Template:Fan Infobox animanga/Header Digimon AA, also commonly written as Digimon Double-A, Digimon Alternate Adventure, or unofficially Digimon Adventure 03, is a fanfictional Digimon series & partial sequel to Digimon Adventure & Digimon Adventure 02. The series focuses on a group of alternate versions of the original DigiDestined in the first seasons.

Plot Summary

Taiji & his friends have no idea where each of them came from or who they are. That is until they travel to the Digital World, where they meet their own personal Digimon partner who need their help saving their home from a new evil. While in the Digital World, Taiji & his friends learn that they're actually alternate versions of the DigiDestined & why they shouldn't have existed in the first place.


Main Characters

Character Digimon
Taiji Bashin
Bashin Taiji (バシン タイジ?)
The alternate version of Tai Kamiya. He is the adventurous leader of the Neo-DigiDestined & the older brother of Gwen Bashin. Like Tai, Taiji is kind of stubborn & thick-headed, but brave, funny, affectionate, & very protective of his sister & friends.
Dave Shitian
Shichian Dahe (シチアン ダヘ?)
The alternate version of Matt Ishida. Like Matt, Dave is the "lone wolf" of the group & the older brother of Zun Gaoshi.
Diane Luwuzai
Ruzai Chian (ルザイ チアン?)
The alternate version of Sora Takenouchi. Like Sora, Diane is supportive, kind, & like as a mother figure to the group. She is also somewhat of a tomboy.
Guangzi "Guan" Quan
Kuan Guanguji (クアン グアングジ?)
The alternate version of Izzy Izumi. Like Izzy, Guan is very intelligent & a logical thinker. He is also a computer expert & constantly uses his laptop.
May Lichuan
Richuan Mei (リチュアン メイ?)
The alternate version of Mimi Tachikawa. Like Mimi, May is kind & caring, although initially slightly selfish.
Zane Guitou
Guitou Zangu (グイトウ ザング?)
The alternate version of Joe Kido. Like Joe, Zane is dependable & thoughtful, though he is sometimes a worrier. He also tries to act as the voice of reason within the group.
Zun Gaoshi
Gaoshi Zun (ガオシ ズン?)
The alternate version of T.K. Takaishi & the younger brother of Dave. Like TK, Zun grows from being reliant on the others to being as much of a fighter as they are.
Gwen Banshin
Banshin Guangu (バシン グアング?)
The alternate version of Kari Kamiya & the younger sister of Taiji. Like Kari, Gwen is gentle & kind, although somewhat enigmatic.
Dayou Bengong
Bengongu Dayou (ベンゴング ダヨウ?)
The alternate version of Davis Motomiya. Like Davis, Dayou is brave, very stubborn, impulsive, & he plays soccer. He has a crush on Gwen & admires Taiji & Dave. He also often gets into trouble with Zun.
Jing "JJ" Jingshang
Jingushangu Jingu (ジングシャング ジング?)
The alternate version of Yolei Inoue. Like Yolei, JJ is headstrong & sometimes stubborn. She is most often seen arguing with Dayou. She admires May & Diane.
Andy "An" Huoyu
Fuoyu An (フオユ アン?)
The alternate version of Cody Hida. Like Cody, despite being very young, An is very mature & thinks things through much like Guan & admires Zane.
Jian (ジアン?)
The alternate version of Ken Ichijouji.
Kioku (記憶?)
A mysterious young boy who has lost his memory, so he doesn't remember anything like what his real name is or where he came from. He later joins the Neo-DigiDestined to help them save the Digital World.


Other Characters

  • Dallin: The alternate version of Willis, a DigiDestined from America. Like Kioku, Dallin has two Digimon, Terriermon & Lopmon.
    • Terriermon: Dallin's Digimon partner.
    • Lopmon: Dallin's second Digimon partner who's under Diaboromon's control.