalSeadramon.

Varodurumon b


Varodurumon is Biyomon's Rage Mode. She digivolves from Phoenixmon.

Chaosdromon b


Chaosdramon is BlackAgumon's Rage Mode. He digivolves from Machinedramon.

Craniamon b


Craniamon is Hagurumon's Rage Mode. He digivolves from HiAndromon.

Kuzuhamon b


Kuzuhamon is Renamon's Rage Mode. She digivolves from Sakuyamon.

TyrantKabuterimon b


TyrantKabuterimon is Tentomon's Rage Mode. He digivolves from HerculesKabuterimon.

BlackMegaGargomon (fanart)


BlackMegaGargomon is Terriermon's Rage Mode. He digivolves from MegaGargomon.

Mervamon t


Mervamon is LadyDevimon's Rage Mode. She digivolves from Minervamon.

ShadowSeraphimon t


ShadowSeraphimon is Patamon's Rage Mode. He digivolves from Seraphimon.
Ophanimon Falldown Mode

Ophanimon Falldown Mode b

Ophanimon Falldown Mode

Ophanimon Falldown Mode is Gatomon's Rage Mode. She digivolves from Ophanimon.

Digimon Virtual Pet

In the story, the V-pet is very important. In fact, it is thanks to their V-pets that the DigiDestined were chosen by the Elders. Their talent of Tamer, the love which they carry to their Digimon and their perseverance in the training their Digimons were the main criteria. When Ulrick discovered the link between the DigiDestined's partners and the Digimon they had on their V-pets, Renamon began feeling set apart because Liz didn't remember having a Renamon on her V-pet, she was only remembering her SaberLeomon, which is the most powerful Digimon of the town. This link also explains the kind of relationship each DigiDestined has with his or her Digimon. Here is the link explained by Ulrick :

Saberleomon vpet dscan

SaberLeomon's sprite on V-Pet

Elizabeth had for partner a SaberLeomon, which is Elecmon's Mega form. That's why she's partnered to Elecmon. It is because Liz always complimented him for his strengh that Elecmon became so arrogant.

Knightmon vpet dt

Knightmon's sprite on V-Pet

Ulrick had for partner a Knightmon, which is Kotemon's Ultimate form. That's why he's partnered to Kotemon. Ulrick was considering his Knightmon as a pet and not as a friend. He doesn't make the same mistake with Kotemon, that's why she fell in love with her own Tamer.

Rapidmon vpet darc

Rapidmon's sprite on V-Pet

Gwénaël had for partner a Rapidmon, which is Terriermon's Ultimate form. That's why he is partnered to Terriermon. Gun was quite severe with Rapidmon, that's why Terriermon won't obey to his Tamer.

Tokomon vpet dvp

Tokomon's sprite on V-Pet

Katarina has for partner a Tokomon, which is Patamon's In-Training form. That's why she's partnered to Patamon. Because she was not attentive enough to the needs of Tokomon, Patamon always tries to impress his Tamer.

Icedevimon vpet dt

IceDevimon's sprite on V-Pet

Tristhan had for partner an IceDevimon, which is Impmon's Champion form. That's why he's partnered to Impmon. It's because Ice didn't play with IceDevimon rather often that Impmon became so impatient.

Stingmon vpet d3

Stingmon's sprite on V-Pet

Jeremi had for partner a Stingmon, which is Wormmon's Champion form. That's why he's partnered to Wormmon. It's because Jeremi was too caring with Stingmon that Wormmon became so careful.

Kabuterimon vpet dv

Kabuterimon's sprite on V-Pet

Marina had for partner a Kabuterimon, which is Tentomon's Champion form. That's why she's partnered to Tentomon. It's because Marina didn't take care rather regularly of him that Tentomon became so unpredictable.

Garudamon vpet dv

Garudamon's sprite on V-pet

Lily had for partner a Garudamon, which is Biyomon's Ultimate form. That' why she's partnered to Biyomon. Because Garudamon has sudden a very intensive training, Biyomon is now hardened and always forces herself to exceed her limits.

Blossomon vpet dt

Blossomon's sprite on V-Pet

Mary had for partner a Blossomon, which is Floramon's Ultimate form. That's why she's partnered to Floramon. Blossomon has never fought so Floramon won't fight if she can find another way to win.

