Digimon AX

(Digimon AX)
Genre:Action, Adventure, Shonen, Science Fiction

Digimon AA, also commonly written as Digimon Double-A, Digimon Alternate Adventure, or unofficially Digimon Adventure 03, is a fanfictional Digimon series & partial sequel to Digimon Xros Wars. The series focuses on a group of alternate versions of the original DigiDestined in the sixth seasons.

Plot Summary

Multiple armies are fighting for dominance of the Digital World.


Main Characters

Character Digimon
Taishi Raijiki
Raijiki Taishi ({{{2}}}?)
Neo Xros Heart
Neo Xros Heart Army
The alternate version of Taiki Kudou. He is the general of Neo Xros Heart. Like Taiki, he is the hot-blooded hero who saves the weak and he is very athletic but naive of his child prodigy abilities. He can't turn down a request for a favor and to help someone in need.
Hana Ukeru
Ukeru Hana ({{{2}}}?)
The alternate version of Akari Hinomoto. Like Akari, she acts as the peacemaker for Neo Xros Heart.
Gus Monomoto
Monomoto Guso ({{{2}}}?)
The alternate version of Zenjirou Tsurugi. Like Zenjirou, he is very knowledgeable about machinery. However, he is quite overweight and he has an enormous appetite.
Edgar Lenardo
Leonardo Edgar ({{{2}}}?)

Other characters

  • Omnimon: The leader of the Digimon that attempted to prevent the splitting of the Digital World. His DigiMemory ended up in Shibuya. He is an ancestor of Shoutmon.
  • Penguinmon
  • Whamon
  • AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon: Two legendary warriors that attempted to prevent the splitting of the Digital World, along with Omnimon. Their DigiMemories ended up in Shibuya. They are an ancestors of Gumdramon.