Main Characters in Digimon Academy

Jay and DenKanjimon

Nate Granger and Dorumon

Gus Terra Jr.and Liollmon, Commandramon, Solarmon

Sara McCracken and Ryudamon

Alex Estarimon and Lunamon, Kudamon

Sora and Coronamon

Kozan Shoku and Devimon

TJ and Cyberdramon

Team DigiSavers

Axel Troy

Lane Hudson

Lauren Hawksrider

Coy Dracowulf

Dracana Dracowulf

Dani Pennykettle

Students of Digimon Academy

Alex Sashi

Max Rhodes

Riku Koyama

Kyle Fisher

Julia Sarkozy

Zoey Misaki

Blake Hunter

Shane McCracken


Saka Takeshi

Aly Krier

Drew Evans

Carlos Lopez

Yuan Wang

Tyler Death

Amy Prescott


Tiran Longford

Alejandro Arboleda

Head Masters

Character Digimon
Strabimon b


Ryan Lance Strabimon
He is the Lead Headmaster of Digimon Academy and is out going, kind, and fun to be around. Strabimon is serious but gentle.
Dracomon t


Cory Lance Dracomon
He is the second in command at Digimon Academy and is a super genious. Dracomon is sleepy, hungry and lazy but loves a great fight.
Penguinmon b


Adam Zappzz Penguinmon
He is more of a quiet type and has some ninja skill. Penguinmon is his fun loving, goofy partner.
Terriermon t


Collin Zappzz Terriermon
He is all offensive and full of brute strength, but has an outgoing personality. Terriermon is a fight loving jokster.
Skylar Heart DemiLeomon
He is a little odd but has a cool personality. DemiLeomon is his anti-social brother and partner.


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