Ouryumon vpet penx

Owryumon's sprite on V-Pet

Rose had for partner an Owryumon, which is Ryudamon's Mega form. That's why she's partnered to Ryudamon. Owryumon was a very young Digimon, that's why Ryudamon is so immature.

Metalgarurumon vpet dt

BlackMetalGarurumon's sprite on V-Pet

Dylan had for partner a BlackMetalGarurumon, which is Gabumon's Mega form. That's why he's partnered to Gabumon. Gabumon is very shy because BlackMetalGarurumon was a young Digimon who've never fought.

Armadimon vpet d3

Armadillomon's sprite on V-Pet

Joe had for partner an Armadillomon, which is Sheepmon's Rookie form. That's why he's partnered to Sheepmon. Armadillomon was always training and fighting, so now Sheepmon likes being in action.

Council of Elders

The Council of Elders is a council in the Digital World which consists of elders from the first villages of the Digital World. They chose Pandamon to find the DigiDestined and lead them on the way of the victory against the threat which presses on both worlds, because in his youth, he was a great hero who was travelling in all the Digital World and who learned martial arts with the elders. It is them who have send the DigiDestined's partner Digimon in the Real World. The current elders seem young to be call "elders", that's because their predecessors were killed by that is call "the new threat". The current elders are :


Goldramon b


Goldramon is the elder of Angel Village.

Belphemon Rage Mode b


Belphemon is the elder of Darkness Village.

Samudramon b


Gaiomon is the elder of Scale Village.

Merukimon t


Merukimon is the elder of Claw Village.

MarineAngemon t


MarineAngemon is the elder of Rain Village. After the DigiDestined convened the Council of Elder, she joined the Golden Fox with her servant, Moni.

Ravemon b


Ravemon is the elder of Wing Village.

Darkdramon b


Darkdramon is the elder of Gear Village.

Cherrymon t


Cherrymon is the elder of Bosk Village. He is the only elder of the previous generation who was not killed.

The Olympos XII

The Olympos XII, and specially Jupitermon, have an very important role in the story. Jupitermon is one of the strongest enemies of the DigiDestined. It's him who sows chaos in the Digital World by manipulating the power of Lucemon. These twelve Digimon are separated in two groups: Jupitermon's partisans and Liz's partisans. All of them are ready to die for their causes, specially Jupitermon's partisans, who are blinded by the so-called omnipotence of their master.


Apollomon t

The representative of the god Apollo is King Apollo himself, the king of Heaven Kingdom. Apollo believes in Liz with all his heart. His uses the power of the flames to punish the evil.

Bacchusmon b

Bacchusmon, the representative of the god Bacchus, obeys blindly Jupitermon. He was defeated by Ceresmon after he destroyed Wing Village almost completely.

Ceresmon represents the goddess Ceres. She constantly overflies the world, what makes her very difficult to located. She is very wise and puts her wisdom in the service of Liz.

Dianamon dco

The goddess Diana is represented by Princess Dianamon, King Apollo's little sister. She uses the power of the water and ice to help the DigiDestined in their quest.

Junomon b

Junomon represents the goddess Juno and is Jupitermon's wife and Aegiomon's mother. She thinks that obeying Jupitermon will make him happy, but the DigiDestined will show her that her husband is mad and that the only way to save him is to fight him.

Jupitermon b

Jupitermon, who represents the god Jupiter, is one of the most powerful enemies of the DigiDestined. He uses the immense power of Lucemon to amplify his own power to be able to conquer the worlds. But Jupitermon is only the tip of the iceberg, he is under the orders of more powerful master.

Marsmon b

Bearmon b

The representative of the god Mars is the true form of Bearmon: the Mega level Digimon Marsmon. He uses his herculean strength and his techniques of close combat to defend the DigiDestined.

Merukimon t

Merukimon is the Elder of Claw Village and the representative of the god Mercury. He serves the DigiDestined and will protect the weak and the good ones at the risk of his own life.

Minervamon b

Princess Minervamon, King Chaos' daughter, represents the goddess Minerva. She is very young, but as a princess and a digital goddess, she is very wise, just, generous and doesn't hesitate to fight for justice and peace.

Neptunemon t

Neptunemon, one of Jupitermon's faithful partisans, is the representative of the god Neptune. He uses the power of the seas to sow chaos.

