Digimon Academy is a fan-made digimon series. The series main premise is a school that teaches tamers to be the best tamers they can be. Some students may be lucky enough to be digidestined but the chances of that are slim to none. Digimon Academy is placed on Digimon Island, founded by the "Digidestined" who are five kids that have saved the Digital World and Human World multiple times, however if they are digidestined or not is unknown by even them. All of the teachers are children as well and old friends of the "Digidestined" though there are others out in the Digital World exploring it, and helping digimon in need. The upcoming arc's main plot is that a group of these students get caught in a freak storm and blown into the Digital World, and must find their way back to Digimon Academy.

Plot Summary ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Young tamers attend a school in the Digital World known as Digimon Academy. These students come to the school to learn about the Digital World and digimon. After the first week of school a group of students were caught in a freak Digital Storm and sent throughout the Digital World. Now they are trying to get back to the Academy.

Characters ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

List of characters at Digimon Academy

Main Characters

Character Digimon Digivice
Jay DenKanjimon D-Pod
A gear head teenager with a kind heart who usually doesn't get into fights unless defending others.
Character Digimon Digivice
Nate Granger Dorumon D-Cyber
A natural leader with many skills.
Character Digimon Digivice
Alex Estarimon Lunamon, Kudamon D-Tector
A young man who wouldn't back down from anything and is very patient and tacticle.
Character Digimon Digivice
Agustus Terra Jr. Liollmon, Solarmon, Commandramon D-Charger
A shy young man, except for when he's around his friends, and considers his digimon as brothers.
Character Digimon Digivice
Danielle "Dani" Pennykettle Terriermon X D-Power
A tomboy who can beat any boy at anything.
Character Digimon Digivice
Sara McCracken Ryudamon D-Power
A loyal girl who has had a troubled past.
Character Digimon Digivice
Sora Coronamon Digivice Burst
A smart, video game loving young man who works well with his digimon.
Character Digimon Digivice
Coy Dracowulf Strabimon D-3
A laid back guy who gets along well with everyone.
Character Digimon Digivice
Dracana Dracowulf Dracamon D-3
Twin sister of Coy. Is very bossy but kind hearted.
Character Digimon Digivice
Lauren Hawksrider Hawkmon D-Power
An quirky girl that often does thing without thinking.
Character Digimon Digivice
TJ Jones Cyberdramon D-Raider
A level headed cool guy who looks out for his friends.
Character Digimon Digivice
Kozan Shoku Devimon D-Power
A kind hearted person who'd do anything for anyone.
Team DigiSavers Main Partner Team Members Digivice
Leader: Adam Stele Guilmon X Impmon, Yasyamon X Loader
A team who just wants to help digimon and the Digital World.
Character Digimon Digivice
Lane Hudson Shadowmon Original Digivice
A quiet girl who spies on the other main characters often.
Character Digimon Digivice
Axle Troy Shoutmon D-Troll
A trust worthy guy that is pretty antisocial.

Digivices used ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Most of the Digivices from the anime are used in this story, as well as one from the D-Cyber manga

Digivice Types
Orginal Digivice (from Adventure)
Digivice Burst
X Loader

Digital World ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

As of yet we have only seen Digimon Academy and Digimon Island. Digimon Island is an Island founded by the "Digidestined" that seems to be a basic island with many digimon inhabiting it and has Digimon Academy which is a campus like most academies.

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