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Level Efinity Pye
Type Leaf Reptile
Attribute Leaf,Fire,Dark,And Ice.
Family Nature Spirits
Virus Busters
Dragon's Roar
Prior forms SharkClaw
Next forms Dinodramon[1]
Metal Ogremon [2]
Partners Taki Tibura
Lucas Meneses

Dinomon is the partner of Taki Tibura in Digimon A-3. Dinomon is hyper and adventerous. Dinomon's favorite human item is an energy drink, specifically the Rockstar 100% Energy energy drink. However, Dinomon can be serious and powerful when he has to.


  • Falling dark leaves on fire: rains leaves that can poison,make u fall asleep,and burn u.
  • Leafy mint breeze: It can freeze u and can make u not see anything.

Other Forms

The name "Dinomon" refers to only the Rookie level of this Digimon. Throughout the A-3 journey, he gains the power to digivolve into more powerful forms.


Kabumon is Dinomon's Fresh form, and has the Data attribute. It appears when Tyrannotaurmon or Dinomon degenerate after a difficult battle.


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