Venusmon b

Venusmon, the representative of the goddess Venus, is very kind and peaceful. In spite of appearances, Venusmon turned out to be the most powerful member of the Olympos XII. She uses her powers to bring peace.

Vulcanusmon b

The god Vulcan is represented by Vulcanusmon, Jupitermon's adviser. He is very smart and skillful, so he is a very powerful opponent.

Secondary Characters

In the story, there are some Digimon who help the Digi-Destined without joining the Golden Fox.

in Heaven Kingdom


Sangloupmon b

Sangloupmon is a friend of Wizardmon and is in some kind of rivalry with Dobermon. He lives near to a small town, but he can't go to it because it is said that he kidnaps orphans to suck their blood until they die. In reality, he takes with him the orphans of the town and lead them to his den to take care of them.

Liollmon b

Liamon b

Liollmon is a very rare Digimon who is under the guardianship of LoaderLiomon. He is brave and playful, but he doesn't talk to anyone. Liz succeeded in becoming his friend and when they are attacked by Triceramon and Deltamon, he digivolved to Liamon.

LoaderLiomon b

LoaderLiomon is Liollmon's protector. He cares for Liollmon to compensate for the loss of his deceased son. He fought Triceramon to protect Liollmon and Liz.

Ogremon t

Titamon b

Ogremon is a tramp who is rejected by all the Digimon. When he met Liz, Elecmon and Wormmon, he was wanted for a crime which he had not committed. After Liz saved him, he decided to protect her and her friends for a few days. When they were attacked by Orochimon, he digivolved to Titamon to defend his new friends.
Lord Gankoomon

Gankoomon b

Lord Gankoomon is a noble who travels from city to city to improve the living conditions of the Digimon citizens. Some years ago, he found a baby Huckmon and decided to take care of him. But his duty and his condition prevent him from dedicating enough time to Huckmon, whom he considers as his own son, then he confided Huckmon to the Sistermon sisters, so that they raise him and train him. During one of his journeys, Gankoomon was captured by a group of gangsters and was tortured. When they noticed that the Lord did not return in his place of residence in time, Huckmon and Sistermon began searching him. They met the DigiDestined, which helped them in the searches and saved Gankoomon.

Hackmon b

Huckmon is Gankoomon's adoptive son. Even if he is obliged to stay at home everytime, he is adventurous and likes travelling. He really loves Gankoomon as his father and will do everything if he can please him. When he, the Sistermon and the DigiDestined, found the gangsters who had captured Gankoomon, he showed a lot of courage and fought bravely.
The Sistermon sisters

Sistermon (Noir) b

Sistermon (Blanc) b

The Sistermon sisters are Huckmon's chaperon. They were hired by Gankoomon when Huckmon was a baby. Noir is very strict and severe. She takes care of Huckmon as a mother would do. Blanc, contrary to her older sister, is energetic and childish. She spends a lot of time to play with Huckmon as if he was her big brother. The Sistermon sisters often use French expressions. For example, they say "Oh mon Dieu !", which is the French for "Oh my God !".

in Hell Kingdom


MetalMamemon t

MetalMamemon was a bandit of Doumon's clan. He is a friend of Strabimon and he helped him to free the DigiDestined. During the battle against Doumon's clan, he fought TonosamaMamemon along with WereGarurumon.

Wizardmon t

Mistymon b

Wizardmon is a traveller who takes with him the orphans who cross his way to make them happy. He travels with two young Digimon: Chibickmon and SnowAgumon. But SnowAgumon was captured by Karatenmon. Wizardmon implored the DigiDestined to help him to find SnowAgumon and by learning that he had been kidnapped, he was furious and digivolved to Mistymon to overcome Karatenmon.

Chibickmon t

Chibickmon is Wizardmon's travelling companion. She is a very young Digimon who has flees the orphanage in which she lived before meeting Wizardmon. When she met the DigiDestined, after SnowAgumon's kidnapping, she cried and implored Renamon and Bearmon to find SnowAgumon, her "big brother".


SnowAgumon is Wizardmon's travelling companion. He was captured by Karatenmon, who was working for Petermon and Tinkermon. When the DigiDestined saved him, he sayed that he would have been able to save himself without help.

in Dragon Kingdom


Flamedramon t

Imperialdramon Fighter Mode t

Flamedramon is Veemon's mother and Veedramon's wife. She is the leader of the Digital Unit of Defense of the Innocents (D.U.D.I) in the Dragon Kingdom. She met the DigiDestined when they were arrested by D.U.D.I. and was very surprised to see her son with humans. Later during a patrol she, some of the DigiDestined and Magnamon, her little brother, were attacked by a troop of bandits who captured Veemon. A few days after, Flamedramon, Magnamon and the DigiDestined found the hideout of the bandits and Flamedramon used the power of Liz's Digivice to digivolve into Imperialdramon, then she overcame the bandits and saved Veemon.

Magnamon t

Magnamon is Flamedramon's little brother. He is really very muscular for a young Magnamon, that's why he mainly uses his herculean strength during his fights. However, he is very shy and gentle and he loves playing with children. A rumor says that he had a love affair with a very famous female Digimon who abandoned him when she's got pregnant.
Magnus Gold

Veemon (Re-Digitize) b

Magnamon X b

Magnus Gold is a young Veemon and is Magnamon's illegitimate son. He lives in Scale Village with his mother, Leopardmon. He met the DigiDestined when they helped him during the civil war which had seized the city. Then he helped the DigiDestined to meet Gaiomon, the elder of Scale Village, and MasterTyrannomon, the King of Dragon Kingdom. After the king said that to have an audience with him and Gaiomon, the DigiDestined had to end the civil war, he decided to help them. A few days later, during the fight against Myotismon, the one who caused the war, Magnus Gold digivolved to Magnamon X and destroyed Myotismon.

GoldVeedramon b

GoldVeedramon is Flamedramon and Magnamon's father. He is also Flamedramon's right-hand man in D.U.D.I.. He is very old but he's still powerful and quick-witted. It's him who manages the administrative part of D.U.D.I. and who is responsible for the training of the recruits.

in Beast Kingdom


Kyubimon t

Kyubimon is Renamon's mother. She is the guardian of Claw Village along with Gaogamon, her husband.

Gaogamon b

Gaogamon is Kyubimon's husband and the guardian of Claw Village. He tries to be close to Renamon, but she thinks that he wants to replace her father.
Gatomon X

Gatomon X b

Gatomon X is the most skilled disciple of the Neko House. She is very jealous of Gatomon because she is charming and she has a lot of success with men. That's why she fought her and laughed at her all the time. But when the young female saved Gatomon X, she apologized and the two girls became good friends.

Beastmon t

Laylamon t

Beastmon is one of the "Three Ladies" who lead the Neko House. She is the laziest Lady and sometimes, she just fall asleep without any reason. She is the one runs the Mikemon-classes of the house. When the Neko House was attacked, she digivolved to Laylamon to protect "her girls".

Angewomon b

Ophanimon b

Angewomon is one of the "Three Ladies" who lead the Neko House. She is the strictest Lady and she severely punishes the slightest mistake. She is the one who runs the Gatomon-classes of the house. When the Neko House was attacked, she digivolved to Ophanimon to protect "her girls".

LadyDevimon t

Mervamon t

LadyDevimon is one of the "Three Ladies" who lead the Neko House. She is the angriest Lady and she gets really angry for nothing. She is the one who runs the BlackGatomon-classes of the house. When the Neko House was attacked, she digivolved to Mervamon to protect "her girls".

Mihiramon b

Mihiramon is the Three Ladies' servant. He takes care of the babies (YukimiBotamon, Nyaromon and Salamon) of the Neko House along with Kumbhiramon. Mihiramon is the only male Digimon allowed to live in the Neko House.

Kumbhiramon t

Kumbhiramon is the Three Ladies' servant. She takes care of the babies (YukimiBotamon, Nyaromon and Salamon) of the Neko House along with Mihiramon. Kumbhiramon is the only "not-cat" Digimon allowed to live in the Neko House.
Mikemons, Gatomons and BlackGatomons

Mikemon b

Gatomon (Ringless) b

BlackGatomon b

Mikemons, Gatomons and BlackGatomons are the students of the Neko House. They are distributed according to their species : the Mikemons are ruled by Beastmon, the Gatomons by Angewomon and the BlackGatomons by LadyDevimon. They are all females, males aren't accepted in the house. When the DigiDestined came to the Neko House, at first, the students almost fell under the charm of Bearmon, but their attention was quickly drawn WereGarurumon, who they call "Sir Werewolf". Some of them became infatuated with Veemon, but when Gatomon intervened, saying that he is hers, they turned away.

in Sea Kingdom

Spion, Dieb and Fürstin

Monitamon t


Monimon t

Spion, Dieb and Fürstin are Moni's children. They live in a shelter sub-ground where they welcomed the DigiDestined while they were pursued by some malefic Digimon.

Raidramon t

Raidramon is Lynxmon's twin brother. He is cheerful and playful. When he met the DigiDestined, he was in conflict with his twin. It's by means of Gatomon and Veemon that the brothers made it up. To thank their new friends, Raidramon and Lynxmon decided to escort them to Rain Village, the capital of Sea Kingdom. During the travel, Raidramon explained to Gatomon and Veemon that his parents are an Imperialdramon and an Ophanimon, the thought of children with Veemon made Gatomon blush, and she began laughing nervously.

Lynxmon t

Lynxmon is Raidramon's twin brother. He is smart and careful. When he met the DigiDestined, he was in conflict with his twin. It's by means of Gatomon and Veemon that the brothers made it up. To thank their new friends, Raidramon and Lynxmon decided to escort them to Rain Village, the capital of Sea Kingdom. During the travel, Lynxmon explained to Gatomon and Veemon that he has for theory that the female Gatomons and the male Veemons seem predestined to form couples, this thought made Veemon proud of his species and made Bearmon very jealous.

in Feather Kingdom


BanchoLeomon t

BanchoLeomon, who is sometimes called "Ban", is Renamon's father. He is a great hero who travels constantly. He had numerous love affairs with the result that when Renamon told him that she is his daughter, he asked her who is her mother.
Lady Darcmon

Darcmon b

Lady Darcmon is a noble who escorted the DigiDestined until they arrived to the capital of Plant Kingdom, Bosk Village. She is always followed by Unimon, her adviser and mount, and BlackGaogamon, her trusted friend and pet. She is travelling all around the world since she heard that she has a little brother lost somewhere in the Digital World. She will find him by means of the DigiDestined.

BlackGaogamon 2-008 (DJ)

BlackGabumon 2-004 (DJ)

BlackGaogamon is Darcmon's pet. He can only bark, howl and growl, like a dog. He has the behavior of a hound: he is affectionate, intelligent and has an outstanding sense of smell. When he met Lady Darcmon, he was a baby BlackGabumon and his horn and claws were ridiculously small.

Unimon t

Unimon is Darcmon's mount. He is very wise and advises his mistress. He doesn't get on with BlackGaogamon, who he considers as a "stupid dog". Unimon often talks in French: he says "noble dame" (Fra: noble lady) to address Lady Darcmon.

in Meca Kingdom


Gaomon (Re-Digitize) b

MachGaogamon t

ZeedGarurumon b

MirageGaogamon t

MirageGaogamon Burst Mode t

Originally, Gaomon was MachGaogamon, a young smith who held a store in Gear Village. But because he is very curious, he started to investigate into shady events which had occurred in the city. MachGaogamon met the DigiDestined when they were at the castle to meet Darkdramon, the elder. After he told them about the shady events, they decided to help him in his researches. Many days later, MachGaogamon and the DigiDestined found QueenChessmon, who told them that she was the wife of KingChessmon but that this one behaved strangely for some time and that he had begun to see frequently people disreputable. She also explained them that she had the certainty that he was at the origin of all which it happened of abnormal in town and that she looked for a way to stop him. Then, with the help of QueenChessmon, they found KingChessmon, but he refused to stop his actions, so MachGaogamon and him started to fight. Unfortunately MachGaogamon was too weak to overcome KingChessmon, so he used the power of Liz's Digivice to digivolve into ZeedGarurumon and won the battle but then he resumed to Gaomon. After KingChessmon was arrested by the city guards, Gaomon decided to start travelling all around the world.

Gaomon, along with QueenChessmon who he married, met the DigiDestined several times and helped them again. One time he digivolved into MirageGaogamon and he even Burst digivolved into MirageGaogamon Burst Mode.


QueenChessmon b

QueenChessmon was KingChessmon's wife when she was living in Gear Village. One day, she discovered that her husband was plotting against KingEtemon, the king of Machine Kingdom. She decided to search proofs and then she met the DigiDestined and MachGaogamon. Having told to KingEtemon and Darkdramon what she knew, accompanied of the DigiDestined, the king decided to put her in jail. After the arrest of KingChessmon, while the DigiDestined were about to leave the city, WereGarurumon said to Liz that he had believed to see QueenChessmon going out through a window of the prison. QueenChessmon met the DigiDestined several times, along with Gaomon who she married.

in Plant Kingdom

Royal Families

The Royal Families are the clans which govern the Eight Kingdoms since generations.

The Clan Fire Lion

The clan Fire Lion governs Heaven Kingdom. It is managed by King Apollo, an Apollomon.

Apollomon t

King Apollo

Apollo is good and juste but he is very strict with his son, Coronamon. He is sometimes called "the Lion King" by the DigiDestined. He is really depressed since his wife, Leopardmon, ran away having had an affair with another man. When the DigiDestined asked him for an audience, he ordered them to find at first Leopardmon to prove him that they deserve to speak to him.

The Clan Black Cloak

The clan Black Cloak governs Hell Kingdom. It is managed by King Chaos, a ChaosGallantmon.

ChaosGallantmon b

King Chaos

In spite of appearances, Chaos is very affectionate and friendly. His appearance makes him be thought of as a cruel and cold sovereign, but he is very generous and never refuses to help somebody. On his meeting with the DigiDestined, when they asked him for an audience, he apologized for having to refuse and to confide them a mission.

The Clan Gold Dragon

The clan Gold Dragon governs Dragon Kingdom. It is managed by King Tyranno, a MasterTyrannomon.

MasterTyrannomon b

King Tyranno

Tyranno is a very old king. He is very rough and stubborn. When he met the DigiDestined, Scale Village was taken in an atrocious civil war. So, when the DigiDestined asked him for an audience, he told them to stop at first the war.

The Clan Diamond Fang

The clan Diamond Fang governs Beast Kingdom. It is managed by King Regulus, a Regulumon.

V-50 06 1

King Regulus

Regulus is a very good king and a very protective father to his daughters, a young TobuCatmon named Denebola and a Beastmon named Bastet.

The Clan Steel Shell

The clan Steel Shell governs Sea Kingdom. It is managed by King Aegis, an Aegisdramon who became a Zudomon.

Aegisdramon b

Zudomon t

Aegis is a young king who is advised by his sister, Mermaimon. After the DigiDestined convened the Council of Elder, he learned that MarineAngemon, the elder of Rain Village but also his best friend and the girl who he loves, wants to go in the Real World with the DigiDestined, he hurried to find a way to join the Real World and, when he was there, to find MarineAngemon. He met the DigiDestined in the Real World as Zudomon, because he degenerated to this form during the travel between the two worlds. He saved the DigiDestined by helping WereGarurumon to fight two Antylamon.

The Clan Silver Wind

The clan Silver Wind governs Feather Kingdom. It is managed by Queen Iris, an AncientKazemon.

AncientKazemon b

Queen Iris

Iris is a quite rough queen. She is married to Ravemon, the elder of Wing Village. She met the DigiDestined when they, along with Silphymon were transferred to Wing Village to be executed there. She was convinced at the last minute by BanchoLeomon that they did not deserve the death penalty.

The Clan Great Monkey

The clan Great Monkey governs Meca Kingdom. It is managed by King Saru, a KingEtemon.

KingEtemon b

King Saru

Saru is a tyrant. He is megalomaniac, susceptible, irascible and snob. He has an absolved authority on his peoples and his family, exception made by his daughter, Akasuki, a Cho-Hakkaimon. He doesn't like the DigiDestined, but he will help them to please Akasuki.

The Clan Jade Rose

The clan Jade Rose governs Plant Kingdom. It is managed by Queen Rose, a Rosemon.

Rosemon t 2

Queen Rose

Rose is a very good queen. She is just, generous and protective. As Cherrymon's daughter, she is also very wise and open-minded. When she met the DigiDestined, she had some problems with her own children, Mushroomon and Palmon. The boy was distant and cold and the girl became irascible and refused to assume her duties of princess. When she talks with the DigiDestined, there is a misunderstanding between Rose and her because whe one Rose is called, the two of them answer.